The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 03, 1893, Image 6

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T H E M O N T A N I A N - ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MONTANA STAGE COMPANY. Carrying U. S. Mail b°tween Choteau and areat Falla. Leave Great Fals every morning except Sundays for Choteau, returning every Horning except Mondays. BYRON CORSON. Agent. CROTJSAU TO BBLLEYIEW. One« » «reek: Saturdays, returning Mondays. W, J, WAT80 N, Carrier. L o c a l s - The Talon Exchange is now open day and night, Hardy F. England & Co., p ro­ prietors. Clerk of the District Court McDonald ia in town this week preparing him sell for the duties of his office. W. K. Fiowerree, Teton county’s new stock commissioner, was in town last evening from his Sun River randh. A. N. Dean and wifo, of Dupuycr, have been spending a week at the county seat'. 8. L. Potter is in town from Dupuyer. this week. County Commissioner Taylor goes to Benton to-morrow to assist in adjust­ ing the indebtedness between Teton and Chote&u counties. Willi) Lints and Eddie Risley were over from their North Fork domain one day this week, their first visit to the city since last fall. Silverman & Cohen's new warehouse is rapidly assuming an imposing -ap­ pearance. It will be the largest building yet put up in Choteau. Choteau is blessed with two excellent physicians in whose care the people may place their health with the assurance that il will be well taken care of. County Treasurer Bristol came ia •from Robare on Monday and is now prepared to qualify and take the oath of office as soon as the commissioners are ready to receivo and approve of his papers. About «11 the new county officers ex­ cept. Sheriff Hamilton and Commission­ ers Flint and Clark have been, in town this woek making the necessary prepara­ tions to assume the duties of their sev­ eral offices. The Teton P< unity ball last Tuesday evening when tiio yeouug folks danced out of Choteau county into Teton coun­ ty, was a most enjoyable affair and well attended. 8upper was served by Mine Host Fowler, at the Valley restaurant, and was one of those feasts for which he is becoming famous. Gibson & Walker will begin the erec­ tion of a large business house on the cor­ ner of Main and Hamilton Sts. as soon as the weathrr settles sufficiently to allow the excavation of a bailment, rock for which is now being placed on the ground. The building will be 25x70' feet aud two stories high. It will be a frame struc­ ture. Dr. Drake has remove his office from over the Valley restaurant to a- spit of rooms over the Choteau bank, where he is now nicely located, having a private consul ation room, away from prying eyes ai d earB. This change was neces­ sitated by the increased demand for the doctor’s services which, ol course, will continue to grow as our population iu- ereases and the doctor becomes better known. Judge Traxler, at Sun River, is insti­ tuting inqueries as to the whereabouts of Theodore Maun, of Alsace-Lorraine, Germany, who was last heard of at Sun River. Maus’ letters were addressed to him at that place in care of Theodore Mumford, who now lives in Great Falls, but he has not seen Maus for some time and has lost all tiack of hi:n. Any in­ form ation concerning bis wereabouts will be tbanfuliv received by the judge and by Maus’ people in Germany. B orn —On. March 2, 1893. to Mr. au-1 Mrs. F. Robinson, a sou, the first child born in Teton county. Mrs. Robinson has been sick for some six or eight weeks, coming here from Blackfoot for medical treatment and the fact that she has given birth to a child and that both are doing well is a pleasing announce­ ment. To-day Professor Bair closes his term- of teaching the Choteau school prepara­ tory to assuming the duties of superin­ tendent of schools for Teton county and to which position he was ap­ pointed by the legislature. Mr. Bair has been an efficient teacher and is am­ ply qualified to perform the new duties which will devolve upon him. Mrs.Gao. Barron will succeed Prof. Bair for the re­ mainder of the present term. Robert L pc Mania was up before Judge Dunlap yesterday afternoon for assault­ ing and seriously wounding with a knife 8uel Christian, some days Bince at one oi the Flowerree ranches on Sun river. Late,last night after the testimony wai all in, the judge discharged M inis, it appearing to His Honor that Christian was the assailant and that Manis did the cutting to prevent himself from get­ ting a severe pounding at the hands q ! Christian As to the merits of the case we are not advised, but the fact\ re­ mains chat there was unlawful Achting within the precincts of Teton county and that neither of the participants were punished. Wm. Bruce returned from a trip to Chinook and the Milk River country on M o n d a y evening last, after a ten days absence. He has a contract for the construction of twelve miles of the North Fork Irrigation canal, just below Chinook. The canal is to he taken out of the North Fork and will irrigate a fine scope of country lying in the Milk River valley adjacent to Chinook. This will supply a long felt want in that sec­ tion and will make it blossom as the rose. Mr. Bruce expects to begin work as soon a s the is out of the ground and will have it completed by the 15th of June, though he expecte to have it done long before that time. Mr. Bruce re­ turns highly pleased with the prospects, the valley and the people of that sec­ tion, and predicts that with the storage of water and irrigation of these lands it will be one of the finest agiicultural sections ofbhe west. JLV. J . i l L i t t u e W H I L E S . S tate of O hio , city of T oledo , ) _ L ucas < ounty , \ 83 F rank J C heney makes oath ihnthe is the senior partner of the firm of F. J. C heney &'C o ., doing bu-uness in the city of Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and that, mi id firm will nav the' Slim of ONE HUNDRED D O L H R 8 .far each and every case of C atarrh tlmt cannot be cured by the use of H all ’ s C atarrh C ure . F rank J. C heney . - tiworo to before tne and subscribed in nav presence, this 6th day of Dec., 1886. j L S’ l Ä. W. C levson , N ot a iy P ublic . H ill’s Catarrh Cura is take i internally and acts direct] v on the nlood ami mu­ cous surfaces of tile system. Send for testimonials, five F. .J. C hkney S l o , Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists. 7öe. Ripans Tabules cure the blues. Ripans Tabules purify the blood. Th« Following* Letter from Walkerville Where tlei» Now Located. The following letter was re­ ceived last Friday evening from Rev. J. H. Little, who for several years paid Choteau regular month ly visits to preach the gospel to the people of this section. As the many friends of Mr. Little in this section will be pleased to hear from him we take the liberty of publishing his kind letter in fill’: W alker V illb , Moot., Feb 21,1893.