The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, February 26, 1892, Image 2

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THE MONTANIAN. Published Every Friday Evening at Cheteuu, Choteau Co., Montana. S. M. CORSON, Editor. TURMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. BY M AIL— POSTAGE PREPAID. Une coi>y, one year (In Advance) ............ S S 00. Six M o u t I i b ......... “ “ .................. 150. Three M o n th«... “ “ .................. 1 (M. Single Copies... “ “ .................. 10. Advertising Rates on Application. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1892. NEWSPAPER LAW. A postmaster is roquired to give official notice (returning a paper woe» nut satisfy ttie law) when a subscriber does not, take hi* paper from the office, and to state the reason* for ts being taken, and a neglect to do t-o makes the pos - master responsible to the publisher for the payment. Any person who takes a paper from the post- office, whether directed in his name or in that of another, or win ther he has subscribed or not, is responsible for the pay. If a person ordets liis paper discontinued, he must pay all arrearages, or the publisher may oontinue to send ii until payment is made, and eoliect the whole amount wnether it be taken from the office or not. There can be no legal discontinuance until the payineut is made. If the subscriber orders his paper to be stop­ ped at a certain time, and the publisher con­ tinues to send it, the.subscriber is boaud 10 pay for it if he takes it out of the office. The law proceeds npon the around that a man must pay for what he uses. The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers and periodicals from the poatoflice is pnma facie evidence of intentional fraud. T he Great Falls Leader in en­ deavoring to make “ unwarranted reflections” of what we said in our last issue concerning the wants of Great Falls, has very consider ably toned down and rubbed oif some o f the irritating excrescences which, have been present on the trunk of the giant near whose shade we of the ranges sometimes stray. If the Leader can induce the Townsite company and the Board of Trade to incorporate into tlieir by-laws the same spirit as that set forth in its article, and have them lived up to, peace and harmony will reign supreme. Live and let live is what we want, and when that principle shall be the rule, we will be with you and you with us. _______________ T he time for Choteau to assert herself has arrived. This thing of standing in. with every scheme that comes along and signing peti­ tions for out side parties on the promise that they will aid us in ours, is about played out, parlicu- when we are asked to do that which compromises us with our neighbors. It will take some tall hurstleing on the part of the Great Falls Townsite Co. to pay up the indebtedness which they have have already contracted. Our bill of promises against th%m has grown so large and payment de­ ferred so long, that our hearts are sore. In view of this our people have decided to refuse further credit, and until some o f tiie prom­ ises of i he past have born fruit, no new ones need be offered. As a preventative o f the grippe, put powdered snlpher in your stockings, so as to be constantly walking on sulpher. This is said to be a sure preventative and may be. a cure. Try it. T he Great Falls Tribune, com­ menting on Senator Sherman’s bill providing for the return o f the flags captured from Mexico during our war with that country some forty odd years ago, cominends Mr! Sherman for his courtesy and adds: “ This preservation of flags and other tokens of victory over a neighboring nation is not in harmony with the civil­ ization of the age and should be discon­ tinued. Mr. Sherman’s bill is in keeping with this sentiment. By the way why can’t Mr. Sherman open hi* heart a lit­ tle wider and introduce a bill providing for the return of all confederate flags now iu possession of the government?” For the simple leason, oil, you unreconstructed! that those flags were not taken from a nation, nor a recognized government, .but from our misguided biothers who, like Eve, listend to the tempter— to such as you, who now stand up and say: “ Those are the flags of our nation—the flags of the people of the Confederate States o f Amer ica—and out of the courtesy due between nations they should be returned to us.” Probably when the editor of the Tribune succeeds in establishing such a nation, the courtsey which he lacks when he asks for the flags, will be extend ed it, but at this present writing there is no Southern Oo’ifedreacy to which those tokens of victorv could be returned. As it is, those flags are tokens of victory in the cause of freedom and the preser­ vation of the Union, not only of the States, but of her people, while on the other hand they could at best be but the emblem of slavery and defeat—of a lost cause, the only good ot which was its failure to succeed. A true triend will not attempt to compromise neighbors, not even when by so doing he could secure the whole eailhand have a land office thrown in. S l O C K H u L D E l t S M R B I I N G . An adjourned meeting of the stock­ holders of the Sun River, Choteau, and Northern Telephone Jo., for the trans­ action of such business as may come before it, will be held at Clufteau on Saturday, March 12th, 1892, at 2 p. m. W. 8. C lark , President. A.C. W arned , Secretary. ThB Monteniai! is Published wBBkly at ChDtaau ChdtBau county, Mcmtanai Sub­ scription S3 pBr yBar In Advance. HavBrtising Ratss on Application P. N. KNOWLES BLACKSMITH W A G O N S H O P . § 0 * H O R S E S H O E I N G A SPECIALTY. MAIN Sfc., - - . - - CHOTEAU. Pari of A Great M vcmaut. The idea of educating people in their homes, instead of confining the process within the walls of a college, is just be­ ginning to make itself known and felt. The great movement termed “ Univer­ sity Extension” is simpley a movement to bring some of the advantages of the higher schools into the homes of the people, that advantage may be taken of the very expensive machinery of higher education by those who are uuable to leave home or to raise the money re- buired. The university ex tension course is largely the outgrowth of Chautauqua influences and the influence of the corre­ spondence schools of languages, et<*, which have been established for some years. An incorporated law school has been established at Detroit, Mich., under the name of the SpragueCorrespondence School of law—so named from its origin­ ator. The School has been in operation fifteen months and is doing great service to the m my men and women thiough- out the country who are desirous of ob­ taining a liberal education in the law, but who are not able to attend the law colleges. BYRON CORSON, -i- W A T C H E S . S t a t i o r x e x ^ r , 2 s T u . t s , W fiA TU E K If JE PORT. J anuary . 1892. 1891. MeaD temperature, 19.3 31.8 “ Max. “ 25.6 42.2 “ Min. “ 10.1 22.7 Highest “ 61. 55.5 Lowest “ -18.4 -2 6 . 8 a. m. “ 19 32.6 8 p. m. “ 21 6 31.8 Grea test range, day 52 4 29. “ “ 24 hours 53.3 34. Snow fell, days 5 3 “ “ inches 2 25 5 Stop A i t h e U L M Great Falls. ' I t T o t i o i x s , CHOTEAU. MONT. House CHEZUM & BRCUE, THE CHOTEAU M E A T M A R K E T ) JAMES POPPLETON, Proprietor. The undersigned would announce that he has leased MERCHANTS. T. P . C R AW FO R D ’S Old Stand, better known as the CITY MEAT MARKET, Where he. is prepared to serve Customers with Choice Meats, Fish, Oysters. Sausage, And Everything in that Line. Respectfully, JAMES POPPLETON. MAIN ST. - - - CHOTEAU. Beginning Feb. 1st, we will be prepared to SUPPLY customers with F M E S H B E E F j MUTTON, PORK, and everything in that line. FOR »A LE . Good-claim on the Dry Fork. 100 tons of hay in stack, and about 100 head of stock cattle. Good sheds, cor- ralls and plenty of water. Good dwel­ ling houe. Also farm machinery and tea ms. T o be sold cheap for cash. En­ quire a t this office. Oct23tf Will also handle H AY. GRAIN, VEGETABLES, And all kinds of Farm Produce. ► S. C. C hezum . -::- A ngus B ruce

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 26 Feb. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.