The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 04, 1892, Image 1

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VOL. 2. CHOTE AU, CHOTE .4 ü COUNTY, MONTANA, FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 1892. NO. 43. I F ’ I R O i F ’ I E S S I O I b T . Ä - I L - W ^ - fc r i m i ■ in v 9 ATTORNEYS COUNSELOR fiT LÄW. J. & W A M S L S Y . P i ^ y g i d t e ^ i & S t e f g e & f r - C H O T E A U . - - - - - - - MONT. \ ______________ _____ _ _______________ ___ J o HP® B O Ü S C A B E M CIVIL AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEER. Addretc: P. O. Box 34, CHOTEAU, Mont- J. H . D A Y . IRRIGATION AND LAND SURVEY­ ING A SPECIALTY. SATISFAC­ TION GUARANTEED. C h o t e a u , . . . M o n t a n a . - w J E 3 I . S T C L A I E , B ä f f o e f & t& ~ HOT AND COLD BATHS. Main Street, Opposite Choteau House J O H N O - I D T T i F ’ Z P , Authorized to practice before the De­ partment of the Interior, the Land Office, and the Pension and other Bureaus. PENSION CLAIMS SPECIALLY ATTENDED TO. LCor. Main and St. John Sts;, Fort Benton. G rand U nion H otel , CHAS.ROWE, P roprietor . FORT BENTON, - - MONT. x x s . \ 5 r 6 z H. A. DAY A THOMAS W. MURPHY, GREAT FALLS, - - - - - - MONTANA OFFICE OVER FIRST NATIONAL. BANK. fj® ¿1® ]0]$]iE&jI[CzrC}irk^<9 Z D E I s T T I S T , ROOM 14 COLLINS-LEPLY BLOCK, GREAT 7ALLS, - - - - MONT. TEETH Extracted without PAIN by the use of Vitalized Air. E.C.Garrett. Ä.C.WarnBr. GÄRRETT ÄND WÄRNER REAL ESTATE AGENTS NOTARIES PUBLIC AND CONVEYANCERS Deeds, Mortgages and other Legal Documents executed. Public Land Plats and Abstracts. Ä. C. WÄRNER, U. S. COMMISSIONER. LAND PROOFS AVH FILINGS. Comer Main & Hamilton Street, CHOTEAU . . . MONT. X X . x r s r c o ^ r , IT © tax 3 T Ip-u/folic DEED2. MORTGAGES end all kinds of legal instrumenta drawn up. Subscriptions received for all News­ papers and Periodicals ut publisher’s rates. CHOTEAU, - - - MONT. 4194. S tockm a n s N ational B ank , O f F ort B enton , M ontana . (Succeeds the Bank of Northern Montana.) Capital paid up. $100,000. JNO. W. POWER, - President. L. W. PECK, - - - ! Vice-President. CHAS. E. DUER, - - - - - Cashier. Board of Directors; J no . W. P ow er , L . II. H ershfield , J no . L e p l e y , C iiah . E L ib by , J os .H irshbeug , J no . H . G reen , L ouis W. P eck , D avid G. B rowne , C has . E. D uer . Transact . a General Banking Business. LOCAL SECURITIES A SPECIALTY. Interest allowed on time deposits. NO. 3525. E 'i i ’g N f e t t i é & â l B & .^ifc OF GREAT FALLS. OFFICERS: T. E. C ollins - - President, J. T. A rmington - - Vice-Pres. A. E. D ickerman - - Cashie- H, H M atteson - - Ass’t Cashie DIRECTORS: ' C A BROADWATER JOHN LEPLEY PARIS GIBSON IRA MYERS. ROBERT VAUGHN H. O. CHOW EN J STEWART TOD J H McKNIGHT. J BOOKWALTER L G PHELPS. ------- »-• — —. A general banking business transacted. Ex- change drawn on the principal points in the east and Europe- Prompt atten­ tion given to collections. Interest allowed on time deposits. Great Falls - Montana THE MONTANA ■ W - A - O - O ^ T AND CAEBIAGE SHOP. All kinds of wood work neatly, ' safely and promptly done. WHEEL REPAIRING A SPECIALTY- J. E. WEBB. OHOXEAO, - - MONT LAUGHLIN BRUCE HAVING OF BN ED .. A SHOE SHOP A t G'h&te&'ia, Would announce Hint lie is pre­ pared to make .BOOTS and SHOES to order on short notice. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. THE GREAT RESERVE. A Mild Winter—- 5 he New Indian School—Bids for Field Sped« —U. S. Circuit Court D* cis- sion—A Petition to Extend the Mail Route to Blackfoot. C am p on L yn x C r e e k , 1 B l a c k f e k t R e s e r v a t i o n ,^ February 22, 1892. ) Special Corrrespomltnce. To day being a national holiday, .it cannot be expected that it was strictly observed in this remote corner of the earth. Men could be seen traveling to and fro driving stock, hauling wood and attending to other duties, as occasion requir­ ed. Others, who were not thus employed, availed themselves of the opportunity to hunt or fish, as the day was all that could be de- j ♦ • sired for such