The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, October 14, 1904, Image 4

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J Shoi?t ' BoiJÉè f^j • i s' Td M ’Mfic loastr Mfiap- lis and St. - Patì.:1 Mo. 101 Leave* Collins tor Shelby at 12 : 26 . pan. Mo. 102 Leaves Collins for Great Falls at 6:30 J».*U No. 134 Leers* Great Falls for Harr* and St. Paul ................... ..................... 3:00 *, m. r H Me, 153 ) Leaves for Butte and An- ( 5 UK a. m. Mo. 151 > aoonda ............................ \ 300 p. nj. Through sleeping ears for St. Panl aad all points east and sooth. All meals on Dlolng car serTed a la carte. For foil information regarding rafo* and *la*plsg ear reservation write or call upon L. H. YOUNG, • Tloket Agent, Great Falla, Hont S T Y L I S H S H O E S FOR- S T Y L I S H P E O H I WORKMANSHIP AND QUALITY d i s t i n g u i s h ’ Mima S H O E J, »' ». FOR WOMEN^ ■Sold Loading De 6 .1 trai : h $35? stxo von D u a u p n v t o o a u r HANurAcrtme» BY C.GOTZIAN^CO. ST. PAUL. • Parties intending visiting the St Louis Exposition will do well to secure hotel accommodation* before starting for the exposition. Thé Montanian office can locate you for a small fee, and guarantee you a good place to stop while at the World’s . £ fair. Write for information. BEN FEIST, :OF:— COLLIN 8 , MONTANA, Handle The, BEST BRANDS Of • =^W IN E S , LIQUORS And#== =^}CIGARS. Mr Feist Also Runs A ~:FEED STABLE At Collins With A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That They W ill Be Given The Best Of Care. TO BE GIVEN AW AY- This BAndsome Embroidery Ootfit, st v m * ’ •> tcrlal. Hill c »MAue.l u >• ..*<u (i.e< i i< >r ■ | o f I CrvMuthem^m Leutet >c e ilx ! | u < l (earh 5x5o l >. 2ulnt> . ( 1U»' ? An ho i > i Bookmark, 2 Butter Hies ( i t ll-ir »A i • u.i 1 ChOPeadoaaJ Designs for shirt-waist urnam mt»: n H E A D O F F E H B E L O W S»e N E W I D E A W o m a n ’ s M a g a z i n e l*.«iti>out exception the finest M-ccntmn.'n.tne, ' >MM It Is i n authority <-n all matters |*rtoimp»: t • !??•>% at i contains the latest an«f m-.sf i>ta> tl at sr*Jf> r«. t.? ( ..t I anywhere la the tn»i»a*lne »«rM |f %•«»«( v. 1 O 1 t». dress »• v’l at s moderate ext*n*e. the N ew I dra W u MAN s M a i . a ZJHB Is a positive I at h Issue c ««ntilus illu-ird- tJous In colon. It treats a lsoof all sut )e< ts interestint't- women In their home life Send >»ur name t- toy v 'ih V) cents and we will enter >our suM' rlj-ti.-n f»-r one y | mall also the I mhruidery Outfit shown at>o%e Re sure to mention this paper when yon write. HEW IDEA PUBLISHING CO.. 636 Broadway NewYork e ilOklY Mcerwun our opmtuu u c u nu im c i ui reutlon is probably patentable. CVmimunlcfi Uotuitrictirconndentfal. Handbook on P a tent lent tree. Oldest agoncy for aocurliiB imtcntB. Patent* taken through Munn & Co. receive lf«etatnetlc<, without charge, l n th o S c i e n t i f i c H m e r i c a n . iL hundiomely Illustrated weokly. Largest clr. ■alatlon of *ny solentiflo Journal. Terms, *3 a t four months, f l . Sold h y ill nowsdealen’, Q g ( 361Broat.way, NewYork loe. 0 5 F S t - W ashington, D, C. H O T E L C o l l i n s ------- o-e-n*. T h is-house will be kept first class in every respect, and in­ vites your patronage. Mrs. J. L. RUPERT, Proprietress. Collins, - - Mont. GREAT FALLS, MONT. (Unincorporated.) Paid up capital ................. $ 100,000 individual responsibility... 2,000,000 W. G. CONRAD, Pres. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vice Pres, and Manager. P. KELLY, Cashier. This bank solicits accounts, and offers to depositors absoluto security, prompt and careful attention, and the most liberal treatment consistent with sufe and profitable banking. Buys und sells foreign exchange, drawiug direct on all principal Amer­ ican and European cities, and issues its own Letters of Credit Interest paid on time deposits. The highest cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city and school bonds and warrants Mrs.T. A. SMITH Millinery and Confectionery. aCHOTEAU HOUSE 9 i *W * m H o d f i ^ a l c L i s s P r o p Centrally Located and .the Best Accommodations of any Bouse in the: County. Service and Cuisine surpassed by no other H oubo . : j u o r s a n d C ig a r s Furnisned for the Convenience of its Customers. Livery and, Feed Stable Run in Connection. Largest and most Convenient Bam in Town. Careful and Painstaking man in oharge. Reasonable Charges, c T h e Gem, S00 80S, Proprietor. BR E A D FOR SALE iirstclass Restaurant...... Under New Management* MEALS AT ALL HOURS. Cnlcioe tarpani u « ? « X; N. RUSSELL, tx X X S uf _ x 5 PAIN T E R , PAPER-HANGER & DECORATOR, * ■ .................................. X X Sign and Vehicle Painting a Specialty.* E stim a te s C h eerM ly Furnished on a ll K inds o f W ork Office at the Choteau. House. WMMWMWMWX A Full Line of Nuts, Candy and Fruit is Always on hand. Agent for the BEST Ladies Tailoring Co. in the country. E. S P E C K OUADL ATE OF THE ONLY KXI STING Ginrupoaist and Dermatologist Institute of London, England, C Aimranti'os to euro wift nml hard ror^s.bun* ■j Kins,itiirrnwiin; trwmuK. sweating of the t * fiM't clmliliUiiB. etc. Will u I mo euro the m«i*t cnsKs of pimj.Jo.s bhirkhonib« fn*rkU’s ntnl wriiikl«“* uo umti«*r how thoy In*. Oüf*upi»lhMti*»n of inj mndiritK will n*uioVo im> hiriMif moh*>, wart*, hirtlnnarhsor Miporflu- o in hair without injuring tl»» most liclicatoskiu My niH’rutiniis arc cutuvly imiuh > h . Luciirn can In* treateil at their homos. Hoorn J, over po^toHice, (ireat Fall» ............................................ Montano SHKIM lT'.s SAI.M. Iij i:i!m ’ of mi execution m toy bnnils, rtsm ili-itt n[ the district court of the J-ilet. i Hi .1 m lu-iri] Diet net .f tlie St<it< Ilf M- o’- Oil. ill ;md for llieeniuily of Te loli, id die Milt of J J{ S|>U)i-er, |d;>intiiT. »Hill'll l ’. A. How, ill fend,nit, duly ul- tc.sted I lie l ‘dtll diiv of Ortolier, 1*111:3. J hlivy h vied Ujion nil the rich', title mid niton --t of the smd C. A. How, m und to the following depcribcd |uojierty, Pitnut t*d in 'ietou conuty, Mmitmiu, viz Smith lmlf of uorthouRt ijunrti r Heetim- 9, nnd Pouth liulf of northwest i|unrtt>r ol £9etu)n 10, tmviK>hi|i north, riuj^o *2 west; it desert elm in. Notice is herein- yiven thuf on the first day of November, A. ]>. lllill, lu-tweelx tlie hours of nine o’elork a. ni nnd five o’clock p. m. of smd dny. nt the court house, (it Oioteuu, Teton county, Mon- tnnti, I will sell nil the riclit, title nnd in­ terest of the siiid C. A. How, in nnd to the said nbovo property, to the hiffheBt bidder for cash in hand. Given uuder my hand this 2Gtb dny of September, A,. ])., 1904. C. WALLACE TAYLOR, Sheriff. If you want a swoll suit of clothes leave your order with Jorome Koles- ke. H. R. Thompson has acquired the agency for the Nelson coal for this section and can now furnish his patrons with either Lethbridge or Nelson coal. TPP m ilMcirrjt Substitute for House Bill 1,4 & 6. , ABOUT THE INCAS OF PERU. I * _______ ! Wise and Just Civic Administration Discouraged Crime Among \ - tho People. “An Act Entitled, “An Act Providing for the bubmitting to the qualified electors of the State of Montana, for tlieir ap­ proval or rejection, Amendment to Ar­ ticle 18 of the Constitution of the State of Montana, by adding thereto three new^sections aa follows: Section 3. Prohibiting the employment of Children under sixteen years of age in undor-ground mines. Section <L Making a period of eight hours a day’s labor on public works, and in mills, smelters and under-ground mines. Section 5. Providing for legislation to enforce tbe provisions of this Article. Be it Enacted by the Legislative Assem­ bly of tbe State of Montana: Section 1. There shall be submitted to the