The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, October 14, 1904, Image 1

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: \ ■' ;■“ 1 •. ~\v~*U r\'^-f-'■' L’' '\*L‘;VK^\’''v^< V* '’ ’ S' ’S' T^i • - ■i ' ^v V *'' ,* j- *y ■', \-.'”'>* ' v’.-f 5 ^ ; $ JL x x ^ -J r-r '*7' -Í - T~->-•.»■ • ”•■ ®r*« ’.■*,•.,' r--;- ’ -» Yol. XV, No 24.,:. CHOTEAU, TETON- COUNTY, MONTANA. OCTOBER 14, 1904. / $2.00; Per Y e a r .;. ~ »1 G E N E R A L ' . N E W S . Last Tuesday at-, New York Ru dolph Fritsche, a saloon keeper, was arrested on . the charge of having murdered 25. persons by selling to them whiskey diluted with wood al cohol. __1 As the result of> a wreck on the Missouri Pacific railroad last Monday 29 persons were killed and 50 wound ed. Mrs. John'Phillips left her hus- band in Dillon last Tuesday and ran away-with a sheepberder. The de sorted'husband says he will make no effort to bring back his runaway wife. Nearly 300 of the pioneers of this state met at Butte last Monday at their thirtyfirst annual gathering The governor has recommended for pardon one Charles Verona, who was sent to the penitentiary from Silver Bow county in January 1901, for ten years, after conviction on a charge of manslaughter. The base ball pennant was won again by the Boston Americans last Monday in New ‘'York. The game was Mif.nessed by 28,000 spectators. Baltimore, Oct. 10.—The tour of H. G. Davis, democratic vice presi­ dential candidate, through Maryland and West Virginia was begun here to night. The proceedings were marked by great enthusiasm from first to last. Senator Davis received an enthusiastic ovation on his appear­ ance, as did the venerable Ex-Gov­ ernor and Senator William Pickney Whyte, David B. Hill, Senator Gor man and Senator Daniel, all of whom made speeches and all of whom, with the exception of Senator Gorman, will accompany Mr. Davis on his tour. Senator Gorman presided and introduced Mr, Davis as ‘‘the ycdng man.\ Wallace, Idaho, .Oct. 10 —Paul Graff, one of the besc known young men in the Coeur d’ Alenes, was shot through the stomach and probably mortally wounded at 1:30 this morn ing while in the office of the Sunset brewery, the property of his uncle James Murphy, the night watchman and engineer, did the shootii g through a window, not recognizmg the young man and suspecting burg lers were at work, as there was an other man with young Gruff What business Graff had in the brewery office is not known, as he'was not in the employ of the brewery. Young Graff is unconscious, uud his sido of the shooting may never bo known. FIVE H U N D R E D GOLD B R I C K S VUatK'umbsr Sent in One Shipment of Bullion- from- New. York to Philadelphia, ' 1 Fire hundred gold bricks—not the kind so dear to the heart of thè investing agriculturist, but the sort Uncle Sam deals, in—were loaded into the treasure, wagons of the United States Express Co. at the assay office one morning, re­ cently, driven rapidly to the Liber­ ty street ferry and so transported to the' mint at Philadelphia, where they are to be converted inti) gold coin. The total weight of the gold was in the neighbor­ hood of 14,000 or 15,000 pounds— seven or seven and a half tons. Its value was about 4,u00,000, says the New Y\ork Sun. “This is part of a shipment of $ 10 , 000,000 worth of gold in bars from this office to the mint in Phil­ adelphia within the past four or five days,\ said Superintendent Mason, of the assay office. “We send no guards with the treasure. . This is a matter for the express company. We have a contract with them to carry our coin and precious