The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, November 11, 1892, Image 6

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l i n i ' T H E M O N T A N I A N . ARRIVAL AN D D E P A R T U R E OF M A ILS. MONTANA. STAGE COMPANY. Carrvinpr U. S. Wail b'fwpen Ohofeau and Great FnlJs. Leave Great Fill s every morning except Sundays for Choteau, returning every morning except Mondays. BYRON CORSON. Agent. CROTEAU TO BELLEVIEW. Oneo a ■week : Saturdays, returning Mondays. 1 W, J, WATSON, Carrier. ----- t ,■=,=_; ------------ ' —- ■ X j O C a l s . B o k n . —To Mr. and Mrs. Me Nult a daughter Nov. 9th, 1892. Eddie Risley and Willie Lintz was in town to-day fr om North Fork. The Butte & 'Montana Commercial company have leased some lots on North Main street lor a lumber yard. Myron Burd, Mrs- Julian Burd, and Miss Susie Price returned home on Tues­ day from the Sweet Grass country. Mr. C'has. Silverman, who has been visiting relations and friends here for the past five weeks will return to bis home m Helena, to-morrow. J. Silverman, Sol and Sai'ah Sil­ verman went to the Diarb orn Wednes­ day. From there they go t o Helena where Miss Sarah will remain on a visit for some weeks. Sam Mitchell to-day sold two lots on? Main street to Fi atik Truchot, who w ill begin the erection of a two story busi­ ness block at once. He aUo sold to E L. More one lot between Knowle’s and. Carr’s. The ladies luncheon lait Tuesday at Sulgrove’s office was a decided success. There was a perfect rush to their tables from I I o ’clock in the morning until late atuight. They report net proceeds of $97, which is to bo used in getting up a public library. Mr. Robert Twiggs, of Willow creek gave a very nice party last Monday, evening in honor of his wife’s brother who returned to Boulder on Wednesday. Supper was termed and dancing to the sweet strains of music furnished by Kelly and BulUrd was greatly enjoyed by those pre cut. Mrs. NatColiins returned from a visit to Holena on Saturday last. She and Mr. Collins had been to Cascade where they shipped a car-load of horses east. This was M rs. Collin’s first visit to Helena in four years. She went to the Falls yesterday to close up her stock shipments for this season. A social pa t ty was given at the resi­ dence of M rs. Wamsley last evening by Mesdames Wamsley and Burton. There were presen(: Mesdames Cohen, Sleell, Ralston, Oliver, Cooper, Fawcett, Dun­ lap, Tuyloi, Bynum, Graves, Cibson; the Misses Guyon,McDonald,Hamilton, Truchot, Porter, Silverman. Price, Glena and Addie Burton. Messrs. Burton, Ralston, McDonald, Redding, Allen, W. Burton, L. T. Taylor, Jess Taylor, Walker, Cohen* M. Silverman, Cbas. Silverman, Sam. Mitchell, J. B.Mitchell, Dennis, Tom Lett, Dunlap, Beyliss and Clabaugh. Refreshments were served at 12 o’clock. Dancing and games were kept up until about 1 o ’clock. A most enjoyable t; vening was spent by all present. From Sa ' unlay'? Daily. Fowler, c,l the Valley Restaurant, is' on the riglr. tract at last. E. E. Lei ch was in town last evening and this morning. John 0. Duff, republican candidate for count\ treasurer, is i n town. A fine rain this morning abuut 10 o ’clock: A snow storm raged m the mountains, 30 miles to the westward. Verge & Levy, repiesenting Great Falls interests in Daly’s capital campaign, were in town yesterda y. » ..‘► — a » -*• *, *L'. » *■ U Used in Millions of Homes—»40 Years the Standard gravata From Monday’s Daily: B orn : On Saturday, Nov, 5th, 1892, to the wife of W. H. Lyon, a daughter. Will Fiowerree passed north to-day on his way to tbo cattle ranges along the boundary line. The polls will be held at the school house and will be open from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. to-morrow. A large vote is expected. W. L. owgill is in .from Dupuyer to­ day on land business befoie Commis­ sioner Warner. Perry Aspling arrived home this morn­ ing from an extended electioneering trip through the county. Chezum & Bruce have all the stone for the foundation of the new hoteL on the ground and will begin laying it up on Wednesday. J.E . Webb went to Great Falls yes­ terday on horseback as far as Steell ■where be took last evening’s train. He will be back in time to vote. Cbarle.v Silverman is death to wild geese. Pie has been going out to the lakes at Priest’s Butte every day for the past three weeks after a certain out­ lawed goose that is there, but up to date the goose has the best of it. Stick to him Charley, you’ll get him when the lake freezes up. B u p u y e r A l l Horts. Eleetion passed quietly; the presence of a few more in town, the only indica­ tion of anything