qualified electors of the State of Montana, at the next general election to be held within this State, the following amendments to Article XVIII of the Constitution of the Stato of Montana re­ lating to Labor: Section 3. It tball be unlawful to em­ ploy children under tho age of sixtcen(ltj) years of age in under-ground mines. Section 4. A period of Eight Houre shall constitute a day’s work on ull works or undertakings carried on or aided by any Municipal, County or Stnte Govern­ ment, and on all contracts let by them, and in mills nnd smelters for tho treat­ ment of ores, und in under-ground mines. Section 5. The Legislature by appro­ priate legislation shall provide tor tlie enforcement of tbe provisions of tine Article. Section 2. Tho vote upon this Amend­ ment shall be counted und cauvnsFed l>> such persons, nnd m such manner as pro vided by law for the counting and can­ vassing of the vote for Member of Con­ gress, and if a majority of all the votee cast at said election, for and against said amendment shall be in favor of rln- amen lment, tbe Governor of the stnte shall immediately so declare by public proclamation, and snid amendment shall be ill full force nnd effect ns part of tbe Constitution from and after tho date of said proclamation. Section 3. The oflicial ballots to be used at the general election to be held in November. 1904, shall have printed there­ on tho following words: “For tin* Amendment to the constitution Rehitiug to the Rights of Labor,” aud the words. “Against the Amendment to the Const! lotion, Relating to the Rights of Labor.” Section 4. All Acts nnd parts of Acts in conflict with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed. ,Swfion 5. This act shall take effect i ml ho iu force from and idter its passage i -id approval. Approved December 10.1903. L SITED STATES OF AMERICA, State of Montnnn, ss,: I, Geo. M. Hays, Secretary of Stato of t e State of Montuna, do hereby certify I hut the above is a true nnd correct copy ■i f • An Act Entitled, “An Act 1’rovuhiig for the submitting to the qualified electors of the Stato of JIoDtnua, for their Ap­ proval or Rejection, Amendments to Article 18 of the Constitution of the Stnte of Jlontnnn, by adding thereto throo new sections as follows: Section 3. Prohibiting the employ­ ment of Children under sixteen years of age in under-ground mines. Section 4. Making a period of eight hours a day’s labor on public works, aud iu mills, smelters and under-ground mines. r Wht-n the Hpun'sh first invaded I’oru the 1,0 ,-i’nuuv nt of the Incas w.t.s i,i a llmm-dnng conditio? there It :s said to have Lee n :1 * lllO't elill ’ i't: U( d d c S j 'O l i ’- ’ ill!. e\ci '-xi.- \ii and niioni t’.; at <•<*! a|,;;o.i h to :> Ltojiii th ; i.a ,\H In -,i if •••! i i h\ any j Therew.tsal' •:1 1 Jtoca-i n. : e Of eh :* .1 U’.\< ¡.’ill“ “-iie : : : : (i-nde.l ill«-.: of In i <1 foi 1 till \ it li\atc for the 1 i ii’ teiiiMi e >i i !: mil\. The -Ol, ¡ mis of j o i fiom thi-i ti;n '. h-it n e fio..i ,. immediate metis of the c« - w,ii gn eii ns a 1 . n o 1 (,\f 'iii* !'i ai ! ii“*' 1 ; ligi'i, eh.:: ¡ t i l ’ and [ poses at tlie smere'gn >: \ < Gnzeo. Under the nise m l Ju civic administration crime am. public corruption and theft were not known. In Cuzco a resident with 100 bars of silver and gold piled up in his house left it wide open, only placing a small stiqk .idoss as a sign that the master was out—and nobody went in. All the tribe was divided into numerous elans. The powers of ldmiiiistration were centered in tin- e let the dignitaries, a military eailer ami the head of the re­ ligions sxstem. There was also a rnuut ¡1 of chiefs. None of these nfii-es wrs hereditary and they ■•mild not be occupied by sons un- ’ess I hex were specially chosen for tlie posh ion. The succession of the < 1: of lima did not fall upon tlie •dioiilders of his child. This was 