metals and they take all the responsibility from the time the consignment leaves the door of the assay office until it is de­ livered within the doors of the mint. The gold bars are packed in bepees averaging soineiyhere in the neighborhood of $ 00 ,(lòfi to a box. Each gold bar weighs from 28 to 30 pounds aud is worth in the neighborhood of ?S,.000.” In the back room of the assay office were a couple of boxes, on small hand trucks partially filled with the gold bars. “Be careful of your fingers,” said an attendant as a reporter picked up one of the bars and re­ placed it on end by the side of its mates. “You would be surprised to know how those gold bars will pinch if you give them n ehance to. Their dead weight is so great in proportion to their size that their edges will cut right into the flesh if you get your fingers in between. We have to be very careful in handling them.”- At the .United States express S O M E V E R Y Q U E E R LA K ES. Bodies of Water That Are a Source of Wonder to All Who Bo-, hold Them. One of the most singular lakes in the world is the celebrated Pitch lake of the island of Trini­ dad. This lake spreads over art area of 99 acres, and its surface is composed of one great lloulim: mass of asphaltmn, seamed with veins of clear water. From it, and a similar lake in Venezuela, WORLD’S FAIR SOTES. Only about two more months in which to 6 Co t ho World,s Fair. New Jersey appropriate 1 ?25 000 for the colebration * of Now Jersey j Day at tho World’s Fair October t* A portrait of Marquis de Lafayette painted on a commou pit ;*•< of win dow glass during tho sieg< of Valley Forge in 1779, is a featuro of tho art collection iu the Missouu » uihliag al ahe World’s Fair. Iu the Mexican section of the A U T O RIDING IN W I N T E R Co- . ' table. ! Anti.-!-/ Mo I tic in ,|i. iviue I ditci rnli.rts th ' ! ham! s of 11 .<- .. Iy o '1C am' a win ! i : • > ber' i uso I, mu very enthusfns- .lsuii lx -1 ause of t In ittend riding Tin . innsare-'Xircuif- ■ rs suffer m ‘io I > o ( ■ in I In ) ■ >• ’> ■ - o ill I'.o S \ ’■ . ■ 'nisi ni s piirpatn -> the world’s supply of asphalt is : drawn, states the Washington Manufactures building at tho World.s ‘ N°st. Fair are some of the finest and most j The pitch lake is a hideous beautiful specimens of druwn work place as far as \lls 1 sme are con- over mado. They aro in the form of ; cerned, for the air all about it is. heavy with noxious vapors, and \ 80^a pRl°wsi nnd are 1 ° among from the center of the lake gushes ' tho podding presents of tho King of a fountain of liquid asphaltmn, in 1 Spain. . ' i ivhieh there float and break huh ! bles containing most horrible! The buildiug of tho Brooklyn gases. j Bridge, a marvel of engineering, is The workmen go out on the sur- \ interestingly represented in a paint AlO ’ '• - . » 1 i w mr I i'i 1 A a «i 1 i it 1 -1 r Il .V» i up !'.< -■ I-” . Wil” 5 « ' )i rr fl rïïf turc rau I;» d pro- t t 1 l * i >i i\ it-. I, i M i l ( » l • - w hi< h lilVVl lx i n in \ - . . i I ■r ii j i. - o • e i in ■i . U»'* !> i) ( frein ih*• ’ i In spiif Of lin- cty\i '•’»«j t f t ¡«M l r Di. • i ■ ; ! - i .i • » 1 ait ilh'r’ to I« i, Il l: /•ilIn .1 V, . '. ih roui n M*«* o¡ :t •1 • S). :1 1'’» « l J ' * tit r .. fi r tin ei V »* O f a Lis. ti '* J* ' e ••ar. u <- 1 i i-. (•<»\ i 1 ' to lie un ili V d ’ v r fer * 1 . r ■ * - a ■ O a t iti ru: ¡i Il (n e t 1 < face of this lake and cut great j Ing ¡u tho Filla(,0 of Fill0 Ar(ft nt (ho To m 1 1 i1)' Jcrscv win 1 lo -i • ■ o onh o» ;r.