The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, February 22, 1901, Image 4

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T h e Sale Is O ff. • > \The Danish government,” say« the Copenhagen correspondent of the Daily Mail, “ baa suddenly broke off all dealings with the United States regarding the sale of the Danish West Indies. This is due to a satisfactory offer made by the Danish East Asian Steamship company to assist in the future to administer to the islands. The.Amerioan government has been noti­ fied as to this decision.\ SCH O O L . E Ë P O K T , Deport o f Cboteau Public School for month ending Jan. 18,1901. HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT. No. of pupils enrolled 8 Percentage o f attendance .87 No. cases tardiness 8 No. days absence 17 The following were neither absent nor tardy during the month: Chas. and Ollie Wilcox. GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT. No. pupils enrolled ' 30 Percentage of attendance .89 No. cases tardiness 14 No. of days absence 52 The following pupils wero neither ab­ sent nor tardy during the month: Halbert Moore, Friend Zimmerman, Pet­ er Truchot, Bertha Perry, Ernest Moore, Henry Kropp Maggie Kennedy and Lena Moore. NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. Land Office at Helena, Mont, > Jan, 29,1901. \ . Notice ia hereby given that the follow­ ing named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof ' in support of his claim and that said proof will he made beforo A. C.- Warner,U. S. Commis- iouer at Choteau, Mont., on Maroh 16, 1901. vis. Clarence J. Kinua, for H. E. No. 7817. for the SH NEK, SK NWK, Sec. 1. Tp. 21 north, Range 5 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon aud cultivation of said land, viz: Angus M. Bose, Biohard S. Shortridge, Dunoon McDonald and William K. Flowerree, of Lowry, Mont. G eobor D. G m u t k , Bagiaker. First publication Feb 1 ■ DeieH Laod-Fiaal Proof. Moo ! ' ‘Fot Polcatioi. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION FIRST M. E. CHURCH. Derart Land. Final Proof.—Notice For Fntlication. 38 95y 7 32 INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT. No. pupils enrolled Percentage of attendance No. cases tardiness . No. days absence The following pupils were neither ab- -/sent nor tardy during the month:' ' Neely Armstrong, Asa Armstrong, Peter Edgar, Albert Carr, IValter Kropp, Eddie Hodgskiss, Phebe Burd, John Zimmer­ man, Dana Waterman, Robert Armstrong, Louise Truchot, Maude Wilcox, Gracie Kennedy, Orin Cunningham, Paul Kropp and Isabella Peebles. PRIMARY DEPARTMENT. No. of pupils enrolled 31 Percentage o f attendance .81 No. cases tardiness 18 No. days absence 91K The following pupils were neither ab­ sent nor tardy during the mouth:) Willie Hodgskiss, and Myron Cunning­ ham. P hii /I . C ode , Prin. T o C u re C o n s tipation F o r e v e r . Talce Cusearets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c. It C. C. C. tail to cure, druggists rotund money. A B rig-lit, Iloncst, R o y W a n ed. Laud Office at Helena, Mont, Jan. 29 1901. Notice ia hereby given that Magdalena Mertz, assignee of Oscar T. Childress, of Helena, Montana, has filed notice of in­ tention to make proof on his desert-land claim No. 3467, for the SWK NEK. Sec. 7, Tp. 24 north, Range 7 west, before Register and Receiver, at Helena, Man- tana, on the 16th day o f March, 1901. She names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and reclu- matien of said land. Martin Mertz, of Helena, Montana, Fred Fischer, George Miller and Fred Kropp, of Bellview, Montana. G eorge D. G reene , Register. First publieation Feb. 1 ■'CT7'A!TrED—Houost man ar woman to trare V V for large house: salary 465 monthly and xpenaee, with Increase; position permanent; nelose self-addressed stamped envelope. MANAOBB, 390 Oaxten bldg., Chisago; To PATENT Good Meas may be secured by •or aid. Address, THE PATENT RECORD, Baltimore, 4M. MhaertyMoas te Th« Patent Record *1.00 per annum W . N. RUSSELL House Painting, Paper Hanging and Decorating. A Full Line of Wall Paper Always Kept on Hand. Headquarters at the City Drug Store. The publishers of the famous big illus­ trated weekly newspaper, Pennsylvania Grit, are now placing representatives at every postoflico