The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, January 15, 1892, Image 1

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VOL. 2. CHOTEAU, OH OTE.' U COUNTY, MONTANA, FR ID A Y. J A N U A R Y 15, 1892. NO. 36. ¡ F i e o ^ i E S s i c n s r  X j . \ _____________________ ___ _ _____ _____ T . Ch. ZB.Ä.XI3, ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR : ' AT LAW. J. E). W A M S L E Y , P ^ y ^ i ô - î a i i & S t i i ' g Q è f i ■ CHOTEAU. MONT. I 6» B O - U S C A K E W CIVIL AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEER. Addrcsa: P. O. Box 34, CHOTEAU, Mont- “W - H . S-rO ILj^IIR , 5ST HOT AND COLD BATHS. Main Street, Opposite Choteau House TOXXlSr CL IDTTIPIF’, Authorize«! to practice before the De­ partment of the Interior, the Land Office, and the Pension and other Bureaus. PENSION CLAIMS SPECIALLY ATTENDED TO . Cor. Main and St. John Sts., Fort Bentoi). G rand U nino H otel , CHAS.ROW E, P r o p r ie t o r - FORT BENTON, - - MONT. H . A. DAY *. THOMAS W . MURPHY, GREAT FALLS, - - - - - - MONTANA OFFICE OYER FIRST NATIONAL BANK. E L B [<o D E I s T T I S T , ROOM 14 COILINS-LEPLY BLOCK, GRSAT FALLS, - - - - MONT. TEETH Extracted without PAIN by the use of Vitalized Air. E.C.G-arrBtt, H .C ,W a r n e r . GARRETT. AND WARNER REAL ESTATE AGENTS NOTARIES PUBLIC A N D CONVEYANCERS Deeds, Mortga es and other Legs! Documo”ts; executed. Public Land Plats and Abstracts. I. C. WARNER, U. S. C O M M ISS IO N E R . LAN D PROOFS A V f > F I L I N G * . Corner Main <& Hamilton Street, CHOTEAU - - - - MONT W M . X j ' Z ’ O 3 X T , 2ST o tscrjr HPu/blic DEED*. MORTGAGES end a l kinds of legal instruments drawn up. Subscriptions recëived for all News papers and Periodicals at publisher’.- rates. CHOTEAU, - - - MONT. 213?AXES AITS CLEANS WATCHES & c r i s w j e i i I r n r . C h o t e a u , - - - M o n t . 4194. S tockmans N a t ional B an k , I M M M M i M M M M M I f l C H a K B U I M M I « . O f F ort B ento n , M o n t a n a . (Succeeds the Bunk of Northern Montana.) FR O M THE NORTH. Cap t..l paid up $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . JNO. W. POWER, - - - President. L. W. PECK, - - - - Vice-President. CHAS.E. D U E R ,....................Cashier. Board of Directors; J no . W . P o w e r , L H . II e r s h f i e l d , .I no I. e p l e y , C h a -«. Ii L ib b y , J«»s. H irshrerg , .I no H G r e e n . L ouis W . P eck , D a v id G B r o w n e , L’ h a s . E. D u er . I'ra u s a c t a G e n e r a l B a n k R i i 'i n e s s . I j OCAL securities a specialty . Interest allowed on time deposits. NO. 3525 OF GREAT FALLS. OFFICERS: T. E. C o l l in s - - President, J. T. A rm ington - - Vice-Pres. A. E. D ickerm an - - ' Cawhie- H , H M atte hon - - Asa’t Cashit - -.V, • - DIRECTORS: C A BROADWATER JOHN LEPLEY PARIS GIBSON IRA MYERS. ROBER P VAUGEIN 11. O. CHO WEN J STEWART TOD J H McKNIGHT. J BOOKWALTER L G PHKLPS. A general banking business transacted. Ex­ change drawn on the principal point« in the east and Europe- Prom ot at ten- tiongÌ7ontocollec ions, interest allowed on time deposits. Great Fulls - - M o n t a n a T H E M O N T A N A AND C A E E I A G - E S U O I F - All kinds of wood work neat’y, safely and promptly done. WHEEL REPAIRING A SPECIALTY. J. E. WEBB. CHOTKAU, MONT NOTIfF FOR PTBLH A 5 ION. L an d O ff ic e at H e l e n a M- tit..) Derenitier 23. 