The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 3

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! r \ ■ THE MONTANIAN. ___ * ____ Local News Items. The county commissioners will m*et next Ifond y in regular session. Childrens’ day March 36fb, nt the Beaupre House. W. McManus of Great Falla was here Wednesday. He is dealing in Home Comfort stores. Ernest Schultz, an old-timer in this locality, left yesterday morning for Pres­ cott, Arizona, where he goes for the bene­ fit ot Since the ventilation of the jail has been so much improved under the direc­ tion of Dr. Stearns the inmates there breathe more freely. Sterling McDonald returned Wednes­ day from a trip to Tort Benton o n ' buei- ness connected with the receivership of the Cheteau bank. reservation, who baa/Héèn in charge of the old agenoy on Badger' creek, has re­ signed bis position rather' than accept a transfer to IheUte reservation located at Ouray. Utah. t M. D. Cooper returned Monday from a long stay in Helena, Boulder and other places v/here he formerly lived. Mr. C. is as mack in the dark as to the senator- ( ship as any of us. The senatorial con­ test seems to bo n genuine mix-up. Dr. Beaupre, who has had charge of the treasurer's office fer' the past several months, will vacate the same Monday turning it over to Mr. Gordon, the new treasurer.' The doctor has done good work while in eharge of the treasurer’s office and this fact is recognized by every­ body. The Ladies Industrial sooiety met on Wednesday afternoon'with Mra. Prof. Cole. They dacidad to give an enter­ tainment on the night of March 15th as will be seen by their announcement in another place. The next meeting of thè sooiety will be held in the ehursh Wed­ nesday afternoon, March 13th. Monday night a number of musically inolio sd young people gathered at the pleasant home of Mr, and Mrs. Adlam where they spent a delightful eyening. Those attending were Tom Harris, Chas. LeBresoke, A.E. ¡Woods and Grant Gor­ ham and the Misses. Geneva and Alice Zimmerman and Celia Fitzpatriok. Mr. and Mrs. Hallnday were down from Baymond to attend the Washington birthday dance. Tobe Burke returned last week from a long stay in the mountains and at the Sun River Hot Springs. Rod McLeod was in town from Lewry the first of the wsek shaking hands with his friends. — ------ / ---------------- J. E. DeHaas returned lae-t Friday, from a two week’s stay nt the Sun River Hot Springs, Next Monday Jack Gordon steps into the treasueer’s office to which he was elected last November. Parents, bring your children to the Beaupre House, March 16th, and have their eyes examined by un expert. - One week from Monday the district court will convene. It will have more business than for several sessions hereto- fore. Muddy roads have delayed the mail an hour or so for two or throe days in suoces- dionthis week but it has uot yet failed to come. J. A. Kennedy took his departure on Tuesday morning for Blackfoot' after a pleasant visit of a week with family and friendB. W. W. Cole who was taken sick with the grip last week had sufficiently recov­ ered to resume his school at Barton Wednesday. J. G, Jaoksou has recoverd from his long sitkness so as to be around and baa in fact again taken charge of the jauitorahip of the achool. A few years ago a cattle boss out north wrote an assistant boss as follows: “Meat me tomorrow moroiag at the Dry Forks. Bring a,quarter of beaf, we are out of meet.” J .B . MeC’ollum, expert optician and eye specialist, of Great Tails, will be at the Beaupre House, in Chotean, March 15lli, for one week only. Fiee teats and fr^e examinations. “I hobbled into Mr. Blaekmon’s drug ■ store one evening,” says Wesley' Nelson ■ of Hamilton Ga., “ andko.nskcd me to try Chamberlain’s Pain Balm for rheumatism with .which I had suffered for a long timj=f I told him I had no faith in mediciue as they all failed. He said: ‘ Well if Cham- 'berlain’s Paiu Balm doss not help you, you need not pay for ih’ I took a. bottle home and used itaccording to directions