‘ . rin U.. I i the it i. I 11 ! u slabs of asphaltmn, which are ear- ried away. But the next morning World’n Fnir h3’ !ho Aniuri$,nu ar,itit the hole they left is filled up again F. L. Marsh. In tho foreground is with the piteli which has risen'one of the hugh girders suspended during the night, so that the sup- from a derrick in mid air, with tin ply seems to be inexhaustible. This curious lake was diseov- city aud river family outlined ered by Sir W alter Raleigh when ^e'ow’ ____ _ ________ flip l< cct *r rm i OM\« 1 and j ? to m > , i J •' * V fr- far W O R K O F ÌRET SERVICE he landed in Trinidad in 1595, on his way to the mouth of the Orino­ co in search of El Dorado. LAR G E EN O U G H T O C O U N T . Most of It 3« ' ■ > i j Counterfeiting —Constai, i a m tho Treasui; Depai uneut. Another strange lake is situat- important Bearing of Little Things in ed on a peninsula which juts out j the Affaire and lives of into the Caspian sea. The whole ; Mankind. surface of tip's lake is covered with | ------- a crust of salt so thick and slrong ! “The longer I live,” observed Ihe that a man can ride across it on ! cashier of a bank down (own, re Am rts L\ etili«’ .'..i n jmi ’ • • T1 c n \ - eu 1 n 1 j i — 1 1 • i h * r\ i f t* pfn who ht* .. 3 hi \ r. - 1 1 i i c. u a < a.« , i ¡IX Ml <'• i ‘ « j : f r » horseback with safety. iates the New York Pres«. the «•Mi < ’ 1 i ' » « • , , , », « _ i In central Asia, near the Caspi­ more I n alize 1 in* in portam |. of 1 • L,** i s » i \ ¡ r i • * *•< tn s i an sea, is a lake of beautiful rose liltle thii gs. Ilei (■ -> a e is • 1 r or 1 : color, while the banks are covered point,” he eontinued, referí ing I\ 1 t . ♦ j... , with salt crystals as while as a letter h * had just n''•eil ed “A Ji ’ ■ r 1 » i’U‘ ll « snow. From the waters of this few week! ago I had two. i lid « Î1ÎD \ - f.-\ o* t . lake there arises a flower like in m\ ofii • •e. one an >\ llal.ii . ei i ni i m m i i .»t ’ll; ’ * , 1 k « odor. The color and the odor are derlv man a lug dopes il or, am : hr t T « , • i n r • supposed to be caused by vegeta­ oi her t ld- president of ;> m i h i 1.0 1 : » i , , ble matter in 1 ho depths. luting i i '•i rn and 11 ■ w i-, t i I of t : • 11 i There used to he a curious lake this h-tn r. This in . ■i|ii... . il ol­ lr • . u ■ on the top of the Volcano de Airua, left a ml s< on after« a . 1 1.<• ! 1 Mila- Ojl « ir ‘ in Guatemala, 14,0(10 feet above the level of the sen. It wasimt fed by springs nor bv m o rs, hut was caused bv accumulations of snow file man discovered flint sono one had take» his hat. He sti.iinil . * 1 1 » o i. i i’li U o-.. -if It 1 lei Lx Six;' '1 sled 1 ll . I t pci (l.lps 1 hl 1 a! I i and rain—in fact, u.tsaii immense ¡ niannfaclmer had taken it In mix take. Thee v itable man <!< m..i.d< d his address and started out to hunt him down and give him *« office it was said that three armed guards accompanied the precious reservoir. It lasted for rent m-ies. metal fr'om the time it was re- .Then one day the* shies of the lake ceived into the express company’s ¡gave way, and down ihe waters wagons until it was delivered into j rolled, dealing death and desinie- the mint, the guards riding in the .tion, and digging a great barran- wagons and express oar all the way. “We recently carried a lot of gold coin for the government from here to San Francisco,” said a clerk in the express office, “and armed guards accompanied the treasure all the way across the continent—not the same guards whp started with it from New York, but relays of guards picked up at points on the way. The coin was destined for the Philippines.” ca, or ravine, in the mountain side, which is still visible. ORIGIN O F B A S K E T BA L L . ¡First Played at Training School in Springfield, Mass., in the Year 1901. of his mind.’ -The o t d a y I read a letter from the manufacturing concern and was axiom-.’ < d to n <• .¡rmrrj: tin- n.M'i' - i: ..Ti. i l . t1 m \f on i-M i 'i . ' > ' L i . : \ . ' pi i -,d i ' ■ Mi iiiiioKily was moiiM-d and I r i:u}“ sorm- inquiries. Now 1 RISK LIVES FOR NOTHING. Mos- ( f Our A puteiVe n:. ! Ci.-. Hn-li. Ii .on,—A Tl •o a in1 E M U L S I S c o tt’s Em u lsion is the means of life and of the en­ joyment of life of thousands of men, women and children. T o the men S c o tt’s Em u l­ sion gives the flesh and strength so necessary for the cure - of consumption and the repairing of body losses from any wasting disease. F o r women S c o tt’s Em u l­ sion does this and more. It is a m ost sustaining food and tonic for tne special trials that women have to beat-. T o children Scott’s Em u l­ sion gives food and strength for growth of flesh and bone and .blood. F o r pale girls, for thin and sickly boys S c o tt’s Em u lsion is a great help. Send for f r e e sam p le. SCOTT & BOWNE. C h e m ists, 4 0 9 - 4 1 5 Pearl St'regt, New York. BOc. and $ 1 .0 0 i all druggists. For Sale. I have two cows, a yearling heifer, a horse, two seated wagon, double driving harness, to sell for cash, ns I am to myve from Choteau to Kalis- pell in two weeks, • F. L . B uzzelu . .We sell old papers at 25 cents per hundred. \ Railway Accidents. Granting that there is a greater mileage of railroad in this coun­ try, the proportionate travel is prok/ibly greater in England than here. What, then, is the explana­ tion of the fewer fatal accidents, or,, ih>- a 1 most total lack of accidents iu that country as com­ pared with the frightful mortality on our American roads ? The ex­ act solution is probably not easy, but the most natural explanation that will come to mind is that the British roads are better managed^ and that they are held to a much stricter accountability by the au­ thorities. Another reason also is the total absence of all grade crossings in England and the uni­ versal employment of the best of safety devices and signals, the block signal system being practio- ally universal.—N. O. Picayune. Mysterious Lake in Russia. A remarkable phenomenon is re­ ported from the Russian rural commune of Schava, in the govern­ ment of Tzareff Koksaka. Inex- plicable sounds were heard for several days issuing from the earth. The sounds varied from something like the booming of can­ non to the screeching of steam .whistles and seemed to come from •a forest skirting the commune. In this forest, where the terrified peasantry gathered in expecta­ tion of some calamity, the earth was seen to heave incessantly. Gradually huge cracks appeared, water was seen, at last the earth seemed gradually to sink, water rose, and-'iliere appeared a new lakh of considerable extent,-which is now being examined by geolo­ gists.—Detroit Free P\epa. ,• Me and-Me'thusalar will! be there October 26. Basket ball as a 'recreative game is unique in its origin for two reasons. Firstly, it is onrom*, ¡positively sure, home American production; seconrih, the name, date and place of its authorship are exacth known, CuM. n Days. Of no ot her game in all iin- category can this lie said: 1 lie- birth of the bulk of them is bur n-d in an obscurity which reaches be­ yond the cuneiform covered, baked clay tablets of Babylonjind the hieroglyphie-s of the remotest Egyptian records. Basket ball, on the other hand, was born in