The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 1

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- I . ' *»•> l - p f V O L . 11. OHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA, FRIDAY. MARCH 1. 1901. NO. 44. P E R i SH £\f SIGHT OF LAN D . Over 100 FiM.ple Diuwiti-d off Golden Gate Sain Francisco, Feb. 22—A pilot’s afc- t tempt to briBg is during1 a thick fog the big pacific mail steamer Rio do Janeiro early this morning led to the wreck of the vessel on Fort Point Lodge, outside the Golden Gats, and the loss of 128 persons out of a total of 206 os board. The explanation of the terrible Iqsa of life is that the vessel sank in 15 minutes after she struck, carrying down most of the small boats which still hung on the davits. The officers showed great cool­ ness and the passengers behaved well un­ til the bow begau to sink suddenly. When it was seen that the vessel was on the point of sinking there was a wild panic. Men and women ran screaming to the boats, only to find them not low­ ered. Over ono hundrod Chinese were huddled together below, simply dazed with terror. Many jumped overboard and were carried down by the suction of the steamer. All about was thick darkness which probably prevented many from eB- ( caping. The most prominent passenger of the steamer was Rouusville Wildman, United States consul at Honlcong, who was ac­ companied by his wife and two children. All were drowned. ’Ihe ship was in com­ mand of Pilot Frederick Jordan when she struck. He was rescued. Oapt. Wil­ liam Ward went down with his vessel. Reports as to his fate differ. ¡Some 'say that he remained on the bridge until^ the last, directing the lowering of the boats, while others claim that when he Baw that further efforts were useless ho went into 'his cabin,.loplpid the door-and presumab­ ly committed suicide, as he had threat­ ened to do if he over had a wreck. The fate of Consul General Wildman aud his fnmily was settled by Mrs. West, who saw them all, except, one ehild, in a email boat alongside the steamjr. Just ae the -vessel sank a mast fell cutting in two the boatin which the Whdmans were aud sinking it. As the Wildmans were not seen afterward they doubtless sank with the vessel. .Black Kyii For Join lists. Gov. Stanley signed the Harrell tem­ perance Lili, recently passed by the Kan­ sas legislature, which makes plaoes where liquor is sold common nuisuaces, and al­ lows tha county officials to confiscate the illegal stock. Aaothar temperance bill by Hurrell ia in the hands of the judi­ ciary- eommittoe. It provides that the county attoraeys have the power to com­ pel witnesses to testify in cases involving violation of the prohibitory law. The Hurrell measure iegthe first of the many temperance bills introduced since the Nation crusade began to become u law. No Exhibir. The senate has defeated the bill appro­ priating 815,000 for the purpose of raak- au exhibit of the mineral resources of Montana at the Pau-Americau exposition in Buffalo. It seems as though the trer.s- ure state could afford to make the small appropriation called for in the bill bnt the wise senators thought olliorwiie and defeated the measure. Bism a rk’* Iron Ni.rve. Was the result of his splendid health. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach, liver, kid­ neys and bowels are out of order. If you want these qualities and the success they bring, use Dr. Kings New Life Pills. They develop every power of brain and body. Only 25 cts at 0. H. Drake’s. A Coming- Entertainment. The Ladios Industrial Society have a dale for March 15, at; wtiiah time they will give a “ Mirth and Myatery” enter­ tainment. An interesting program will be renderod by the best hem® taleat after which the ladies will servo refresh­ ments. Following are the committoe.3 who will have charge: P hogium C cmmittex —Meridians® C. McDonald, Dr. Stearns, C., Cooper, Erickson and Mis® Ralston. E xception C ommittee — Mtsdamos Burd, Taylor, Coffey and Smith. 'R efreshment C ommittee —Mesdamen Cole, Wilcox, Moore, Burton, Dunlap. D ook C ommittee —Moadamos Brown aud Beaupre. An admi«3ion fee of 25cts will be charged for adults and 10 cts for the ^ t children. Bight ! !»»u'•* For Carpi nlihs. Consul Wildinn ji ’ s Oi»*<c*. Cousui General Wildmàn has not b*-en in the U h itad States »nice the Spanish war broke oat. He was appeintrd from California and was related to ' tienator Stewart of Nevi^s, having married a aieceof tue, latter. Hi® servions in the East, covered all the evouts leading up to and including ttíe Spanish war. He was in cemmuuicatiou with Aguinaldo at the timo and wan accused by tbo Filipino leader'of having mad® unfulfilled promis­ es to him, but steadily denied (ho state­ ments to l his ofFect. Mr. Wild man whs on his way homo on leave of absence. Ha wa#a native of Elmira, N. Y.t bnt 12 years «go went to Idaho, where he was an editor'of a paper, zt Boise. About this time Mr. 