The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, February 10, 1893, Image 7

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»».* « S WJ» SU N RIVER, CHOTEAU & NORTHERN TELEPHONE COMPANY. FIN A N C IA L STATEM ENT. RECEIPTS. C r o s s earnings, March 1, t o N o v . 30, 1892, 9 m onths, $718 01 O p e rators com mibsione, d o . 287.16 N e t earnings, d o . do. do. 4 3 0 .8 » Cash in treasury, March 1, ’ 9 2 , 222.79 Total, DISBURSEMENTS. Dividends, - $202.40 Repairs - - 28o.27 Printing, etc.. - 14.38 Bec’y ’ssalary, etc. 39.50 T a x e s , . . . 17.82 $053.64 554.3T Cash in treaa’y Dec. 1, 1892 $ 99.27 The line has recently been thorousihiy repaired, and-owing t o the expense thus incurred, n o dividend is at present practicable. By order of the B o a rd of Trustees. A. C. W a r n e r , Secretary. «e*-» B e t t e r T u a n a M a g a z i n e . The arrangements recently perfected by the St. Paul (Minn.) Weekly Pioneer Press lor original reading m a tter for tbs ensuing year make it m ore desirable than a magasine, because the Pioneer Press also gives the current news of the day. R o b e rt Louis Stevenson lias written an intensely interesting s tory especially for the Weekly Pioneer Press. It begin» next week and runs tbreo m o n ths. O ther stories every week by the m o st noted authors in the land. New W o m e n ’ s Departm ent, Y o u t h ’ s Depart­ ment, Fiction Departm ent, Scientific Departm ent, etc. Correspondents doing special work ail over Europe. Notes and Queries Department still a feature. Send postal for sam ple cop y and illustrated premium supplement, giving particulars of 311 valuable premiums, all suitable for holiday gifts. Some­ thing for every member of every fam ily. T he P ioneer P ress C o , tit. Paul, Minn. ■^'O ....... . ' ■ W a n t e d . Agents t o sell onr choice and hnrih Nursery Stoek. We have m anv new special varieties, both in fruits and o r ­ nam entals to offer, which are controlled •sly b y us. We pay com m ission or •alary. W rite us at once for terms, and secure choice of territory. M a t B rothers , Nurserymen, Rochester, N. Y. Mg—i B U C K * F O B S A L 8 . We bare 215 one-year-old and 85 dhree and four-year-old Spanish M erino Backs from thorough-bred Rams and inll-hlaod Kwee, which we will sp II at C ries* (so suit the buyer. Now is the time » get y » » r choice. CoWKM, St WELLENSTTOr, B^num, M ont. H Î H Valley Restaurant, MEALS AT ALL HOURS. A . B . F C i W L e R » P f é > p . OHOTEAU. MONT. ? r r r r r i Mfc»' Subscribe lo r T h e M ontarían , « g # BYRON CORSON -I- e l - * 4 “ ï m ùato».-*v*A^ • 3 X 7 ” ZES, A N D DEALER IN W A T C H E S . C L O C 3 S S , W JLIsI ID A Sta.ti 0 zi.ex 3 ?- I, 3 Ñ T \ U L t © , L lE T z - C L i t s , C o x a . f e o t i o r 5 . e x 3 ?-. ^ b . x a . c L p C i g r a r s A T ’o ' t o a . c c o , P â z B ) 2 ST o t i o x x s . R CHOTEAU, M O N T . B — 1 ^ — — # » 1 1 1 ■■■ ■ A 3 T n n w -n j ^ i i ijtttx . r n a r r i _ mm t .... j y y » « SUMMONS. I d the Justice Com I. of Ohotpati Township, in eiioloau county, in the State* ol M'lutnna, before J. II. Dunlap, justice of the peace. Q-aorge Richards 'j PlainliiT. | v». }■ Summons. Oharles McIntyre. | D e f e n i h i l . j The State of Miint.m i to t.tie above named defendant greet mil, ,\ou are here­ by Bummni.ed t«» tie and appear befoie m e J . H Dunlap .Justice >if etie Peace m and for t tie c<unit v <>t Choteaii at mv office in ( ’hoteau, witUin trii (10) days after the com p letion of service »f this sum m on* upon \ou, then ami there and answer to the com p laint of (ieorgv Richards the above natm d plaintiff, in a civil notion to recover the h utn of on» hundred and eleven ($ 1 1 1 ) dollars, balance due <>n hook account bailing date «s follows; O cfobrr 5th 1889 to the 16fh of .lanwaiy 1890, and in de­ fault thereof jmlgi mrnt will be