— 8. M. Corson, Esq., Cboteau, Mont. D ear S ir : It is with a great deal of pleasure that I read T he M ontanun •very week, and thus keep posted in the affairs of Choteau. Allow me to con­ gratulate my many iriends in Choteau aud vicinity on the creation of Tetou county, which every one atallacquaint- e i with the country must admit to be an act of juctice t > the people of tb e western part of what used to be Choteau county. . I read with a great deal of pleasure the arcount of banquet given in honor of that event, and the long list of sub* jects and speakers, must have made an .snjoyable season to all who were for­ tunate enough to be present. There a^e several things-that I would like to congratulate the people of Cho­ teau upqn having, but time, nor space will not permit. I do feel interested in the religious welfare of Choteau, a place that I visited as often as my other du­ ties would permit for over fire years, and I am glad that you have a minister of the gospel residing among you I hope be will be successful iu building a church that will be both an ornament and a blessing to tho residents of the new county seat. What changes have taken place since I Qrst visited Choteau, over seveu years ago! Why it seems to me (judging of of course from the reports given in T he M ontaman ) that you are making won* derful improvements on a place alroady favored by nature, you are no longer a hundred a;jleB from any where, but have alf tho appliance's right m your midst of aF~biftrutiful a county seat as can be ■found anywhere ia beautiful M ontana. The only fault I have to find with n»y friends of Choteau is, that they have n i t been as enterprising as they might have been in the pftBt, but I imagine now that they have tho county seat, that they will try to build up Choteau, and make it au important town of Northern Mon tana. Why, Sir, you have such a variety of interests, and such magnificent natural advantages, that io ten years from now you ought to rank nraoug the manufac­ turing towns« I M •n»ana,grindineyour own wheat into flour,and crushing your o wn oats into meal, and making your own wool into cloth. I know this may seem visionary even to the most en­ thusiastic friends of your section, but I believe it possible, aud if a few of your enterprising capitalists will offiy make a start in the right directi on, they wil P o w d e r : The only Bure Cream o f Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum. Used in Millions of Homes-^40 Years the Standard. soon find otberanoome to their support, I have said enough for this time.iome day I may write you again. Kind re­ gards to my .many friends in Choteau and vicinity, Youry truly, J. H. L i m a . UNDEk BONDS. Not That W h ich Gall, However, For T’was Love W iiieh W ove Them. [Lapere, (Mich.) Clarion.] “ One of the happy weddings of the past week occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Lundy, Hunters .Creek, Feb. lBt, at two o’clock, when their daughter, Miss Ida, was united to .Fred Palmerlee. It was » beautiful affair and many friends had been invited to witness it. The groom was attired -in the conventional black suit and the bride was beautiful in. cream colored cashmere en train and carried A boquet of carnation pinks. Chas/ Gates and Ella Lundy acted as groomsman and bridesmaid. Rev. P. G. Robertson per­ formed the ceremony, after which all partook of a luscious weddiDg banquet and joy crowned the feast. The ela* bora ted array of presents embraced the following:” Here follows a long list of valuable and beautiful presents including a beau­ tiful biography and historical family record in book form, iacluding their marriage certificate. This last was presented bv the officiating clergyman, Rev. P. G. Robertson The many friends of Fred Palmerlee, who wae for sometime a resident of Choteau, will be pleased to learn of his good fortune and Tax M ontahia N joins them in wishing the happy couple' mtich happiness iu their new relation. May they live long and ’09 happyl - ■ - m 9 » M -I \ r i ll Estrayod. * Dark bay mare, 6 years old, weighs about 1,000 lbs., anrJ branded on right thigh. Reward of $10 will be given lor same. Address: W kabn R owe , Fort Benton, Mont. R B L I G I O U d . There will be preaching at 11 a. m. and 7. p. m. every Sunday until further notice. Also, there will be a social gong and prayer service on each Wednesday night at 7 o’clook. All are invited ta these servicse. R. H. R ebd . B U C K S F O B » A L B . We have 215 one-year-old and 88 three and four-year-old Spanish Merino Bucks from thorough-bred Rams and full-blood Ewes, which we will sell at prices to suit the buyer. Now is the time to get your choice. C owell & W ellenstein , Bynum, Mont. W a t e r fo r Ir r i g a t i n. Notice is hereby given that the jBldo- rado Ditch company, of Choteau, is now prepared to furnish water for irri­ gating ranches, for water power and other uses. For particulars Apply to W. R. R alston , Supt. Choteau, Mont. F O R S A L E . Good claim on the Dry Fork. 108 tons of hay in stack, and about 109 head of stock cattle. Good sherlg, cor- ralls and plenty of water. Cood dwel­ ling houp. Also farm machinery and teams. To be eold cheap for cash Xn- S uire at this office. ct23tf W a n t e d . Agents to sell our choice and hardy Nursery Stock. We have mauv new «pecial varieties, both in fruits and or­ namentals to offer, which are controlled only by us. We pay commission «r salary. Write us at once for terms, and secure choice of territory. M ay B rothers , Nurserymen, Rochester, N. Y.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 03 March 1893, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.