The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, November 11, 1892, Image 3

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' V«*. ijkS V .>-? «’*'•♦■•*. T¿Tr ^ V *>-s Se ■< y p Ä : S H ; Ö P . g » - H O R'S‘E S.H Ò E I N Gti À •V ... SPECIALTY. ' MAIN.St., - CHOTEAD \ D A V I S B E O S , L Ï Y E R Y , D^cSS 1 è ^ x ¿ = J E T COR. HAMILTON ST. & CHO­ TEAD AVE, (Armstrong’s Old Stand.) GHOTEATJ, - MONT. Good Accommodations for your Team. ; Handsome Turnouts at*reason­ able rates. -1 The place to “ PUT UP” at when -in-town. H O L L O W A Y & OVJERS r i i E E T SALOON & Q H O T B A T J . JVÆOlsTT. S J J l < r R I Y E B : SHEEP Co. —BREEDERS O F - ' G D ^ o i E t o x r ô - ^ a : B ^ E 3 b Z E ^ l È l I S r C ' E - I ILÆlEIRIIfcTOS “F i E Œ i i s n a i E a : — S æ ’ A . a s r r s E ï '- ä ü i t i d ¡ F i R Z E n s r a i E i - O o T ' s - - \ W O B D C R O S S E S . AUGUSTA.' MONT. - T H E ^ u n $2.00 A YEAR Containing more reading matter -than any magazine published. *- 'i * 4-, * \ iu America. • - - Address:. THE^SUiY, ‘ N e w Y**rk. Ripans Tabulés cure the blues. . . Rip ans Tabules cure jaundice. - ' ■ »V <J><S •* ' ' * ’ > - ^ .... ---------- ICE,) •; -H elena , Montana,. > ' \ October^lst, 1892VJ-J ; ■ ¿Complaint having been entered at this office ' bÿBfcNJ. a . JAH.N against J. P0WERS.FL1NT . for failure to comply with law na to timber;chl- -tnrh entry No 'lfiJO^dwted Feb; ,23,' 1833, upon’ the n2 nw4, andsna.no4; section .83, fTp; 23 n, r 8 west; in« y, Montana;.- .with a' view,'e cancellation pf said-entry,* contestant alleging that the entrymau. failed''to -break 8 »acres thereof-durimr the Eocbiid'1 year \ot- entry,, failed to cultivate.or plant,to trees'Any-portion' thereof said failnr'és-stlll existing. . Now therë- foro the sftid parties are hereby- summoned ¡to; appear at this office on the day o f Novem­ ber. 1892, at 10 o’clock'a. lin. to respond arid furnish testimony concerning said alleged fail­ ure Testimony to bo'Bubm’ttèd before A. CX Warner, Notary, at Chotean, = Montana Novem­ ber 22, 1892.- - • ■ GEO. M. BOURQTJIN, Beoeiviw. . . First publication Oot. T,. - - [COMMOTED.] L NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. L and O ffice at H elena , mon ., . OctV;17,1892. . Notice'is hereby given that the^rfollowing named settler has filed notice,of his intention to make final proof ii n . support p f his claim and that said roof will-be* made before A. C. Warner, 17. 8. Commissioner, at Choteau, Mont.,on Deo. 2,1892, viz: * ' ' T homas M c G overn , who made homestead application No. 5162, for the se% n v y l d t r i 2, 3 and 4, sectiou 30, Tp. 26 n, range 4 west. He names, the following: witnesses to prove his continuous -residence; upon and cultivation of, said land, viz: .John B. Mitchell, Jonathan D. Carney, Charles F. Cai pen ter and Jeremiah Kay ton, all of Choteau, Montana. : r : a . SWIGGETT* Register. [First publication Oct- 21.] n o t i c e f o r pO b l i g a t i o n . L and O ffice at H elena , M ont ., 1 ^ ' Sept. 14,1892 J Notice is hereby given that the following- named settler has filed notice of his iutention to make final proof In snpport of his claim and that said proof will be made before A. C Warner, U. o; Commissioner, at Choteau Montana, on October 29,1892, v iz: J ohn C o x , who made homestead application No. 8621, for the net, section 20, Tp. 24 n, range 7 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence npon and cultivation of said land, viz: Albion S. MoDonald, Wil­ liam J. Watson, Carlton L. Monroe and John S, Lane, all o f Belleview, Montana. . s; A. SWIGGETT, Register; ; First