The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 03, 1893, Image 2

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T H E M O N T A N I A N . PafcRafcad Evary Friday Evaning Tata a Ca., Montana. __ _____ * __ at Choteau 8. M. CORSON, Editor. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1893. T he legislative assembly closed its labors late last night. There was no choice for U. S. Senatoi and the joint assembly dissolved, sine die which, in this instance, is equivalent to a republican elec tion. The republicans are conse- quently very jubilant while the democrats a*Ve c^riesponj|ihgljy^d^f pressed. As predicted, Ihere teas no material change ip.the vote a» east during the past week.^ T eto » C ountt I E b AXII SH a R k U fcHAKfcl!! T hb governor vetoed the bouniy bill en Wednesday. The old bounty law if therefore still in force. T i l next senator from Montana will be a republican. This is not in accord with the assertion of the Helena Independent, but it is the facts in the case. T he people of Chinook, or I no division can be secured. You some of them at least, evident- mu>t not forget that there are Jy feel sore over the defeat of their others interested in the matter, às county scheme. The following o irpeople did in the past, and »up- from the Chino k Opinion, is not I pose that all you have to do is to good talk, e-pecially as the people ask tor what you want. You must have yet to get what they are | try it again, boys, as we did1, and after: “We bave been beaten by John W. Power, who made it hts special business to defeat this bill. He traded every thing iu eigut to make votes against it, and it is a gre it stain upon the legislative in­ stitution of this wonderful state that a division bill possessing the merits that the Blaine coumy bill did, can be killed by the work of one',man. Other bills have already been passed to create counties which will not be near as able or as comf^teut to maintain home govern­ ment. ^ B e n we bave been told that we would forget in two years. We would inform the àutbor of that sympathetic Am burst that thè men of this section are men* of firmness who have started in to cut loose from a deceased body, if you are of one mind you will surely get it if your cause is just— < and if you keep at it long enough. Carlisle, of -Ktmtucky—rDetno^raL CLEVE'S C A B IN E T . The personnel . of Piesident Cleveland’s cabinet, as completed and announced by him, if as fol­ lows: Secretary of State—Walter Q; Gresham, of Illinois—Republican. Secretary of Treasury—John G. Another thing, John W. Power has some influence iu these mat ters, as you must all admit, and you cannot expect to secure his aid in the future if you presist in j«aburing him. The blame is on y.»urown people, as but for the conditions which existed among them Mr. Power could not have prevented the creation of Blaine coun y, though endowed with all the influence you accord him. Your language is a sad comraen- and that the iheinory of an junjust-and I tary on twelve of the sixteen men M arcs came in like a sul Ion old lion, and from the com »only accepted theory it will go out like a lamb, not, however, like 8 strong, healthy, frisky lamb, but like a lamb, nevertheless. Ts XXX will be a meeting at J. G. Bair's ( See at 8 o’clock, Mon­ day afternoon, te discuss the sub jtet of railroad communication with Great Falls. A lull alten dance of property owners is re quested. That there is need of a railroad to Choteau there is no question, and that a proposition to build oue will be considered by railroa d men. there is also none. The fiist is selfevident, and as to the latter we have the word'of one intertsted in the Great FaNs & Ganada, who writes that he thinks that if our people would offei sub •tantial assistance and make the proposition satisfactory to the di rectors they would cousidtr it favorably. He also states that he will be in Great Falls about tne middle of March and thaï he would be happy to discuss the subject with a Choteau delegation at a date to be fixed later. This, we take it, is the first really good •bowing for Choteau outside of the formation of Teton county, that our townspeople have had, and if they do not improve it they will not be wise. Now is the time to make hay. Come to the meet leg and discuss this ?ul ject. premeditated*wrong will ulifaiys- retuain until the timfi^rrives vefaettedfea-ean be avenged.” Now look here, bPdlhe^? Don't be too severe. You Should not be so sure that your bill had every advantage in that it was more just iban any of those presented and passed, and that it was de leated bv one man and that man was Jolm VV Power. You credit Mi who constitute the senate of Mon­ tana, among ihem the best mem­ bers of Momana society. Secretary of War—Dan Lamout, of New York—Democrat. Secretary of Navy—Hilary EL Herbert, of Alabama—Democrat. Secretary of Interior*—Hoke Smith, of Georgia—Democrat. Secretary of Agriculture — J. Sterling Morton, of Nebraska-. Democrat. Attorney General — Richard Olney, of Massachusetts—Demo­ crat. Postmaster General—W, S. Bi«- •ell, of New York—Democrat. Cursious combination, ain’t it I N*-w Stock Commissioners. Thq; ipvernojkb^appointed the following livestock commission ers: Beaverhead, P. H. Poind ex ter; Cascade, Ben Kumney; Oho tcan, C. J.. McNamara; Custer. Power with more power than 1 ^esse Huslon; Dawson, C. A. Dale; what hcor anvothcrone man injihe I ^ eer Lodgp, John Beilenberg; senate has. He may have worked Fergus, S. H. H( bson; Jeffeisou. against your bill, but certainly he j S S. Huntley; Lewis and Clarke, did not control two thirds of the J°hn T. Murphy; Madison, Alex, senators. There must have been Matzel; Meagher, David Pratt; something besides Mr. Power’s in- Park, E. O. Clark; Silver Bow, fluence to bring about such an Geoffrey Lavalh; Teton, W. K ovei whelming defeat. Remember, I Flowerree» Valley. D.ivid 0. Kyle; however, that we are not defeud I Yellowstone, Paul McCormick, ing Mr. Power for His action in this matter but are simply giving your people the light which exper­ ience has let in upon us. The people of this section worked hard Good Advice. TheJTimes, of Choteau, is now agitating the question of changing the name of that town, to avoid for eight or nine consecutiye years 1 emharassing complications arising to secure Teton county, and al- from the‘thesimilarity to Choteau ways without avail until this ses- county^. fWe would advised the sion. Heretofore the people of people of that section to stick to ihe county have protested against I the time honored name of Cho- N 83 C L H 3 CTQ 5 \ ! & 0 o 3 •o fid 3 ir 3 W E f a a a a a w ^ u g S * g ® ■ ► ^ * - 2 O'* M ► 0 as n . ^ w H o w m f\T¡ O w a di virion and even\ among our own people there was a lack of unity which, together with the general antipathy againt making new cc unties,-invariably knocked us out. This time, however, we went into the fiirht for division teau.—Ohinook Opinion. THE MONTANA united. There was no opposition (àem.) B* cause. It is now suggested that the name of t he town of Choteau be changed. Why not name it ¡Smoothy, or Hamilton!—’Valley County News. I All kinds of wood work neatly, AND OJLÍR^aiA.GfÍHÍÍ S I Ï 0 3 P . that amounted to anything and we si cured what we had so long -ought lor without a dissenting voice. Your people on the other hand, were not only disunited but the people left to the old county were opposed to any further di vision ;it this time, and that is one of the ‘lungs that went against you. Then again you did not have tlie cuu?«e that our people had. You had railroad communi ca\'o1 j n il w did not. Your *» j if-i * ii ...y was among your own people. The*>e, we take it, were the causes of defeat at this itneand unlesa ike people of the proposed new county can unite, their forces and enlist the people of Chotiau county in tlnir behalf, B e tter Tnau a M agazine. The arrangements recently perfected by the St. Paul (Minn ) Weekly Pioneer PreBS for original reading matter for the ensuing year make it more desirable than a magazine, because the Pioneer Press also gives the current news of the day. Robert Louis Stevenson has written an intensely interesting story especially for the Weekly Pioneer Press. It liegin* next week and runs three months. 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The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 03 March 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.