The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, December 30, 1892, Image 8

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n o t i c e t o Stockm e n --»Estray». . Tb« publisher of T/is M ontanian hereby «frees to publish notices of es- truyed horses Ires of .cb&rge: Provided, however, that when,any stock is recov­ ered by reason of such publication the party recovering said stock: so published •hall pay to the publisher o! this paper *3 for. every animal so recovered, Par­ ties reporting estrays are requested to hand in full description with all other information which might enable the yownerato make , their identification o i property satisfactory to all concerned. Ail information, other than brands, wil* * he withheld from publication. In' cases where persons loosing stock, advertise, rewards offered should be deposited; the party claiming the same should ap­ ply with the animals in hie possession •ithsr here or to the owner for the same when, if satisfactory and the horses are turned over, the money deposited as a regard will be paid to the claimant on •rder of the owner. ..For the above purposes we will open ■ft Free.Estray column in this paptr. All persons making use of the same must «omply with the above rules. .. T.r - \ \ * JEstrayed o r Lost. Two sorrel geldings, 5-years-old, brand, reversed 5 on left hip. One had halter en when last seen, about April 1st. $20 reward will be paid for -their* recovery. Look them up, boys. One black horse, branded half circle left shoulder. $10vreward for their recovery. Apply at this office. \ ------ * About the last of September, one dark #r black mare, three years old, branded monogram JHS on right shoulder, spot on forehead. Also one colt, white on aoee;-same brand. $10 reward for re­ covery of each. Apply at this office. One gray horse, branded spear or ar­ row bead on left thigh. $10 reward for weovery of each. Estrayed, one bay saddle horse, branded P on left shoulder. One bay safidle horse, braded IK (large) on left •bOulder. A reward of $5 each will be paid. y _______ _____________ _ From hoteau sometime during the month of September\ 1891, one sorrel horse, coming four years old, branded 8N [bar underneath] on right shoulder, brand considerally blotched. f0 reward for his recovery. Apply St this office. JEstrayed: One bay gelding, branded a on left thigh, and vented same on left shoulder. Weighs' about 1,100 pounds. $10 reward for his recovery. Between the middle and last of June !»ne light bay horse branded 1 f bar) on left shoulder; left hind foot white. $5 reward for information leading to his movery. Address this office. Ose 8-year-old bay Norman mare, branded N 8 on left shoulder, vent same en same shoulder, and F C on left thigh 918 dollars reward on delivery at this •Sc«. _ _________ __ Ons blaek gelding, 7 years old, branded lying MLon left shoulder. One strawberry roan mare, A years eld, branded A on left shoulder. $5 ««ward per ™ head at this office. On or about July 27th, one black horse, white strip on forehead, branded SL I P on left ehoulder, vented same on Istfc thigh. $5 rswai d for recovery. Ap­ ply at this office. From Perrysburg, on the Teton, on the 10th day of April, 1889, one bay stud eolt, one year old; branded U> on left shoulder. A reward of $5 will be S aid for his recovery, or information . ading thereto. Address this office. NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION. LA*© O ffice at H e l e n a , mont ., i Dec. 7,1892. | - Notice lshereby given that the following- - - ' v named settler has filed notice o f his intention ' v-to make final-proof In support of hie claim, ^\~and that said proof will be made before A. v, - -rvirarnst; U .