The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, January 27, 1893, Image 6

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T H E M O N T A N I A N - ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MONTANA STAGE COMPANY. Oarrvinj? U. S. Mail b tween Photeau nml Great Fal.s. Leave (ire».t F h I b every nmrning except Sandav*- for Ck->teaa, returning ever> «morningexcept Mondaje, BYRON CORSON. Agent. CHOTEAUTO BELLEVIBW. ©rice a week : Saturdays, returning Mondays. W, J, WATSO VL Carrier. ✓ T iTiir|j i f \ \ - 1 \ t i - tt - h - ii r_—i j / i - v j z j IIL^OOStlLs.« If you have any lots for sale in the county seat, list them with Garrett & Warner. Mrs. J1. A. Kennedy was quite sick the first part of the week, but is much im­ proved now. I have for sale two blocks of stock in llic Telegraph company, one of 8 nml one of 10 shares. What am I <-fUrt>u? A. C. W a r a e r . Kcv. W. W. Van Oislal held rehghms services hero last Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings, and addressed large and appreciative congregations. John A. Kennedy, member of the Teton county committee, returned /•from the capital on Monday, highly ^.elated with the pruppieti-Hoi theeount\. Old Scotia’s sons, of whom there ate j ’xfotil few in Ohotoan, celelaated the anniversary of Hum’s birthday on Wednesday evening by a banquet at f^e Choteau house and a geneial good time. Judge Dudley DuBose lias been pre sen ted by the gentlemen interested in the Teton county lull with a handsome gold beaded cane on which aieci gia\ed the words: “ Compliments of Ttton county.” The Judge drew up the bill to create the county.—Herald. Hon. Z. T. But ton, of Choteau. is in the city visiting old fiiemls. Mr. Burt op has for several years been enuagid in settling the not them county of Choteau Hie latest adventure is an a ligation company intended to add gieutly to the value of the land alrea ly under cultiva­ tion.—Helena Herald. W. J. Minar anil family, who have been spending a couple of weeks in Xu- hart, returned home tins evening. We Are informed that M r . Mumr hasclosed out bis dtug store anti other interests in Neihart. He had previously dispo-ed of til’s* property in Fort Bpnton, and will shortly after the expiration of his term of office as county treasurer, remove to Michigan to go into the drug business.— River Pres». The movers of the Bear Paw county project have issued a circular setting forth the reasons why a new county on the east should be created. One of the reasons, as set forth by the Opinion, is that at present Choteau county has “ too much territory; the assessor can not do bis duty properly.” We do nut wish to argue that point, but should a press of other duties happen to prevent county division by Hie present session of legislature, we assure the residents of Choteau county that the question as to whether the last assessor could not or wilfully neglected to do his duty.—River Press.' Major Stcell, U. Indian Agent at Blaokfeet Agency, advertises for bids for fiirni-hitig that agency with 25,000 pounds of feed oats; 25,000 pounds of seed potatoes and 5,0-»0 pounds of s°rd wheat, until 1 o ’clock p. m., of Wednesdnv February 15th, 1895. Said seeds are to have been grown in the country contiguous to that agency. The usual conditions required bv the government on all Conti acts must be observed bv the bidders. On Saturdav Dave Able, Ed. Ilinger, i’hailie Good-peed, and Jimmie Stone returned fiom ihe Sweet Grass hills, where they went about six weeks ago to prospect and do some representing on mines in that locality. They camenear perishing i l the storms b fore they got there, being compelled to burn every­ thing they had with them which was composed of wood except their wagon, to keep fiom freezing. Thev repoi t blight pioxprrt for t «e mill's, which on fmUier dt \tdo.mi-mt have shown up much bettei 1 ii.tu what wts expected. They biotig t in si in * splendid speci- mtns of oie. •'hi’ziun ami Win IJriic 53 years of nge; has a brother in Austin Minn.¿and a sister at Garretsville, Ohio Both have been notified of the sad event. Bennett was a sheep-herder until recently in the employ of Clark B po r . & Go. He had given up his job with the intention of going East, but was taken sick as above stated. G o iu ir to S c h o o l. Last week (’hallos Aubury passed through Choteau on his way to the Fort Shaw Indian school with eight young Indians from the Blackfeefc agency. Ordinarily that Dumber of young peo­ ple on their way to school would excite but little comment, but in this instance it was to unusual that a reporter whs !