in Montana, and they desire to secure the services of capable hustling agents in each of the following towns of Teton county: Belleview, Browning, Bynum, Choteau, Dupuyer, Elizabeth, Raymond, Shelby, and in such otfier towus as are not al­ ready supplied. The work is profitable and pleasant. A portion of Saturday only is required. Over 5,000 agents are doing splendidly. No money whatever is required. Ever> thing is furnished free. Stationery, rubber stamp, ink and pad, advertising matter, sample copies, etc. Papers are shipped to be paid for at the end cf each month. Those not sold are not charged for. Write to Grit Pub fishing Co., WilliainBporf, Pa., and men­ tion T he M o n t a n ia n . 42-45. B A D B R E A T H “ I have been a.Inr CAMARETI and a« a mild and effective laxative they are simply won­ derful. My daughter and I were bothered with sick stomach and our breath was very bad. After taking a few doses of Cascarets we have Improved wonderfully. They are a (treat help In the family.” W1LUELMÍ.VA N ao EL. 1137 Rlttcnbouse 8t„ Cincinnati, Ohio. CANDY > CATHARTIC ^ L m o m o TRADE MMN OTMTUHR». _ Pleasant, Palatable, Potent. Taste Good. Do Good, Never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 25c. 50c. ... cure co nstipation . ... Merit»» m a r t , C.apsay, Chleigc, Utmtml, 5 tw f w l . 31S M _ T f l . l l I f 1 Sold and guaranteed by all drug- • I U * M l f glsu to CVKKTobaoco Habit/ Give me a Trial Order FINE M ILLINERY U w S t y l e s Reasonable Prices W f i w n ■ n g M ifin r r Mrs- Thos. A . Smith invites those who desire something Fine 'in this line to call at her Millinery Shop. and examine Quality of G-oods and Prices for themselves. F INEST Q UALITY BEST PRICES AT M R S . S M I T H ’ S THEN OR THIRTY-SIX YEARS IN THE ROCKIES, Robert Vaughn’s Mew Book- An interesting sketch, true to life, of scenes and incidants iu Montana during the “ early days.” Au invaluable book in that respect and very interesting to the pioneer as well as to the “pilgrim.” Every “old timer” should have one as a momento and every “new-timer” ought to have one for the information the book imparts. Ou sale ut, , THE CITY DRUG STORE Price, $2.50. U. S. Land Offioe at Helena, Mont., Jan., 17,1901. Notice ia hereby given,that Matt Saile ofClemona, Mont., has filed notice of in­ tention to make proof on his desert-land claim'No.'3431, for the south half north­ west quarter, northeast quarter southwest quarter, north half southeast quarter, koutheast quarter southeast quarter, southeast quarter northeast quarter, and lot 4, section 4, township 18 north, range 6 weet, before C. C. Povington, United States commissioner, at Augusts, Mon­ tana,-on the second day of Marsh, 1901. Hs nameB the following witnesses to prove-the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: Alexander Chisholm and Charles B. Taylor, of Augusta, Montana, Arthur B. Fulton and Axel Swanson, of Clemons, Montana. G e o b o r D. G r r b n e , Register. First publication Jan. 25 DESERT LAND, FINAL PROOF.- N o t i c b F o r P u b l i c a t i o n . United States Land Office, Helena, Mont., J an. 14,1901. Notice is hereby given that Frank P. Marshall, of Rohuer, Lewis & Clarke county, Mont., has filed notice of inten­ tion to naftke proof on Lis desert-land elaim No. 3912, for the lot 6, neK awK* flK ®®M, bv }4 seK.seK *®K. 0 ®c. 6.swK bw K> and bw K bw K, ®ec. 5, tp 20 north, range 4 weat, before A, C. Warner, U. S. Com’r at Choteau, Mont., on the 2d day of March, 1901. Ha names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: Angna M. Rose, Duncan McDonald, Murdoch McLeod, of Lowry, Mont., and Angus Bruce, of Choteau, Mont. G e o r o e D. G r e e n e , Register. First publication Jan. 18 Land Office at Helena. Mont,' ) ; v - . / * ■ J f l m ^ i g p i . > Nptice;is. hereby given that the follow­ ing named/settler has filed notice of his intention tbxnake final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will Jbe i madebefore A. C. Warner, TJ. S. Com- ‘ miesioner, at Cnoteau, AIouL, on March 9,1901, viz: Daniel V. McCormick, for H. E. No. 6850. for.thq S K NEK>- Sec. 35, Tp. 25 north, Range 4 west. .. ■ He names the following. -.witnesses to prove liis continuoue/dresidenca upon and cultivation of, Baid-land, viz: Zachary T. Burton, Ulysses G. Allen, Eustace A. Woods, of Choteau, and Mar- tiu A. Monson, of Farmington, Montana. G eorge D. G reknr , Register. First publication Feb. 1 CONTEST NOTICE. