The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, October 14, 1904, Image 2

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w a r n # m CMîÀil I 0 M 0 IAIÍ. BY T. J. LOWMAN. Pntiisind oTory Friday at Chotean, Teton County, Montana. Bateted at the postrofflce at Chotean, Mon­ tana, ae second class matter. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 14,1904. Subscription $£.00 per annum. Advertising rates on application. ALL ad vertisin g b i l l s pa y a b l e th e 1ST OP EACH MONTH. ALTON B. PARKER For President HENRY G. DAVIS For Vice President Democratic State Ticket. Democratic State *' . Platform. Presidential Electors— PAUL A. FUSZ, of Granite. EDWARD CALDWELL, of Jefferson. PATRICK CARNEY, of Madison Representative in Congress— AUSTIN C. GORMLEY, of Cascade. Governor— JOSEPH K. TOOLE, of Lewis and Clarke. Lieutenant Governor— EDWIN NORRIS, of Beaverhead, Chief Juotice of tne Supreme Court— D. F. SMITH, of Flathead. Cleric of Supreme Court— FINDLAY McRAE, of Lewis and Clarke. Secretary of State— MILES ROMNEY, of Ravalil. Auditor— PHIL. O. GOODWIN, of Silver Bow. Treasurer— DAVID G. BROWN, of Chouteau. Attorney General— CHARLES H. HALL of Missoula. Superintendent of Public Itstruc tion— J. M. KAY, of Carbon. ___ .-s . ,, a-JsBSfiii'i;®?, workingmen in all undergfcmibih mines, and In mill and:smelters for the treat ir.cnt of ore.fijiis^Ho.w fixed by law at eight lio^sjper day. It is proposed to\'embody this principle in a constitutional amendment, extending itS'Sdope' so as to cover the works or under­ takings carried on or aided by.any municipal, county or state govern meat, and on all cotracts “jet by them; and to prevent the employ­ ment of children under 16 years pf age in underground mines.' \We favor the adoption of this amend­ ment at the ensuing election. We favor the election of United State» senators by direct vote of the people. * : We instruct cur candidate for congress, if elected,and our United States senators to vote for a strict Chinese exclusion act. fS & h t U S S fe . ok ; ,côçAK^»Eii- A vote for M. S. Darling, is a vole not wasted. Every vote for the democratic candidates moans that you are not votirg for hot air promises. “ AH conceit” would be a better motto for “ Always correct” . While you are looking up your choice, don’t forget JrL. Collins for assessor County Ticket. M S Darling, of Conrad, Rapre- aantative. Judge Eleventh Diatriet: JOHN E . ERICKSON, Of Choteau. C W Taylor, of Choteau, Sheriff. J P Carberry, of Browning, Clerk and Recorder. Thos Brooks, of Choteau, Treasur­ er. L J Lownes, of Bynum, Clerk of Court. O . D . Gray, ef Shelby, County At torney. J L Collins, of Raymond, Assessor, Nellie R Bro wn, of Choteau, Sup­ erintendent. ,Walter Mathews, of Choteau, Sur- \veygr. Ches Thomas, of Birch Creek, Administrator. Justice of the Peace, Choteau township, left for central committee to fill. •Tust if« of P. aee. D'.puver town- si; o, f'lis« Fr«li. I «■- nominated * T r ■ ' • ■' f* ,fijor letl lor central committee to fill. Justice of Peace of Marias town­ ship, W m . Dawes, of Shelby, was nominated. The following is the platform adopted at Helena Sept. 15, 1904 by the democratic state convention: We the democrats of Montana, in convention assembled, adopt the following declaration of principles and pledge the nominees of the con­ vention to be governed thereby: Belibving in the principles of the democratic party, as taught by Thomas Jefferson, we indorse the platform of the national democratic party, as adopted by the St. Louis convention, and declare our alleg­ iance to the nominations of Alton B. Parker for president aud Henry G. Davis for vice president of the United States. We acknowledge with gratitude the public service rendered by our two United States senators, and especially in securing the passage ot bills openiug to settlement the Crow and Flathead Indian reserva­ tions. We endorse the system of national irrigation provided for by the Newland act. We believe that it should be carried out by compe­ tent engineers, in a non-partisan manner and without favor to spe­ cial localities. We are glad to learn from the congressional re­ cords that among the earliest ad­ vocates of this system where Gov­ ernor Toole and other democratic representatives in congress from the territory of Montana. We indorse the wise, conserva­ tive and judicious administration of Governor Joseph Iv. Toole. We The only way Montana will get a especially commend the action o f ' railroad commission is by the peo- tho state board of equalization, ,,jt. supporting