• d to inter* jew Mr. Aubu- y with a v t f f of learning more of these people and their condition. “ Until quite recently—within the last two or three years—it was the hardest kind of work to get young Indians to go to school, even at the agenev,” remark­ ed Mr. Aubury. “ Not only were the young ones averse to attending school, have ' even when camped near by, but their uh<»ut completed aiT.uigetnonis for the parents looked upon the pchool with de Squre ert ctmn of a two storv stone structure >n II iiuilton street, b>'t\een the Valley hotel restaurant and Armstrong & Moniheru's hverv st ibl<>, facing south. The building will lie 35x80 ft. suitable for store rooms below and offices above, and heated by steain or hot air, and will be fire-proof. It is to be completed not later than May 1st. and will cost about $8,000. This shows tlie right kind of etileipiise and the gentlemen should lime t very encouigag'ment jossible extended th< m, particulaily as they have but little other propelty in the town Hood’s calendar for 1S93 is out, and ike its predecessors is the dantiest of its kind for the year, embodying the Im.vt rer-ults of tlie art id the dengnei, engravst and painter. It is appropriate lo the VVoi Id’s fair year, being entitled ‘ The Young Ib-c ivereis” and presents the blight y*>ung faces of two small cnildieu local nig Ilood ’s Sarsapa­ rilla on the map of Noi th Ametlea. m a utnq le and tasisful design, hi au tiful in color and « xpression and will make a. bright picture on the wall of many a home uiuj office, ^Jule the plain dguies at’ ractiwlv printed on the pad will he of ;r at utipy all the coming year. Copies of H ood’ Calendars may he obtain« <1 of the • 1 1 u^gists, or by send­ ing six cents in st imps for one, or ten cents foe two, to 0. I. IIo o I & C o ., Lowell, Mass. On Wednepdaw forenoon W. G. Ben­ nett, who had been suffering for two or three days with an attack of pliP’isy, stole out of Ins io o iu at the Choteau house and slai ted down town. The re­ sult was Miat when in front of Gibson & Walkers he was suddenly stricken with pneumonia and but for timely assist­ ance would have fallen-, to the ground. He was taken inside and Dr. Drake was called, who « oom resto red the stiicken man to consciotisuese but to no avail. At 0:30 Thursday morning he died. He was bulled this Fiiday morning iu the Choteau cemetery. Deceased was about riion and, in some instances, as being more dangerous to them than any other influence that the whites could throw around them. Consequently but few In­ dians could be induced to attend and none, regularly, or long enough to re­ ceive any practicable beuefitsfrom their attendance. Until quite receutly it has beeu almost impossible to secure attendance, even by using threats. Now, however, all is changed, thanks to the { fforts of M a jor Steell in this direction. When he assumed charge of affairs at the agency it was difficub to secure any sort of attendance aud it was hardly deemed worthwhile to ar­ range foe school buildings, and but for the btquest of Miss Drexel and the es­ tablishment of a school on Two Medi­ cine, there is much doubt as to whether the government would ever have under­ taken the work on the scale they have. With the completion of the Drexel Mis­ sion school, the government built an ageucy school and now they have es* tablised an Indian school at Fort Shaw. Soon after the completion of the Drexel school and t'ie advent of Major Steell, who en'ered into the solution of the Indian problemon an educational ba­ sis, and who assist'af-those in charge of the school in every way he could, children begun to dr«>p in so that to-day there are 125 pupils iu attembmee there. By and through his effoits the sgeticy school has beeu completed and now has an attendance of 100 pupils and re­ cently two batches of youngsteis num­ ber GO have b--en pent to Fort Shaw. There are also some 30 odd attending t’ailisle. Tnere are also q litea numbei at St. Peters Mission.” Mr. Aubury says the schools now have about their full compliment of pu­ pils, there