publication g<jp. 23. [COMMUTED.J NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. L and O ffice at H elena , M ont .,) Oct. 7, 1892. ) Notice is hereby given that the follow­ ing-named settler baB filed notice of bis intention to tuake final poof in support of biB claim, and that said proof will be made before A. (<’. Warner, U.S. commis­ sioner at ¡Choteau, Montana, on Nov- vemt>er 21,1892, viz: S olomon A* B each , who made homestead application No. 4938, for the sw% sw%, section 21, n& nw% mv% ne& section 2S,,Tp. 21 n, r 6 w. . He names the following witnesses to prove bis continuous residence upon and cultivation - of,\ said land, viz: Clark L>tle, William P. Kearns, William Oliver and James Austin, all of Augusta, Montana. S. A. SWIGGETT, Register. - First publicatic r> Oct. 1-ith. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. L and O f f i c e at H e l e n a , W on ., i Oct. 19, 1892 I Notice ìb hereby given that the following- named settler has filed notice o f h’s intention to make final preof in support of his claim, and ihat said proof will be made before A. C. Warner,- U. -S. ' Cornmistdnner, at Choteau, Montana, on December 5, 1892 viz: S amuel T. K elly , who made homestead application No. 4932, for the Bei, section 81 Tp. 24 n, ran tre 6 west. He names the fol'owing witnesses t-\ provo his continuous residence upon and cultivation of. paid land, viz: -lainGB Uullar-I, Samuel M . Young. Daniel J, Grant Josoph P. Watcrs. all o f Choteuu, Mont: 8. A. SWIGGETT, Register. I First publication Oct. 28th., Ripans Tabules purify the blood. Ripans Tabules banish pain. Ripan’s Tabules prolong life. Ripans Tabules have come to stay . W h o l e s a l e Ss^'Retail D e a l e r s i n C H O T E A Wè are AGENTS for the / ' ■' - Ilv E c O o i E ^ i M i i a i K : M o w e r s , . 0 ? E 3 : 0 1 v d : J L . B ■ \ M I T C H E L L < S c S l F I R I S S T G - E xtras of A ll K inds , We have a full line of these Goods on hand Now. They have stood* the test and are better adapted for this country than any other- make. We also carry a large line of . : - TOP BUGGIES, HARNESS & SADDLERY of all Kinds. v © i n . x ^ x i c e s a x e T ’i i e L o ’w e s t i WE INVITE THE PUBLIC TO EXAMINE OUR STOCK U | 15. S X Z ^ 3 S 2 3 : B i E 3 2 3 < 3 - 6 c C o . THECHOTEAH HOUSE ^ , \ W m . X X O T D O - 3 T X X S S X ^ x o p . v A FIBST-CE.ASS T V f X S 'I. v.-.X S T O P P I 1 T G P L A O Í 3 F O B , T 7 gygp- GOOD FEED & LIVERY STABLE IN CONNECTIONS M A I N Ö T , Ô H Ô T E A Ü . GOODS -- i • STORE. • ’ : - — - - . . - - 7 , — — S L ^ ' x x i l b e x , Z L i a t i x , ’ - r i ' r x : ’3 f d X s L S V 3 d o o x s : ............. Kept in stock at Uhoteau or laid down anywhere oh the’ 'line of the Great Falls & Canada R. R. •• ' BUTTE & M O I T A I A ' COMMERCIAL C O M P A N Y . • CT- E , W E B B , ^ a -E a s r a ? . O H O T E A T J . A N OFFER. The undersigned hereby agrees to lease a mill site adjoining the towirof Choteau, Tree, to any re liable party or parties who will build and operate a 75 barrel! flouring mill thereon. Said lease lo hold good as long as said mill is operated, J. G. H opkinson . G randl U nion H otel , C H A S .R O W E , PnopRiETOR. 1 FORT BENTON, 'MONT. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. BY MAIL-L f OSTAGE PREPAID. Uno copy, Olio year (In Advance) . .............. $3 08.' Six Mont-hs ........ “ ,k ................... i m . Throe Mouths... “ 100. single Copies.... “ “ Jß. Advertising Rates on Application.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 11 Nov. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.