the democratic plat- under his chairmanship, in increas- j fonn. The g o p had a chance to ing substantially the assessments | j,ls p us a commission and voted it of railroads in this state. j>lown in the legislature, but now We favor reducing Lho r umber the people of this state have the 4 »f state and county officers and opportunity of dissaproving the boards to the smllest possible num- actions of the legislation and ber consistent with the proper: should do it. transaction of public business, and — to this end, pledge our legislative ( Yon will find both party tickets candidates to a careful investig.i- , pub'ishuJ in the .dontanian. Look tion and revision of existing law*-, them over and then sec* which you We denounce the action of the W1]| support. If you want to still repuolican governor of Colmudo in ( t h o s e political grafters in of- attempting to legal ze the crimes |jC(> wj)0 iluvc been m now for eight of a lawless mob, under the pretext ^ or tt,n yoarS) vote the republican of military necessity. We denounce t„ k,.t. If you would have your the unlawful deportation of citi- section of the county represented zens and the destruction of private ¡n an official way by men who are property as the greatest crime ever as capable of handling the county perpetrated agamst our American .uT.iirs, and men who will at least form of government \\ e pledge all ],>t the county attorney instruct officers elected upon the democratic , tin* county commissioners, you'will ticket to forever refrain from so make no mistake when you place a turning the machinery of govern- 'm-oss in front of the names on .the meat into an instrument of oppres- iVrnoi ratic ticket, sion, but instead thereof, we pledge ________________ The treasurer should not be over­ looked when you make calculations: Torn Brooks is the man you want. More commonly know as Doctor Brooks. V»rp, the undersigned, .do hereby corhfy thiit wo. Ferdinand D. Kingsbury, of Du- puyor, Totbn.county, Montano, mid Ad- kiu W. Kingsbury, of Great,‘Falls.’ Otis' cade county, Montana, are copartners traueactiug aud, doing business in this stato at 1 bo- town of Dnpuyor,’ iu the county of Teton, in said stato of Montana which is tbo principal place ot business, nudor the firm name and stylo, of F. D. Kingsbury & Company, and that wo con­ stitute all the members of said copartner­ ship. In witness whereof, we have- hereunto set our hirads this the 16tb day of ’ Sep­ tember, A. D.,' 1904. F erdinand .D. K ingsbury , Residing at -Dupuyer, Teton county, Montana. v A. W. K in g s b o b y , Residing at Great Falls, Cascade coun­ ty, Montana. State of Montami, County of Teton. On this 16th day of September, A. D., 190-1, before me. Geo. W. Magee, a nota­ ry public iu and for the county of Teton, and State of Montnnn, personally appear­ ed F. D. Kingsbury, personally known to me to be the same person whose unmo is subscribed to the foregoing instrument, and who acknowledged to me that he ex­ ecuted the sauro. In witness wheroof, I have hereunto set my hand and nffixod my ollicinl seal, the day and year iu this certificate first above written. t Nofnrinl / G eo . W. M agee , / Seal j Notary public in and for Teton county, Montana. S ate of Montana, ) {• S3 County of Cascade, ) On this 23rd day of September, A D., 1904, boforo me, F. Geo. Heldt, a notary public iu and for the county of Cascade aud State of Montana, personally appear­ ed Adkin W. Kingsbury, personally known to me to be the same’“person whose name is subscribed to tho forego­ ing instrument, and who acknowledged to me that ho executed the 6ame. In witness whereof, L have hereunto set my hand and uilixed my official seal, the day and yeur in this certificate first above written. \ Notarial ) F. G eo . H eedt , } Seal > Notary public in aud for Cascade county, Mon­ tana. 22-4t Not by paralyzing the - nerves- and,' glands, like’ opium,' morphine, cocaine;, ’ and other; dangerous drugs, but by In'-., crossing the natural secretions. This notion Is obtained as a result of modern discoveries’ In medicine,,making It possible to relievo pain ’ without bad,. atter-ellects-. ’ - • You can safely depend upon Dr. Miles*, Anti-Pain Pills -to relievo and cure such pains as Neuralgia, Headache, Stomach­ ache, Menstrual' Pains, Rheumatism, Backache. Toothache, etc. . -* They will also, by their calming act-’ Ion on_ tho nerves, almost Instantly re- 199® such distressing feelings as DIz- -.'