rendered against yon ( mu ) e Vclntyre, thealiove Mamed defendant for the au u of one hundred and eleven ($111 ) dollar» and costfr in his behalf expended. Given un­ der my band this l b t day of February 1*92. J. H. D un l a p , J. P. of said Township. Ths Mcratanias is Publish ad weekly at Cbatsan Chateau county, LVtcmtanai Sub • scriptian 363 par yaai In Advance, SUJET Î& I'VJEIR . S l x © 3 p C o . —BREEDERS O F — T ^ O I R O T T G K E I I B I E & I E I D Z E P z œ n s r c 'E a : IL Æ i E Z Z R i a s r o s J& .2 & 1 D F H E N C H - O C T S - i ^ W O I L I D C P v C S S E S . AUGUSTA, MONT, NOTICE I OR PUBLICATION. L and O f f ic e at H e l e n a , M ont ., ) Jan, 23, 1893. J Notire is horeby civon that the following munod seti ier has file i not-ee of his intention to make final proof lusuptort of his claim, HDd’ hat s*iii p oof will be made hefoie ( Wurn-r. U 8. commissioner at Chote&u Mon­ tana, on March 7, 181.3. via JAMES MILLER WALBECK, who m-de koniesTend application No. G378 for the eV4 aw 4 «ad lot» 8 aud 4, »eouon 7, Tp. 26 h , ratino 7 .To»t. He • iin-is the W owm s; Witnc*Res to prove his coniiLU«,us rehjJcn« e u'-oi, slid cu 'ivi-ti >n of said lai,«), via; Joi n Me overn, •* iillmn it Ball, Alexanunr O | ouquise, and fcliertin ad of Cfto'eac, M ct. >. a . 'íW H isE ’ T Resistor. LFirst publication Jan 27 ] [ com m ute » . ! NOTICE FOR PUBLIC AT ION. [COMMOTED.] NOTICE F O R PUBLICATION. L and O ffice at H e l e n a , mon .J Dec. 21, 1892, \ Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed noticoof bis Intontion. to make final proof in support of his claim and that »«Id roof will 6» made before A. C. a amor. U. 8. C 'ramloslouor, at- ChoteaU, Mo d.,on Fob. 17, 1R93. viz: J a m e s C am p be l l , who made homes»* ail application No. 5209, for th® lot 4. sectiou 5. Tj>. 27 u, r 8 west, and se4 se4, section 31, uw4. soction 32, Tp. 28 n, ratine 8 west IW natn-s the following wltnosses to prove his continuous res'dt-uce upon and cultivation <>f, said lat^d. viz Josi-pb Henderson, J. Al~ t’red Van Hnsklru, Patrick Higgins aud Henry Lonstra, all o( Dnpnyor. Mont. P. A. SW IG CETT, Regiater. [¡first publication Dec* 80.] NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. L and O f f ic e at H e l e n a , M ont ., ? J.m . 1 1 ,1 8 9 3 . ,) Notice is hereby given that th** fol owing- named settler has n itn e o f hi* intention to mako final proof In support or his cluixn, and thai proof will > e made 1 efore A L. Warner, D. H foin n 's* oner, at Chot an, Montana, on Fo urari 24. lv.)3t vl/. J oel R . B u r r o u g h s , wlio ma 'e hom- atond m*piicatiiHi No. 3332, for tin* awl fcwl. *-®ction j O, 8e4sel of 6- etton 27, nei. see’ ion 31. T p . 2l ■. ran^c 5 w. ut. He i atnes the foil* winsr wnress,*s to pro' o his eouiiuuuii!'« r-aMci cn op* u an t culii*-a’ioo of said land, vi/: James K Hol|own>, Wil­ liam F. Miller I*dward HeerUp mid M>ronlI Burd, all of ('hoteau, 3Io r *i*. S. SVVIUGLTT, Register. First pi.bli* ation, Jan ‘¿l'. f COMMUTED ] TIMBER CULTURE, FINAL PROOF.-NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. L and O ffice at H e l e n a , W o,<T..f Jan. 20, 1893.- \ Notice is hereby si von that SOLOMON COHEN has filed not re of his i&tautii n to make nnal p r jof bef *re >. 0 Warner, U 8. I’ommissloner. at bis otTi 'c» In ^hotonn. M»nt., on hatnrdar, th» !8ih day r•£ M'iro •, 1S93 on timber cnlturo nppiiention ho 26C0, for the sw tjnarter of section No. 22, in township No. 29 n. ranso No. 4 w*-> t. Ho namve >s witne-s'S. John Barrow Pelor Jovoe Plillhp t.n* «f.o ajd lioabou (i Strv,alt, all or CUoleau, Mo* t B. A.HWlOfcKTT, Eeglster. First Publication Fob 3, ScknllSc America» Agency for S£S~ CAVEATS, *4 TRADE IWARICS, RrESJQH PATENTS COPYRIGHTS, eto. For IrrforTiattijci and fr:.o Handbook write to MUNN & CO., ml buoaow v, N ew Yontr. Oldest