The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, October 14, 1904, Image 3

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££!»%£ ^ P É /«■ s &A-' t L ^££gg? £& m ~ - ..o-K-^- ;v\' ’*•■ A\. - '-..^ ■ ■$*.% ¿t ■& .1-* > / . / S/si'-cv »’igÿ... uLtirrnf^itS. I l l ill. vm ? ? ,s i^F ò ìfilnfa^^ 1V '^^^^eCatxb^ESreßaraUö'fC^c^^r y^alMgi^ôÔâeùâUfclîilâ^:' fling tfêSloMais'âMBm^lslDff : 1NFÀINI X S ^ G K Î t liK Ë T ii' 9 ntoje ^Tp i êeatîô ri jGh&ï füH : .■riessHridRest.Con T^ jä i^ ^ 0 ä ^ s d ß M P p tü m t ■\ %lìcSàmai*~ò+»fa .7 . \i£- * ^\ï&xA*lU,Sâi£s~ _t - •« ^>¿1-’' jiaûe Seecl ^~ ■- H&t£Sei*&~ \ v - k i CiœtfudSugar •„ »*•/ s ' / « '.'Â pëtfec I .Remedy, f o r Côhs fipa- ïïori.SourStotnach', Diarrhoea' Worms'.Convulsions .Feverish­ ness and L o s s OF S l e e p . .' 'Facsimile,Signature of , - ,,, ^ e W y o é î k ^. ^ ' EXACT COPY OF WRAPPER.. v&s ^ i n lise Over Tfiirîÿ Years 'u m m â s a à n Ê B B â à THE OENTAUR EOMPANV. NEW YORK CITY. * Lumber and Posts ■Best Cedar Shingles, Building Paper, Doers and Sash and all kinds of Building Material. If you are planning to build1 send us, a copy of your bill for lumber, and we will give you special^figures. Car load lots a specialty, at extremely low prices, and will deliver at any siding you desire. W e Sell Groceries at Living Prices, but Cheap. We have a good line of Shoes marked at Low Figures. »> Barrel Salt at $2.50. Salt by wagon load at special prices. ‘ We now keep COAL-for sale in any quantity, ^ .lso sell in Car Load lots. Collins Mercantile Company Collins, Montana. The Chief Functions of a SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. I b the Encouragement of small savings, and to that end the UNION BANK & TRUST COMPANY, OF HELENA, MONTANA. In accordance with the usual custom, open accounts with a deposit of. One Dol­ lar or more, when desired. Upon the opening of an account a deposit book is given to the depositor, lind the amounts dopositecl from time to time are credited in the book, which is kept by the depositor, ^S a v in g s Deposits Draw Interest at the rate of 4 per cent per annm compounded Sem i-Annually. Banking by Mail. .A Saving account can bo opened and carried on by mail. We have complete facilities for out of town accounts, and brve many customers in all sections of the state. We have issued a small booklet telling of the simple way in which an ac­ count can be opened by mail, and we will mail a copy cf it frge to anyone asking for same. •■J.-’ h i. ^Graves J;is confined to his' n- ■ .»*' ««o*t \ . '>*- • --W V. »* ' rooth¡'with a bad-cold.' - ■ - •J' -».* * ' * Vi. V Cooper .is’* rusticating; at. ¿he *“•: . ‘ A? ,i >* . .* ** '• - smokey eitv for r .few days. ■ \ 1 v- . * \ > , ; \ * .---* \ <K* >B;:*.Cobbe went* oast last Satur- • .* v*-* j i ; .. - * . - c day with a-.shipuient of. horses. , Jarnes Merritt returned the first ol the week from-a week’s visit-to Hele- ’ •-*- „ • na and Butte.. - v :-Mrs. H. L. Halladay left thé first of the week forSt. Louis to visit the World’s Fair. 'v . Uncle John - Bobbins is at Butte this • week attending the Pioneer meeting. . . Born—Tuesday Oct. 12, 1901, at Great Falls, Mont., to_tho wife of Walter S.. Clark, a daughter. Rev. Hammer, of Augusta, passed througa the city this week on his way home from a weeks visit at D'upuyer. Andy Boutilier and son Harry, are repairing the restaurant building for Ed Hirshberg. Register early and then you can­ not complain if for some other reason you are unable to vote. M. S. Darling, of Conrad, dem­ ocratic candidate for representative, was a city visitor this week. County Superintendent Mrs. F. E. Chenoweth, returned the earlier part of the week from a few days -visit at Raymond. At a meeting of the directors of fhe State fair association last week, W. W. Gamble, of the Burton bench was elected vicepresident. Rev. R-. S, Stringfellow, the new Episcopal minister, will conduct ser­ vices at the Town hall Sunday, Oct. 1G’ at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Among the persons who received patente Tuesday at the Great Falls