1891.) Notice is hereby riven that tlie following- named settlei- lias tiled rot • e of hi« nt nti- n to inako final proof in s'ppo't of hi« da in. •md tiint said pro* f will he marie before *. C. Warner L\H. Cominisfcioi er. nt Lhotcen,Mont. ,m March 1, 1892. viz- JOHN R. STATE. ER. who made pre-emption D 8. No 11499 for lot» \ and 4 section 1. • ml *ot 1, end SE-I N r -4 see. ti* n 2. to'fiisiiii» 2 ' nortli. ranee 8 west. He iiHhT'S the fo'lowtng witnesses to prove his cm fitn ons res dt-vee m on and «•ultbsi’ ioii of, sai-ö lard viz: .7. k. John Hoffmann. Lo'.is Anderson and Sol- n It. Brown, ali of Oupuyer. Montaen . s; a . s vW f«i£lT. Register. First Publication Jan. 1st. R la c k f e e t A gen cy , Jan. 11.—Editor M ontani n : Last Friday whs an uti- l»lt.*HH.*ini day, being ushered in by a unit! West breeze accompanied by a light, snowfall which con I tu-nl through­ out Saturday, making one think of what !.«■ «lid with his Hummers wa_'es; hut on Sunday the weather ha«l moderated to the extent of being a genuine M ayday, thereby creating a discu-sion as to whether it would not lie advisable to excli iage overco its for linen «lusters. Saturday, ’oeing a tiay set apart for tlie issuing of rati«,ns, cal'ed together both the«iUl and the young who resale in the immediate vicinity ot the stock- ' ade. Your correspomlent saw many familiar faces among them,theposessers of winch were but a few short year« ago residing in mansions and enjoying all the luxuries « f lif»>; their pro visions,etc., hauled to their very «lo«>rs in a delivery wagon, but now carrying an linlian’s rations home on their backs, «ir drawn by travoi dogs. Lo, how the miguty have fallen! T«i see a man or woman who lias et joyed all the pl«*asures • ! civilization, put on the war paint and blanket, seems lil-e a «beam. Whilst they are en leavoiing to adopt, the-old traditional ways of the blanket Indians, the blank«t Indian is progressing in civilization, and is fust adopting the ways of the whites. Good substantial log houses have taken the place of the tepee, and are furnislie«! with stoves, furniture and provi ions in abundance, which makes the intnatss feel as proud as Jay Gould with his vast millions. All of this lias ben brong .t about un­ der Die able management <»f Major Steell, who watches’over lib wards with ».yigijan.t eye. Gambling, likojhe whis- keytra<ie,iH prohibited upou tlm reser­ vation; peverty ha* taken a back «eat, ami peace arnl plenty reign triumphant. Among the many oh'- liners who are employe«! at the agency are noth eablc: Harry’Lambert,ei-h fc erk; E (.’.Garrett, iwsue clerkjjChas. Auuury, heat! farmer; .lames Brown, assistant firmer; Tims. Dawson, carpenter; James Perron,inter­ preter; Baptiste Rondin, butcher. E fJ. Current also holds the po-iti m of U. S. Commissioner, whi'st J >hu Nabors holds down the « ffice • f U 8. D puty .Maishal. For«!, who is wanted across the line, and a man who is charged with dispens­ ing Rpiritous liquors to Indiai s, are in j ll here awaiti g«rial, \\ liilst. the Indian c > efs weie in Wash- ii gt.«m they visit«;«! ihe “ Great Father,” the navy yard, Smithsonian Institute, Patent Offiie, Intelior department and the theatre. \Vii«I a nit mi Is seemed most, to s+rike their fattcy, and are their chief t.