The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, January 06, 1893, Image 6

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T H È M O N T A N I AN. f ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. 'MONTANA. STAGE COMPANY. • Cftirrlnfi U. S. Mall b°twPen rhoteau and •r«at FalH. Leave Great Fal b every morning Sundays for Choteau, returning every jhorning except Mondays. , BYRON CORSON, Agent. , • ' CROTEAU TO BELLEVIEW. . ©¿©ft a week : Saturdays, returning Mondays, f ’t > W,J,WATBON, Carrier. The Good Shepherd has tempered the J grinds to the shorn lamb. Prank McDermott left for the Sweet . GrasB yesterday morning. ,«i **■ * . J. E. Webb made a flying trip to Great ^ ‘ nlfalls on Monday, returning Thursday. /t2 The frost is now out of the ground /^ftnd upland farmers are preparing to •: /'plow ., -E. P. Butler has gone to Helena in the /.interests of Teton county and Choteau 5-for the county seat. Ben Hirshfleld, of Helena, arrived last .^—Tuesda'y evening and has taken a posi- \ .tion in the store of Silverman & Cohen. , ‘ yf* Dr. Brake was called to attend Mrs. „ v. Hoy. at Raymond, this morning. She is reported seriously ill. the result of a ■: fall. . James Armstrong and Gus Momberg, 'v have succeded the Davis Bros, in their ;\Jivery business here. The latter, how- ever, will continue the stage .line to Steell | '.for'a time. £ •• ; \V. L. Cowgill and bride arrived from : j : the east Wednesduy evening, and yes ter. TT'day pursued tho. jouraey on to their | n new. home near Dupuyer. T he M on - | JANIAN joins with their numerous friends | . .in welcoming them home. -Miss Sarah Silverman returned home ^Tuesday evening from a two months- Visit with friends and relatives in Helena. and GreatPalls. Sh.e is delighted to get again, but not more sol Vi; than ber numerous young friends. Sol Cohen, J. F. Burd, Julius Hirsh- - berg and Chas. Bldckman left for Helena i^ i.b v private conveyance to the Falls at *12 o ’clock, midnight,, Wednesday. They V i ,«go as a committee from Teton county to lay before the legislature a petitiou s* May their prayer ; J6r county division, fc / granted. Ur. WamBley was called to the Marias *rl -last Monday to attecl a sick child of g / / 'John„-Hughes. Mr. Wamsley accom- V panied the doctor as far as Hughes and ~ from there will go to visit her mother j; >- .and sister who live 12 miles beyond. ¿-JTbs.-doetor will probably go to Helena \i ,^before he returns, leaving Mrs. Wams­ ley with her mother for a couple of //weeks. - The mail service from Choteau to Vi.j Bellevieu has been increased to twice a 'S.vr- • ” ,, 'week, beginning Janury 16th, aB follows: V i ' Tjeaves Choteau Wednesdavs and Satur- ter^flg-yB at 2 p. m., arrive at Belleview in VtMtvwn T no tfft Dolifttriom IParlnAa/lona W&w- bohre. Leave Belleyiew Wednesdays 1^^-and Saturdays at 6 a. m., arrive at ^B-Choteau in 7 hours. This arrangement 1 MiiTmuch more satisfactory to ail con- P|^wrned than the old one except, perhaps, i^Msfcfiemostmabater a t Belleview..who will lie '^^Jexpeljted to rise. — “ - -------- - — ‘ ''^gHcaaBg iù ìu j'u w r j^ \ „.„.¿expected Ä 1 - * „early weather he would ><■*- •*. í» . Webb and Engineer Day have fel^ccijmpleted a map of the proposed new -Icounty fòr the infórmation of the legis- 1,;*! > - . _ 1 . 1 . . . . . ^^^iative: assembly in their action in the I p ^ a t t 'e r r It is probably 'the ntost com- pl.ete map of ’ western Choteau county «ever gotten-dp,'embracing nearly. all the ^r. -fgeographicahdetails within those limits B*viDS mucih valuable information &%,'/hever before outlined on a map of this Jsvcpunty. ' It shows at. a glance the loca •ar^fe^ ^ %Choteau and'Dupuynr^as to- cen- ofpbpulation anvl wealth ;jq: dailies otheninterests. Mr. Webb did the |p^draughti£g, the engineer supplying the dlwTdttt». '} ‘ * 1 ■ One day last week one of, W. 8. '.Bar­ rett’s herders was seiiously’ injured by being blown from a steep embankment while carrying a weakling in his arms,' The man undertook to decend. from a high rocky ridge when .the strong wind caught him and hurled him ' down the declivity, dislocating bis shoulder and bruising him severely about the body and bead and leaving