land office are Francois Truchot and Kenneth C. Stonehouso. Mesdames K. B. Cohoe, J. L. Col­ lins and McNeil were Choteau visi­ tors last Saturday, and returned to their homes at Raymond Sunday. C. A. Terry Jr., T. Watkins, and the Misses Annie Murdock and Anuie Sarven, of Raymond, spent a day at Great Falls this week. '■FmnSn na- -\a “- r ~a v v\. . . . . , U mîü ' Fails/ AÌoutàm^Oct, llr.l005. : Secretory Sanders'gc No* n*t* is hereby ¿ i^ n t’tò-tbo.HlJ* > l lho l>ioneor m e »«»? fo tbo timc.of’ . r > ' • A - KHade from pure cream òf fariarderiyed'from grapes. P R I C E B A K I N G PO W D E R CO . CH ICAG O , Sl.G2i per perch. They also received the contract for the excavating work, the price being 15 cents per yard, and they commenced moving dirt Thursday, A letter, from Leon Chenoweth, written at Now York Oct., 6th states thet be had been given a mouths furlough and had gone to Iowa to visit, with his brother, whom he has not'seen for six years. Mrs Cheno­ weth received a small collection of foreign coids from her son and one of them is 616 years old. plate Qbth’é.fbUowmg named} j four hundred i Rinks. tov.. -1, |,s have'been-reci-iveii iu this!'-.' . ^ ,, ,r .. .. - . i ..Last buuday-vhe Tribune of.Great: o'lm-. ni.moly.-'T 36 N R'3-E;'.T 36 Nj „ , ' V ' ' halls announced a ebaDge of ownor.- R :> F; T 37 N R 1- W; T -¿T-N U 1 ! . . . . V . T - V P -/ r.1 -p v ,r ' n'\i 8b’p’ lh * P’ ?nt bp|Dg Purcba9ed bP; ' , , Vw Ls V \ ' \ 7 ” L’. J Hon. W. G. Conrad,of Great-Falls/ 3 . N U 4 E ; 137 N R 5 E ; T 37 X R | ^ « K; T T. X ! ! 7 E ; W X li 0 B; T ^ bf P“ |,W f S7 M l 10 F.; T 37 N K 12 E ; T M7 X 11' “ lb ',r” ^ . * • now njnnagomont wifi be a g^reafer help to this section than heretofore. ì ì f ” ? if <j-<ra lavo: H 11 r tomorrow r>>r the MTiithcni “ Now mark you a. Durkite suakc neve 2 - goes alone, there is another near when you sec but one,” from a reading telling of the thrilling experience of an Australian busli- man, to be given at the October 26 entertainment, by a talented elocutionist. Hay For Sale. I have 125 «tons of good hay for sale at reasonable price.. Call or ad­ dress. T h e o d o r e H a n s o n , Farmington. World’s Fair Rates. Great Falls to St. Louis and return $47.50. ; 7 . - ' Great Falls to Chicago and return' $52.50.- 7- - \ \ ’ - - ■ .Great'Falls-to St. Louis - returning' * via Chicago or visa versa $53.75. - Tickets, on .sale every Tuesday May. to October, inclusive; tilso June 9th,- 10th, 11th. Stop overs allowed with­ in going-limit of ten days, - limit o f . ninety-days - from date of sale.';.. \ - ... - ' . Make your sleeping car reserva­ tions through to St.' Louis, by writ­ ing to, or.calling on., \ - -.„7 “ S - L. Y oung , Tkt. Agt., Great Falls.. - ' Order Fixing Terms of Court. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE ELEV- onth Judicial District o f lho State o f Montana, iannd for tho Counties o f Eluthoad and Teton In accordance with tho provisions o f Senate Bill No.- 04 o f session laws o f 1001 o f tho state of Montana entitled “ An Act to 'Amend Section 38. o f Chapter IV, of Titlo I, o f tho^Codo of Civil Procedure pf tho state pf Montana, ro- latinff to District Coan \ It is hereby ordered till *> daring the year 1004, there bo hold in-each oi the counties of-the Eleventh Judicial district, f the stale o f .Mon tana, four terms of court an 1 that said terms bo bold ns follows: - . Flathead County—Fcbroary 29th,.May 31st, AngoBt 29th,‘ Novcmbor '¿8th. Toton County—March 21st, Juno 13th, Soptom- bor.ISth, Doccmbcr J2th. Dated this 4th. day o f December, 1903. . D. F.SMITH, Judgo. Attest; S teulixo M c D onald . Clork. The Misses Francis and Marian Yule have rented the Hoy residence and will be bachelor maids during the winter. County Attorney J. E. Erickson, democratic candidate for judge of the Eleventh judicial district, return­ ed Tuesday from a week’s visit in Flathead county. C. A. Rooks, who was in the mountains for a week, returned Sun­ day with a mountain goat, and re­ ports that Chas. Wilcox also had killed a goat. You ai*e most cordially invited to