The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, March 01, 1901, Image 4

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Lists W ill Not Be Published. i Geigor’s bill providing for the publica­ tion' of assessor's lists was defeated last week in the senate. The priuoipal objao- tion urgad against the bill was the cost of i ' . publication. The real objection doubt­ less was that it would prevent the frauds now practiced by the rioh. Were sucli a law as the Geiger bill in force rich atookmen could uot withold whole bands of sheep or half or two-thirds of their eattle as they some times do now_ They would not dare to da such things. Too many would know about t^ie abort assessments and the rich' would bo broaght to time as the poor always have been. The Criterion. SI.00 a year, 10 cents a copy. The best illustrated monthly magazine of tho kind published. Its pages are filled by a brilliant array of writers and artists. Its authoritative and independent reviews of books, plays, music and art, its clever stories, ntroug special articles, humor and verse, with il­ lustrations, make it a necessity in evory intelligent home. The very low subscrip­ tion prise—$1.00 per year—puts it within the reach of all. Eeliable agents wanted in evarv town. Extraordinary .induct meuts. Write for particulars. A trial subscription will prove it. For sample copy, address C riter io n P ublication (J o ., Subscription Department. 41, liaBt 21 at St., Now York City. Dauber of Colds and Da Grippi*. The greatest danger from colds and la grippe is their resulting in pneumonia. If reasonable care is used, however, and Chamberlain’s Tough Remedy taken, all danger will be avoided. Among tho tous of thousands who have used this romerly for these diseases wo have yet to loam of a single case having resulted in pneu­ monia, which shows conclusively that it is a certain preventive of that dangerous malady. It will cure a cold or an attack of la grippe in less time than any other treatment. It is pleasant and safe to s take. For sale by C. II. Drake, drug­ gist. Will the person to whom I loan-ad my “Remarks by Bill Nyo” please return it to me. J amks JS u i . gkove . A Jirighf, Honest Boy Wanfod. Tho publishers of the famous big illus­ trated weekly newspaper, I’oitusyltutniu Grit, are now placing representatives at ovory postotlico in Montana, and they desiro to secure the services of capable hustling agents in each of ths following towns of Teton cnnnly: Bolleview, Browning, Byumn. Cboteau, Dupurer, Elizabeth, Raymond, Shelby, and in such other towns as are not al­ ready supplied. Tho work :a profitable and pleasant. A portion of Saturday only is required. Over 5,(l()() agents are doing splendidly. No money whatever is required. Everything is fnrnishad free. Stationery, rubber stamp, ink and pad, advertising matter, sample copies, etc. Papers aro shipped lobe paid for at the uid < f each month. Those uot sold are not charged for. Write to Grit Pub lishing Co., Williamsport, Pa., and men­ tion T kp . M(» vtaman . 42-45. “ Ihave been using CASCA51KTSfor Insomnia, with wlilcli I have been afflicted for over twenty years, and I can say that Cascarets havo Kivon me moro relief than any other reme­ dy I nave ever tried. I shall certainly recom­ mend them to my friends as being nil thev aro represented.'' Taos. G ii . i . aiiu , Elgin, ill. CANDY CATHARTIC TRADEMARK RESIBWia> - S g ul 4 t e T f l & y y l S Peasant, Palatable. Potont. Taste Good, no Good, Never Slckon. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c,20c. 60o. ... CURE ^CONSTIPATION. ... Bltrllng lifMfrtj Company, CMcnjjO, Montreal. Kcir York. 3IS H 0 -T 0 -BAC X i The claim of other'cough medicines to be as good as Chamberlain’s are effect­ ually set at rest in the following testi­ monial of Mr. C. D. Glass, an employe of Bartlett & Dennis Co.)' Gardiner, Me. He says: “I had kept adding to a cold and a cough in the wintor of 1897, trying overy cough medicine I heard oi without per­ manent help, until one day I was in tho drug store of Mr. Houlehan and he ad­ vised me to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and offered to pay back my mon­ ey it I was uot cured. My lungs and bronchial tubes were very sore at this time, but I was completely cured by this remedy, and have siuce always turned to it whea I got a cold, and soon find relief. I also recommend it to my friends and am glad to say it is the beat of all cough medicines.” For sale by C. II. Drake, druggist. N o t co—Sliooliw jj'. Mauy complaints having b3ou uiudo to me of tho reckless shooting, by children particularly, of guns etc , within tho town of Cboteau, I wish to give notice that keroafter the law against this practise will bo strictly enforced. Ponal Co le Sec. 11G1. Every person .who wi'lfully shoots or fires off, a gun, pistol, or any firearm,-within the limits of auy town or city, or any private enclosure which contain^ a dwelling house, is pun­ ishable by a fine not exceeding twenty- five dollars. JAMES StlLGROVE, County Attorney. Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke^Tour Life Away. To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag­ netic. full of life, norve and vigor, take No-To- Bao, the wonder-worker, that makes weak mer strong. All druggists, 50c or $1. Cure guaran­ teed. Booklet and sample free. Address Sterling liemody Co., Chicago or New York. Desert Lnii-Fiul Proof. Mee ■ ■ = For Pttlealioi. U. S. Land Office at Helena, Mont, - ‘ Jan.'17,1901. Nolic« ii^hereby giva* that Matt Sfiile of Clampn*, Mont., has filed notice of in­ tention to make proof on his desert-land olaim No. 3431, for the south half north­ west quarter, northeast quarter southwest quarter, north half southeast quarter, southeast quarter southeast quarter, southeast quarter northeast quarter, and Jot 4, section 4, township 18 north, range 6 west, before C. C. Covington, United Stat«B commissioner, at Augusta, Mon­ tana, on the second day of March, 1901. Ho names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: Alexander Chisholm and Chhrles B. Taylor, of Augusts, Montana, Arthur B. Fulton and Axel Swanson, of Clemons, Montana. ' G eorge D. G r e e n e , Register. First publication Jani 25 DESERT LAND, FINAL PROOF™ N otice F or P u blic atio n . NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION FIRST M. E. CHURCH. Guarantee d TirEuSik.TS.Xji^K- Men uml women of good address to represent uh , .some to travel appointing ugonts, others for local work looking utter our interests. $900 salary Kiiiiruntuod yearly: oxtra commissions and expenses, rapid advancement, old estab­ lished house. Grand chance for earnest mm or woman to secure pleasant, permanent posi­ tion, liberal income nnd future. Now brilliant lines. Write at once. STAFFORD PRESS. 2.1 Church bl., Now Haven, Conn. Mer Celte, Final Proof-Mce For Pnlcation. Labd Office at Helena, Mont., ) Fob. 25,1981. y Nofico is karoby given that William H. Barnard has filed notice of intantion to make final proof before C. C. Covington, 0. S. Com’r at his oilico in Augusta, Mont., ou tho 8th day of April, 1901, ou timber culture application No. 2727, for lots 1 and 2 and Hvr’l, sec. 30, tp21 uorth, rango 7 west. Ho uamos as witnesses: Herman Bokholt, Georgo McNaasar. John Beaton, Andrew Weisnar, all of Augusta. Montana. G eo r g e D. G r e e n e , Register. First publication Mar. 1. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Office at Hoi cun. Moat. / Jan. 29, 1901. ) Notice is hereby given that tho follow­ ing named settler has filed notice of his intention to mako final proof in support of his chum and that said proof will be made before A. C. Warner,U. S. Oomrni«- ioner at Cboteau, Mont., on March 16, 1901. viz. Clarence J. .Kiuua, for H. E. No. 7817. for tho NEl4\ NWJ4, Sec. 1, Tp. 21 north, Range 5 west. He names tho following witnesses to provo his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Angus M. Roso, Richard S. Short ridge, Duncan McDonald and William K. Floworreo, of Lowry, Mont. G eoroe D. G r e e n e , Register. First publication Feb 1 Desert Lani Final Proof,-Notice For Pilication. Land Office at Helena, Monk, ) Jam 29 1901. } Notice is hereby given that Magdalena Mertz, assignee of Oscar T. Childress, of Helena, Montana,has filed notice of in­ tention to make proof on his desert-laud claim No. 3467, for the SWL£ NEj^, Sec. 7, Tp. 24 north, Range 7 west, beforo Register and Receiver, at Helena, Mon­ tana, on the 16th day of March, 14)01. She names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land. Martin Mertz, of Ilelona, Montana, Fred Ficcker» George Miller and Fred Kropp, of Bellview, Montana. G eoroe D . G r e e n e , Register. First publication Feb. 1 United States Land Office. ( Helen«, Mont., Jan. 14, 1901. ) Metice is hereby given that Frank P. Marshall, or Rohner, Lewis & Clarke county, Mont., has filed notice of inten­ tion to make woof ou Lis desert-land olaim No. 3912, for the lot 