'Wildman wa® appointed consul at Siagispoie aud after his return located at San Faiu*iceo ukere he tng-ged in magazine work. I The Carpenters and Joiner’s Union o f 1 Great Falls has served notice upou the contractor® and builder®, that they have passed resolutions to tha effeot that after May 1st eight honr* will bo considered by them a day’® work and that tha sched­ ule of wages will b® $4 per day. That similar action will be taken by othar trades union® and by other claiaea of laborers Beams certaia. The eight- hour movement is not ended yet by a long way. ‘ Is, eve i i « I A 'LVaged.v. Timely informal :<m given Mrs. George Long, of New Straitsville, Ohio, prevent­ ed a dreadful tragedy aud saved two lives. A frightful cough had long kept her awake every night. She had tried many remedies and doctors but steadily grow worse until urifed to try Dr. King’s New Discovery* One bottle wholly cured her, andBhe writes this marvelous medicine also cured Mr. Long of a severe attak of Pneumonia. Such curia are positive proof of the matohless merit of this grand remedy for curing all throat, chest and lung troubles. Only 50c and 81.00. Every bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles free at O. H. Drake’s drug store. Sometime during the forthcoming term of court Mrs. Nat Collins will give her illustrated entertainment entitled “Wan­ derings in th® West,” “From tb# great Misaonri to the dome of the Rockies,” “Across the plains, through the moun­ tains aud ever the Glaciers.” Mrs. Collius lias receivod exceptionally favorable press notices throughout th® east aud upon tbo Paoifio oonst where she h«s presented her entertainments. During her trip to Alaska last Glimmer she gathered material for an interesting and instructive talk upon her personal experiences in the Cape Nome goldfields. The illustrations were mado aud colored expressly for lurs. Collins and are pro­ jected upou over 400 square feat of canvas by a powerful «toreopticon, aaing cnleium light. Further uotioa will bo giveu of the time and place of the ontertniument. It Saved Hi«* Leg*.. P. A. Daufortb, of LuGrauge, G., suf­ fered intensely for Bix months with a frightful running sore on his leg, but he' writes that Budilin’s Arnica »Salvo wholly cured it in ten days. For Ulcers, Boils, Wounds, Burns, Pain and Piles^il’s tha best salve in the world. Cure gnrauteed Only 25c. Sold by C. H. Drake, druggist Put up at the City Stables when go to Great Falls. 20-fcf. Bailey «feErieksou, Props. you o o o o i x t o o o e e o c o o p t w i w i e o o o c e i w o o c K M K K x X K X y g e o w » . ^ ; . ' o i k k » OQ8>ooo4»i>ip<M>ooPO<n<w>t>c»t>^K»t»«>tMfrp«XfrOotKfr<xi»- W - \ W J Ö O O O C i Q O O » C O O IW tO O » C O O O O - O - O Î K K H Î \ Read pur “Ad V \ \ ^ j OOiWOOOOOOiHJOOOOWMXIIMMXJWMMI - V ISducnte Your Jlowols T ilth Cuscarets. Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forever. 10c. 25c. If C. C. C. fall, druggists refund monoy. Blood Of Man Aud Monkey. Tho Clinical Weekly, of Berlin, pub­ lishes a description/of u recent discovery by Professors Wussermart and Shuetze of the physiological institute aud Chief Di- t rector Ko«h of a method of distinguish- - ing human blood, whether old or fre«h, from that of all animals bava themonkoy. The experiments showed that tho blood of'monkeys, in respect to albumen, was next in natural affinity to tiie blood of man. The test was based on the employ­ ment of hemolysina and praccipitine. The discovery will be of immense service in the detection and investigation of crime. It will bo of intense interest also to scientists of the Darwinian school as it will tend strongly to sustain their theory of the descent of man from lower orders, presumably from some family of the man-like apes. .... and..,.. Keep Posted. Greeting All Mail Orders \ ...receive.... I Quick attention Ü \ O $M >c<ioooooe4>o0<iio<M >aosoaecoo ___________________________ ________ ______________________________________________________.. — 5— - w \ 7 I < M M »oocoeocea,0ti&o<><:(> c e o o « « o j Our new goods aré already here and coming every day. We would ask a special favor that you TROUBLE us to show you these goods. Do not try to satisfy your tastes with odds and ends when you can get the brand-new up-to-date good.s that just suit you and give you the stylish Idok so much sought for. e c o o l ! e<ssoe<KK9o<i4>oa«&oo4>iH» o o e o o o 4 > e < K r a o t > s « o o c c o t > e « k > dip Story o f A Slave. SPR IN G SU ITS! 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The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.