attend the Japanese wedding at the. Woodmen hall October 26. Dozens of maids from the Celestial Isle of Japan will entertain you In a most fantastic manner October 26. Notice The Cascade County Fair will bo held in Great Falls Sept. 26 to 29 inclusive. • A good time is expected ns the attractions are greater - than heretofore. ,Be sure and attend and have your watch cteaued and war­ ranted one year for $1 50 by Jesse Collum, No. 15, S. 3rd st. Dr. Long mado a profossioual visi to Raymond Thursday. Ed. Hirshberg, cashier of the Hirshberg Bros’, bank, returned Thursday from a weeks visit at the State fair in Helena. Phil. 1. Cole, republican candidate for county attorney, made a tiip to Shelby and other north end points this week in the hope of securing a few straggling votes to pull him through. Settle Op* - Ifvou wanl to get good returns-for your/money put ah ad. in - the Mon- -tkuian. - “ F i' ~ - .-*• ,, ..-e ^ „ - A., •< /« All person knowing themselves in-. ' r,- debfed tó me are/requested^to settle • 7 '; { 7 up 'as;i^W ?disposedpf my'busjnéss 7 r- - '\ -and’,need the money.;' -7 JQAVVBI3îÔE.X>Âra;;^ .Field Ver Rent. ■ V ’ \ i f : '■ \ ÿ I have:for reot a;fivö< hundred acre ' -J- VrT' '*■**'} V> 1' r*.- field'iwith:Bhed,äfunning .water,7also. ,\f'«'-Çx*'*? ‘fr-.-- ' i fft àbòùtiiKtyitóhhòfihay.^For-mfórmà7 \« I T ^ fV „ r _ ♦irtVi iinlllnn 'nr - n/ I w a h a \ ~ f ’ James Ringo, who has been clerk­ ing at the Choteau- house for several months past resigned his position the first of the week and left for Great Falls on Monday’s stage. The popular monologue “ A Tele­ phone Romance,” will be given Oc­ tober 26, in a most charming man- ner'by one of our best readers. - A young lady passing through a fit of jealously ’phones her lover to protect her from a supposed mouse Registration opens next Tuesday If you want to vote in Tefon eiunty. and you are registered in another county, get 'vbur name cancelled at once and register in this county. ^Walter Urie. an employee at-the Yule sawJMill, was brought to tb.e city Saturday with a-badly smashed fingejr on bis right hand. The mem­ ber was so badly mangled that ampu talion was necessary.- -Dri .Long per formed the operation.; r w ; Mrs. F. E. Wessoll, who has beeu visiting in tho oast for several months, returned to Choteau Thurs­ day. The Old Reliable meat market now being conducted by J. Odonwald will move from tho Jackson corner to tho Truchot building ouo door below the Montanian office. Patrons of the shop can secure meat at tho uew stand from sow, on. NOTICE TO STONE MASONS. R 13 U Sai I plate will in li • tin (his office on lln> lhtli dav o! Xi/Vembi-r, 111(14 and <> i and nlli r -¡.id dale npplica for iIn* ciur\ ■ ' lands i mhracoii therein will In* a ••¡iled for filing l.n\\M<r .1, ti (Saturday.)will l< nv part of the stall v. i ere ho will enter lho field iu tho iutoresls of tho repoldi. <ti party, Mrs. Phil. G. Runell and baby art- on the sick list this week Browning, Mont, Oct 12 - News of a big oil strike at lho St. Mary’s Lubricating 0*1 lompanys drill on Bouldor creek lem-ln-d town Into lust night. Tho driller, in a letter lo (he man ager, Mr 1‘iko, wlm was in town at the time, stated 1 he first oil sand had been stiuck at u depth of 3.lUf* i feot. Tho penetralor had goue down six feot iu tho s.u.d. securing a good black lubricating oil 'I hat depth beiug at the tnd if the cable, the driller oanuot go tin* tiq ns,t 20 feot into lho saud to thoiougldy teat Os capueity until it. u.- cable arrives.— Tribune On account of tin* npubllea rally October In, tins <• i•*r• . mni ur. adver­ tised for that* Ims t>een postpon­ ed until Wellin'-lav, October 26th. At that time tin program consisting of a Japanes.- wedding uud drills, music, monolege- i •, nations etc will be given in tin- I ■ -* mauuor by our gifted young (> >• The proceeds of tho e\ei n g ai • to Im ajjphcd on tho pay men' of lit incurred by the Ladies Im'i • n tin* building of tho cluto I, , ami tho pur­ chasing of a c.n|i-’ I lie committee trusts that the | u m - will give this entertainment a in Iibe-nl patron­ age thus blip;-1 ring means, whereby this great wink \[ |nd)be an I church improvement i. “ I ...... . i :-•< 1 -ucness ' fully on. At the In.u> - of Mr at d Mrs (Jhan Smith on la.