¿50ns, Car-Sickness, Indigestion, Irrl- .sfcslli/, Slcepless'ncss, Nervousness, etc. ■Set merely do they relieve, but-they ¿ t s o absolutely..cure, because by perse­ vering In their use, you do away with tho cause. Dr. Miles* Antl-.Paln Pills aro guar­ anteed that first package Will benefit, or your money back. Never sold In bulk. \I am thankful for tho good Dr.’ Miles’ Anti-Pain Pills have and aro doing m >. Ever since the war I have had spells - of severo throbbing head­ ache, caused by catarrh, until six years ago, I began taking Anti-Pain Pills, tho only remedy that over gave mo relief. Sinco then I havo not had one hard attack, because I take a P1U and It overcomes the difficulty.\—GEO. SAUNDERS. Greensburg. Ind. ______ Tp 7 3 VP TP YVrlto to us for Free Trial T Xhiblb package of Dr. Miles* Anti- Pain P ills, the New Scientific Remedy for Pain: Also Symptom Blank. Our Specialist will diagnose your case, tell vou what Is wrong, and how to right It, i'rec. DR. Ml DBS MEDICAL CO., LABORATORIES, ELKL................ SSBSBiSSSSSSK , A vote for John E. Erickson, is a vote for a man who made his . heme among you and did not bolt his ticket as Pomery did, and who did hot come here as an indipend- -:« » t candidate, or tried to push in »Itor -personal spite, and for a man ‘^ w h ’o 3does hot change his opinions. V f :ìh* | A y e r s D o c tors first prescribed Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral over 60 years ago. They use it today more than ever. They Cherry Pectoral rely upon it for colds, coughs, bronchitis, consum p tion. T h e y w ill tell you how it heals inflamed lungs. “ I liml n very nail couch for threo years. Then I tried Ayer's Cherry l’ectornl. Mysore lungs were soon healed and my cough dropped away.” M rs . B eaut . II yde . Guthrie Centro, la. for Í 25C.» 50c.. ?UW. 1 AU druggists. W t\ AVER ©O.. I riwh II Mass them to administer the laws so as to secure, as nearly as i possible, equal and exact justice to the weak and powerful alike | Indorsing Governor Toole s re- ; commendations to the Eighth legis­ lative assembly, we demand First, an initiative referendum, amendment, identical, in all mater­ ial provisions, with the amendment adopted by the voters of Oregon and sustained by tbe supreme court of that state, and we pledge all members of the legislative assem­ bly, elected upon the democratic ticket, to vote and work therefor. Second, a state railroad commis­ sion, to be elected by popular vote. Third, a direct primary nomina­ tion law, conducted under the Aus­ tralian ballot system, covering all state, county and municipal elec­ tive officers, and providing for tho printing of names of all candidates upon one ballot, under proper party titles. Fourth, an efficient fellow- servat law, guaranteeing adequate protection to all classes of work­ men engaged in hazardous occupa­ tions, and especially to all railroad, mining and smelter employes. Fifth, election of all important state officers by popular vote. \ Sixth, a constitutional amend went, empowering the state board of equalization to equalize property assessments in the state. The period of employment of Republican County Ticket. Old Coughs O n e Ayer’s PHI at bedtim e Insures a natural action next morning Subscribe for lho Montauiau. I’ iii toproientutive S L Potter, of Sliolbv. For S nonti Kenneth McKenzie, of Shelby For treasurer John K. IVebti, of Choteau For Clerk and retorder A C. Warner, of Choteau. For County attorney Pli.i I. Cole, of Choteau. For Surveyor. ./ di h W Shields, of Choteau. Foi -uperinlendenl of schools: 11 hoiva Alton, of Choteau. I’m a-sessor Jo- C. MeC.uiig, of Dupuyer. For publie administrator W H. Franklin, of Choteau. For coroner Dr. Powers, of Conrad. For ju-tice of peace Choteau township J. E DeHaas Dupuyer township* F, II. Eederhen, Dupuyer. E D. Jones, Conrad. St. Marys* H. W. Main, and J. M. Harris. Deafness ('aiinot he Cured by local application, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an lullamed condition of tbe mucous lining of the Eustachian Tubo. Wlien this tube is inflamed you have a r ini’ h g K“ iiiiil i r impprrei f leniing, ai I i\ ii. n if is ( ‘ - l i\'!v elo.-eit, Piafness is the result, and in le.-s the full mimntion can bo taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be distroyed forever; nine cases out of ton are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous biirace. * We will (five One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caased by cnturrli) that cannot be cured by Hnll’s Catarrh Ouro. 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The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1904, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.