The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, December 30, 1892, Image 2

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THE MONTANIAN. Published Every Friday Evening at Choteau Choteau Co.« Montana. '\v : S. M. CORSON, Editor. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1892. T he attention of the reading public is called to the offer made in this issue— T he M ontanian for ONE YEAR.FOR 1 DOLLAR. This is i putting down the cost of this paper far below that of any other weekly newspaper in the state, and we hope it will result in greatly augmenting our subscrip tir.n list. In addition to this we make our readers a ‘ ‘Christmas gift” of a> beautiful picture; To secure this last, cut out the card on the and enclose it with three two ceiit postage stamps*to the address found there­ on, and in due time you will re­ ceive “ A Yard of Pansies.” In order to get T he M ontanian for $1 a year, see our offer on this page. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure a good thing. T here is more talk, fuss and feathers about that little Box Elder tree than there ever was about Washington’s favorite cher­ ry tree, and no wonder. The little cherry tree was thoughtlessly de molished by a noble boy who who couldn’t tell a lie. The Box Elder precinct was deliberately thrown out to the Choteau coyotes by designing, full grown men, who could, but wouldn’t,tell ihe truth— whoimaginethat it is more praise­ worthy to engage in disreputable 'trickery-than it is to live straigl t forward, honest and upright lives. ; Some men are born mean, others achieve meanness, while a few have boodlS and meanness thrust upon them.— Bozeman Courier. “T he P eople ” says: Hon. A. F. Bray, the popular populist, will place the name of Mr. Samuel M u lville in nomination for United States senator from Montana. I f there is no<possibility of M u lville’s election Mr. Bray and the other populist members w ill support a candidate who is both a radical free silver man and a stanch pro tectioniat. M aj r S imons . Indian agent at Fort Belknap, who was wounded n the leg recently while attempt­ ing to quell a disturdanse among the Indians, has since died from the effects of the wound. The re mains were taken to Helena for interment. The funeral services took place from the Merchants Hotel on last Sunday afternoon. T he News—in the event of tl e populist’s holding the balance of poWer in the legislature—nomin ates Miss Ella L. Knowles as their candidate for United Stales sena tor. In point'of ability— she would be head and shoulders above half of the members now in the yankee house of lords.— Great Falls Hews. CAUSE OF DEMOCRATIC VICTORY. - ,-Thg Helena Independent|;^rob;- ably gites the best solution ’yet advènced of the eause which/ re­ sulted so 'disastrously to,.: the ■.re­ publicans last November. Though speaking of the French, the Ihde . pendent’s remarks are as applica- • ble to the action of the American people- at the last -election .al­ though especially made of them: An interesting theory has been ad­ vanced concerning the causes of the threatening disturbance-oî the French mind. It has been seriousiv reasoned that the agitation ,which -is so general uud for which no very good explanation has been given, is really a mental- dis­ ease. It is generally a season of publio scandal and of trouble in government affairs, but these do not explain the. dis­ content which seems to éxisb among the people at large. It is not due to the. Jack of prosperity in general for the* French peasants are among the most -prosperous in the world. The theory, therefore, that this uncertain feeling is but another phase of th&t sentiment which has started revolutions in-France at very short notice and without cause is certainly worth studying. A mind diseased is never pleas­ ed, and that it what ailed a great many of the qualified (?) electors of the United States on the 8th day of last November. Surely it was not due to a lack of prosperity for the Americans are the most pros yerous people in the world. The cause of the disease which gave the democracy the victory, is not hard to find. It is the same here as in France, and anyone at all acquainted with the people o f the two countries can at once see that they have simply become surfeited on the good, things of this life and a morbid longing for a change has set in in consequence. A very large per centage of the human family is* as unable to stand prosperity as is the remain­ der to submit to adversity. When the surfeited and those who .have nothing to lose and everything to gain unite, trouble begins. The great misfortune of all gov­ ernments o f the people is that there is always someone only too willing to take advantage o f [these weaknesses of those to be-govern­ ed and by that means foist them­ selves into power. ' -The -Indepenent’s account is correct. T he Great Falls Leader, speak­ ing o.f the formation of