bureau for sectninii patents tn America, ».vary patent token out. by v« Is brought before tao public by a notice given free of charco In tho Scientific erica» L and O ffice at 11 iclena M ont , ( Nuv. 25, 1892. ( Notice is hereby given that the following- naniid settici ht.s filed tot or o f his intentimi to niiiko final proof in »np| ort of his clairq, and that caul proof ivhl Le made Le'ot« A. C, Wari er. tT.8. ( oiiüuireiui ur at Chutean,Mont, on Jan. 7, 1893, viz: J ohn F a i r s a i r n , wl o mad» pro-emptlon il**ehir-itory »tatenrent No. 10740. f* r the i|i^ nw4. se* turn 27, nei, sortion 24, Tp. 23 n, rungo 7 Wust lio i aim » tIn'* fnllovting %v.images to prove h‘seonu.juous rosid-.-ueti upoaHuU cultivation of, said lund, vi¿- <4o >rgo IF. Arnold. Andrew C. Uurb'nk. Henry Radrllffe und liejjamin A, Juhu. uil of Bclleview, Montana. H. A. SWIGUETT, Uegister. First pnblieatic n Deo. 2, NOTICE FO R PUBLICATION. L and O fficf . at H e l e n a , M ont , 1 J.i miary 13. 1893. | Notice is hereby «ivon that the following named sottle-s hu* filed notlcoof tholr inten­ tion to male * final proof hi support of their 0 aim*, ai‘d thnr «aid pro- F wilt hemndebofoni A. C Warner. U S ('nminissirner, ul Ctmteau, Mont , on March B, 1893, viz: M attie J o n e s , who mad-=* homestead application No. 0309, for the n« 4 u\v4 hvv 4, section 22, ’ und nw4 nw4, oeitlou 27, Tp 29 n, t 0 west, viz: W illiam D. J o n e s , who made homrstead application No 8291, for th » s 4 a u l. not cj\v4 an l iih 4 qc 4, sw4 n»4, sec­ tion ¿2 Tp 29 n, ru ic<* 6 weet They name tie follow mu witnesses to prove ihoir eontinnous residence upon and cnJtiva- t,''*n of, t-n*d land v z : Jalinn F. Burd- of C.h tean, Francis B. Jone«, Clarence B. Per­ kins and Ernest Savory, of Dunnyer, Mont. 8. A. h WIGGETT, Hegigter. First i \ llkation an. 20 N 0 rIICE OF FlhAL KNTKY L and O f f ic e at H e l e n a , M ont , ) Nuv. 1 1 1 8 9 2 . j Notice 1 b hereby eiven that the following named settlor has filed notice of his inten- tion to make final proof in support of hi* claim, > nd that said proof will bo made boforo A < . Warner, U. 8. Commissioner at Chotoau, Montaua, on I»ec mber 28,1892, vist A a r o n N utall , who made borresie-d application No. 6180, f<w »he ao4 «>*4, » hi tion 1D, sw 4 swi, and nV^ew4,seo- tion 14. Tp 57 n, r 8 w. He nam* s the following witnesses to prov» his cniuinaous residence upoa and onltivatloa of »aid land, viz: W’iiiium D. Sheplierd, Willh’in U a i v i y Mall Max Crotthuss aud Pat­ rick Higgins ml of Chotoiui. Moutana, S. A. b W I G G E r r , Regiater. (First piiVilicHtion N ov. 18.) ARMSTRONGS MOMBERG I COMMUTED J N 0 T I J E FO R PUBLICATION. L I V E R Y , USB BuBHSI gKflBH dOXSw S T A B L E COR. HAMILTON ST. & CII0- L an d O f f i c e at H e l e n a , M o n ., i Jan. 11, 1893. | Notice is berpby given that the following* namod »rtt'er has file i notice o f h's int«ntioo to make final preo» In si ppo-t of his claim, a-d ihut said proof w i l l be made before A. O. IFariie'-, V. s. CommiR-i* ner, at Chotaau, Montana, on Ftbruray 28. l**9i via: E d w . r d B e e r u p , who made homestead application No, 8861, for thu *-14 Bel, aVt swi, eoction 6, Tp. 24, n, range i west He names the fol'owlng witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation ot. »aid land, viz: Myron H Burd, William F. MnJer l.osau und Edward Dennis, all o f (Jaoteaa, Montana. . 8. A. 8WIGGETT, Register. First pnbhcation Jen. 20c h. TEAU AVE, (Arms!ronji’s Old Stand.) CHOTEAU, - MONT. Good Accommoda!ions fur your rn It nm . Hamlsnme Tiii'n»»uts *il tcason al) t* r i es. '1 I k j .'1 u c ~ I aj **LU x L P - a t % h e n in tiwn. Horse» b r a n d ­ ed as Bbovrn in cu t . AüûreBm C u o iæ A ir , M o x s ,

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 10 Feb. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.