uuusual. Republicans quite jubilant over the re­ sult in this precinct. The vote for the capital was as it should be, for Helena. Some little excitement over some minor affairs which will receive atten­ tion at the proper time. Town and community quiet and pros­ perous, ranchers and sheepmen gener­ ally prepared for winter, let it come severe or mild. Pambrun’s thrashing machine at J. Zimmermans, the last crop in the neigh­ borhood. Four new buildings have been erected this fall. Doctor Gillette will build in the near future, a building for a drug store, and P. 0. building to front north on Gillette Ave. We hope for a newspaper in the near future. Bill Nye’s definition of News­ paper is as follows: “ It is a library, it is an encyclopedia, a poem, a history, a dictionary, a time table, a romance, a guide to political resume, aground plan of the civilized world.” We believe it, More anon, * M arl . F O R S A L E . Good claim on the Dry Fork. 100 tons of hay in stack, and about 100 head of stock cattle. Good sheds, cor- ralls and plenty of water. Cood dwel­ ling houe. Also farm machinery and teams. To be Fold cheap for cash. En­ quire at this office. Oct 2 3 1! ------- . , . . . ------ W a t e r f o r I r r i g a t e n .' Notice is hereby given that tho Eldo­ rado Ditch company, of Choteau, is now prepared to furnisli water for irri­ gating ranches, for water, power and other uses. For particulars Apply to W. R . R a l s t o n , 8upt. Choteau, Mont. ESTRAYED . \ • Came to my ranch on Willow creek one gray saddle horse, blocked brand re­ sembles lazy H. C. Owners can have same on payment of thip advertisement and proof of property. T . J . B a a $ t . L o d g i n g ! L o d g i n g ! ! Jno. Jackson has decided to renovate, refurnish and reopen the sleeping apart­ ments in the old Valley Hotel building. Transient visitors to Gboteau will from this on be able tose cure sleeping accom­ modations when in town. BUCKS FOR SALE. We have 215 one-year-old and 85 three and four-year-old Spanish Merino Bucks from thorough-bred Rams and full-hlood Ewes, which we will sell at C o w e l l & W e l l e n s t e in , Bynum, Mont. BUCKS E^OR SALE. __ ' % Two hundred French and * Spanish Merino bucks for sale. These are fine bucks. B y n u m & Co., tf. ' Bynum, Mont. — 1 - ■ 1 ■ ■ a . o ■■ - — — — $ 1 0 0 K<*wai’d, $ 1 0 0 . The readers of this .paper will be pleased to leaj’n that there is at leâbt one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages and that is atarrh. Hall’s atarrh ure is the only positive cure now-known 1;othe medical fraternity, atarrh being a constitutional disease, requires, a con­ stitutional treatment. Hall’s ’ atarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation ofthcTdisease, and giving the patient strength by building up the con­ stitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send to list of Testimonials. - • Address, F. J. HENEY&CO., Toledo, 0. fSF*Sold by all Druggists, 75c. G eo . A. F ry & Co., DEALERS IN B Y N U M , C hoteau C ounty , M ont . ■ ■ : ? v .i- * ^ - . . J B l L d t L i - - i j . :.or DRÜG-ST 0 R: OHOTÈÀU, MONI’. PURE D R UGS,P.AT- e n t m - e b ic in e s .; , FINE. PERFUMES ! ANS ■ TOILET ARTICLES. ' ■. EVER TTMING; NE W,AND FRESH . , „ ’ U - i- \ I\ — ' ■ ! I II» -' -A. SpoqlalLt^r.Ç Wrri. Saul, PR ACTIC AL HOUSE Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Fresco Painting and Decorating, also CARRIAGE AND WAGON WORK. to git y o S richota*Uyel'' NOW ia th ■ ‘ ‘ “ “ L o I have learned my trade. I can guar- antee GOOD WORK, •, WM. S A U L , ' Choteau. Montana. Cascade j=jnr»*T=n a - k / t r * K w s u a f e a m n m m i u i m e d v o m i ■GREAT FALLS.'-\ j ' . ‘ * .-.ii: , t . ♦ We can wash Flannels without shrinking, if anyone can. *• JOHNSON & -JENSOiN, Props. BYRON CORSON, Agent. Special Inducements Offered Ranch and Stockmen to G ood H otel and S tables in C onnec ­ tion . Call and get our prices. GIBSON & WALKER, . —.WHOLESALE & RETAIL — DEALERS IN WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, A CHOICE LINE OP : HE BEST BRANDIES, WHISKIES, AND MINERAL WATERS ALWAYS o n ' h a n d . M AIN ST., - - - CHOTEAU. Restaurant, MEALS AT ALL HOURS. A. B. F Ô W b E R , P CHOTEAU, MONT. ZEST J AW S T -A-GKEI V--ES3-- XTJSTIE] To Bynum, > . Dupuyer, Robare and the Z Blackfeet Agency, On to Blackfoot Station, on „Ih® Great Northerd Railway\ IN 12 HOURS ; Carrying U. S. Mail, Express and Passengers, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and return next day. E. P. B utler , Proprietor^

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 11 Nov. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.