The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, January 27, 1893, Image 8

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H o t ic e to S t o c k m e n - - E s t r a ys. The publisher of Tns MoKTi.Ni an hereby agrees to r ubliah notices of es- trayed horses free of charge: Provided, however, that when any stock is recov­ ered by reason of such publication the party recovering said stock so published shall pay to the publisher of this paper 91 for every animal so recovered. Par­ ties reporting estrays are requested to hand in full description with all other information which might enable the owners to make their identification o l property satisfactory to all concerned. All information, other than brands, will he withheld from publication. In cases where persons loosing stock, advertise, rewards offered should be deposited; the party claiming the same should ap­ ply with tbs animals in hie possession either here or to the owner for the same when, if satisfactory and the horses are turned over, the money deposited as a reward will be paid to the claimant on •rder of the owner. t F o r th * above purposeswe will open m Free Cstray column in this paper. All persons making use of the same must Somply with the above rules. E a t r a y e d o r L o s t . Two sorrel geldings, 6-yeare-old, brand, reversed 5 on left hip. One bad halter •n when last seen, about April 1st. $20 reward will be paid for their recovery. Look them up, boys. One black horse, branded half circle •a left shoulder. $10 reward for their recovery. Apply at this office. About the last of September, one dark or black mare, three years old, branded Monogram JHS on right shoulder, spot • a forehead. Also one colt, white on aose; same brand. $10 reward for re­ covery of each. Apply at this office. One gray horse, branded spear or ar­ row head on left thigh. $10 reward for recovery of each. saddle horse, bay left be ■strayed, one bay branded P on left shoulder. One ba: •addle horse, braded I K (large) on shoulder. A reward of $5 each will paid. Froth boteau sometime during the month of September, 1891, one •o'rrel horse, coming four years old, branded S N [bar underneath] on right •boulder, brand considerally blotched. 9S reward for bis recovery. Applv at this office. ■strayed: One bay geldifcg, branded j. • a left thigh, and vented same on left •boulder. Weighs about 1,100 pounds. 910 reward for his recovery. Between the middle and last of June •ae light bay horse branded 1 (bar) on left shoulder; left bind foot white. $5 reward for information leading to hi- rseovery. Address this office. One 8-year-old bay Norman mare, branded N S on left shoulder, vent same •a same shoulder, and F C on left thigh. 91ft dollars reward on delivery at this •Met. _______________ One black gelding, 7 years old, branded tying V on left shoulder. Oae strawberry roan mare, 4 year.*' •Id, branded a on left shoulder. $5 reward per bead at this office. 0 a er about July 27th, one black kerse, white strip on foiehead, branded H I P on left shoulder, vented same on left thigh. $5 re w aid for recovery. Ap- . ? t h i s office. y ■■mi ii »re— — » — From Perrysburg, on the Teton, on Jke 10th day of April, 1889, one bay •tad eolt, one year old; branded UP on 1 M t shoulder. A reward of $5 will be id- for his recovery, or information Uag^hereto. Address this office. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. L a x p O i t j c k a t H e l e n a , m o n t ., | Dec. 7,1892. | Betlee la hereby given that the following- ha» filed notice of his intention n a m e d aettler taka final proof in support of hi 8 olaitn, ead that amid proof will be m a d e before A. ■Tamar, 17 . 8 . Commissioner, at Chotann, Mentone, mn Jan. SO, 1893 , via: t. WALTER C H I S H O L M , w h s m a d e pre-emption declaratory statement. Be. H O W for the n w < a w 4 , section 1 , lot l, ee 4 as«, a n d net See, section S, T p . 