Teton county by the coming legislature has4his to stfy: “ Choteau county contains about as much land as Vermont, New Hampshire, Con­ necticut and Rhode Island and one state of these four has four­ teen counties. Choteeu county is large enough to make four coun­ ties right away. They contain re­ spectively, according to an atlas be'ore us, 9,565, 9,305, 2.050^and- 1.250 square miles, or a, total of 22.170 square miles, less than the area ot Choteau county. It would; be much better for Fort Benton to have this division. W e can <peak as a taxpayer of that city. In our estimation it would decrease A a taxes and hot increase them. ,N o t a witness can go from JDupuyer to. the county seat except by travel­ ing 100 miles. A murder case at r - ' • • ■ - 1 • , ■ Dupuyer would cost Choteau county .thousands of ^dollars In órderto/get^tothè peo pie from Robafe and- -)Dupuyer ha v e r o com e tó Gr èa Ì?*Fall8**pa ss- ing through another county?^*'i * “ L e t -aV''least:thr£&' .¡códnties-- be made out ofv.Ohpte^ then, they,,.too. large.'/The, bestdhing tor the legislature to do: -would be to divide- bothrChoteau and Dawson counties this session; and to' appoint, a com mission.; to* divide all the large counties dn the state into .suitable“ districts attached to the. old counties for ' - * the-present for all_ practical pur poses but. to be set off as. seperate counties whenever they Have a Certain valuation and population. T he citizens of Helena-have -ar ' ranged to give an inaugural ball next Tuesday of Gov. Elect Rickards.. Wonder if His Honor will participate in the dance? Hardly. lF*a nation were built .of adam­ ant, Free Trade would grind it to du»t.— Napoleon Bonaparte. C holera is still raging in Ham burg and in some parts o f Russia. A H appy N ew Y ear to ’ all . Ripans Tabules cure jaundice. T H E AIOJV1 A N I A N ”. B etfcer, Tii a li a M agaz me. Thé, arrangements-; recently /perfected by the S b.\p&ulj (Mia n.) Weekly Pioneer Press for original; reading * matter for -the énsmng’year^^ desirable ensuing’year/i ______ ^ *•* :v . )V.T ... S than-a; magazine, because ,the Pioneer Press>alsb gives the current news~of -the - , ¿ f., ' ' has written an iutehsely intefesting story especially for the Weekly-Pioneer-Press..», Ife begins [next, week and runs three y months, ';© theristoriesev.ery- week^by^the/ most noted - authors in -the . land. , New- ?Women’s Dèpàrfméut; Youtla’òJ Depart­ ment,7 Fiction ’Department^.Scientific Department, e;tc; Cerresponjdehts doing special [work afl: over Europe. Notes and Queries Department-still a feature. Séud vpósfoI';Ìor1 sainple copy and illiistrated^premiutn supplementj giving\ particulars.of .31 Invaluable, premiums, all : suita ble for >hohday gifts. Some­ thing for every member of every family. . T è e 'P ioneer F ress ?‘C o .,' : St. Paul. Minn. “STO'CriÊ® TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. BY 3IATL—-POSTAGE PREPAID. Uno copy, one your- (In Advance) ........... $ 8 00. Six Months ...... \ \ 150. Tnree Mouths... “ “ 10(1. Single Copies.... a “ \ ID. Advertising Rates on Application. F O R S A L E . Good claim on the Dry Fork, 100 tons of hay in stack, and about 100 head of-stock cattle. Good sheds, cor- ralls and plenty of water; Good dwel­ ling houe. Also farm machinery and teams. T o be Bold cheap for cash. En­ quire, a t this office. Oct23tf U O J S T M Ì — a t : - A » T H E \ - 3 r£c:n.ta,xa.isiri. — ) — j-O B O p p i q s - — ■Wh- JUM éesaBsssmsEs: ■ f . . ' Style, means’ severaT things a!ud they ail apply-to reading. Style means fashion; tliere are fashion's' in reading. -Style means manners; there are manners in'reading.. :Godd;,manners and bad manners iu priiit mgy be .as pmpu.ndentvas anywhere. Intelligent people, prefer leading fhat -approachesth e m ‘like a gentleman—vsensible, earnest, and--to-the point. -: A>bai:gahi. is a.magnet; uncover it and needles will head yobr way. . We of­ fer that bargain wlfen we s?ly td our patrons, -Send us;$4 and it will, pay for a year’s subscription' to both this-' paper; and“ the Cosmopolitan- Magazine. ’ Tliis 'offer is *-ir genuine bargain. - ALL THE YEAR ROUND. _The Cosmopolitan has attained' ; great' success; Np^otheT publication, oi any descirpt,ion,.-before th e . public,¿makes the effort to give its,readers .oLeverytHiifg,.and^.succédé«'in ¡doing it as does this m o n t h l y . I t s Iilustrations lead the. world, î i t s literary merit is certam ly-of the highest order thâ-} money can buy or brains can produce; /Irnfact a yearns careful reading of thé Cosmopolitan'mean8 a*progressivè step in .the education of any man or woman j n ' the .laird; > V W E Ó E I B ’E E ; 1 TÓTT - I the monthly, visits of^this popular Magazine for a year, jLtaken Bin connection w i t h . a yearV-subscriptiim to T he MsNTANiAN/for & -¿¿Ci *

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 30 Dec. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.