The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, December 02, 1892, Image 5

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, . The campaigu' i8^'jini^& _ the result! of/1»lio-€^1© c / > national48nccess-of the demo.cratic’ ( pari y, . -Does that, resaif sJip^rthQ.^p^Btebi lion cause lost, or the ' .. .......... ; v- TERMS OP .SUBSCRIPTION. BV- MAIL—POSTAGE PREPAID/ c t v i . l / « I I I * , . -'C-C*'* ' ~v . '-> > * .V ‘ U > j M A IL ---- r W i A U f t X'AViiilCAiL*. ¿i%t ¿¿^ V ' I if the ■ p ar ty-) dees^nbi - p ush for. >Une£opy. . one year (In Advance).........: S S 00. hit6Tinf Tfeq’ple'-^viHi say^.^-^cru';. jtfonths.•.'. .“ “ ;; ....... . aw. its behalf futile1i-^‘alir,\and are brave, « ^ n d : f a i r ¿ n A d v < * : F i ? 8 , “ ? Rates on Application. .i - this not''b&‘Ltiel&--4su-r-' criwa'rdly. and;-'d.bc®P.C^i§:t4-lVfi.Pbf' - -.. ■ - ’- - G-1 — ■■■- - prising. ¿-T*'. ' P '. a - formancei iA u!” t . A1J P te-foic In 1.890 carao (ho great land . looks fair how, bul;siornis; -will N a U & f a i a i K l f e R fdide (owarddeiudCracy and tariff raSe an^ fierce..blasts..yeQp: m . Q p G R E A T F A L L S . for revenue onlyLreelrade'UHnly. from every quartox when the free- ■ ., veiled. The -election. th i i : year; trade .d ^ o e r a e R b e g ii^ fo-ifa K e shows a g'ain-i'ii the -popaht M*°?-n tasdidrt«.-.-.«-^* .• • ■ r protection, a gain in repnbli- :: Tci?dayr p r o t c c H ^ ^ r \ ..n members oEcongress,;lmt,not The election of^flapiispp'An '.«> > ain enough to overthrow the can- ' representatives o f its policy, with ass of two' years/ ago. We are a republican congress to sust.ani it, . A ** /' *. / f. -r w A t il/l Jnd^rro . h A o n fl (21(^)19 1 ‘ ifl.Il fl O H O T E A i t T , _ M O ± T T . - . .. i t ■ ■ ' .'v- T for can gain va ss going upv-not^o.wh. The country vote is for.republi­ can protection, but thej city; vote for Democratic, frée tràcie, over­ comes it. In Newt York, and ,Chi- cago this is especially manifest. The vote of the country is more thoughtful and .intelligent than, that ot the citv.- In ' New. -York */ • • Gify lor instance,Awhile ; we. have would .have been ,,.-â V sigh al : an d beneficent triumphr-a. Help to.civ­ ilization -àndito the iculture’.and com fort of. t he.peopl e. Capital. - $ 2 5 0 ,0 0 0 0 0 Surplus & Profits 100,000 00 .OFFICERS: T. É. C ollins - - President, J. T. A rmtngton * - - Vice-Pree. A. E. D ickerman - - Cashie*-, [I. II M atte ; son - - Ass’ t Cashie>r DIRECTORS: T E COLLINS ' JOHN LEPLEY ----- - - - .................. . PARIS GIBSON .IR A MYERS. B u t that result. j s ^ n p O ^ a c ^ e ^ . . ; ROBERT VAUGHN H.- O. CHO WEN. W h a t shall b e doh$?. ^T h e ^ m e r -- JBOOKWALTER _ 1•* « ■*— * ^ *■ . : a o 2 5 -* ^ ©PS « C (V -e o SE » » a s I n •J • fci « 0 5 5 3 D'S. 5 CD ¡ 2 P Z e a O be Zi w ^ ^ co n s- ** tn ■3 3 3 - “ m MS ican Protective .Tdriffr.^agné?ahd its organi thè American Econo­ mist. will go on witlutbeir .work. -Our hope and expectation is • - » * — • « « t ^ •L G PHELPS. J-T ARLINGTON ,T H McKNEGHT. C E SEVERANCE. A E -DICKERMAN. □ T l i © a ^ E o ü t a / r i a . v v n v jy i luoirtiiuc, ^ w u u o t v t o> Jiiav^ , , . . '. , .i > j i. .i> ,J /r- that protectionists, while willing able and thoughtful r men, the . .K - . - . • . ¡ . i ; . ■ ° , i rv rviua flia in p n m i n f f il fl Si r A - The pioneer bank of Cascade county. Domes- I tie and foreign exchange bought and Bold. In'- l tereBt paid on time deposits.' ' .Steamship tickets on first-class lines for sal e- crowd that shouts for, Tammany is far less thoughtful than. the farmers and mechanics and others, in town and country. As for- pro- tection-being-^aTost cause,” that is impossible. ; I f a home market for home industry, if the upbuild­ ing in pur midst of varied occupa­ tions—Tann and mill, forest and mine near each other,.exchanging easily, and.all developing home resources and.*internal vvealt h-^be the wise and irh e ' conduct of :af fairs, they cannot be lost. ‘The protective policy is on the gain in the civilizedrworld, oven in Great- Britain, where the worlrngmen demancl it.. The ^election may check it here, but only for a time. The democratic party in the as- Safety deposit boxes in burglar-proof vault,for rent. $5 and upwards per annum. to give tlie incoming administra­ tion fair trial, -will watch-and work, steadfastTo their principles and positive in their attitude , against-free.-trade or. tariff for, r e v -, / p Q P O W ^ E R & B R O j enué only. The time to begin “ the cam paign of education’*--is now,' just after the election. The defeated , r .army, conscious of its power and of the strength of its good cause, keeps sound in- heart .and heroic in mood, and rallies and drills for its -, coining:, victory.