25 N, B 6weBt. , B e n a m e s the following witnesses to prove Its aenttnuona residence u p o n and cultivation, at, said land, viz: Ora E Knowlton, F r a n k Jlke, Charles H a u l s and John M. Gray«», all « r a y a s m , Mont. » . A. BWIGGETT. Begietor. Blast publication Deo. 9 . ■iiMWi^^iraa'atfA^iaiTi r umii ii r « att T. C. POWER & BRO, an o o E R X E s , D R Y G O O D S , C L O T H IN G , G E N T S F T T M T IS S IH a S . E A T S & OAFS. HARNESS <£ SADDLES. Old Reliable Shuttler Wagons, Rushford Wagons, Road Carts. Tfalier A. Wood Machines. New Tubular Mowers, Enclosed Osar Mowers, One dk Two-horse Hay Rakes, Self-Binders. Binder Twine. S t a t e - A - o - i e i E r T S f o b M A T R I M O N I A L I Psaluc««{Cablasi Sta Melarsi. AI m fall written JeaeriptleM pa» elogine roiUeaooe j «f real*« table m II m vrha r u t to oorreepead fe*' 'an or matriMonr.eoat i i f U K lealod aaroleji« for only 10e. n s W e S . O O O le djr u m b » W » of every *C« asá nationality: atoar aro bec* tifai s o * voaltby. «irò docorlpUoa • t ladie* tritb irte» yen irltb to ¿cotraipond. C a n «mit yon. ¿Adres* JN^ffiSDRAWER 697 CHICAGO i kO N F E 6 | É 0 N | _ _ . OP An A L T R B . U ,^ 7 W R I T T E N B Y H E R S E L R , This book ravsals in naked truth the m u t t pitfalls and temptations which assail yorag «ria w h o aspiro to staso life. T h e schemes of tho liber» ¿no against virtue aro revealed. A great ese» pose oi the personal life of a popular actress. It speaks out In “plain English’* for those w h o want to know the “ lnelde’^of stage life. Band» front W Aiiwvr m w AM»»*««« ■ -, somoly Ulustm o d . ... OLOSrU 9 & CO.« O S BCABBO&a STw SMH!AQ 9 ,lU d ro< daatlon of ] __ _ _ _ __ •}>®W W * wiur» I wa*. I an too «rpri»»d 7 nd pt ««4 ot tto d u n . I racomnand roar butent to «11 raJhter* h a •baaity. Vf III aairrar all inqoiiiw If M a y ia laetaed tor toy!jr.\ PATIENTS TREATED BY MAIL. CONFIDENTIAL. Harsilaaa, -sod vrlth bo atarrisg. incanraniaa««, or bod aJfeate. Ver yartiealn, odibtaa, »lft • canta in lUunpa, m . a. a. r. timet, anettft m u u , enmta, a t c r a p m m p i c i g * — ■ « « T .mil I— 3 MMBB Bsoiea partió-1 ------------------- ulnrs regard- lag dios t h .t I control tbo Incido or outsïïi I Bnnklnff Crap GoxaeB only. „ ------ „ HOLD-OUTS, WIOSELS. Marked Back Playing Garda, Loaded Dice ani orerylblngin the line. Now work that wins the money. Scaled partionlors and «i-pago catalogas fees. Send salf-oddrosKed stamped enraioae t« SLIT BBO&- Drawer IS, Chicago, J«. 3 D I Î 3 . The advantages claimed for this Dip are i It is Non-Poisonouo, a n d can be used with per­ fect safety at all times a n d in all circumstance*. It saves tlmo a n d troable, n o precautions being required as in the case of poisonous Dips. It does not stain the wool, but promotes and improves its growth, improves the appearance and Increases tho value of the wool. It is c o m p o s e d of the very* best materials, a n d never varies in strength arid quality. It never falls to produce tho desired efftecL Its effects are lasting. It is easy to use a n d does not require hooting. Its use m a y be repoated o n the same Sheep as often as desired without the slightest risk of Injury. ________ Non-Poteonous, Easy to Usef and A l w a y s E ffective). UB X X A I i DISCOUNT* T O T U B TBABO. P ’E S S t d b s . WINES, LIQUORS dk BEER, UFMAN'S FAMOUS CIGARS. W e want Inquiries for quotations w h i c h will b e g iven p r o m p t attention. It will bo to your iterest to learn onr prices before plaoeing your order for the season’s supplies. • « R EG U L A T E T H E « 3 STOMACH, LIVER ^ BOWELS, • A N D • . PURIFY THE BLOOD. T . C. PO W E R & BRO., :E \ r . ¡B iE iiisrT O iisr- ¡ l é o u s t t . A R E L IA B L E R EM ED Y FOR Indigeatlon, Biliousness, Headache, Constipation, •Dyspepsia, Chronic Liver Troubles, Dizziness, Bad Complexion, Dysentery, Offensive Breath, and all disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels. lUyaas Tsbal«» eeoftttia aotking lajodaos to the most deheeto eeastfeo. • ml Piaaoaat to tak*, sais, sfi««s«sL Girs Imaandinte retUL Sold hy druggists. A trial botd* coot by asofi oq rseoipt of xj m o i s . A d d »*» T U B R I P A N S C H E M IC A L C O ., io S p r u c e S t r u e t , • » N e w Y o r k C i t y . H A V E Y O U T R I E D D R I H S A N D F A I L E D T O F I N D A D U R E ? T h o n e a n i l » o f C o r e a b y o n r B e l t s a r e p e r a o n * w h o h a v e « l o n e s o . DR. SANDER’S ELECTRIC CELT a a i z j a o T s t i c The Crowning Triumph in Medico-EleGtrical Sdenco I It cures all diseases curable by Electricity. It is a complete ba.ttery, as used by the fore­ most physicians, made into a Belt, so as to be easily worn during work, or at rest. It gives Soothing, prolonged currents, which can b « carried to any part of the body where there i« pain, and will give instant relief, as Electricity permeates the