The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, November 25, 1892, Image 2

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-• •ÁS-.síSS.*-', ' ,T i THE MONTANIAN. Published Every Friday , Chotea u Co., Evening\ Montana. at Choteau S. M. CORSON, Editor. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1892. D on ’ t fail to attend devine ser* vice on Sunday, morning and evening. I f A .B . Hamilton secures his seat in the house time it will be the second time he has done without being elected. so tered there,, sold ; their vote? to the republicans foe $10 each,arid that'on lliis information alone thé returns were thrown out leaving a majority of 7 for Hamilton, and that .the clerk, of the board im mediately issued a certificate oi election to Hamilton. This is the stoiy in brief as told to the Tri bu ne by D. G. Browne, chairman of the democratic central commit tee. If these are the facts in the case Mr. Hamil ton cannot hold the certificate, as the board cannot throw out the returns of a precinct « hich are regular and a correct re port of the vote^cast. That Al Rogers was to provious in issuing the certificate will appear later bn. How w i l l those prominent democrats who knifed Al Hamil ton so unmercicfully in the west end of Choteau county explain matters should that gentleman be a5 were a^so the board in throwing seated in the house? ¡ out the vote. The., fact that an elector having the right to vote T hr gifts of God to our people I sells his vote for money does not during the year have been so abundant and so special that the spirit of devout- thanksgiving awaits, not a call, but only (heap pointment of a day when it may have a common* e'xpre^ ion. H irri on. invalidate that vote, much less the vote of i hose who did not sell theirs and in no way can it be construed as sufficient cause for the action oi the returning board. The men Benj [ who bought and sfld votes have committed a felony, simply. As w i l l be remembered, the Great Falls- News, just, prior to the election, charged S. A. Swig* gptt of the Helena Land office With exacting from every farmer ^ho made final proof on a homestead thiee dollars lbr political pur poses. Tnia of course done ti make votes for tl e populists whose organ the News iheu wa<. Capt Swiggett called the pallioon papei down but there was no retraction or a^oioiiy until after the electioi was over, then the News comes out. and says ’ that it did no. desire to do Mr. Swiggett an in justice and now, “ fully and on de man l, retracts the charges,” and tries to excuse itsef by assertii g that that paper would willingh publish land notices tor three dol la s less than the legal rate, but that the land office would uot give it the privilege. Of course every body knows, or ought to know thit the News could just as well hive of,end to do the work freeo! charge as for three dollars Jess than the legal rate, for it could More About The Queen. Ohoteau’s Cattle Queen is re ceivihg the attention of the press of the country since the publica lion in T he M ontanian of Mrs. Collins’ trips east. Two articles have appeore 1 in this paper giv­ ing aceou ts of her and of the way she conducts the sales of her live, stock. Both of.them were widely co.pitd throughout the United States, so that to clay Mrs. Nat Collins of Choteau, is .known throughout the length and breadth of the land as “ The Cattle Queen of M uttana.” Now comesithe Great Fall Tri bune with the fqllowing: “ Mrs. Collins is well known in this eit»*, although she does not live 1 ere, as stated above. Disir- ing ro find out something more c f her than the dispatch tells, a Tri bun ■ r .‘ porter went, to Mr. Jam» s D<vis, shipping clerk at Bach, Cor\ & Ci».’-, a id t Id him his errand. , “ I know Mrs. Collins very well,” not get the work, not ha\e having I said Mr. Davis, and have known been designated as. the paper in which such notices were to be published. Had it. any legal htrig to the publication of such notices the N< Ws would not have been so rash as to cut t rices. F rom a democratic som e' we learn that ihe canvassing board oJ Choteau í ountv lias thrown out her tor some twenty-five years. She was married at ray house in He eua to Mr. Collins'about eigh teen years ago. As a business manager she has demonstrated the fact that she is a success. When they were first married they moved to Silver Creek, just below the Drumlummon, where Mr, Col lins engaged in placer mining shipment is.made Mrs. Gollins ac- the train/itb' the; Chica­ go rnarket; and '$er80ji|(lyr|jflpitr: . intends the’'u n l q a d i ^ ^ :-tHid>. an* irhals and their’ saVe. ^She'-is. Avell informed on every ^subject per; tHihink^to--at6clC'rai8ihjgv and/iier * » ' / < * *. JI V -> , »' — V K- ' ~ judgment is often asked by;others regarding purchases .aiid. \ other matters pertaining to the industry. “ Personally Mrs. Collins is a charming lady. There is nothing masculine in her appearance cijr conversation. Her<,home-life , is pleasant and her home is beauti­ fully furnished. No one .wquld suspect when engaging in coriver sation with the. modest and iinpre tending lady, that she,, was, The manager o f a large stock business. Her home is decora tec)’ \yi: h many specimens of her handiword. She is an artist of no mean pretension?,; and I have seen many a charming sketch and bit'of coloring, the pro duct of hernbrush. Socially she i- very highly esteemed by all who know her, am; the financial arid business centers she commands universal admiration for her thbr 1 * s - ough knowledge on every subject and the tact she has displayed Jn the conduct of her .»affair*». Mrs. Collins is a lady of whom Mon tana may well feel proud.” THE MOVTANIANT. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, BY MAIL—I'OSTAOE RREPATD. One copy, one year (In Advance) . . ........... IS 00 , «ix Mon»lie ....... “ “ 150 . Three »Months... “ .** ........ . . 100. Single Copies.... \ ** .. “ UP. Atlvenislng Rates on Application. _-r. ^w.jrEUBii saaac C : E L E c M Q N ; RETURNS;'--' ' ~ , •' ' ' , Ar**«- , V* r j / - _•» ' - .1 '* ' ‘ * From P-reciuçts '• “ I • ; • ? * ; jCiijÜkèleâü'^lfnoty^'V ;«\ C-. .»* -»fcA. \ -,-V J i s '4 » ï , . * } .. , v-*V pre/- cinq,ts inv'tjhi? - lowing total vbfe'received be each candidate and the pluralities: PiRESEDETrAL ELECTORS*^ V~.V‘V Republican 773 98 r ’-Dw&ocrkt. “ REPRESENTATIVE; C o NG:, ,r. Dikon/W m /W dem548 Hartmari.Chas\ S rep 673 G overnor ‘ vCollin8, Tim E dem 685 ^ Rickards, J E\ - rep 744 'LiEUTj'Go^R'NOR: Botkin, A C . . : rep. 704 Me 1 to ri, Hen ’y R dem 537 S ecresary of 'S tate : Folk, Beiy. W S. dem:.37-7 . Rotwitt, Lewis rep 585 125 59 167 208 171 178 TIME TABLE OF GREAT FALLS AND CANADA RAILROAD. GOING n o rth : Leave Great Falls, “ Vaughn, Sfeell,. Collins, Pondera, Conrad, Arr. Sh el by J u ;rcti o n, going south . 18 66 »4 44 44 44 11.00 p. m 11.40 “ 12 20 a. m. 2.00 “ 3.40 5.00 6 00 44 44 »4 44 Conrad. 3 40 ( 4 Pondera, 5.20 44 Collin«, ** 6 50 V4 Siedi, 815 4 . Vaughn, ' 8.50 irr. at Great Falls, 9.30* 4. .4 44 ESTKAYED. Came to my ranch on Willow creek one gray saddle Horae, blocked brand re­ sembles In zy H. C. • Owners can have same on payment ot thie advertisement and proof of property.. T. J. B aart . Box Elder precinct, thereby After a few years they purchased changing the result of I he election so as to give A. P. Hamilton, dem­ ocrat, a majority of 7 over E. E Leeclf, republican, but who would otherwise I e elected by from 15 to 20 majmt ty. Up to the lioui of going to press .we have no in formation concernii g the matter other.than that published in yes terday’s Great Falls Tribun -. Ii is charged that some twenty five_half-breeds who were regis- some stock and moved to their pie.-ent home in Choteau county. They have a house in Choteau and their stock farm is some twenty miles distant. They divide their time between their town and country residence. Mr. Oellins. gives his undivided attention to the ranch. Mrs. Collins, however, is the financier, and she has ac­ cumulated a fortune. They raise horses and cattle, and whenever a Cascade S T E ^ M A ttorney G eneral : Day, EdwardO dem 377 Haskel, Henri vf rep 548 Knowles, Ell a L* peo . .6 0 '. S tate -T reasurer :;..: -- Ha8ton, Jesse dem. . 4 0 0 Wright, ;FrediAjfc rep 578 STAj® Aupiyott^v ‘v.-y • -* -* . - ’ Cook, Andrew B rep . 5 .7 2 Whaley^ Wna C- d e m C 3 0 7 S upt P ub . iNSTRUdTiQN: . Mahoney, ffrioC^dem,.395 - .. Steere, E. A ; 7^'ep 538 143 C hief J ustice : ........... ; BlakeVlH^N .. rep 643 150 J >emJ^ertbn,\V Y debt 493 - gLERR Sup. C ourt : / -SI6ane, John L dem 573 . Webster, Beuj rep , 7 4 3 . : 170 D istrict J udge : DpBose,Dudley dem 876 309 Hoffman, John rep 567 R epresentatives : - Burns, Thos C rep 791 93 HamiltonV A B . dem 69Svf/:A Leech, E E. rep , 7 1 .6 Sandei’son, G T dem 553 C lerk of the D istrict C ourt ; Healy, Thomas dem 755' Moran,Thomas P rep 689 C ount * C ommissioners : Barton, Charles iep-679-- 32 Gray, Charles W rep 861 \214 Lacy, Oiiailes Y rep 619 Clary, Thomas dem 866 , Prosser, Fred. dem 647 Willerton^ Wm dem 527 C ounty A ttorney : , Powers, B Leroy rep 611 Tat tan, John W dem 520 Murphy, T W ind 335 C lkrk and R ecorder : Miller, Charles rep 924 .Broadwater,^ J derii '5S2 S heriff ; ' . . . ; Minar, Walter j reji 701 O’Neal, B F dem 820 T reasurer : y Duff, John C rey 856 Aspling, Perry , dem, 634 A ssessor : - \ Rowe, Jas W rep 797. 110 Toole; C-Bruce dem 687. • C oroner : - . Housdr, Reuben rep 726 Crutcher, ,0 D dem^ 698 S upt . of S chools .; Guyon, Hat lie T ' rep 704 Finnigan,MiiryE dem 779. S urveyor : Arnold, M A rep. 518. Day, John H dem 546 219 91 342 28 .75 28 GREAT FALLS. We can wash Flannels without * * » \ ■- shrinking, if anyone can. JOHNSON & JENSON, Props. * B YRON C O R S O N , Agent. AN OFFER. The ü âdjg||jgn^^Hëreb^ I ÎAflâP Q m ît Í « o i i»‘í f l i g y ................ .. ........ j l build and * ^ o p e r a t e ^ a ^ ^ ^ ^ r ^ ^ ' flouring m i l l . , l e a s e ^ tò hpìdvgppd'a8 longeas'^sàid mill. is ppernteji; Ü ^ -?..4 -

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.