-pic of co»nversation since their return. The Becietury of ttie Interior presented each «>• them with presents and tnouey amounting to about §40 per head. News leached here yestenlay that old man Lee. foreman at S. C. Burd’s ranch on Milk River, is down with la grippe and in a critical c«uidi>i«)n. One great drawback in the line «if tele­ graphic communication has just come to light heie. For instance, tl.e nearest telegraph« .ffice is at Blackfoot stati«>n All messages to and fi«»m the Northwest Territories have to be sent via St. Paul and Winiiif eg. The Western Union man* agei-at BlacKf.iot positively refuses to send nn ssages over anv other line but his own. which not only causes great delay but considerable exoense to the sender of message««. As neither side of the lint iy no longer a r« fuueforcrirniiials, an«! as the ot j cts «»f both g«»vernments is to capture and try escap«-il criminals as speeoily as possible, something should lie o«»ne at once to rectify the this unmqessary delay. Moro anon, S yn - ax . The agricultural dep’.rtraent lias been sampling, by anal\-is, sugar beet- from all paits of the country TI ip Washing­ ton beets ere 14 75100 ner cent sage*; tlnisefrom Montana are IB 14-100 per cent, sugar (beg-m is the «»nly slate be- «ide Montana that shows « ’ higher prr- «•entage than IX Beets that show 1 1 50- 100 will yield 130 pounds ui sugar to the ton of beets. N e w M E A T M A R K E T . JAMES POPPLE'I ON, Proprietor. The undersigned would annouce that he has opened a OnVE i i _ A . T I S Æ ^ L ï e . K I S T O - At. Fen. y ’s old stand on MAIN STREET, - - - CHOTEAU. Where he is prepared to serve, Customers with Choice Meats, Fish, Oysters. Sausage, * And Everything in that Line. Respectfully. JA M I S POPPLETO JN. IE!- O - D O D & E , C arpenter and . - • C ontractor . Estimates given on buildings o'- -a l l 1 k ^ t R k s .'.P l a iisa n d ^ p e c iii- cations for all manner of carpenter work I’urnishodi . \V. pine -5 .up *17 < f) ding 'Persons contemplai in will do well t o c o » \ , . :t . . . m e . tf Addre .’-k' ■p 2» C lIO T i'lp > :AN4. Z^S - «•- J«», . utl J«>h ^ ’• i S. A S.VIG a h’er,.M>*S- t pabijon’io» « r ;c paxLtsr. <,r / -.-A -. __ ^ I s 3 S T d ' ¿SY J -j^r^T iasT G - FIRST CLASS COACHES < D aily B etw een GREAT FALLS AND CHOTEAU, C arrying U. S. M a il E xpr e s s . BYRON C IR 8 0 N , Agent. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION- TIMBER CULTURE. U. S. L and O ffice , H elena , .Montana December 24,1891 :i ComnI'iint having boon ontered at. teis Office by FREDRICK W. BROWN againet WILLIAM E. NO R T H , irr failnre to comply w>tli law aa to Timiwr-Gultnre En'r.v No. Ifi77. dated November 18.16.88, upon the S^ NE-4 it Nr -4 Nv-1 section 13, township 23 N, K 7 we«t. in Gh<»tean county. Montana, with a view to the cancellation of »aid entry; contestant nl- loginp that claimant faileu to plant any por­ tion of 8a:d tract to tro-e, seeds or ciudngs durinc tno 4th year of ontry, and that said failnre still exists Now • thnrofore the said parties are her«by summoned to appo-'r at. this office on the i:tr.h day of February. 1892 at. 10 o’clock, A. M.* t«» r-snond a*'«l furiileh t-stimony ccnceri'.ing laid failure, te-tlmony to be t.-ken bsfoiv A. C, Warner notary pu**]ic', at Chot- an. Montana, on February Gtb. 1891. GEO. M. BOUJBQTJIN, Receiver. I

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 15 Jan. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.