the year 1901' at fSpringfield, Mass., and its author was James Nainsmith. In that town is a training school connected with the Young Men’s Christian Association, and, of course, professors, among them a professor .of psychology, who is paid to teach the young ideas how­ to think, ofiVrth ely. In one of his lectures lie called attent ion to cer­ tain conditions upon which the brain could with advantage be ex ereised, and challenged his class to supply the requirements to meet them. The conditions \Vere the invention of a new game which could be played indoors, in a limited area, by a defined and unalterable number of eontcsr- ants, and adaptable to both sexes. Upon tills hypothesis one of his pupils.-Tames Nainsmiih. the same lo.l! Il Ih. 1 i lie e- i it able man was t , ' so pio,is :rii' n 1 eil oil when lie • i a 1 h-d fo les 1- /1 i hat Ins .1 pgor .... J a ¡ •nice. Thoi, j,o i .1 ,1 r r ,1 ...,f f ¡•\inufai tin ' * ; 1.0-1. ml D.■■ mot • \ i i ■ 1 » ’ : 1 '1 ' ’ ' f. . • l S 1.1 1 , \ « *. • pi o ; ■ l ., u all Io. of i: . ' t buio miste I about a ha 1 ■■ ' Jr.i miese Maxims. * ) Though 1 la.a ■mid heap i j. , thousand J III 1 OS I■f -old t In-, l. r ' l.ol bo so luci lo ns as oin- ii . si mli. • Thi fall ier ai\I thy mot h i i < 1 1 (1 . 1 It* w • i \* n •! i i Doan naii'li ■ i t i h : tin t( a« , ( r-r i,.l 1 In lord arc- like the sun . 1 . . lì tl * 1: ‘'l ft ’ 110)0)1. 1 llvl,f J,. Human /ars e ai listening at tk ¡uni ••• til 11 i i 1 ’ wall. speatk no ( aliitmn, eien m 1 ot. inK .r , : *. !1 uiiian eyes look down f.i\ Ti. y Hi a i on : conmiit no wrong, Inn Ii. - * o.l . 1 ’ h n. , j • • - 1\. ■ i’ o e\ ih’ sqjit b ! ' ' ' t hoi o I-- InI I dein »•lance: ri » -■ r oli’s WO bring upon »arsii» i í , i j« j,o esca j ie -Dci-Oii I-r* ' i i: 1* l ■; J !.. ), 1n't - ’ H ill ' j < * Í?, It Je Or. Sto|>1i*’i *- tho Groat j\i - dentist, is iimv ¡it tho ( h o o i house on his r. l ' x ar s* mi anni a \isit and wai'itt'j upon those >u need of rien’a .1 work. :*i V. ' .T‘ *. 1 ;< W ! • I night-exolved “basket bai It was put into practice the m-xt day. experimentally, and found to meet the conditions and limitations laid down by the professor admir­ ably. But it had more than an academic value1, as its rapid spread as one of the most appreciated pastimes attests. Must Have Them. Newrieh—A man can get along without ancestors. • p a.-, I < i • t '• 111 , i.uLilral fen TelepUono 2SUF. P. O. HoxS71. J . P . REGAN HanS'.r- May Be Warmed by Electric­ ity and the W h.elo IJado Very Attorney nml Counselor at Lnw. Koonitt 15 and 10 Conrad fiuilding. Spcuiul Attention Given to Land Practice and District Court Work. Write mo abont your case. Great Fulls, . . . Montana. For Rent. ( »•><•» four room house, and kitchen. Good accommodations. Address: J ohn H ocbins , / Choteau, Mout. F . E. J. CANNEY, M. D . SLUG EON and PHYSICIAN. .!.\> yi-nrs practical experience). II .ware hospital uud 7 yours railroad sr. ,!! Past professor in Surgery. ina of affalrx a Nev. 0*1 i ii i P iK ' i.. •,;> ! ■ Ì In' )i i / to < i - r 'ii. o i iiou. . to a is sie I i - I 'n ,■ i ■ • tin- i o:i pc t> ii sur- . ■ U '1 n- ! i i i r s i n nr ■■ ni 1 1,11 rwa! u .M U l) MONTANA. r- wvvx / ì . E. WEBB, mmrrn -ywrfc-im'wwMxBUi - ------ B e a l E state. .stork Iv-inchos, and '1 owu Lots. ( in. Montana, jf J . Ii. E R I C K S O N , Altorncy-at-Law, Notary Public, CllOTEAl , - MONTANA. Corner of Cnotcau Averiue áná Hamilton Street. WALTER GORHAM. H. R. THOMPSON. LETHBRIDGE & NELSON I • BA JR $ 9 00 8 Ï 6 5 00 5 BOT Single lou delivered Load, 3 lot )6 or more Cur lots al Collins By the ton at Collins Small quantities delivered on S»t. unlay only. Terms Cash. Loavo orders at Byron Coraoa’a. Telephone No. 53. . V . / o r n o y - a t - L a w , JHOTEAU, MONTANA. !T 1 ig Chotean, Daptyer, Blactliot P H j L I . G O L E , A t t o r n e y - a t - L a w . S T A G E L I N E . C m '!'