The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, May 20, 1892, Image 1

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YOL. 3. - NO. 2. CHOTEAU, CHOTEA U COUNTY, MONTANA, FRID AY, MAY 20, 1892. o I F I R O I P E S S I O I I s r ^ I l i - w - ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR ST -LSW. JA M E S SU E G R Ô Y E , ATTORNEY AT LAW, CHOTEAU, - - MONT. J. E}. W A M S I /E Y . & {Eka-UgetMT. CHOTEAU. - - - - - - - MONT. A . G. W ARNER, NOTARY PUBLIC, U. S. COMMISSIONER, AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE FILINGS & FINAL PROOFS ON PUB­ LIC LANDS. CHOTEAU, MONT. J. H. DAY. IRRIGATION AND LAND SURVEY­ ING A SPECIALTY. SATISFAC­ TION GUARANTEED. C h o t e a u , M o n t a n a . - W H . SŒ OXjj& J C E fc, B & f f c e i ' & , I®* HOT AND : COLD . .PATHS . M*iu Street, ,Opposite ^Gnoteatf ;■.(-House' ■ W M . H . X j ' s r o a s r . I T © t a x y I s‘a.T o lic DEEDS. MORTGAGES and all kinda of legal instrument« drawn up. Subscriptions received for all News­ papers and Periodicals ut publisher’s rates. CHOTEAU, - - - - MONT. E. C. GARRETT. A- C. WARNER. GARRETT & WERNER, ooxnriTA x rosR s, EXAL ESTATE, . INSUEANCE AND COMMISSION AGENTS. CHOTEAU, MONT. JX&TST SL XsÆTXZESJPZEX^ H. A. DAY A THOMAS W. MURPHV, ZLi A - w -s r c B i i s , GREAT FALLS, - - - - - - MONTANA OFFICE OVER FIRST NATIONAL BANK. b x s o h m m m BSPAZESAHD OLE AITS WATCHES & J E W E L E Y . C h o t e a u , - - - M ont . E . H . , ZD Z E a s r T X B T , ROOM 14 COLLINS-LEPLY BLOCK, aXXAT FALLS, - - - - MONT. TEETH Extracted without PAIN by the use of Vitalized Air. J O H N O . ZDTTZEXF, Authorized, to practice before the De­ partment of the Interior, the Land Office, and the Pension and other Bureaus. PENSION CLAIMS SPECIALLY ATTENDED T O . Cor. Main and St. John St«,, Fort Benton. THROUGHOUT THE ST ATE. The Columbia Falls depot is completed, It. is the handsomest one on the Great Norlhern«- Montana has been voted $15,000 by the United States Senate for the establishment of a iish hatchry. Great Falls' Wife: “ This is a pretty sort of life you are lead­ ing.” Husband: “ Do shut up.” Wife: Why, the day before yes tersday you didn’t come home un­ til yesterday, yesterday you came home to-day, and to-day, if I hadn’t come to fetch you, you wouldn’t have come home till to­ morrow.” The codeicommission expunged the esl.rav law from the statutes. James Main-, aged 18 jmars, met his death in the Rocky Fork coal mine last Thursday. His head was crushed while he was coup­ ling cars. The Helena artesian well is now down 940 feet, but the contractors \are not able to bore very fast, ow­ ing to the hardness of the ground. Veins of water are being struck. heavy artesian nò,w. Missoula is to have a free de­ livery system of mail. Mrs. Martha J. Van Camp died of heart disease at her home in Dillon on the 27th ult. Mrs. Van Camp came with her husband and family to Montana in 18G4. The Mountain View Spur at Butte is nearly completed, and most of the laborers have been discharged. Calvin. C. Devo is bled' to death at 5 o’clock Friday morning from the effects of a bursting tumor at the Exchange hotel on Lower Main street, Butte. Mr. Devois was one of the old timers of Butte and for a number ofvears was ein- i ployed as amalgamator at the old Dextor mill. Johu Coburn of Antelope creek, Fergus county, was shot Tuesday night ot last week by Mrs. Drake and died some hours later from his injuries. Cobiirn had on different occasions insulted the lady by making improper proposals and advances and had been warned to keep off Mr. Drake’s premises. Tuesday night Coburn went to the house and rapped on the door. Mrs. Drake told him he had better go away, and as he came in Ihe door she leveled a riflle at him. He retreated to the outside, forced his way in again and she immedi­ ately fired, the ball taking him in the left side'somewhat below the breast. He died in a tew hours afterward. Mrs. Drake is a niece of Fivd Warren, the largest wool grower in the vicinity. The jury in the Barnuincase, at Helena, relumed a verdict