6, ne)^ swj£, ay>2 s®Ki S'VM eeM> ,e/4 aeM> fi6G- b’. SW& nw^, and dv,H swj^, sec. 5, tp 20 north, rango 4 west, before A, 0. Warner, U. S. Com’r at Cboteau, Mont., on the 2d day of March, 1901. He names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and reola- mation of said land: Angus M. Rose, Duncan McDonald, Murdoch McLeod, of Lowry, Mont., and ADgus Bruce, of Cboteau, Mont. G eorge D. G r e e n e , Register. First publication Jan. 18 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Laud Office at Helena, Mont. Feb. 26,1901 Notice is hereby given that the follow­ ing-named settlo*' has filed notice of hia intention to mako final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before A. C. Warner, U. S. Com’r at Choteau, Mont., on April 17, 1901; viz: OLE THOMPSON for HE No. 7309, for the n}£ nwj^, sec. 27, i tp 25 north, R 4 W. | He names the following witnesses te prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Thoaias O. Larson of Choteau aud Edward Bollrud, Carl Hanson, Gander Hanson, of FnrmingtoD, Mont. G horgk D. G r e e n s , Register. First Publication Mar. 1 Lnhd: Office at Helena. Mont.. • l Jan. 23, 1901. ) Notice is hereby givoD that the follow­ ing named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before A. C. Warner,* U. S. Com­ missioner, at Cuotean, Mont., oti March 9, 1901, viz: v Dauiel VTMcCormick, for tì. E. No. 6850. for the'S& NEJ& Sec. 35, Tp. 25 north, Range 4 west. He i/ames the following, witnesses to provò his contili uohs »yresidence upon and cultivation of, said.lhndi'viz: Zachary T. Burton,^tflysSes G. Alien, Eustace A. Woods, of Choteau, aud Mar­ tin A. MoDson, of Farmington, Montana. G eorge D. G peene . ,' Register. , First publication Féb. 1 Notice of Sale ot Steal Mstateat] P r i v a t e > a 'e | Under authority of an order of sale of roal estute granted by the District Court of Teton aounty, Montana, datod J udo 5, 1899; I will sell at private sale the follow­ ing dsseribed real estate to-wit: The south half of the southeast quar­ ter of seotiou twenty-nine (29) and the north half of the northeast quarter of sec­ tion thirty-two (32), ail in township twen- ty-Gve (25) north, range five (5) west of M. M in Tetou county, Montana, aud containing one hundred and sixty (100) acres. The sal« will be made ou or after Mon­ day, Maroh 18,1901, and bids will be re­ ceived at tho telephone office of said By­ ron Corson, Hamilton street, Choteau, Montana. v Terms of sale, cash upon approval by tho Court. Purchaser to pay for deed. B yjjox C orson . Administrator of the estato of George W. Corson, deceased. Datad, Choteau, March 1,1901. J ames S ulgrove , Attorney for Estate. First publication March 1. Notice—County <11 aims. Uorner IluzleU'Ntreefand Cboteau .Avenue - \ O. E. C ukni * on a it, Pastor.. Public services «very Sunday at i l a. m., and a p. m. .Sunday-school atU:S0 p. m. Ep worth' Longue at 7 p. m. M s Prayer meeting every-.Thursday evening at S o’clock.' Everybody welcome, ^ : 3 O 2 T ’E S S X 0 D S r I ä - X j . , J. LAWYERS. . a . B A I R , * f ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. , CHOTSATJ, - ' - - MONT. Telephone 21. PHYSICIANS 0 o c v ° R ' B R o o i c S j o t o Next door I» Court Houso. '.j W . H. S tearns , M. D. PHYSICIAN @> SURGEON Office at residence. (Harris’ house.) CHOTEAU, - - - MONT. D R E A R L E STRA IN , OCULIST & AURIS7. 317 First Avenue North, G reat F alls , M ont . O ffice H ouks —1 p. m . to 4 p. m. JL- . w . \ yy ■: w sb .NOTARIES, E tc . TERMS OF COURT. In the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Mon­ tana, iu and for the counties of Teton and Flathead. “ In the matter o ' fixing the\) terms of Court, to be held .in j n . Teton aud FJatbend counties f for the year 1901.” ^ J It is hereby ordered iu accordance with tho provisions dt Section 38, of the Code of Civil proceedure of the State of Montana, that during the year 1901, there will be held four terms of Court in each of the Counties of tbo Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Montana, and that said terms be held as follows, to-wit: TETON COUNTY. March 11th, June 10th, September 9th, December 2nd. FLATHEAD COUNTY. March 25th, June 24th, September 23d, December 16th. Dated, January 2nd, 1901. D. F. S mith , Judge. .. Filed January 4th, 1901, McDonald, clerk. A true copy. Attest, S t e r l in g M c D onald , Clerk. “ n o t i c e FOR PUBLICATION. All claims against Tetou county must be filed with the undersigned