The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 2

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-*>' > ¡ P i E P U N T A N I A N 1 ^u&lnhed Every Friday at Choteau,Taton Co, Mont. S. M. CORSON, Editor and Proprietor. P r o t e ctio n a n d S ound M o n e y . OFFICIAL PAPER OF TETON COUNTY FRIDAY, MARCH l\ 1901. S enator G ruwell voted a week ago todaj for George Washington for U. S. senator. This was intended to bo funny but it wasn’t. It was very silly. T he house bill appropriating 375,000 for a Montana exhibit at tho St. Louis exposition was killed in just ono minute after its introduction. I gnoring the pronunciation it may bo said that the Spanish machete is net nearly so effective a weapon of destruc­ tion as Mrs. Nation’s hatchet. I f the fusion legislature intends to elect another IL S. senator at tliie session it bad better pull itself together and get to work p. d. q.—or words to that effect. T he Cubans threaten to fight the Unit­ ed StateB uulees they are permitted to have their own way entirely. Said the ant to tho elephant, ‘‘who are you shovin’.” 1 “ CoAiiis only Btored up sunshine,” says -Edison, “ and the rays that fall upon tho earth’s surface today are as full of power as ever they wero.” T he Helena \Record seems to think E. B e n j. Andrews is still a citizen of Cbi- OHgo. However, Prof. Andrews is a citi­ zen of Lincoln, Nebraska, and is at the head of the Nebraska state university. T iie Tennsssee and Wisconsin legisla­ tures have passed laws absolutely pro­ hibiting tho sale of cigarettes in those states. And now Illinois is agitating the same question and seemingly is asking for the same radical legislation. J ohn W. L’ attax has been appointed judge of tho new twelfth judicial district by Governor Toole. The district con­ sists of Choteau and Valley counties. Tattan was defeated by Judge Oheadle last November in the district comprising the counties of Fergus, Choteau and Val­ ley. He will again be scooped out of sight whenever tho people can get a show at him. O ne more murder, or probable murder, ia reported from Kansas during the paat weak aa a result of Nntionizing the whisky busiueas in that atate. This time it was one of the raiders who at the same time was resitting un officer who was shot. How many more murders will have to take place in Kansas before the lawless elements shall be put down? T he bill legalizing the practice of oste­ opathy has passed both houses of the leg­ islature. This is what might be expected of the Montana fusion legislature. Oste­ opathy is a delusion and a fraud. T homas A. E dison has invented a new storngo system by which the weight of the batteries is reduced more than one- half. Eloctrical power will thus become practicable for propelling traction and automobile vehicles. The national congresa of the Daughters of the American Revolution that met in Washington last week elected lira. C. W. Fairbanks, wifo of Senator Fairbanks of Indiana, president-general. Among the state regents chosen was Mrs. D. G Brown of Montana. P hf . s i d e n t M c K in l e y has iasued a proclamation convening the senate in ex­ ecutive session at 12 o’clock on the 4th dry of March to act on appointments to be made or to consider any other bnsi- dce * tbnt may properly come before an executive session. A ccording to tho returns as canvassed last fall J. L. Neihnrt was elected county commissioner of Cascade county over Lewis Roalswick by four majority. The latter however instituted a contest which has just been decided by Judge Leslie after a recount of the ballots. Roals­ wick won his contest by 10 votes. T he pressure for time is so great that both houses of congress will continue in session all day Sunday and probably nearly all Sunday night. T 9 save all queetion of legality aa well as of propri­ ety the Bduate and house will not adjourn Saturday but will take a “reeeee;” these recesses will be made frem time to Time till Monday noon, all bearing date aa of Saturday. The fifty seventh congress bs- gins at 12 in; Mareh 4th, though it will not probably bo in session till the rsgular date next December. R ev . C. M. S hbldon of Topeka, Kan­ sas, author of “ In His Footsteps,” and who believes that newspapers should be run as Jo.un would ran them were He on earth, and that everything should in iact be done as Ho would have ns do it is outspokon agniust Mrs. Nation’s methods. He doesn’t bolieve in her acts of rowdy­ ism in smashing saloons, in snatching c i­ gars out of tho