last Friday of not guilty. Mrs. Bar- num was postmistress at Maun, Cascade, county, and was arrested last fall, together with her hus­ band and sons, on complaint of Postoflice Inspector Sackett, charg­ ing her with robbing; tlie United State mails, the others being charged as accomplices. V Modern Proverbs. A million dollars won’t make a man happy, but most o f us would like to try it. Policy wins more, friends than honesty. Truth goes a long way, but it doesn’t always get there. Every whine adds a wrinkle. Marrying for money is no worse than marrying for poverty. Knowledge is power, but not to the very young. Earning makes a man happy; - When some people -get outside of themselves they are lost. Contentment stiffens the joints of progress. Rest is a theory, not a condition. —Detroit Free Press. ----------- —4.» --------- - -- A Warning-to Democrats. From the New York World. (Dein.) Are the democrats of the house of representatives mad? Or have they submitted themselves to the control of political imbeciles? Upon no theory of sanity and sense can their recent course be explained. For days in succession, with a majority of 150, they permitted their quorum to be broken by a horse race. As though the faith­ lessness and inattention to duty were not bad enough they reassem­ bled in force only to enter upon a carnival of extravagence. It is time for a halt. The men who are making this record are betraying and in danger of destroying their party. W e tell these heedless hot heads plainly that if this country is to have a succession of billion dollar congresses they should be and they will be republican. The democrats of the union have no use for a congress that will im­ itate and even exceed the ex­ travagance which it was elected to reform. We tell them further that if they ' '*> do not halt and retrace their steps they will be almost certain to throw the next presidency into the waiting laps of the jeering and ex­ ultant republicans. Do they not see, or do they not care, t hat they are passing bills one day to reduce taxes and revenues and passing bills the next day to pile up expenditures, while a re­ publican deficit is already impend- ing? Do they not percieve that the issue o f a deficiency, if raised by a party of economy, will be more effective in the presidential cam­ paign than even the worse-than- war tariff-of the war-in-peace force bill? How can the democrats i:-ise this issue if their house out-squan­ ders the squanderers—if, instead of cutting down the appropriations $100,000,000 as they promised, they increase them $50,000,000—pass­ ing the half-billion high water mark at the first session? If there be notan instant halt and a complete about, face in the house, the Chicago convention. may as well not meet. — --- — --------- 1 ♦ ♦------------------ TENT MEN .RT.LLED, “ Cave in” in tlie Anaconda at Butte. Last Saturday the Anaconda mine was the scene of the most appalling accident resultingin loss of human life greater than in all the long chapter of mining disas­ ters of Butte. It was a cave-in and occurred about 3 o’clock on the SOO-fbot level, fourth floor. Fourteen men were at work on the floor at the time. Of this number ouly four were taken out alive and all of them were badly hurt. The following is a list of the dead and entombed, who are sup­ posed to be dead: William Dy- land, Tim C. Murphy, Quinn Leary, Jerry N. Harrington, Se­ ward Stewart, Dan Sheehan, John Nordstrom, John Smith, John D. Sullivan, Frank Aggaza. John Davis. Injured: Mike Langhren, Janies Breen, P. J. . Murphy, Robert Works. Two dead bodies have thus far been removed, but the rescuers work will not be finished before tomorrow morning, as they are confronted with an entire wall of ore rock and earth, completely filling the level. I t h a s been -announced that England will accept the invitation of the United States to take part in an international conference to discuss the silver question.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 20 May 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.