‘8. ComihlBsioher, at Ghotsao, j'. j-yiAthntana, on Jan. 30, 1893, viz: ; E . r W A L T E R CHISHOLM, ^ / S h who^made pre-emption declaratory statement. for the nw4 awl, section 1, lot i, set jUv^ neii'and nedset.'sectlon k, Tp. 25 N, B flweafc, * ” ----------- --------------- - ------ yltl He names the following fitnesses to prove _ ____ .. _.*,~còntlnuòas,residence upon and cultivation f e ^ W i t vi«idtlttodiSW i: Ora JS Xnowltoo,' Frank ’ C h a r l e s Ha-iris and Jobn AI. Graves, ail V ' 8. A.'SWIQGETT, B e t t e r . -First publication Deo. 8. mss*! itíxki :;5?> ,v. ’ T. C. POWER & BR 0 , GROCERIES, DRYGOODS, CLOTHING, GENTS-FURNISHINGS. ’ HATS & CAPS. s HARNESS <t SADDLES. - Old Reliable Shuttler Wagons, Rushford -Wagons, Road Carts. Walter A. Wood Machines. New Tubular Mowers, * Enclosed.Gear Mowers, One db Two'-horse Hay Rakes, ■ Self-Binders. Binder Twine. S t a t e .^a-s'T J T 'rs if o i r 7 D I P . The advantages claimed for this Dip are : It is Non-Poisonous, and can be used with per feet safety at all times and in all circumstances. It saves time and trouble, no precautions being redulred as In the case of poisonous Dips. It does not stain the wool, but promote* ana Improves Its growth, improves the appearance And increases the value o f the wool. It is composed o f the vcisv best materials, osa never varies in strength ami quality. It never fails to produce the desired direct Its efleets are lasting. -It is easy to use and does pot require heating. Its use may he repeated on thè same Sheep as often as desired without the slightest risk *f laJUry. ^ Non-Polsonous, Easy to Use, and Always Effective. T-TTUtWAT. DISCOUNTS TO TBS T&APJC. WINES, LIQUORS db BEER, UPMAN’S FAMOUS CIGARS We want inquiries for quotations which will be given prompt attention. It will be to your interest to’learn our prices before pl&ceing yonr order for the season's supplies. T . C , P O W E R & . B R 0 ., ¡F T . ZBEZETTOUST- ZMIOZEsTT. S T H E Sunday Sun $2.00 A YEAR Containing more reading matter than any magazine published in America. Address: TH E SUN, N ew Y o r k . I D O l s T E — A T — f H E ) 3^ E c r L t a , r a . i a . 2^L * r — J o s O f f i c e — D o You Know? Ths Montaniaii is Fublisliad w-BBkly at ChoYea-iiÎ Chota au county) Montanai- Sub scription $ 3 par yBâr ; ‘ In A'dvancB) , J 9 9 9 9 ' 9 f ' 1 î@ , Subscribe for T he M ontanian •how« fnu cat. M omt . • . -.-.y--'-.-*“ - • ~ \ : E S ^ ÍSH H p h is& id c m * ' CAVEÂTS. - ' : * if MATRIMONIAL! Fulu(i ,1 Ciiliit SU* Als. fuU •writUadiMrfptUM 11»^ lelndlnc ro*ii«ude»J of r«p«,l»klef Uadlea who want to MtTMPond foe Kim or matrimony,, oat ln piaUt, jealed onrtlopa for only 10*.\;.wo haraS,OOOUdyaiemb»r»or.*T,ry' •roand njtloDaUty;masr aroboai- llfnl and wealthy. Clra doMrlytU*;- of ladle, with whom you wlih U- [oorreipond. Cut »nit yoa. - Addreai. ^ DRAWER 897CH1CACD1LL w WRITTEN BY HERSELF. X This hook vovoftld in D&kcd truth thO-fnfliOf* pltfalls^dtemptatlonswhiohaBaallyounggiM who aspire to stage life. The sohomesor toelllwsr* tine against virtue are -revealed. - A. great ex* pose m the porsonol Ufa of a popular actress. It speaks out In “ plain English^ forthose who want to know\ the ’ -lnsida” o f at^e life.1 Hand* WE TELL YOU nothing new when we state that It pays to engage In a permanent, most healthy and pleasant busi­ ness, that returns a profit for every- day’s work. Such is tiie business we offer the working class. We teach them how to make money rapidly, and i ruarautee every one who follows our instructions atthfully the making of 9300.00 a month. Every one who takes hold not tud works will surely and