entire system with a natural, glowing beat, rejuvenating every weak organ or part of the body. More Bolts Made and Sold and More Sufferers Cured than by all other Eleotrlo Belts oombined« Buffering f r o m N e r v o t w Debility, Seminal W e a kness, I m p o t e n t Losses, Hervonsoces, Sleeplessness, L a m e Book, K i d n e y o r Bia<i , mblss, or general ill health, resulting f r o m over-taxation of bit ~ or nerve force, abases, «roceoea, w o r r y or exposure, will find a speedy relief ai permanent cure in this marvelous Invention, w h i c h requires b u t a trial to eou- vlnoa the m o s t s k e p t k n L Inyourigooranoeof effects or b y exoeos, or oxposuvn, \f'fnTiv«* m m a y bare unduly dimmed your system of nerve force and vitality— «/¿/pA 3 Smtrntty—A n d thus c a w e d y o u r w e a k n e s s or mole offorce. If y o u replace lute y o u r system the element« t h u s d mined, w h i c h «re required for TbroroueBtreagth, y o u will r e m o v e the cause, a n d health, stre&fth a n d vigor will follow at o noe aaoiIn a natural w ay. This ia our plan a n d treatment. D r . Baadon's XUaetrie B e lt b d o experiment, as vro have restored thousands t* rebust health and vigor, after all other treatments fulled, as o a n be s h o w n b y hundreds of sasas throughout this tint», w h o would gladly testify, and from m a n y of w h o m w e lja*»a M r o n g letters bearing taetlmony to toelr reoovery after using o u r B e A O t a r 8 0 0 9 * « o b o o k M T h r ® e C l o o e o n o f H e n , ” should be read b y m n g , m l d d l » - a g » d a n d o M m a n , seat aaaled, free. It oxplains o u r plan of treat “ “ “ ' * “ ‘net ___ _ at boron, renewing yenr THUS MINNESOTA OCNTLCMEN WRITS US— YOU MAY WRITS TO THEM— SES BELOW. B O X n U T I t t l A S O LT U B A G O OYASD. IA M X B A C K AJTD KXBXXT O M I U X CV S B 1 I J D r . A T . Bear ‘ - --------- « w m met roar woaf rmon. .^aa^ I jmoa t **ra»<tdr^r&c^aa>«Mi A ** ^ r j a j w ^ e n o a S a i e C T Z S A t O X B U i r f STO. OVSJBIt Hat A 008 DCCK. .D r . A T. Ssadao. belt, las- anmmor, and l voro •ay that I n m otxied ot xay wanted Do s m U tbs o a n ares pwmaaent, Tonrs v*ry truly, DOTSM MOXJBOSJB 1 Dr. A. T. _ „ orabokl*, Mleaeioto. peer BlrvAs rou remomtoc, you m i xns i I wore ft uwa tor three er four meatius and I dlasase. I hare not arrltton to a before _______ U K T H U c u n t i ó . Bandea. Dear Bln - 1 Wish to soy that tas^octzaobe&'í^owSt of Too gomo two months ago has done m e lot oreood, and I a m wall saiiafioa with It.. In tact the loagwr Z h ava the beltths bettarlulM It. ftbss doneoilroi lours truly, P.87P2 J t t Norwood, Min n e w ts, i , , , wtaUr I suffered greatiy with i „ ^ ---- - tried ddwrawt doctere sad medloiao« mthout xat Whee ZwwiadrtwdtetsypMéf your bel ¿ I did net beli# ve lit 6 *ea. X weuld trr m m »array. I pan hoooctly say now that noth'ag bea fono m o as iwsheoed as the Vp. i bqtt f bmsb-Qt you, and X would not fce withe^t ea*. a »array, l pan hoooctly say no w that t n* very truly, A L B E B T Ü Œ Ï B E , PropxteWr Union Beisi. d a h n o v B S D n r oars w e e k . _ . _ ^ Mtnnaopolla, M'nneeo «, S 3 0 1 . 5P. Deaden Dmr Bln-lnaamrer toy->ur letter orin Xharenced juarbel^reguUrlf O> i m art in«it. FhïdW Dear Blrr-li regularly ai lyleft side, _ ___ __ ie months, « _________ ^ _ pleeeidto havo the cratap. awUreiy*dlskype-r and tt»»y hare , 3 r i , * i t $ & & 3 S r a * \ ï ï & ' & Ï Ï M o m .g> e»n . . . . _ , . * #»a»\B'W O , w ' M V re . •< letter o r Inquiry wonld coy tax I f you remeabar, I< w« ik. rotiir (f w r e n crumps In my left side, eo mueb so that I was able to do bnt lté [ fce&heea so for three momths, bat after a weekfsuse of yonr t oit X was cresrjy not Betumea cho«*. Q Filmera Dtseet, 9 . 2 . and more too. D r . S a n d e n ’e Eteetrie B e l t w i t h I m p r o v e d Eleetrie S o s p e a s o r y fa t h o and w e warrant it to core any of the above weaknesses, and to enlarge shrunken limbs of pax the strength to m e e t all stages of weakness in young, middto-agad or odd w o o , and will.c«o <he wore* caste In t w o or three moui our b o o k at once, sent sealed, free. Address boon over flv o a to woeh nen, ,ór Money Bo funded. They or* graded jjt nths. W n t a M r •ANDEN ELEOTRIC 0 0 ., Cor. gd Ave. MINNEAPOLIS, M I N N .

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 27 Jan. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.