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. Pernor Haxlett Street and Choteau Avenue, • >. ,. r.O. K. Cusirz-OUAM. Pastar. ' Public services every Sundav at 11 a/m., and ' « p. m. Suuduy-school at , 1 Epworth League'at 7 p. m.. k / .;,- - Prayer-meeting every Tharsdajr eveuingat. ' 8 o’clock.. . \ Everybody welcome. United States Land Office, Helena, Mont., Feb. 14, 1900, , s NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Land Office at Helena, Mont. Jan. 12,1901 Notice is hereby given that the follow­ ing-named settler hnB filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his olaim, and that Baid proof will be made before A. C. Warner, U. S. Com’r at Choteau, Mont., on Feb. 23,1901; viz: OLUFO. LINDSETH for HE No. 7769, for the nwKi 0 ®c. 26, ■K awKi see. 23, tp 25 north, R 4 W. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Ole Thompson, Lanris J. Otuess, Carl Hansen, Gander Hanson, all of Farm­ ington,-Mont. G e o r g e D. G r e e n e , Register. First Publication Jan. 18. Order. TERMS OF COURT. In the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Mon­ tana, in snd for the counties of Teton and Flathead. “ In the matter of fixing the' terms of Co’urt to be held in Teton and'Flathead counties for the year 1901.” It is hereby ordered iu accordance with the provisions of Section 38, of the Code o f Civil proceedure of the State of Montana, that during the year 1901, there will be held four terms of Court in each of the Counties of the Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Montana, and that said terms be held as follows, to-wit: TETON COUNTY. Mnroh 11th, June lOtli, September 9th, December 2nd. FLATHEAD COUNTY. March 25th, June 24th, September 23d, December 16th. ' Dated, January 2nd, 1901. D. F. S mith , judge. Filed January 4th, 1901, McDonald, clerk. A true copy. Attest, S terling M c D onald , . Clerk. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Laud Office, ) Helena, Mont., Dec. 28,1900. } Notice is hereby given that the follow­ ing named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before C. C. Covington. U. S. Com­ missioner, at Augusta, Mont., on Febru­ ary 15th, 1901, viz: LOW ELL CARMICHAEL, for homestead entry No. 10642, for the N K NEK, N K NWK. section 15, town­ ship 19 north, range 5 west. Also ANDREW J. JOHNSON, for homestead entry No. 7335, for the SEK, section 3, township 19 north, range 5 west. They name the following witnesses to prove their continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Nicklas Johnson. Charles Peters, and Treffie Bergeran of Augusta, Montana, Thomas Devine, John H. Burke and Edward L . P. Burke of Hogaj, Mont. G e o r g e D. G b e b n b , Register. First publication, Jaa. 4. To the heirs of Richard Diokens, de­ ceased. A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed in this office by George W. Mc- Nassor, of Augusta, Moutana, contestant, against homestead entry No. 6585, made July 20,1893, for Lots 3 and 4, Section 31, Township 21 north, Range 7 west, by Richard Dickens, oontestee, in which it is alleged that said olaimant died on or about the ----- day o f ------- 189—. That said olaimant and hi«'heirs have wholly abandoned said tracts, and changed their residence therefrom for more than six months prior to the expiration of five years from date of making said entry, and lor more than six months last pRBt, that .said tract is not settled upon or cultivated by snid parties as required by law; and that •aid abandonment was not due to employ­ ment in the military or nuval service of the United States in time of war; said parties are hereby notified to appear re­ spond and offer evidence touohiog said allegation at 10 o’clock a. m. on April 1st, I 1901, before C. C. Covington, a U. S. ‘ Commissioner at hia office at Augusta, Montana, and that final hearing will be field at 10 o’clock a. m. on April 8, 1901, before the Register and Receiver at the United States Land Office iu Helena Montana. The said contestant having, in a proper affidavit, filed February 14, 1901, set forth 1 facts which show that after due diligence, personal service rtf this notice can not bo made, it is hereby ordered and directed that such notice be given by due aud proper publication. G e o r g e D. G r e e n e , Register. First publication, Feb. 22. ■ ] P : '£ S O i nE S Ö X Ö 3 S r J L . X J. ■ L LAWYERS. J. Gr. B A I R ; : ATTORNEY'AND COUNSELOR! ’ . . . J AT LAW. CHOTEAU, . . . MONT. ■ Telephone 21. PHYSICIANS p O G T O R b r o o * ^ N e x t door te C o u rt Heusa. W. H. S tearns , M. ÎX PHYSICIAN m SURGEON Office at residence. (Harris’ house.)’ OHOTEAU, - - - MONT.. D R . E A R L E S T R A I N , • OCULIST a AURIST. 317 First Avenue North, G r e a t F a l l s , M o n t . O f f i c e H o u r s — l p. m. to 4 p. m. NOTARIES, E t c . A . G- W A R N E R NOTARY PUBLIC, U . S. COMMISSIONHE,, authorized to receive „ K: lingo a F inal P roofs on P ublic - L ands . GHOTEAIJ. - - - - MONT, N o t i c e —C o u n t y C la im s . All olaima against Teton county muBb be filed with the undersigned not later than 5 p. m. Mar. 2nd, 1901. Claims not so filed will not 'be considered at the Mar. meeting o f the County Commission­ ers, but will be laid over, without action, until the following regular meeting. By order of the Board o f County Com­ missioners. A. C. W arner , Clerk. Choteau, Mont., Feb. 8,1901. Put up your team at the SUN RIVER BARN on your way to Great Falls. A. R oknoh , Prop. tS f G o e d Teems always reedy for reley or other service. C. H. Drake the drnggist, will refuud you your money if yon are not satisfied after using Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver tablets. They cure disorders of the stomach, biliousness constipation and headache. Price, 25 cents. Samples free. F I R E ! F I R E ! F I R E ! Two stoves—one cook stove, aud one heater. Heater good as new. For par- icu’ ars inquire at this office. C tiuken b e a r d Going- A w a y . ----- We will close our Studio in Choteau March first to go into business in Great Falls. We make this statement so ns to give you all a chance to get work while you can get it in Chotean. Yon may never have another chasco to get good work here, as it is a rare thing that a flrst-claBs workman comes to a small town. Don’t put it off now as we will positive­ ly quit as stated. Bemember, cloudy days are as good as sunshine witfi tie. W. H. 'C linjeskbearr . Livery A N D Feed Stable H. F. BAILEY, Proprietor. Having purchaeed the stock and business of Jofin H o b b ins,lam prepared to furnish Livery Rigs and Turn­ outs for patrons. Also to care for and feed yonr team when you are in Town. Comer of Cboteau Avenue and Hamilton Street. I have Baled Hay and Grain for sale and will be pleased to supply all wants in that line. Call and see me. H. F. BAILEY. It nata with yon whether 72.® 1ÇSSiüMSÂa nerro-killlng tobacco habit. ^ removes tho deliro for tobacco, witb out n e r v o » distress, ex] ‘ tine, purines the blooi stores •, lost manhood.' makes you ------- “ \ lnhsalth.xx and pocks t- boxes eusrsntoei BtmbmtMtmUj O -T O -B A C from . — own, drufryist, who „v o n e h forns. Take It with - ------------ petlsnUy, persistently. Ons box,si,usu_ony cures; 3 boxes, S U *. ran toe a to cu m , or we refund money. — Ce., Chlss«a, ksatrsal, Raw Tstfc. GET YOUR EXPRESS V ia Choteau & Great T a ils Stage. Daily, exeept feunday. Rates reasonable. Passenger fare $3.50. t B yron C orson , Agent. GO TO L. W. LEHR For all kinds of A N D GROCERIES A T ' L.W. Lehr’s. Telephone No.' 10. MRS. C. P. CRANE MISS NORA SELLERS ■ 3 ILAUNDRY 8 - We are fully equipped’ with the i latest improved machinery to do all kinds of Washing and Ironing. IN A SATISFACTORY MANNER Washing M*ay be Left at the City Barber Shop. CRANE & SELLERS, Pro-s. jy C o r n e r of Mont. Avo. & Cal. Streets Telephone 28. \ W A N T E D .—Cupnble, reliable person in every county to represent largecampany of solid iinancial reputation; 1936 salary per year, payable weekly; 43 per day absolutely svreand-all expenses; straight, bona-fUle, definite salary, no commission; salary paid each Saturday aud’expence money advanced each week. STANDARD HOUSE. 334 D kar born S t ., C h icago . <iM 6 • vi- -

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 22 Feb. 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.