1 ue to the elan organization, which goM-riiml tlie affairs of -dale. Inheritance was by mother- iglit. A man could not marry a ’.oman of his own clan, but had to select one from another. This was (lie main unit for holding the tribe together. Woman had no voice in the pub- rio affairs of the tribe, but ruled supreme in the home. She was ad- mitled to esoteric societies, of which there w’ere many. Women also practiced healing and became priestesses. Effects of Right-Eyedness. Tbe majority of men and wom­ en, according to I)r. George M. Gould, are not only right-handed, but righl-eved; that is, the right eye sees better than the left. From this (low some curious re­ mits. For instance, right-eyed- ness explains why, in the develop­ ment of violi i pipy ing, the difficult ami rapid lingoiiiig w'as allotted to (be less expei t left hand, while the easy bowing fell to the dex­ trous right band. The reason, as Dr. Goiilil thinks, is because tho ordinary position of the \iolin is si^cli that the right eye most read­ ily sees the mol ions and positions of the fingers on the strings. In a similar way the right eye com­ pels the more awkward left hand to direct the gun barrel, while the right has sfijnply V hold the trig­ ger. In chopping, the weaker left arm has to direct and enforce the blow, while the stronger right plays a subordinate part for the convenience of the right eye.—Sci­ ence. Hut.oliO Pifli i.ling f- r li ;j'-l lion to euforiv Uu- provisi- us of this i r n -. Enacted l>y tlio iSecoud Extrnoi hnnrj session of the Eighth Legislative As­ sembly of tlie Stato of Montana and n|> proved on the tenth day of Deepmb. r, \ D., 1903. Iu Testimony Whereof, I 1,.>\■ hereunto set my hand and aflix (Seal.) tlie Great Heal of said .Slate. Done nt the City of Helena, tho Capital of said State, this twenty-fifth dny of July, A. D. 1904. GEO. M. ELAYS, Secretary of Stato. First pub July 29,1904. 3mo In Korean Sociaty. Good society in Korea has many curious customs. One of these is that widows must not remarry. No w idow in the really “smart set” would ever dream of remarrying, however young she may be or how­ ever soon the death of her hus­ band may have followed her wed­ ding. Married life in Korea is by no means an unmixed blessing to the woman, so perhaps perpetual widow hood might not be objec­ tionable if it were not for the ne cessity of perpetually wearing mourning for the departed. This means that during the whole of her life she is limit ed to blue, black and green as colors for her cos tumes. | Japanese Christians, j Some of the prominent men of 1 Japan are Christians. To this | creed belong one member of the | imperial cabinet, two judges of the j supreme court, two presidents of ■ ilie lower house of parliament- I three vice ministers of state. In j 1 lie present parliament the presj del t and 13 members in a total I membership of 300 are Christians. In the army there are 145 Chris­ tian officers, or about three per cent, of all, and the two. largest battleships are commanded by Christians. In Tokio three of the daily papers have Christian ed- -s -Argonaut, ______ LiW-A gold double vest thaia, Masonic charm set vvi'ii chip dia- ^ tnonds and garnets, ou road leading east from Choteau. Finder please leave at Montanian office. Montanian $ 2 .0 0 a year. When yon go to Great Falls atop at the Park Hotel. One block from the Depot. Rooms 75 cents per day. Res* taurant in connection. -! SHIELDS, O , E.: | Lauri Local ions , R**«»rvoir Sites. -a-) d'tf'h >*'irv*»vina. Full List of Vacant Sc bool Lands OFFICE, OHOTEAO,:MONT. r ■' GHAS. DAVLIN. Range- between Dupnyer » n d~' Bii’eb creek. .Hiiraea branded ' satno on ,; lef -shoulder. , * -P. O. address, Dupuyer, • \ _ Montana ' - REWARD. I will pay $o per head for informa­ tion leading to the recovery of the following horses: ‘ ou w m m and Chicago POOR FINE ' DAILY MINNEAPOLIS