The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, December 25, 1891, Image 4

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Xlie Tocci Tuvins. [Scientific American.] Probably the most remarkable of human twins that have ever ap proached maturity, are known as the brothers Giovanni and Gia­ como Tccci. They were born on July 4,1875, their mother being nineteen years old. Their moth­ e r 's maiden name was Antonia M< zzano. Their birthplace was Lucana, Turin, Italy. The same mother has had nine children, all strong and well. The twins are connected from the sixth rib down* wind, and have but one pair of legs and a siugle abdomen. The spinal columns are distinct until the lumbar region is leached. There they uuite at an angle of 130 degrees. The sacrum seems to be a single bone, They have two disimi stomachs, hearts, and pairs of lungs. The arterial and respiratory systems are quite dis­ tinct; the heart beats aud breath­ ing differing often in the two in­ dividuals. At the age of thirty days they weighed eight pounds, and in the next thirty-one days gained nearly three pounds. Their lives are distinct. They ÄTTORNEY^COTNSaOR ÄT LÄW. J. & WAMSLÆY. & S tefge&fr. C H O T E A U . - - - - - - M O N T . “W . H L S t C L A J I I R , B ëLirhet & H ^ i r d i r e ^ e i r , !& * ■ HOT AND COLD BATHS. Mala Street, Opposite Chofeau House B.C.G-arrstt, Ä.C. Warna?. GÄRRETT ÄND WÄRNER R A L E S T A T E A G E N T S N O T A R I E S P U B L I C A N D C O N V E Y A N C E R S Deoils, Mortgagee and other Legal Documenta executed. Public Loud Plate and Abstract«. Ä. C. WÄRNER» U . S . C O M M I S S I O N E R . L A N D PR O O F S A N D FILIN G S . Comer Main & Hamilton Street, CHOTEAU . . . . MONT. IP® BOUSCAB 3 EÄT CIVIL AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEER. We Furnish the Books, You Take Them Away. GEN. GRANTS j ORIGINAL EDITION for have regions of common sensibili­ ty, and of purely individual sensa­ tion. One often sleeps when the other wakes. There is no direct correspondence ol their appetites. One may be hungry while the other is fast asleep. In their general appearance there is nothing repulsive. They have -bright, intelligent faces, not of the peculiar cast common to cripples. They are educated and write their names as souvenirs for visitors. They are able to stand, but have not yet succeeded in walking, as each leg is governed by its own brain. The want of correspond­ ence has proved fatal to any at­ tempts in this direction, They can stand quietly, so that it is only a question of strength. At their home they spend much of their time on the floor, using their inner arms for the most part, crawling and tumbling about and thus get­ ting a certain amount of exereise. They can dress and undress them­ selves. Giovanni, drinks beer in considerable quantities, whilst Giacomo, not liking beer, drinks mineral water. Giovanni is quite fond of sketching and draws with some spirit. He rest the book or paper on his knee. Sometimes his brother, who is more of a talk­ er and more votile in disposition, finding some fault with the draw­ ing, will kick the drawing off his knee. All this in good part, for they live on excellent terms with each other, and seem unconscious of any misfortune in their condi­ tion. They are disconnected as re­ gards illness. Quite recently one of them had a cold, while the oth­ er was suffering from a bilious at­ tack. Add rest: P. O. Box 34, CHOTEAU, Mont* J O H N Q . HDTTH’H1, Authorized to practice before the De­ partment of the Interior, the Land Office, and the Pension and other Bureaus. PENSION CLAIMS SPECIALLY A T T E N D E D TO . Cor. Main and St. John Sts., Fort Benton. G rand U nion H otel , C H A S . R O W E , P r o p r i e t o r . FORT BENTON, - - MONT. ix & .'z- <ss ¡M r-cxiejrai-s\ H. A. DAY & THOMAS W. MURPHY, X j .A w ' W ' Z ’ IEIIRS, GREAT FALLS, - - - - - - MONTANA OFFICE OVER FIRST NATIONAL BANK. E® M® i D E i s r a j i s a : , ROOM 14 COLLINS.LEPLY BLOCK, GREAT FALLS, - - - - MONT. TEE TH Extracted without PAIN by the use of Vitalized Air. “Wa-dL. EC. ILfH’ OIISr, j S 3 \ o t a , Z 3 r F u l T o I I c DEED5. MORTGAGES and aT kinde of legal instruments drawn up. Subscriptions received for all News­ papers and Periodicals at publisher’s rates. C H O T E A U , - - - - M O N T . P. N. KNOWLES blacksmith and W A G O N S H O P . | T H O R S E S H O E I N G A SPECIALTY. MAIN St., - - - CHOTEAU. On and after March first I will do an exclusive cash business. B y r o n C orson . No book has ever had such a sale in the United States as General Grant’s Memoirs. Over 650,000 copies have already gone into the homes of the rich, but the subscription price of $7.00 has placed it be­ yond the reach ot people in moderate circumstances. If 650,000 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WILLING TO PAY $7.00 FOR GRANT’S MEMOIRS, there must be a couple of million people in the United States who want them and will jump at the opportunity to buy at the low figure here offered. We will send you Gen. 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The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 25 Dec. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.