The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, February 17, 1893, Image 8

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«N otico to Stockmen--.Es fray». Tke publi-ber r>f T ns M ontaxian boreby agrees to \ ublish notices of es- trayed horses free of charge: Provided, however, that when ary stock is recov­ ered by reason of such publication the party recovering said stock bo published •kail pay to the publisher of this paper ts for every animal so recovered, Par­ ties reporting estrays are requested to band in full description with all other Information which might enable the owner* to make their identification vl property satisfactory to all concerned. AH information, other than brands, will ke withheld from publication. In cases where persons loosing stock, ad' ertiae, rewards offered Bhould be deposited; Ike party claiming the same should ap­ ply with the animals in his possession etiher here o r to the owner for the same whan, if satisfactory and the horses are kerned over, the money deposited as a •sward will be paid to the claimant on order of the owner. For the above porposeswe will open 4 Free Estray column in this paper. ¿11 per« ons making use of the same must aeeapiy with the above rules. ■ . . . i . - -------------------------------------- JEstrayed or Lost. Two sorrel geldings, 5-yeare-old, brand, reversed 5 on left hip. One bad baiter •a when last seen, about April 1st. $20 •eward will be paid for their recovery. L «ok them up, boys. One black horse, branded half circle *a left shoulder. $10 reward for their •«•«very. Apply at this office. About the last of September, one dark *r blaek mare, three years old, branded •Bertram JHS on right shoulder, spot pa forehead. Also one colt, white on ••««; same brand. $10 reward for re* ••very of each. Apply at this office. Oae gray horse, branded spear tew head on left thigh. $10 rewi pwovery of each. eo spear or ar- $10 reward for Ist rayed, one aaddle horse, ___ _ ba; branded P on left shoulder. One bay •addle bores, braded IK (large) on left shoulder. A reward of $5 each will be yoid. _ ______________________ F i c m hoteau sometime during the •»•nth of September, 1891, one aorrel boree, coming four years old, branded 8 N [bar underneath] on right Shoulder, brand considerally blotched, t f reward for his recovery. Apply at this office. ^strayed: One bay gelding, branded j. •a left thigh, and veuted same on left shoulder. Weighs about 1,100 pounds. $J0 reward for bis recovery. Between the middle and last of June on 35 reward for information leading to his recovery. Address this office. •no light bay horse branded 1 ibar) left shoulder; left hind foot white. One 8-year-old bay Norman mare, branded N 8 on left shoulder, vent same •n same shoulder, and F C on left thigh. $15 dollars reward on delivery at this •fflee. ________________ Ons black gelding, 7 years old, branded •ying V on left shoulder. One stra wberry roan mare, 4 years old, branded a on left shoulder. $5 reward per head at this office. On or about July 27th, one black horse, white strip on forehead, branded K I P o n left shoulder, vented same on left thigh. $5 rewaid for recovery. Ap­ ply at this office. From Perrysburg, on the Teton, on the 10th day of April, 1889, one bay stud colt, one year old; branded IJ) on left shoulder. A reward of $5 will be S aid for bis lecovery, or information rading thereto. Address ibis office. JiOTICEFOR PUBLICATION. L and O m a t at H elena , mont ., Feb. 7,1893. Notice la hereby given that the following- gamed settler bae tiled notice o f hie Intention to make final proof in support of bia claim, and that said proof will be made before A. u. Warner, U. b. Comralsnoner, at Cbotean. JAoetauu, on March 28, 1893, viz: C. WALTER CHISHOLM, who made pro-« mption declaratory statement No. 11CW for tbo nw4 awt, section 1. lot 1, *e* pe*. and nef set, section 2, Tp. 25 N, it Sweat. 'S o names the following witnesses to prove bis continuous residence upon and cultivation of, said land, mjb : James W . Fryer, Gue Mom- berg, of Cbotean, and Charles Harris and Oia Xaowlton, of bynum, Montana. 