mouths of gentlemen in street cars or on the sidewalks or that it is necessary for a woman to go with dirty face and hands and slovenly dress in or­ der to rebuke ladies for their “ vanity” in being neat, tidy and tastefully dressed. I t turn« out that the 20 masked men who wrecked the aaleon at Mil wood, Kan­ sas, and killed Mrs. Hudson by blowing the top of her head off with a shot gun, were not temperanc# fanatics at all b«t drinking men who had a grudge against the jemt-keeper and took advantage of Mrs. Nation’s saloon smashing methods to reek vengeance on their enemy. But if Mrs. Nation had not inaugurated those lawless raids Mrs. Hudson wonld not have bean murdered. Mrs. Nation is as much rssponsible for that murder as though she had firod the fatal shot. l M ajor H. E. A dvobd , chief of the dairy division of the U. S. department of agriculture, says in his report: “I hesi­ tate to give the total butter production of the United States. I can only give round numbers and the figures are prodigious. Last year I estimated that this country produced during 1899 1,300,000,000 pounds of butter, worth on an average about 17 cents a pound. That mad© the total value of tho tub fruit no less than $225,000,000. No nation produces so much butter as we do. The 1,300,000,000 pounds of butter represent approximately tho product of 10,000,000 cowb . Then we consumed or aent to market in 1899 about 300,000,000 pounds of cheese, worth §25,- 000,000. That is equivalent to the prod­ uct of 1,000,000 cows in the United States. There were probably 17,000,000 bore in 1899. which means that 6,000,000 animals were, in effect, if not in faét, re­ served for the nation’s milk eupply. T hey now have a revivalist in Butte who is «aid to follow Sam Jonee as nsar- ly as possiblo. The yonng man may be judged by the titles of four lsctures he is to deliver during the time he holds revival meetings in Butte- They are: “ The Di­ vine Origin * f Script urea” ; “ General Gus- aedness;” “The Devil’s Boomerangs Up- to-Date;” and “The Twentieth Century Woman.” Knowing what we im ef the man it is safe to say he ridicules the new woman and exalte the old-fashiened wo­ man who was and is little better than a slave. So this preacher baa one decent subject out of four for hie “ lectures.” It will not be forgotten that there has been a groat deql of distress and anxiety among tho leading churchman during the past ytar or two on account of the falling off in church membership. They eannot un­ derstand why it is. How would it do for them to inaugurate a reform among their proachors and rolegato every coarse boor and ignorant swashbuckler to tho rear and see if there is not aa improvement at once? H o w A r « T o u r Kidney* I Dr. Hobbs’ Sparngus Pills cmro nil kUlnoy tils. Sam­ ple free. Add. Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N. Y. ) DISPAI CHES M innesota is the best butter produo-, B U R T O N A N D F A R M I N G I'ON ing region in the world. This state took more prizes than any other state over in Faria and obtained the gold medal m competition with tho vforld. The .Danes were first ia the uniform quality of their butter hut the Minnesotans took first prize for the best butter. r- ^ The bench hay-shippers have been busy this winter, but the season ia practically over. Misa Ethel West is home for a few weeks and her many frienda are glad to welcome her. T he B utte T imes is furious against the laborites who are proposing to put up a labor ticket at the approaching city election in Butte. The Times calls these men and their schemes\ by all the vile names it can lay its pen to. It calls these men “Butte wreskers, highbinders and pillagers, scheming crabs, vermin, dyna­ miters, agitators and disturbers, boy cot­ ters and stranglers.” It declares they in­ tend to “ put on the black mask of villan- ous deviltry and make of Blitte a singe­ ing hell on earth.” It sayB no mayor ex­ cept W. M. Thompson has ever “ dared to interfere with them in their hellish ca­ reer of crime.” “They blind their faces,” says tbs times, “ with masks as the Klu- Klux of the south ars in the habit of do­ ing and escort anybody who is dist&stfnl to them oat and over\ the divide, nolifj - ing them to never let their faces be seen in Butte again.” Skonld the labor, men put up a full ticket, as they propose there will be a battle royal when election day comes around. Change To C a rter. Tuesday the republican members of the legislature changed their votes from Mantle to Cat