not later than 5 p. m. Mar. 2nd, 1901. Claims not so filed will not be considered at the Mar. meeting of the County Commission­ ers, but will bo laid over, without action, until the following regular meeting. By order of the Board of County Com­ missioners. A. C. W arner , Clerk. Choteau, Mont., Feb. 8,1901. C. H. Drake the druggist, will refund, you your money if you aro not satisfied after using Cbamoerlain’s Stomach and Liver tablets. They cure disorders of tho stomach, biliousness constipation and headache. Price, 25 cents. Samples free. MRS. ERICKSON’S SUN RIVER P 1 I GEI '-E UR EXPRESS V i a Choteau & Great Falls Stage, Daily, ex -ept Sunday. . Rates reasoimlrh-. Passenger fare S3.50. I B yron C orson . Ygcnt. Meals at all hours and clean beds to ac~ , commddatethe traveling public, . tyhen traveling on this rov.te, give me a call. Location, next doar lo Roench’s livery barn. United States Land Office, ) Helena, Mont., Dec. 28, 1900. j Notice is hereby given that the follow­ ing named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support, of his claim and that said proof will be made before C. C. Covington, U. S. Com­ missioner, at Augusta, Mont., on Febru­ ary loth, 1901, viz: LOW ELL CARMICHAEL, for homestead entrv No. 10642, for the NJ£ NEJf, N Yi NW }4, section 15, town­ ship 19 uorth, rauge 5 west. Also ANDREW J. JOHNSON, for homestead entry No. 7385, for tho SEj 4 , section 3, township 19 north, rauge 5 west. They name-the following witnesses to prove their continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, Hz: Nicklas Johnson. Charles Peters, and Treffle Bergeron of Augusta, Montann, Thomas Devine, John H. Burke aud Edward L . P. Burke of Hogan, Mont. G eo r g e D. G reen e , Register. First publication, Jan. i. (Jt^niveiibeard Going' Away. We will close our Studio iu-Choteau March first to go into business in Groat Falls. We make this statement so as to give you all a okance to got work while yon can get it in Choteau. You may never have another chance to get good work here, as it is a rare thing that a first-class workman comes to a small town. Don’t put it off now as we will positive­ ly q'uit as stated. ; Remember, cloudy days are as good as j sunshine with us. 1 W. H. C linmnbeaji ». I H. F. BAB L E Y , Proprietor^ ■i . ■ 1 ■ Having purchased tho slock and business of John Hobbins, I am prepared to furnish Livery Rigs and Turn­ outs for piitrouS. Also to care for and feed yonr team when you are in Town. . Corner of Cliot* an Avenue ami Hamilton Street. I have Baled Hay aud Grain for sals and will be x»leased to aupply all wants in that line. Call and see me. H. F. BAILEY. Itresta -with you whether yon continue norrc-killlng tobacco habit. removes tho desiro lor tobacco, out nervous distress, expelsnicov^WI V ■ tine, purifies' the blood, I k stores lost tuanhood^^f A l V I ^^^000 boxes makos you s t r o n g . ■ ■ « A U ^ a o l i l . « 0 0 .non in health,nerve^^H V I f MaSLTciacs cured. Buy and p o c k et^f^^^AJl ■ ^ ^ l i O - T O - B A C from book, v^PVU^vour own druggist,who \ 1 1 vouch for us. Take it with M will,patiently, persistently. Ono Bg^boz.fl.-usuaUy cures: 3 boxes, »3.60, ^^^RM^^guaranteed to enre, or wo refund money. ■ V ^ S l o A i a f »*»*<yCe., Cklftco, ■•sirsal, K«w Y n i. GO TO For all kinds of A N D ) ' A T L.W. Lehr’s. Telephone No. 10. IKS. C. P. CRANE MISS KORA SELLERS --HLAUNDRYS CRANE & SELLERS, Pro-s. ESPCoruer of Mont. Ave. & Cal. Streets Telephone 28. W A N T E D .—Capable, reliable person hi every county tdrepresentlargecampany of solid ilnancial reputation; $930 salary per year, payablo weekly: S3 per day absolutely svre and all expenses; straight, bona-fide definite salary, no commission; salary paid oacli Saturday and cxpem-c money advanced eaell week. STANDARD HOUSE. 334 D ear roR-v S t ., C iticaoo , 42-30 -«» \! * •r A. Q. W A R N E R : 0 TARY PU 3 LI 0 , 1 . S. COMMISSIONER, • authorized to receive . i m o o & F i n a l P r o o f s on P u b l i c L a n d s . u m I'KAN. - - - • MOM’. Put up your team at the Sim RIVER BARN on } mir way to Great Falls. T.-E2:2ii l i O G A. R oenoh , Prop. ' JSpGood iViiins always ready for relay or other servici*. W<? are fully equipped 'with t, lie latest improved machinery to do all kinds of Washing ,, and Ironing. IN A SATISFACTORY MANNER Washing May be Left aL the City Barber Shop. . -

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 01 March 1901, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.