- ¡-aturday evening Mr. John W. P.-t. 1. and Miss Iloleua English wore united in marriage, tho Rev. I. \ wo'l-i, of the M. E church olhn o . Mr. pi >, is u. 11 luio.iu m this com­ munity, ImviM/been *ngaged in the blacksmith business ait -eieral points for the pas' f.*w vi ars. Miss English cariU) to Amern a from England a little over a year ago and mado her home in Oh Mean 1 hoy have n ulod a home iu tin-. • ity where they will reside Trescott says Pot tor wears no man’s collar. The only reason why he don’t is that he will never have a chance; tho women-of Teton county will choke him to death next month. M M f M EAT. Pleasant« Pquuouiai ru u » u r ' * ï u m i «WH* X* 9 1 \- Good, iiover Sicken, weaken or Gripe;’10, 60 cents p orbox. ^Vrlto forireosainplo,imdboec-7Yj71V ^ 4 V ------- ■-* . ....................... - ’ Chtcaflo or. Htm Tórtè. lot on hoaltb. Address Sterling Remedy Company, KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEANS - - i* That estimable lady Mrs. Nellie R. Brown should be your first choice for superintendent . o r '■ount.y schools. If you vote right you wili-elect C Wallace. Taylor for your Sheriff, and make no mistake either. The Montanian is vkoi’kii^g for the success of the entire demqcrat’ic ticket, whether tho candidates ex- nrcss their condolence; or.*other-' wise. '-t' How much is the Acantha man getting for not boosting the re-, publican candidatds. Perhaps Car- 'ns saw iiijn. TJIE REAL AMERICAN POLICY.;* ’ From the Dillon Examiner, ' ; - What would yon think of n man *. who claimed that ft was a good buai-.lV Doss investment to spend $81.45 to ' gét à 60 cent pig? Now That is just * what the two republican administra­ tions have clone. They have 'spent $650,000,000 to-sell GfPcènts worth o f “* American goods a year per capita, to. - 8,000,000 Filininos. After all. the . , * j boasting tho republicans bave done during the last six yearB about the : great market they were conquoring . in the Philippines,-last year the Phil- i i. »■* r..- g Senator W. F. Meyer, of Red Lodge, who is a candidate for ro- election on the republican ticket, hail the uervo to steal a kiss from a proacher’s sister tho other day, for which he is getting a great dotfl of free advertising. Lost —A gold double vest chain, Masooie charm set with chip dia- tn'nds and garnets, on road leading east from Choteau. Finder please leave at Moutuuian office. \\ liiui yon go to 0 rent Fulls stop at tho 3*111-1*. Hotel. One block from tho Hi pot. Rooma 75 cents por day. Res­ taurant in connection. A r.nmg young orator will dcliv- < r a \.|»'(*( h October 26, that will make many a silver tongued orator I M a ­ in to insignificance. Alphonse Mv dear Gaston, I be­ hove I smell an skunk in this place' Gaston—My (b ar Alphonse, 1 beg of you to smell again, it seems more rotteu; Trescott just passed with tie blatter : I. it Walla- •< Tay- lo- art iole Or Stephens, the Great Falls lU-uiisi, is now at the Choteau house on bis regular sotni annual \ isi - di.<] waiting upon those in need of dental work. Judge 1). F. Smith, will Cho- (can October 18, 1901 and hold a -pceial session of (ho district court for the purpose of- granting final citiz-u papers to tlioso who want to become citizens of the United States. For Sale. . 1 have two cows, u yearling heifer, a horse, two seatod wagon, double driving harness, to soli for caBbVas I | am to move from Choteau to Kalia- i pell in two weeks. F. L. B czzell . ipinos spent 60 cents- per capita: f o r ; American goods.