6. A. SWJGGLTT. Eogifitor. Fjx«t pvhlicsUoc Fob. 17 . T. C. POWER & BRO, GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, GENTS FURNISHINGS. HATS 8s OAFS. HARNESS A SADDLES. Old Reliable Stiuliler Wagons, Waeons, Road Carts Walter A. Wood Machines. - New Tubular Mowers , Enclosed Gear Mowers, One A Two-horse Hay Rakes, Self-Binders. Binder Twine. S t a t e -A-G- j z j s t t s i f o k M A T R I M O N I A L ! r*«kapa ol Cafclatk SIi* Fleittm. Aie» fuH written dMsrlptioa* (in . eli 1 !ta^rpfidecc«.]orre*pceiabl» Jvlict wbo xrai't to correspond for Tun or nstriicony, s rnt ill plain, .•cile.t en-. elopo lor only 10 c. Wo i>arc 3 , 00 U lady members of every age and nationality, many are bean tifnl and rree'tby. Give -'cscrlpUon of Indies vrlth vrbora you wish to ¡correspond. Can enityon. Address „ _ _____ J DRAWER 597 CHISAGO III. iO N F E 8 S§ON 3 o f a n A C T R E S WRITTEN BY HERSELF. _ This book reveals in na£c<»a truth the snares, pitfalls and temptations which assail young Kirla trho aspire to staff© life* The schemes of tbo libep* tlno against virtu© are revealed. A ffveafc ©»• S l f f S I ' l l 8 S & Ï 8 W  « , ILU V w treatment 3 i . __ *f Bellerflle, Kan.; “When I began yonr so e- — treatment 3 mee. age I wae eo, schsctted by alimenta that I ootild not Before., Weight MS Hi IIS lb* SOhe t BntL.... 4* In. tí la. Il ta. Waletu. *0 la. » ta. 11a. l and palee are all gone. My Mende ara Hin*. ... S7a. l «lia. t lx. enrprlMd, Will chaetfblly reply to iaeclriee «Ulk itaaepa l elend.1* PATIENTS TREATED BY MAIL. CONFIDENTIAL Hannleie. Ho Starring. Band • ernte In susm I tit aartiealan la bi . a. a. r. simi. ■nuers nurn, turnt, iil do any work. The accompanying fig- arc. Àhowhe t result of 3 months* treat, tatet I noweet f like s new being, lilt and palee ate all gone. My Menda are S U S ulars regard. Marked » ., every thins in the money — *-** - free. JESLY in» dioè°that POSSITI control the inside or oqmu _ Banklnjr Crap Gansea only. • , _ HOLD-OUTS, WBlEBIiL Back. Playing Corda, Loaded Plea «ml line. Hew work that wim tne New work that «igi DIP. Tbs advantages clalnei for this Dip aro: It in Non-I’oisonous, and can be used with per- cct safety at all times and iu all circumstances. It saves timo and trouble, no precautions being equlred as iu tho raro of poisonous Dips. It does not stain the wool, but promotes and mproves its qrowth, improves tho appearance •na inoreasi's the value of the wool. it is emu nosed of the veav best materials, and irver v*.r.o, m etre-ngth ana quality. It nerpr fails to produce tho desired effect Its effects are Lasting. It is easy to uso and does not require heating. Its use may be n peated on tho same 8heej> a« iftcu as desired without tho slightest risk of njwy. ________ Non-Folsoncus, Easy to Use, and Always Effective. LIB S U A .J. T O T H B T R A M . WINES, LIQUORS A BEER , UPMAN^S FAMOUS CIGARS Wc want inquirí« » t'or qaotations' which will be given pron-pt attention. It will be to your interest to learn onr prices before placeing your order for the season’s supplier T . C . P O W E R & B R O . , IF T . ZBIEHSTTOIN-. M O I s T T . « - REGULATE THB • 5 STO M A C H , L IV E R m® B O W E L S , • AND • P U R IF Y T H E BLO O D . A RELIABLE REMEDY FOR Indigestion, Biliousness, Headache, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Chronic Liver Troubles, Dizziness, Bad Complexion, Dysentery, Offensive Breath, and all disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels« T Ripans Tabules contain nothing injurious to tho most delicate o o u a i t a . lion. Pleasant to take, safe, effectuaL Give immediate relief. Sold by druggists. A trial bottle sent by mail on receipt of 15 Addnos THE RIPANS CHEMICAL CO., io Spruce Street, «* » New York City# HAVE YOU T OH TXhoaaaaaâsof C îsres tey o zzi* B e : u a r c w i i o Liave «Sene eo. I Li l ì k 0 1 «rpa V 7 I T H : S 3 L E C T F . I C ! The Crowning Triumph ia Medico-Electrical Science ! It cures all diseases curable by Electricity. It is a complete battery, as used by the fore­ most physicians, made into a Belt, so as to be easily worn during work, or at rest. It gives soothing, prolonged currents, which can be ^ carried to any part of the body where there is pain, and will give instant relief, as Electricity permeates the entire system with a natural, glowing heat, rejuvenating every w e a k organ or part of the body. ç; Suffering: from Ferrous Debility, Sominal YTeakuoss, Impôt« Drains, Losses, xiervousn.