him lying uncoil* scious at the foot of the hill'. As the ac­ cident accured at the home ranch tio: time was lost in caring for the injured man, but his recoverv seemed slow and uncertain, and on M onduy M r . Bar­ rett came to town for Dr. Drake, and now the shattered sheepherder is rapid­ ly recovering from his injuries. J. W. McKoighfccame in from Dupuy- er last Friday evening on his way to Helena where he will make a strong ef­ fort to have Dupuyer named by the leg­ islature as the county seat of Teton county, failing in which he will oppose the formation of the new county to the best of bis ability. This is but natural­ ly on his part, as he owns the townsite there, having purchased it for specula­ tion, but it ik terribly rough on his neighbors. M a c k ’s interests in the proposed new county do not extend outside of the sacred precincts of his townsite anything which would je *p- ardize his chances of booming Dupuyer doss not meet with his approval. I. S. Corson arrived from Great Falls on Tuesday evening, bringing a stone mason with him who took charge of the stone work on the hotel. Wednesday, the work of laying the foundation was begun and already a busy scene is pre­ sented on the site of the new building The excavation for the basement is be­ ing rushed a-ud by Monday the ..carpen­ ters are expected to begia their work: On Tuesday morning last th$ railroad bridge across the Tetofi at Collins, was destroyed fire by dropped from a pas­ sing locomotive. j John Nabors, who was shot in> the breast a t Robare a couple o f weeks' ago, died of bis wounds on Saturday. The re­ mains were brought to Choteau Monday and buried in the cemetery hero on Tuesday. B S F Q IÌE A& Ù A F T E R . R e s o l u t i o n s A d o p t e d a t p u p u y e r B e f o r e ,a n d A n o f l i e r S i n c e ’ - - T l i e t'a i n p s i g u , ' : A d v e r t i s 'd L e t t e r s , List of letters remaining uncall ed for in the postoffice at Choteau for month ending Dec. 31, 1892* Bri««*, E H Beloourt, Wra Ueaupre. Dr. H Gram hum, John A Hill, Lizzie C Hag-ir. 51 W Bibbs, James When calling above, please say: Hammond A Roberts, Hazelott, Georgy Moo e, A VV Reynolds. J s Slit-arer, Mary F wh cello, T B Shipley, Fred for any of thv “ Advertised.” W. H. L yon , Postmaster. T H E W F A f U B R As-predicted m our last Issue, has great­ ly moderated during the week. Com­ mencing on Friday last the winds have been westerly and warm. In fact a reg­ ular chinook gradually set in end now there 13 scarcely a vistage of ice or snow on. the ranges. Up-land farmers can now plow the sod where last week stock- men were compelled to plow snow. The hour of deliverance came and every­ body in jubilant over the prospect of a continuance of the present spring-like weather. A t ’à ma8s meeting held at/Dii puVer the following resolutions were adopted and ordered sent to T he M ontani an , The Teton Times, Choteau, Bynum, Robare, Willow Rounds and Major Steell, Black- feet agency:, *' W hereas , The people of west-, ern Choteau county are unani mously in favor ot the formation of Teton county, and ’ W h ereas , It is essential to the success of the measure that the citizens residing in said proposed new county be united in their ef forts therefor; and the question of the location of the county seat is one of great importance and may become a * disturbing element should the bill to be introduced in the next- legislature arbitrari nameing the county seat, »thus ly depriving the people of any voice whatever in the matter while a majority should be permitted to sav that same should' be centrally hr located or otherwise. Thereto re be it - Resolved, That we here assera “ bled, representing fully one half or more of the. „citizens o f the pro posed county, do ask and demand, that the question of the location of the cpuuty seat of Teton county.. left Jbo a vote of the electors thereof and we, hereby pledge our­ selves to vote for no -man, èilher, for .nomination or election to the ,legislature/ wfio.