- ■*;'- <\ ; \ **7 Is that good business sense? • -Th# - ' ’ '-tjik people of Gormany bought £3.43-¡par capita of American goods last year, and we didn’t have to spend a uickle to got that market. . . The people of British .. America spent $23.45 por capita for. American, goods, and they are not under the American flog. The people of Brit­ ish Honduras ¿pent $23,17 per ca'pita < for American goods, and we didn't ha vo to shoot any of them to make thorn buy. ' For every GO cents worth of goods that we sold in the Philippines last year we havo spent $81.45. That's a losing game. At that rate, if orery dollar’s worth of goodft we sold in the Philippines was clear profit, it would - tako us 135 years to get \our money back, net counting interest on. it. • Democrats believe it is better to spend monoy to build up America. Thoro are millions of acres of arid land in the west that need irrigation. It is bettor to spend $300,000,000 to irrigate 10,000,000 acres of laud than to spend 1,000,000 on q. 6 cent per. capita market iu the Philippines. 1 Ten million acres of irrigated land would provide homes for-200,000 fam- dies, aud at a low calculation, ttyt ; number of American families would ?~ be a market for $188,000,000 worth ef American goods eyory year. The Philipinos will never be Amar- .ican citizens. Those 8,000,000 Phili- piuos’ will never be anything b u t ,, Pbilipinos. But 200,000 Americas families means 940,000 Amerieaas, constant producers of American pro- * duets. Here in the arid west is ths plac-o to create a greater American market, to make Atneriopn homes on ; American soil for sturdy Amsricau citizens. - HEALTH “ I don’t think wo conld keep hooao without Thud ford’s Black- Draught. Wo havo used It In tho family for over two years with tho best of results. 1 havo uot hml a doctor lu (ho houno for that length of tiiuo. It Is a doctor In itself aud Bids will be received by the under- signes committee on High School building per perch of 164 feet for the laying^ of 245 perch more or less,of byuildiog stono in foundation of said school building, according to plans and specifications on. file at the Beaupre House. Bids to close Satur­ day October, 22ond 1904 at 6 P. M, '. ’ D r F.' A. L ong . D r H, B eaopre , f ' ^Committee. 7 “. “ “ —£*■- ' I f there is aoy reason.why. any ono should' believe anything published ( in-'the blatter up the slreet.we would | like,to.know their grounds for . doing j -Z .'fp' J \i ■* ‘ e6?7;A'man with a recoidibohiDd him f -tZy « ’* * ' \ snch.a's that editor hqs'lfor< down . always ready to .oinbo nperson well andhappy.\—JAMES HALL, Jack­ sonville, 111. _ _ _ _ _ Because this great medicino relieves stomach pains, frees tho constipated bowels and invigor­ ates tho torpid liver and weak­ ened kidneys is necessary in tho home whero Thcdford’s Black-Draught is kept. Families living m tho ?j country, miles from any physi- 161 cian, have been kept m health foryears with this medicino as , their only doctor. Thcdford’s Black -Draught cures bilious­ ness, dyspepsia, cold3, chills and fever, bad blood, headaches, diarrhoea, constipation, colic and almost every other ailment because tho stomach, bowels liver and kidneys so nearly con­ trol tho health. THEDFORD*3 I ESI If you want a swell suit of clothes' leave your order with Jorome Kolas- kc. A reward of $5 will bo paid for \the recovery of a black maro, weight about 12H0 pounds and branded 2 oil left shoulder. • YV. CHALMERS, Farmington, Mont W M I N T “Second Bottle from the Window” . A. O. Longmuir ’Prop. • • Cor. Main & Conrad St. Choteau Q. R. Thompson has acquired the* agency for the Nelson coal for this section and can now furnish his patrons with either Lethbridge or. Nelson coal. \3. 4 » PJ 5 î i ' t ç i YVe sell old papers at 25-cents per hundred. Have you seen the latest samples i t Jerome Koloske’s • . - * • __________ - - __ _ *■ Moritanian $ 2.00 a year.: * ** / - C- * V*' t . ♦»* V H * - 1 «1 /_ T t J no. O’Brien Lumber Co. Conrad, Mont. t 3-' a 54WÎ M O N E Y S A V E D 'IS M O N E Y EARNED. . . - *1 -- -J - , And ij is easily dono if you buy your Lumber of ns. Our- grades tfro Standard anclTPricesYi fow nTconsilfont with ty. We bavo everythjngyoii wjdne^;in?atocR.;,’ ; - - If you enu use some exjtrnj ':at once. - - • - '* .v •* - f ■- « * - . - . * I receive onr prompr S- ï / wî ? -s,s* iM sisfr

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1904, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.