being over 300 attending The strange part of it all is that where a few years ago it was almost impossi ble to have any of them attend at all, all want to go to school now and learn the whiternau’s ways. Even young mar­ ried people apply for admission. He elso states that this change has been brought about by the management of Major Steell and the co-operation of the department. The school business praefcially settles the Indian problem. By putting the young generation to school for a term of years most of the older ones will have died off by the time they return to the reservation and thereby all the Indian influences will be removed and instead of savages a civilized people will be found, rich in cattle and lands and self- supporting and, let us hope, a eredifc to the state. A b o u t the New Hotel. Recently some uneasynes3 has been manifest regarding the c< n-trnetion of the new h >tol on the corner of Main and Hamilton streets, especially as the lumber tor its construction was removed a few days since and piled in the lumber yard of the Montana Commercial company. Advices iveeived last eveirng saf- isfactoially explain the whole mat­ ter and are in effect as follows: The contractor havieg failed to comply will) his contract, with the projectors of Ihe building and the company from whom he bought tho lumber, the latter seized the material then on the ground and Burgy & Corson have been com­ pelled to relet it, winch was prob­ ably done to day. Besides better material b'eing required in its con­ struction, it is to be enlarged to the full depth of the lot on Ham­ ilton street,increasing the number of rooms for lodging to sixty and making it 73 feet on main street bv 140 on Hamilton street. Work is to begin as soon as the material can be laid down and the weather will permit. ■ - i # ------- - Ripans Tabules have come to stay. D eafnvss Cannot be Cured by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There in only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed con­ dition of the mucous lining of the Eus­ tachian Tube. When this tube is in* 11 inied you have a rumbling sound or imperfect heariug, and when it is entire­ ly closed, deafness is the result, and un­ less the infl imation can be taken out and this tube restored forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrn, which is nothing but an inflamed condi­ tion of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by tatarrh) that cannot, be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars; bee. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. f£ST“8old by Druggists, 75c. RELIG IO U S . There will be preaching at 11 a. m. and 7. p. m. every Sunday until further notice. Also, there will bo a, social song and prayer service'on each Wednesday night at 7 o ’clock. All are invited to these servicse. R. H. R eed . D issolution N o tice. The citizens of Barker, Monarch, Wolf Creek and surrounding country have signed petitions and for-vardrd tli»*in to Senator Gibson at Helena, asking tin- legislature to pass a law annexing all that of Meagher county north of the 47th parallel to Cascadee county. This would be a great convenience to the peo­ ple o f that section as G»eat Falls is the fiatural business center for them to eo& e for supplies, and the ores of their mines must come to the (beat Falls, smelters. There are a t h - u n e l g •*.) • reasons for annex i t i » » » » . m - i < « r - i • Gibson and R pie e -i and Tall-int * m \ secure the a«;--— -c0 -~ ....... — - ....... —• The only Pure Cream o f Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum. Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years tlie Standard. W» the undersigned have this day dis­ solved partnership by mutual consent. All persons indebted to the firm hereto­ fore existiug, are requested to call and settle the same immediately. AH debts payable to P. N. Knowles. P.N. K nowles . R. M c D onald . Choteau, Mont. Dec 1st 1892. W a t e r fo r Irrigati- n. Notice is hereby given that the Eldo­ rado Ditch company, of Choteau, is now prepared to furnish water for irri­ gating ranches, for water power and other uses. For particulars Apply to W. R. R alston , Supt. Choteau, Mont.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 27 Jan. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.