AND BT.LPAUL TO CHICAGO D irect G o n n e c tiont a t C h icago W ith l 2 T r a ln s F o r S t . L o u i s 'Stopover A IM at CM jap For rates and other information regarding World’s Fair, address A. M. FENTON General Agent, Helena, Mont. ------ OR ------- T. W. TEASDALE .General Pnssongor Agent, 8t. Paul, Minn. I have buyer for Montana farms. If you want to sell, list with me or write for particulars. H orace G rant , Heist Building, Kansas City, Mo. ':f 1 dark brown work horse brand 1 on lelt shoulder aud lbft thigh. IlliM 1 bay mare, bioke, with sucking colt, branded circle 9 on left shoul­ der. 2 year old bay colt branded | on left hip. 1 iron gray mare, broke, with yearling, branded R on left sboul- er. NICK BOWSER, Choteau, Mont The Montanian, 52 per year. S20.00 REWARD. I am out two head of horses of the followiug description: One dark blue iron gray, 3 years old, past, branded on left shoulder, broke to Bafflix work aud slight collar marks, braud is rather dim. Was last seen arouud Bynum last Sept. One sorrel yearling stud colt, branded —AI— on left shoulder, halter broke, supposed to be 'near Robare. Will pay $10 for recovery of either of the above horses. D. A. M ac R ae , Shelby, Mont Montana Brewing Co., Brewers and Bottlers of Pest M » Beer In Kegs and Bottles. All Orders for Keg and Bottled Beer promptly attended,to. P.O.Box 76. Phone 210. Great Falls, Montana. jThe Beaupre Housej \ -CHOTEAÜ, MONT. Enlarged, Newly Refitted and Furnished Throughout. Hot and Cold Water, Baths and all Modern Conveniences. * » First-Class Bar in Connection for the Con­ venience of Guests. H . H J i A U P R E P r o p r i e t o r . It 1 r DO YOU GBT UP WITH A LAMB BACK? Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable. Almost everybody w^io reads tbe news­ papers is sure to kuow of the wonderful cures made by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- Root, the. great kid­ ney, liver and blad­ der remedy. It is tbe great med­ ical triumph of the nineteenth century ; discovered after years of scientific research by Dr. Kilmer, the eminent kidney and bladder specialist, and is wonderfully successful in promptly curing lame back, uric acid, catarrh of the bladder and Bright’s Disease, which is the worst form of kidney trouble. Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp»Root is not rec­ ommended for everything but if you have kidney, liver or bladder trouble it will be found just the remedy you need. It has been tested in so many ways, in hospital work and in private practice, and has proved so successful in every case that a special arrangement has been made by which all readers of this paper, who have uot already tried it, may have a sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book tell­ ing more about Swamp-Root, and how to findoutif youliave kidney or bladder trou­ ble. When writing mention reading this generous offer in this paper and send your address to Dr. Kilmer- — * ~ & Co., Binghamton, N Y. The regular fifty-cent and one- dollar size bottles are sold by all good druggists. Don’t make any mistake, but remember the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer’s S vamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton, N. Y., on j every bottle, j . Bom* o l Smmp-Boot. M O N T A N T S BEST NEWSPAPER Broadest, Breeziest, Brightest R e a d t h e S T A N D A R ID AND KEEP UP W I T H T H E T I M E S S U B S C R I P T I O N P R I C E . PAYABLE IN ADVANCE fisd Sncday—One Month. . .................. $ 1«0C and Sunday—Six Months 5.00 a n d S u n d a y — Twelve Months ...... . *0 00 ly Only—Twelve Months ................... 2.00 ed to any address tn the United 8taicstCanada . 9 , Alaska or Philippines without extra charge. lit direct to ' ____ ' ____

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 14 Oct. 1904, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.