The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, December 09, 1892, Image 6

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r \ - •\ . ' • THE MON TAN IA N * ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MONTANA STAGE COMPANY. Carrying ,U. S. Mail between Choteau and Great Falls. Leave Great Falls overy morning except . Sundays for Choteau, returning every morning except Mondays. - BYKON CORSON. Agent. ~ CHOTEAU TO BELLEVIEW. Once a week: Saturdays, returning Mondays. W, J, WATSON. Carrier. L o c a l s . Mies Olie Younger is spending the week with Miss Westburn. * “ Hop” has gone to Great Falls to get married—so he said, bub then he jokes so. Mrs. J. F. Younger returned from a visit t o her mother at Bimini on Satur­ day last. M rs. Jordon buried a five year old son yesterday. Bank President Smith is m town this afternoon superintending the placing of the bank furniture. Mrs. Lee Kimbrough left for Ohio last week, and this morning Mr. Kimbrough left to join her there. Miss Emma Buss has been engaged to tqach a three month’s term of school near Youngers, commencing next Mon­ day. Charles Dunlap left for Helena on M o n d a y , where he will enter for a six months course at the M o n tana Uni­ versity. This week Byron Corson has been en­ larging and otherwise prepareing his store for an increased stock of Holiday and other goods. Frank Truchot has carpenters at work remodeling Lapage’s old black­ smith shop, which is to be used hence­ forth as a butcher shop by Truchot & Crawford. A b an evidence that the holidays are approaching “ we point with pride” to the display of Christmas and New Year goods made by the merchants of Cho­ teau. Call and see them. Fred Palmerlee, late with Silverman & Cohen and erstwhile keeper of the livery stable now occupied by Davis Bros., left this afternoon for bis old home at Hun­ ters Creek, Michigan. We are sorry to lose Fred from among ue, and let him go only on a promise that he will return with the spring. The band of 2,200 weathers belonging to Floweree which was stampeded in a snow storm about a week ago Sunday night were found next day by Frank Freeman on Sun river, all safe and sound, and with an addition of 14 bead which they bad picked up somewhere during their flight. They belonged to Beache’s band. W, McDonald Wright, of Choteau, and Miss Maggie Peterson, of Fort Benton, were united in marriage at the Catholic church, Great Falls, this morning (Dec. 6) Eev. Father Dols officiating. B. J. Matthews and wife, the latter a sister of Miss Peterson, were m attendance, returning tg Fort Benton this evening. Mr. Wright, who is a ypung sheep man, has rented the Chezum ranch near Cha­ teau, where the newly- married couple will reside.—River Press. Day-hefore-yesterday engineer Day staked off and platted the ground for the foundation of the new hotel to be built for Burgv & Corson on the corner of M a in and Hamilton streets. On Saturday, lumber was to be shipped from the Falls if cars could be procured. From this we infer that work is to be commenced shortly, ns indeed it must if M r . Robins, who has the contract, ex­ pects to have the building ready for oc-. cupancy by March'1st, as per contract. Several parties are now figuring on the excavation for the basement. nMàSâa / Geo Elower is buildiag a residence for Chas. Lapage. Sleighing- is good—better than - hast ever before been known in this section. Born: On Tuesday, December 6th, 2892, to the wife of Frank Truchot, a daughter, y - Hardy F. England is “ sticking type” on T he M ontanian this week pending the recovery of Clabaugh,' who is sick in bed. W. J. Phippswas bauljng material, on the ground yesterday for the erection of a dwelling on his lots opposite -Wil­ cox’s. The Great Falls Tribune of Tuesday contained the following interesting item : “ Mr. J. J. Keene and Miss Martha John­ son, of Choteau, weie married last evening