-äs, Ncopleasnees, Lamo B ack , Kidney or “ More Belts E&ade and Sold and M o r e S u f f e r e r s Cured than by all other Electric Belts combined!:, dor Troubles, or general ill health, resulting from over-taxation o f brain li^rve fcroo, abuses, excesses, worry or exposure, will find a apaedy relief awl pcrrDvient euro in this marvelous invention, which require« but atrial to oe&- vi-.cjt .9most8ior»ticaL In your ignorauoo o f effect» ur by oxoees, or ©rpoeuro, jo 1 mry t-.:vo unduly drained your Byatera of nerve force and vitality—vA/oA ur Elect-¡city —nra t . 1:3 c.:‘,r: 1 yo; r weakness o r h o k o f force. I f you replace into your system tbo olemr'ntSiiusdr.'.l *c«l, v.-Licicro required for visorousstrength, you will remove tho eauue, and heaiib, Ef.'engtband vigor will fcliow atouco aad ia a natural way. Thiol* our plea and treefaurnL D r . S a n d e n ’ a E l e c t r i c B e l t Is no experiment, as wo have restored thousands to robust health and vigor, af uir all other treatraouts failed, ns can bo e&u«vv by baud rede of cases thmi-houu Stare, w,io would gladly testify, und from rcauy o* whom wo ba*'« efcroug lei tors bcariug testimony to tbelr recovery after using our Belt. Ou? SCO pag*o booh ‘‘ THroo Classes c f H o n ,” should be read by evety ‘ troatment, uw/. including ______ work at homo. >.' r «. z ; t-. 1*1 u it w^i co^t y ou n thing, ao 4 may Ub tho of »«ewLog yo*i*‘ r> j 1) • ___ 1 . Tho G r e a test Boon oa S a r th ¿s SSeaitha; :a V K THESE MINNESOTA GENTLEMEN WE 2 STE 2 Ü 3 E.A3ÎS S A C K A A ' B KISKETT V ‘l*lÌ2.'-J~,7Z C7T3EO. _ . _ _ . „ _ ___ . I .ar.o, . i . a :.cta. I?/CC. Dr. A. ¿. ”a^«lea, DoarB'rj-I feat ttmy da y . > \r.‘ ra t , j « a r._ü_i i ' . i i . .r tfantyûur sto ; up . .al Eiec.r.o baio haa d ,ao ell -vo: I!-, bring.-, wealth, happiness and fruitful mairlaí^ W ay WRèTE to thew i — s e e BELOW. ‘ ■ÄSSUBIATEßjar A HO JLTTMBAOO CUJUD9. . . yc i F-ii 1 i ■ •te! 1 *.:o r -- - 11 other caen, and 1 co;i ocras . y r ojmaiaad ría'belo t o c - . y 1 1 •. a tocm.isaiobac^aaui£idü7d.s3ssoíormi37r.cr3. V.*ar« tra¿/v G B 3 E S A I , BBBZEiSTV ETC. Hum’.K'dt M a-\ •, 1 , .*••- Dr. A. X. Saatcc. Daar Sirs-yoa r n mo :, jm t - r* « bel las ouramsr, tmdî'KJroittheafjrt.irejor'■iurrra^ih-.a*';> • - C 07 thrt 1 m cuiod cf tut aixczïa. I haro ntt .-ritto 1 - i Vitvoa to GOJ if tbo 0 jïo wa-- i-stmsac aad I erta rtotr . oworyooo. Y ars \o y t-nly, A. Ü. A- BONS 3ÎQ KE TELAN C L A T KE D . __ gto •i.-'.-., , Dr. A T* Eaados. Doar Pirr - 1 w'sh to ny fcotth > fi* F , o u f 4 51 a .s ofto usa don. tco lot o' cot i. and I r a . : i t, > T - - lîorrreod. Mlmaeset Hand De. - SIrt-Lask winter 1 «affured treat. >. i t ’ \1 d CTar r t uocters und mMjcinti wxt, y A t j tir * :.ocf yourbe. 8. id dnotbelteye T A S X S ä A ■hont anea « tumoik ff t «ttbMal* AJ, U»* re • I - ■ .\*'•* r>s OUKEB I?I C’VE TFEBSBL. iilacoHpoUs, M'nnosa i . ¡ ' —-tonnswer toy url iter of inanfry « i >0 *r wt,'t rtauiarly i-^iae gat ingit. Ifjou rm inlxr, _ «-ylafts de, iimncj so that Xw&sablato dobetllttMwot*. _ o months, bet nf er • week’s usa pt yonr l alt I warn wreaMg ----------- ■ ‘‘ ' -------- Asetsinsif SÜMWS. csvi-eiy'disnppe r and tk-y hare net ] oc it rely o ^ — - - - — — • — — n — u s > u r u a j u . u u u a ( . * c . -»* ,1 i tccj'bo oossrXûAVoCîjbc tthf*fc^¿ÍG IL - i o í ^ *r ca*-mor j too. Yoatot ^ly, .... D r . Satadera’a E lec t r ic EalÉ w iíla i I F ? ~ — nl;; ^aáSB íioiro, •OFU omm « « M :*i -> r rm tett boon «vor glv<m to V M k mon. . \\ d. ' Tboy nr« In tbo worst cos?* iq two or tfareo moavb*- Write fak , • r ¿rt- , cr B loaoy H o f a n d e »1 cur ¿ A m D S N E L € @ T f ^ l O & & , , G u a ^€§ <aé m „ B S i N N E A P O L i e , M I N N .

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 17 Feb. 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.