ter. There was perhaps ne particular significance in this action of the republicana beyoud showiug their continnsd leyalty to Senator Carter, and their condemnation of the treaohereua Herald. That paper had recently pub­ lished a rumor that Salt Lake City was making an effort to have the office of col­ lector of internal revenue fer Utah, Idaho and Montana transferred frem Helena to that city. The Herald then mad© up a story out of whole cloth to the effect that Senator Garter had not done a thing to prevent the removal of the collector’s of­ fice to Salt Lake but that he really favors such removal. It is such dirty werk as this doubtless that makes the republi­ can members of the legislature stick all the closer to Senator Carter. The Cuban Question. The ssnate committee on relations with Cuba have proposed the following amendments to the army appropriation bill: “That \ the United States shall have supervision of all treaties with foreign countries made by the republic of Cuba. That Cuba shall not undertake to pay the debt incurred by Spain in her war with Cuba prior to or after the interven­ tion of the United States. Tliut Cuba shall agree either/to lease or to sell to the United States such coaling or naval stations that, in the opinion of the president of the United States may be necessary to the protection of the inter­ ests of this country. That the United States shall have suf­ ficient supervision of the laws of Cuba relating te sanitation to protest this coun­ try from epidemics liable to eriginats there. It is understood that a draft of the con­ stitution containing these provisions was submitted tm the president and the secre­ tary of war and that they expressed ap­ proval et them. The minority members of the committee expressed themselves aa willing to come to an 'understanding upon these general lines.” Should the Cuban question be settled in accordance with these conditions there will be no extra session of congress; oth­ erwise, that body will soon be convened to take action on the Cuban, Philippine and other important quastions. What would yon do if taken with colic or cholera morbus whon your physician is away from home and tho drug stores are V closed? Aftet such an emergency you will always lceop Chamberlain's colic, Cholera and diarrhoea remedy in your home; but why wait until the horse is stolon before you lock t bo stable? For silo by C. H. Drake, druggist. Ally and Perry West went to Choteau Sunday to attend Sunday School. Miss Hattie Franklin Jjas been ijj end­ ing ti few weeks in Choteau, but is heme this week nursing a slight attack of grip. Ivor Johnnon has lumber on the grounds for a fine residence. Wheeler Cole, teacher of No.- 5, has been sick the past week and Mrs. Phil I. Cole has been tenchiug in his place. There was no sehool Monday and Tues­ day of this week. Will O’Neil and wife, nee Miss Kate Driukwino, have gone to housekeepinglin the Falls. We were in hopes they would make their home on Burton beneh. Mrs. Perry, sister of F. A West, who is visiting her brother, is a prominent Re- bekah from Minnesota. \ The Ladies Aid and yonng people will give a “ Koon” social at the Burton school house on Saturday evening, Mareh 9th. The program will consist of genuine “Koon” and jubilee sougs and choruses, with recitatiens and dialogues of the lat­ est minstral style.. Lunch will be served at elose of program and a general aoeial time will follow. All are cordially invit­ ed to attend. Program and aupper 25c. Do not forget the date, March 9. R ex . T o Cure Constipation Forever. Take Cascarets Gandy Cathartic. 10c or 25c. If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money. Courc Case«. The docket of the district court is not yet made up but the following cases will come up for trial : C ivil C ases . • Montana Land & Water Co., vs. Farm­ ers Co-operative Canal Co., et al. Geo. McL. Peppard, road supervisor, vs. Teton County. Suit for labor per­ formed for county. C riminal C ases . . State of Montana, vs. D. P. Smith; murder. State of Montana, vs. Alfred Gardner; grand larceney. State of Montaus, vs. Percy DeWolfe; grand larceny. State of Montana, vs. Dan McGillis: grand larceny. State of Montana vs. Joseph Deschon; grand larceny. State of Montana vs. Cutlibert McGil­ lis; grand larceny. State of Moiituuaws. Jas.R.Stevenson; grand larceny. State of Montana vs. John Sullivan; grand larceny. State of Montana vs. Geo. Jacobson; grand larceny. State of Montana vs. John F. Hughes; grand