and in one week I was cured, and have not since been troubled with, rheuma­ tism.” Sold by C. H. Drake, druggist. A marriage license has bean issued by Clerk McDonald to Albert A.. Lloyd of St. Marys and Mrs. Octavia Branneu of Sprague, Washington. Dan Stewart, foreman for the Cascade Land earnpany intends building a new residence on bis ranch. Andy Bontilier has bsen engaged to do the work. The masons have been engaged in put­ ting in the west wall of the old boiler bouse which waB taken out a skert time ago when the boiler was removed. Senator Mithchell’s likeness appears in the Record’s gallery of members for Monday. It looks fairly natural and is a pretty good picture of Teton’s sturdy sen­ ator. Notice the change in the “ad” of the Choteau Mer. Co. on first page. This firm has am elegant stock of mew goods arriving daily, and cordially invites you to call and inspect them. Dr. Brooks was called to see the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman of Saypo last Saturday and found it very low with pneumonia. The latest report ia that it is slightly better and there, are hopes of its recovery. The dance that came off a week ago was well attended and an enjoyable oc­ casion. It was in eommemor^tion of Washington’s birthday, a fact tending to make it a success. Am excellent supper was served at the Beaupre House. “ Won’t you kiss me good-night, dear?” was the question put to one of Ohoteau’s young ladies the other evening by a very pretty young man of this place after bid­ ding ber a lingering farewell at the gate. The fair girl looked at him1 a minute in blank amazement and then said; “ kiss you, no, never; for yon are no Christian, and yon knew I am.” We promised the young lady not to reveal’ any names—at least for the present. A PURE GRAPE CREAM OF TARTAR POWDER D R Highest Honors, World’s Fair Gold' Medal, Midwinter Fair Avoid Hating STowdcrs containing alum. They aro injurious to-iicaltî» County Surveyor Mathews and wife came up from Pondera Monday for the purpose of securing a house preparatory to removing permanently to this place. They did not suceeed in getting a house though a deal is on for the purchase of John Jackson’s residence on Farmer ave­ nue. Mr. and Mrs. M. expect to return in about two weeks. Dame Rumor ia always voluble but she usually knows what she is talking about1 It does not therefore require a great deal of oredulity to believe what Dame Rumor now says about a wedding lomg expected in this community. Such wedding i s 1 to take place at Sand Coulee within a few days if not sooner. It ia a pretty ente sehemo but we shall still have the happy couple as oitizena of Choteau just the same as soon as the wedding trip ia ovei. The “ Queen” with her mighty scepter called at this office yesterday morniug with blood in her eye, swearing vengeance against the editor of this paper. The editor however was not to be caught that way for he had spied her rotnnd form coming down the street, and, surmising her intentions, immediately hid himself under a sheet of writing paper. The “devil” too, being of a timid nature, dis­ appeared also, and up to the hour of going to preas no trace of him has as yet boon discovered. The question ef education is one which should concern everybody and especially should we be interested iu the education­ al system of our own couiity. But how are our young people to seonre a well rounded edueatioa? While our common school system is good it does not go far enomili. Provisions are made in the schoi.i hwa for the establishment of a count.\ in tgh school in each county. Most of the counties in Montana have estab­ lished high schools at a nominal cost. Why not have a high school in onr coun­ ty? Such an institution would b^_ a credit to our people. The Eastern Star Whist Club held its regular bi-weekly meetiag in the Masonic lodge room on Tuesday evening. There t was a good attendance and an unusually pleasant evening was spent. The first prize for gentlemen, a camping, hatchet, went to John E. DeHaas; the first prize for ladies, a ladies bait, to Miss Jennie Ralston. The second prize for gentle­ men, a corkscrew, went to H .