speedily increase their /arnings; there can be no question about it; others now at work are doing it, and you, reader, can do the same. This is the'best paying business that you have ìTRÀDEt X M arks . designs gravé mistake i f you fail to give it a trial at onee. If rou/grasp th& situation, and act quickly, you will directly fled yourself in a most prosperous business, at which you can surely make and sure largo sums of money. The results of oply a few hours’ work will often equal a week’s wages. Whether you are old or young, man or woman, it makes no difference, — ao as we tell you, and sao- cess will meet you at the very start. Neither experience or capital necessary. Those who work for us are rewarded. Why not write to-day for full particulars, fires ? E. 0. ALLEN & CO., Box No. 430, Augusta, Me. , n. Alteo Mtpkt Mo. - 'A Irf*® *My «relgEt mi 850 , . lb*., now U1» 168 lb»,, a r»-/. . ^ doetfon of 155ot., l ond i feti to much>eU«r*tlxat l I would not uuct *1,000 and bo pat back whoro I wai. -1 am both inrprlted and proud of tno ebante. I recommend your treatment to all lùffertrt from obottty. Will aarwer all lnqumct If itamp 1»aeloitd l for reply, ” PATIENTS TREATED BY- MAIL. CONFIDENTIAL. Harnlem, and with mo «tarrlnj, tnconreslenc«, or had efieote. For peritolar« t addrtee, with < conte In etampe, OB. 0. ». F. »RYDER. H'VICKES’S TREATER. CliClUO, ILL r<iTaixOPYRW»M' .W» fiv»; epeelal »túátlóa’'1^M ÍÍM .^M ^ ;taeéh« ' hand», altó. t¿;interfaraneéa, appeal», reUnaa^tradv. aarka/tho preparation; of oplalon aa to lafriaraanf S. .aeopa nnd validity of patamt»,<aad.Mta prg,»»mtlam ae< dofenit of aulta for. lnfrinrenient. -Onr.h*#lt e flattnWi tlonai tome, roforoneoá, «fe..jontfra,;-: , L-.¿. -> &EDSON' UKOTHBR8 j’Equitabl« BullAuNft * y-Ji- 1003 F St., W «iitinjton, D. C .Y ; . i JKF^Sond 'threa etainpelfor. poataga ón;h ,aiiiaan<» Ula*> tratad booklet, * * Inventiva rrpsr*u,“ -pmbUalMr.'t pats* 88 canta, and anr gnarto-eentonnled yiugiilsf m jtIm t Vaetorc, taaamfcatarar* and patamtaa«. , ■*' (Mautlom UU papas.) - S T U D Y L A W A T HOM E . ^ T ake a C ourse in the 8PRAGUE CORRESPOND. ENCE SCHOOL OF LAW. (.Incorporated.! Send ten oénts in stamps for particulars to ' J- C otn er , JR., S ec .; N0.446,WHITNEY OL E D E T R O IT, MiCH: Soientlfio Amerio«* Áflenoyfbr Qlaest.bureau for securlng,patents mrAmeriee. ta k e n o u t b y n a la b r o u ^ t t h efcr* t n otice g iven free o f cher«* ta m e olio by i is s ? isgsss? t t s e m y w d * moa rttotìd be without. ifcW e* g&ri ÍLiO six months.. Addnsos-j FSTSununu, Mi Broedwey, New ./ - C R B P B Bj i K ñ í c E Saaled partie- n f l l l l T C B f t ulars n g a rd -1 lflg' dloo thatl .control the Inalda o r oattii iBanlclngOrapOatnaa only HOLD-OUTS, W r Marked: Baekiflavlng - Card*; Loodad Dloe i , everything In the Ilne.N New work that wins the money.. Sealed particulars end «s-page emtaleges — lf-*d<JrM«e<l *UmgKl onvalop^t^ a. DDUsPU 8 end_sell BEOS*- Idre* «ed D raw e r •v.. - .--v- : « « REGULATE THB y « s t o m a c h , l i v e r R o w e l s , AND PURIFY THE BLOOD, A RELIABLE REMEDY FOR i --„t, IS,-.-- - . In d ig e s t ion , . B iliou s n e s s ,-; -H e a d a c h e , C o n s t ip a t ion , D y s p e p s ia^ C l ^ o n i c B i v c f - T r o u b l e s , D izzih e s s , B a d G o m p l e K i o n / '® y s e n t ^ B r e a t h ,;-a h d ': a ll disorders* o f ’ th e fS torh a c H T L i v c r a n d B o w e ls. t.-- ' ,RipaiM TabulM.cont<^.*otiMgi*jurico3;to the: most^elieete oonatkm- a * a ^ ^ ^ ^ a t . A ^ _ f _ i * t) . _ 11 — a m » e \ ..

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 30 Dec. 1892, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.