\■« pronpth , w> A l e e c h P roprietor. T i o l o a u , - M o n t a n a . T liRO O K ri, : m *. i surgeon. Special Attention Given to xV »f| Passengers and E x p r e w . m KÁUPRE, f A 1 '.Gai t Ail 1 S T ■t With- . Guarauteed. MONTANA. Covered Coaches, H e a ted W i th Lehm a n H eatees^- A . L O N G , w’.U i Mi i .> ‘Ml lUrgeon ». 4 . Nt \t to h lìti, o )U fS i A S V. 3 Ü . ; . W A R N E R , C o m m i s s i o n e r , ( dOrivAU, MONT. proofs .' r r i E W 5, Co.YifVHSSIONER, )RVEYOR,‘ ■T VX r , Land, O l a f C . F j e l d v . ,A Reservoir and Ditch- S k » veying a specialty;' ’ SH E L B Y , MOLIVI CHOTEAU H 1. AERIE, O . NO. M f f*- XI u ! l . \ l MONTANA - r ÇI ' L< avn Choteau daily, except Sund«^. ai 7:')() a m, arrive at 3ynunn.«^^4 ’• a m; Dupuyer at noon. EU 1'iruiDg leave Dupuyer’ b D I p * I - 15} n urn, 3:30 p m; arrive >at -Che- •i-aii at G p m. .'it* Meets the 1 st and 3rd Saturdays!, i the Town Hall. Visiting- Eaghfer<£ .an- cordially invited to attend*'^.--. J. W. S h i e l d s , G eorgs A dl I Secretary. Worthy- _ j j j - j i> .d r M l . E S T R A I N , ail ADRIST, - North, Manager Wanted. ..'c . A t TAILS, MONT. D r - 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. Judge D. F Smith, will bo in Clio touu October 1*. 1904 and hold a spcciul sc-sxien of the district coujt for the purpose of granting fma! citizen papers to those who want to become citizens if (lie United States r V I I n i ’ I • V ib <* ' • i l l - t h a t i \ i u ngiu-'l ('ra’ur •I f.C lt|Ci>. The Fine•-!, Watch Repairing Done in the City by S . o ' . H U S E T H , Jewelers and Opticians (j ■ cal Trustworthy lady or gentleman to mntiat’o business in this countyiani-ihdtfL jomiDR' territory for well and favorably* kuown house of solid financial alhhdiiig^r1'' S20.00 straight cosh salary mad paid onch Monday by cheek direct h H i } headquarters. Expense money eil. Position permanent. AddreM M m - v Como Block, Chicago IHireur-V*'' . 47=11.0;..., If you want a first class piaci if * h rsnxk it done at the 'iícn táiíi1*'' -.íicv , V K.ii’x 323 Central Ave. DR. GILMORE’S ..... .. of the World Hair Grower,. Mack sn’t.— •is children Have you seen the latest samples t at Jerome Kolesko’s ^ f l L S Hair Meipiprf Isittrue-you wantio look o ld? T h e n keep y o tircray pzir. it n o - , then use Hall’s H air Renewer, and have all t> e c\. rk, rich color ji of early life restored td your hair. ' Í. 1 ’ R • i î If j: zrz ty*»sr j Tn \ « c R. AÍCxii T«, tvt»l * .‘xjti y Every LODGE NO. 7=> 12 . ( J i — . L iuirsday Evening. Inp llrotliren CorditiUy Invited to Attend. J amus M k h b itt .O . C. ' D b . T. B books , K. ot B * S. • j either sex should to dayc#iit4vT 'i ” : 11 1 Mfg. Co., 538 W. Lake St, Okie«». - . “ i uiid secure terras and territory- : Iu of the abovo truly wondadteLJUto-gvY Troducor, Preserver and Beautifykiisy. F - i br.on to tho Bald uud B e a r d l e s s - ' osing thgir hair and to young man with» > :• ing to raise a mustache, notljing3al*w$Edjsj» saleable than Queen of the world flCg,'-' -' : Grower. Send M. O. 50c.* forfl'i bottle. It has the merit way. : f * 1 S T \ i - t v * - ' (Mention this papar.) Vf '

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1904, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.