—rAmerican Economist. W O R K IN G ON T I Ì 0 D 1M. m - Operations Begun on an Enter- - prise o f Great Promise. GROOERiaS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, GENTS PD’RNISHINGS. HATS & CAPS. HARNESS dc SADULES. Old Reliable Shutller Wagons, ’ Rush ford Wagons, Road Gafts. rVafier A. Wood Machines. New Tubular Mowers, Enclo.'-ed Gear Mowers , One di Tiou-horsc Hay Rakes, _____ Self-Binders. Binder Twine. S t a t e A g b t t t s 0 ^ 2 ^ A S J “ 0 1 s r ’ i C o x r i . p a . r L 3 7 --'-- * . I s Z S T O 'W I^TT2iTIsri3SrC3- FIRST-CLASS COACHES 4 t . D aily B etween G R E A T F A L L S A N D C H O T E A U , C arrying U. S. M ail E xpress . BYRON CORSON, Ag««^ ----- ------ - ----------^ - - , ---- Without, any flourish of trum- cendant will have a path beset by pets and with the knowledge oi perils. Let it “ push things” to-_ only about half a dozèn p'éople, ward its platform promise of free- the work of constructing a dam on trade^jand it will find great inclus* the Missouri river near Helena trial enterprises, owned and man-, began last .week. J. W . Lawrence, aged ny men of both parties in who lias been interested in the partnsr-ahip, who will not be will • scheme forTwo years, is at the ing victims of politipians, ' Its head o f the the rep- household, will rdre -diyicled.r The resentative. o f himself and eastern solid-South—autocratic, domineer- people, while Contractor ICerrich, ing, , lawless, possessed by; the who is -just about completing a blindness'of the’ old slaveocracy. big job for the - Montana Central of which it is the lingering rem- in. the canyon, will do the work, having signed a contract to that effect some.days ago. The. Law 'rerice dam is not at Stubbs’ ferry, but is seven miles farther up the riyer, àt::à point about due north ofHelén.a! It has been pronounced by experfcs'a most eligible site for nant^--will demand / free tiade. The mennf practical ^business and. industry South and. North will say,;*:Go slow.” , ^ .Let the party inaugurate, its; platform policy, and the revul sioris'and disasters, the lack o f em ; ploy an?d loweilng oL-wages which’ a' fiairi, and pne of the least ex would follow willjvyeep it out.<pf pensive along the river. It is fcc power as by .a--whirl:wind.,;; ;; i)6 completed in four months^ and Let if.: hesitate ,*;an.d ;tin.ker. and. already quite an extensive' camp pa 1 ter‘over:tai;iff^,: an nges - (iag sprang into exisience at the businessvI-'cli^c^pAn^u^fer^y^bj! j » « , site. By purchase and -otherwise uncertainty,;arid shows again. Us. fth.e syndicate interested has „se- incompetence’ to frame a^sQhedule cured control of a great deal of of bustoms dufiesrepriswienfc .with, . land in the vicinity; arid, in fact,? H - O - Z E D O Z D O - j E , C a r p e n t e r a n d C o n t r a c t o r . Contracts for Buildings of all kinds. Estimates and Plans Fur- | nished on Short Notice. I SPECIAL ATTENTION Paid to Flumes and Head- gates. CHOTEAU, MONT TAe advantages claim ed for this Dip are: It is Nou-Poisououe. and can bo used with per­ fect safety «.tail times and iu all circumstances. It saves time and trouble, uoprecautious being required as iu the ease o f poisonous Dips. It- doeB not stain the wool, but promotes and improves its growth, improves the appearance ana inereases the value o f the wool, i it is cum loosed of the very' best materials, and never varies in strength anli quality. It never fails to produce the desired ofleet Its effects are lasting. It is easy to use and does uot require hcatiHg. . Its use may be repeated on the same Sheep as often as desired without the slightest risk of injury. _________ Non-Poisonous, Easy to Use, and Alw a y s Effective. LIBKRA.Ii DISCOUNTS TO THE TRADE. - WINES, LIQUORS <& BEER, UP MAN'S FAMOUS CIGARS. Wo want inquiries for quotations which will be given prompt attention. It will be. to your interest to learn onr prices before placeing yonr order for the season’s supplio3. T. C. POWER & BRO.,' . . . UTT- ^E!3STT035r. j y c o i s r 'r . liA T R l'iS o ^ S A U Dockageof Cauluot Kbo WeturCH, AlsoiuIUvfittcn descriptions [includ* E ’ ~ S rcjidouccs] of respectable ladies ho want to correspond for fan cc atrimony.senti n plain, sealed enve* • j lopo.foronlylOets. Wohavb3.0n0tady \ -members of «very ago and nationality; , many of \thein aro boantifnl and - wealthy. Clvodeserlptioneftheladlea' with jvhoni yoawsh tocorrcspohtl. T7Q. ' can salt yon. Address' 10CX ORA VVER697.CHICA9PJU, GIBSON & WALKER, ’ — WHOLESALE & RETAIL — ' ' DEALERS IN WINES, LIQUORS, CT6SRS. A CHOICE LINE OF'1 HE BEST BRANDIES, WHISKIES,\AND MINEBAL 5 V - - r’ WATERS ALWAYS . . ON n AND. MAIN ST., CHOTEAU. Belvidere House. * \ — — w *- .Tlxs Best Hôtel in Helena for ' , The Honey. ■' M O O R E & W A L L A C E , P r o p s . N e é P e ^ t H è t e l \ t è ; ■ IsÆ éfrt& ii'È i ö e ^ i t r ä i - L * RATES: _$ 1,25 & $ 2 . PER'- PAY•

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.