sport, the weather being mild, ground bare, only dot­ ted with a few snow drifts. Des­ pite the predictions of foreign and domestic weather prophets, we have for the past two months been enjoying such weather as is usual­ ly found in Italy only. If those living in the remote East could be convinced of the mildness of our climate, our fine agricultural and grazing lands, tney would doubt­ less follow the advice of the late lamented Horace Greely and “ go west.” Could the residents of storm swept Dakota and Idaho but realize that a person living within ten miles of the base of the Rocky Mauntains, coukl have been seen upon almost any day riding on horseback or in wagons, minus a coat, during the month o f January and February, they would doubtless be willing to abandon their claims and take up their abode with us. The school enroolment at the new school house has been incr-' as- ed lately from 37 to 74, and doubt­ less the school wil Isoon be filled to its full capacity, 100. An addi­ tional teacher will soon be provid­ ed to assist Miss Ross,and an indus­ trial teacher for the boys will soon be added to the force. Assistant Farmer James Brown is now sta­ tioned at the school house. . .. Bids for field seeds were opened at the agency on the 17th inst., for the following: Oats, 25.000 lb; potatoes, 25,0001b; wheat, 4,0001b; timothy 6eed, 10 bushels. The bids were: W. F. Burgy, of Great- Falls, oats, $1,95 per cwt.; wheat, $2,35 do; potatoes, $1,90 do; timo­ thy seed $3,25 per bushel. Phem- ister & Gallagher, of Dupuyer. oats, $1,75; wheat, $2,25; potatoes, $1,4.0; timothy seed, $3,25. W. D. Jones, of Dupuyer, oats, $2,24; wheat, $2,74; potatoes, $1,49; timo­ thy seed, $4,50. As these bids will all have to go. to the Commission­ er of Indian Affairs for his action, it will be some days yet before it is known to whom is awarded the contract. U. S. Attorney Weed has noti­ fied Commissioner Garrett that under the decission of the U. S. Circuit Court in, tli’e cáse of the LT. S. vs. Pavtelln, the U. S. courts have.exclusive jurisdiction - of all crimes committed within the lim­ its of' anj’’ Indian reservation in (he District of Montana. This de­ cission will result in- quite a sav­ ing to Choteau county’s treasury, \as 'a'large slice'of tlie\county’s in­ debtedness accrued from, these cases. The postmaster at Piegan, the Blackfeet Agency office, complains (hat mail matters are much mixed at his office*.. Net a mail arrives, but what a.n'um^er of letters and papers intended .for Piegan Sta­ tion, which is oii'.th.e Great Falls & Canada railway, and for Black- foot City, Deer Lodge county, ar- rives„at his office and have to be remailed to their proper destina­ tions. Mail, addressed to Black- feet Agency frequently goes to Blackfoot C ity.' A registered package for adetachmentof Cana dian Mounted Police, and addres­ sed to Blackfeet Agency, recen’ iy met with a like experience, caus­ ing a delay o f several days. Black­ foot Station, on tne line of the Great Northern railway, and 14 miles north of the agency, also shares, inconveniences caused by the similarity of names, its mail matter frequently going lo Black­ foot City. The postal and railway authorities should get (heir heads together and give us one Black­ foot instead of three, and one Pie-, gan instead of two. A petition is being circulated to have (he Choteau mail route ex­ tended on north from Piegan (Blackfeet Agency) .to Blackfoot Station, a distance of 13,4 miles, to take effect April 1st 1892. It is un­ derstood that a railroad mail ser vice will :be established ' bn the Great Northern extension on that date^and by extending the route a saving of thirlv-six hours can he made in the delivery of mail at the agency. A gain can also be mado at the post-offices of Robare, Dupuyer and Bynum. Your correspondent is informed that an “ inspector of Schools” is now eh route for the new school house, and, is expected there in a few. days. • -, ^ , “ S Y NAX.” V i

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 04 March 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.