by his honor, Judge Race. Mr. Wm, Rolfe and Miss Christena Johnson were the attendants. After the ceremo­ ny thé newly married couple were the recipients of cordial congratulations and showers of good wishes from their many friends in the city. ........... *1 # » Advertised Letters. List of letters remaining uncall­ ed for in the postoffice at Choteau for month ending Nov. 30, 1892* BUlecourt, Wm. Mabrairth, George Cooper. George Morrow, James Henderson, Pearl March, il. K. Herald. Hal 2 McGurk. Ed Kelly, Mary rpdgen, yy 2 Kanna, Andrew H Shearor, Mary B., Mrs. Knight, I. N. Tate, Alexander Thomas, Pearl When calling for any of the above, please say: “ Advertised.” W. R . L yon , Postmaster. School Census, 1892. Disfc. No. 2 , School Clerk-Warner has finished the census for this district lor this year. Following is the result: No. of Children. Males Females |Total. Between 6 & 21 yrs 110 87 197 Under 6 years 81 67 148 Totals. 191 154 345 Scab in Custer Count y. State Veterinarian Holloway recently inspected a band of 6,000 sheep near Billings, belonging to Joseph Zimmerman, and found many of them affected with scab. The disease originated with a band of 25,000 driven into eastern Mon tana from Colorado by Charles W Barney, Joseph Gans, of Helena, being a partner. Most of them were sold to different parties in Custer’ county, the only sheep coming to this neighborhood be­ ing the 4,000 sold Zimmerman, who has them mixed with 2,000 of his own healthy sheep. Barney is sheep inspector of Yellowstone, and the sheep wej;e inspected at the Wyoming line by the inspec­ tor o f Custer county and were given a clean bill of health. Wool growers are greatly concerned at the outbreak of the disease, and hope by strong measures to s’arap it out. AUGUSTA ITEM*. • . E^erything is flourishing here. There is quite a force .of. men at/w;qrk on the new parsonage, getting it ready for Mr. Hall and family. , ; The new merchant,. R: H?. Dunlop, seems'to be doing a rushing '.business. His estimable wife is quite an. addition to the burg’s society. •• v-->~ A great many- o f . the cattlemen1-'' are. «till riding the range and gathering their' cattle. - > , } : . ' Mrs. Lemon, assisted by Mrs. Dunlopi; entertained a progressive euchre party one evening last week.’ All enjoyed1 it very much. It was the' firdt .ever given in this valley. The club expect» tomeet all winter. - . Thanksgiving was very quiet during the day. In the evening there/ was . a party at Weaver’s Hotel, also in, th upper valley at Welman’s. The Good Templars have’organized, a. Literary society. r Mrs. Dunlop entertains the Euchre club this week. James Lytle and family have left for California where they will spend the winter. The Augusta Public Hall association has been incorporated by H. R. Dunlop, John M. Weaver, Herman W. Krane and Frederick F, Walratb, with a capi­ tal stock of $1,000. \ — -------- - How’s This! We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & Co , Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F; J. Cheney for the-last 15 years, and be­ lieve him perfectly honorable in all busi­ ness transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. - . - - W est & T ruax , Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, Ohio. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internal­ ly, acting directly upon the blood and mucus surfaces of the system. Testimo­ nials sent free. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. MEETING OF MASONS! The Masons of Choteau and vacinity are requested tomeet at the ^office of J, G. Bair Saturday evening Dec. 10 at 7 o’clock. Business of importance.. J. G. x B air , S eo . RELIGIOUS. There will be preaching at 11 a. m. and 7. p . m. every Sunday until further notice. Also, there will be a social song and prayer service on each Wednesday night at 7 o’clock. All are invited to these services. R. H. R eed . Wanted. Agents to sell our choice and hardy Nursery Stock. We- have many new special varieties, both in fruits and or­ namentals to offer, which are controlled only by us. We pay commission or salary. Write ''us at once for terms,-; and secure choice of territory. M ay B rothers , Nurserymen, Rochester, N. Y. Ripans Tabules banish pain. , The only Pure Cream o f Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum. Used in Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standard. ÿ-TIIJî ipEQE.MBERiOJiSMOPOLITAN^ï^ ‘ ' ' \ ~ '* ; . Vi' .’s la irln _ C Arnold will: v e r jçlik é l^ ppet-^ . lauréate,1 ^to/hUi ' r a o s l)^ in: ¿hs J ) icérn - , bér C osmopp Î atà ^ Wâ~ tèrmg Placé;’;_,vST h é ^ coq »' {ta m s ;8 ^ aodf ; ; of .hisjlate. home/aud\ surroundings^. .Tho's; Gqfman|has 'tfatsd'tfié'tnyété.rws/orth : piaWvmo’n a a t ^ brofahe kodak;!): Mujràt Halstead discüBsW‘? ^ . American. Journalisni;’’ k Herrmann throws “ Light, on. .the Blaçfc Art!? -and Theodore\ Rposeyeit : .ahd/. j 'M i^ r e c o Thompson each' contribute ’interesting: ârcicles/ ‘ À feature o V tihé’, humèer j|v twenty-fourportraits.of. P a rieianjour- nalista, with sketches o l theirs work. - ÀI curidûs bit is fqund in the „cohtrà,et~ of thé double frontispiece which adorn xthe, ¿lagizinerron ; one Aidei the, maryelptw^ • painting of ‘/The Conquerors,” by Fritél) which attracted so much* attention at the last Paris^ salon, and on the .'other “ The Conquered,” ,: b y ? Anton Dietrich, in the'one the .heroes of war moving down the yista of the centuries in mag- niflcient a rray between ghastly lines of naked corpsea, the, other the unfortu­ nate of all timeh and lands flocking b » neath the gentle hand of ' the loving 1 Christ. The . C osmopolitan wiil mark its first, edition of 150’000 copies—that for January—by the offer of 1000\free' scholarships. In return for introducing the C osmopolitan .into certain neighdor- hoods the C osmopolitan offers to any young man o r woman free tuition, hoard lodging and laundry at Yale, Vassar, HarvardVoi'any of the leading college?», schools of art, music, medicine/ or sciense. They send out a pamphlet on application telling how to obtain one of 1 these free scholarships, -j Est rayed. One bay horse, 7 years old, branded. , A on left thigh. Star in forehead, and- V shod in front. A liberal reward will be paid for information,, leading to His recovery. H enry R yan , Dupuyer. BUCKS FOR SALE. Two hundred French- and Spanish Merino bucks for sale. These are fltie bucks. B ynum & Co., tf. -x Bynum, Mont. -------------- .... » - ----------------------------- , W a ter for Irrigation! Notice is hereby given that the, Eldo­ rado Ditch company, of Choteau, is now prepared to furnish water for irri­ gating ranches, for water power and other uses. For particulars Apply to W. R. R alston , Supt. Choteau, Mont. Stockholders Meeting. The regular annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Sun.River, Chotean, and Northern Téléphoné Company will be held at Choteau on Saturday Dec. 31 1892 at 8 p. m .lor the election of seven (7) trustees and such oth»r business as may come before i t . . * W. S, Ç lark , P res . A. C. YV arneb , S ec .- Lodging!? Lodging!! Jno. Jackson has decided to renovate, refurnish and reopen the sleeping apart- tnents in the old Valley Hotél. building. Transient.visitors to Ghoteau will from this on be able tose cure sleeping accom­ modations when in town. ; , ^ .. FOR.SALE., - Gpod claim on the Dry. Fork. ' 1 0 0 : tons of hay in stack, and a b o u t ; 100 head of stock cattle. Good sheds, cor- - rails and plenty of water.' Good dwel-\ ling houe. Also, farm machinery and \ te ims. T o be sold cheap for cash.’ Eh- / quire at this office. Oct23tf .... / Ripans Tabiilesjjinre jaundice. . . -

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 09 Dec. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.