larceny. Orcg’ou Deatllo k Broken. At the very last hour of the session of the Oregon legislature Saturday night last John H. Mitchell was chosen sena­ tor to aueceed Senator McBride. On the 53rd ballot and the 25th fer the day Mitokell received 46 votes, 11 of whieh were democrats. John H. Mitchell had been three times previously elected and had served 18 years in the U. S. senate. Six.yeara ago ,he was defeated by a belt of about 10 re­ publicans. The cause of the bolt wae Mitchell’s pro-silver views. He waa one of the great lawyers of the senate and one of the most conspicióus members of that exalted body. His olection at the present time should bo causo for congrat­ ulation everywhere among those who ap­ preciate brains and eloquence. ___ — » » O ■—* —— B e a u t y I s B l o o d B e e p . Clean blood means a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar­ tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by stirring up Ihe.lazy liver and driving all im­ purities from the body- Begin to-day to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blaekneads, and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents. All drug- aists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c. 25c.50c. Parties wanting Lethbridge coal.willdo well to leave their - orders ‘ at the'-' Tele­ phone. office., , Any quantity desired. Promptly delivered. ~ tf. ---------- ♦ . ♦ ’— ---- ---------- P e n a iim B i l l V e tuotl. . - — : — t Governor Toole announced his first ve­ to Saturday of the present session of ■ the legislative. It was Mclntire’s house bill No. 18 prohibiting the management of tho soldier’s home from nsiDg any part of the pensions received by inmates of the institution at Columbia .Falls. The governor’s reasons, are in part as follows: “ I have the honor to return herewith to the house of représentatives house bill No. 18, with my objections to the same. This bill proposes to repeal section 2528 of the Political Code, which reads as fol­ lows: “ That any and all persons admitted in­ mates of the said home shall assign to the home, for its support ns much of the pension as the Board may deter­ mine; Provided, that the amount in no case Bholl exceed two-thirds of their said pension.\ (Sec. 2528, Aet approved March 18,1895.) “If it wa* wise to provide under tho law establishing the soldiers’ home, aa I think it was, for the contribution on the part of those admitted, mentioned in sec­ tion No. 2528, every consideration that eould have been urged then to justify the ■gme obtains now with even greater force, in view of the large number of education­ al, penal, reformatory and other institu­ tions maintained at public expense. Sim­ ilar provisions exist, as far as I have been able to ascertain, in every state of the un­ ion where Buch homes are maintoined at state expense.” W T A N T E I C a p a b l e , reliable person in v v every county to represent largo com p a n y o f s o lid financial r e p u t a t ion ; 393ti salary por year, payable w e e k ly; 85 per day absolu tely sure and all expenses: straight, bonn-fldc, dofinito salary, n o com m ission; salary p a id each Saturday and expense m oney advanced each week. ST A N D A R D HOUSE, 331 D kar - uopn S t ., OmcAGO. 42-i6 PETER JOYCE’S Restaurant I now nm loc:itod in the St, Clair Building where I am better prepared than ever to \ 'Outer to my Friends’ Hequiiemcnts. --- » • • ■ Meals at all hours of the Day or Night. Best of Service Guar­ anteed to all. i — THE CASCADE BANK of Great Falls, Mont. I Incorporated under the laws o f M ontana. A p r il n, 1 Capital - - $70,000. Surplus - - - 15,000. 6. E. A tkinson President, Jacob Switzer V ice-President, F. P. A tk in s o n Cashier, Vf. n . M iller Assistan Cashier. BlRECTOKn: / 3. E. Atklnsen, F. P. Atkinson. Peter Larson . John J. Ellis, Jacob iwlteer, W. W. Müler. A «on e r a i banking b u siness transacted, In­ terest a llowed on tiaae deboslta. i I Anyono sending a sketch and description may I quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an I invention is probably patentable. Communica­ tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents. Patents taken through Slunn & Co. receive special notice, without charge, in the Scientific Am e rican . A handsomely illustrated weekly. T.nrgest cir- mlntton o t any sdentine journal. Terms, $-3 a rear; four months, fL Sold by all newsdealers. MIINNÄPn 361 Broadway, NßwYnrk ir » 1 V V J» > * t ) i » V.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.