*F.sBailej; the second prize for ladies, a pair of em­ broidered garters, to Mra. O. G. Cooper. At the hour of twelve the party broke up, the members going to the Choteau House rrber<ra dainty lunch was served b y ' Mr. and Mrs. Hodgakiss, who know so well how to entertain and how to make their- friends happy. ;,-:v Î When you want a physic, that, is:' mild and gentle, easy to take* and: pleasant in Mrs. F. E . Chenoweth . returned Wed-. nesday from a trip' to Dupuyer. . While effect use Chamberlain’s' Stomach; and there she visited the Dupuyer school and. \ Liver tablets. Price, 25 cents. Samples free. Every box guaranteed, For Bale by C. H. Drake, druggist. spends in the most flattering terms of ' Prof. FlemminS and his schosl work; Death of Mrs. Penrod. A letter received Wednesday, by Mrs. Byron Corson from Mrs. M. E. Stillman dated at Butte, brings news of the death of Mrs. S. Y. Ponrod, which sad event took place in that city on Monday last. No particulars were learned except that ske had keen sick for sometime and thst the seriousness of her condition was not fully realized until too late to save her. Mrs. Penrod's home had been iu Chotean for a number of years. Here Blie had many friends, warm sympathizing friends, without whom she would long since have bsen dead. Mrs. Penrod was in frail health during all the years she lived in this place and her life all that time was pathetic in the extreme. Advertised Letters. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffice at Choteau, Montana, for the month ending Mar. 1,1901: B Arneson Willie Collins Chas. Decoat Frankie Gordon Barney Jacque Frod Lindsay Geo. McCauley Joe Russett R E Steele Lee D Schwab Mrs Jas M Todd Jonah Williarqs John Beahan Katie Crighton Willie Ekland Mrs J C Gordon W L Jones Harry Lund G F Mitchell I A Sliger Gordon Steele Jerry Sinclair Geo A Wilson Edna Wilson 2 Persons calling for any of the above letters, please Bay “advertised.” C. H. D rake , Postmaster. JUt O O O O M K M C K K H H K K K H M N K I O O O a < M M M O O I > O O O O O i M e O O O i > 9 M I The Choteau Hoiise, ! W m . H O D a S K I B S , P r o p . | Located* on Main Street, near Postoffice and Court House. Best of Accommodations at Reasonable Rates. LIVERY FEED -STABLE Largest and Most Commodious Barn in Northern Montana h run in connection. Good man in charge. & je • W0OC0éH>0000000O<»<>0CH>000<M ^ OOOOWHK)0<HHtO<HKIO<KK>^ F. C. BEGIN, - PAPER HANGER HOUSE, SIGN CARRIAGE PAINTING t s r W ALL PAPER -Ef STOCK • Have, also, Samples the Largest Stock of Wall'Paper in the State of Moutanr, Estimates on Contracts cheefully given. Call on me at my. Shop on Main St., opposite the Court House C H O T E A U , ZMIOnSTTAIEsl o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o a o a o o o o o o o o o o o i M t o o o o o o o o o a o a o A O o ( “THE MINT” , OOOOG<mOOOO M I L L E R & L O N C M U I R , — «-PROPRIETORS.-*— A Choice Assortment of tho Finest Wines, Liquors aud Cigars Always Kept on Hand. Sole Ageuts for the Famous and Widely Known Lexington Club Whiskey. Corner of Main and Conrad Sts-. Choteau. Mont. ¿ o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 9 o a o o o o c < i « c o o o o o o o o < x ) o o « o i > o o o a i M > o B eaupre H ouse A . M . B L E K T K T E D Y , P r o p r i e t o r . M a i n S t r e e t , - C h o t e a u , M o n t . O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O - O O O g i O O O O O O O O o o - o o a o o o o o o o THE • CLUB ”§H “ THE RESORT OF GENTLEMEN.” « l 7 1 1 )] f©) | THE FINEST SALOON !N TETON COUNTY | A Choice Line of Fine W ines, 0 a Liquors a.ncl Cigars Always '* Kept in Stocl-c, Ì U. G . A L L E N , Prop, Teleph o n e No. 9. A ■ W a ■ m V ■ ■ W » ■ » w m ■ . *. 6 - ' ■ ' • ' ‘ . . . 8 O O O O O O O O O O & O I X M l O & O O O a C O O C O C O O I M O O O O O O O O O O ' ' t . , l , ‘ -•r '-¿a. . « 1 .* '.vT*«*.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.