-mlLnot give prfsi-' ivé assurance . that the, location if the county 6eat o f the proposed new county shall be left in the first instance to a, vote of the peo pie and that they will also posi­ tively promise to supports a bill with such provision if elected. C harles C artwright , Chairman of committee. ^ tion On Wednesday, Dec. 28, an­ other meeting was, held, but it. was not a mass meeting. A . few select men assembled and disre- garding the resolutions adopted in The mass meeting they declared that they w.ould^defeat county di­ vision in case the went to Choteau.. 'Happily the population of the town of Dupuyer cuts but.a small figure in the proposed new county: There is a popul ition of but 10 or 12 persons-in the town and but 9 huilriingft'-.priucipally owned by J. W. McKnight. Choteau, on the oiher hand has an actual . popular \ The only Bure Cream of-Tartar Powder.—No 'Ammomaj No Alum: .. Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard. principally bu8ine.S3’'houW 'kand: residences. •- •-';• • • • ; \ ' When ay community „ <ili/ ‘tóa«« meeting asks that a certairi propo- v sition inr which they are interested^, be left-to the people, it is hot’ fair • for a few to put: their • heads;i to­ gether arrd say that - unless /theirV own . immediate interests/Tar«' served those o f the great.:msdority must be defeated. , ; . That is what was done at; D a / pnyer on the 28t.h of last month. ; , : Deafness Gannot be Cured by local applications as they cá n íot reach the diseased portion o f ’•the ^ear., There is ,pnlyrone way tb-curi deafng«, and that in. by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed-con- dition of the mucous lining ,of the Eus* tnchian Tube. When; this tube is-. in­ flamed you have a rumbling sound r;<or. imperfect hearing, and when it:is,entijfi*' ly closed, deafness is the result, add un­ less the inflaraation <can be takbn voruti and this tube restored\ forever; nine cases out o f ten are caused by-catarrh-, which is nothing but an inflanied condi­ tion of the mucous surfaces. We will give Ono Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by tatarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars; free.’ - ' F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. fSTSold by Druggists, 75c. •..... $ t o c l d i o l d e r ’s M e e t i n g . : A meeting of the Stockholders of 'the \ Bank .of Choteau. will be held in the bank building on Saturday,. Dec., 81, 1892, to elect officers and to attend to such other buriuess as may come before it. Stork holders .are requested ’ t,o be present or send their proxies... ... ■ r J ames W. C ory , Cashier. $ . ....... - i \ . , W R -nted. * -i Agents to sell* our choice and'. h*rdy Nursery,,Stock, • We. _h&ve many new*. Bpeciarvarietiea, both in fruite; and ;or*, namentals to offer,- which are controlled onlyvrbyy us. p pay^ commission of-y salary. Writevus a!fc on(ie': for term»/ and secure choice bf territory. M ay BnofHERB/ Nurseryiiaen j Rochester,-N. Y, „m I> B. - RELIGIOUS, There will be preaching a t ^ ll. a. m. and 7. p. m.,every Sunday uhtil further notice. Also, there will be A R0cial:sung and prayer service on each’ Wednesday night at 7 o ’clock. All :areVinritecl to these servicse. . - R. H.-R b *ID. Dissolution Notice. We the undersigned have this day' dis­ solved partnership by mutual .consent. All persons indebted to the firm hereto? fore existing, are requested to 'call and settle the same immediately. All debts payable to P. N. Knowles. . P.N. K nowlm . . R. M c D onald : Choteau, Mont. Dec 1st. 1892. Estrayed. One bay horse, 7 years, old, branded A on left thigh. S t a n d forehead, -and V shod in front. A liberal1 reward- wiflf.- be paid for information leading to hisr. recovery. 1 H enry RyAN, Dupuyer.- \W a ter f o r Irrig a t i o n # Notice is hereby given thafr-the Eldo­ rado Ditch company, of Choteau, is now prepared to furnish water-for irix* gating ranches, for.'water power and other uses; For particulars .Apply to „ W. R. RALSToNj/Supt/ ^ . Choteau,iMoni: \ B UC IKS : F O R * *-S:A-LE. '. We have>; 215^one-year-old.„and, 85 three and four-yeat-pld'Spahish Merino BucksTrotn *«thorough-br^.7;Ramsv!aud 1 full-hlood Ewes, which we:t>wUl.seli at \ I ' i - ? . vi.-.. A .*'2. •■ * ’j

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 06 Jan. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.