The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1891-1962, November 03, 1943, Image 7

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T H E D I L L O N E X A M I N E R »Americans Advancing Across the Voltum o A llied Conferees v . w - . s . . : ’- ...<ÿ KW, v.v „\N-N ' s s< ' • ’ •<■. V * , • . . '-''rv'-X-V- .'.'.V.' V.-A . .. •:< .. . v.v.vx wX ss w WC l ' \ ’ v... ......;v.w - .. . f - V C * k I s ^. wk (p i J m W' &5 s-V¿ Kfe' 11 H t w ï S R Î Â ^ W X S i 'Â W W S K§te?%....^ .. . , _ T Despite strong German defensive action, Allied forces pushed across the Yolturno river in their steady northward march over Italy. Top: American infantry troops tow themselves across the strategic river on a rubber pontoon. Bottom: A group of American soldiers pitch a steel pontoon bridge across the Yolturno while a sentinel guards against snipers. Hundreds Die Daily in India Famine A W .y ^ 'A v .w v M .w w f » ; A dying Indian family is pictured on the streets of Calcutta where 1 250 persons perished daily in the worst famine to strike India for decades. This scene was typical of the condition in India as appeals were made for Allied assistance in the form of “mercy ships” bearing food. The fam­ ine was reported to have killed 25,000 in Bengal within four months. T £ L £ F A C T U. S. FARMS ARE GETTING BIGGER AGAIN (AVERAGE SIZE OF FARM} g S Ê Ê Ê S Ê Ë Each symbol roprosents 20 acres W H Y U. S. W H E A T ACREAGE IS BEING INCREAS ED t ! 0 ö YEA* ENDING CONSUMPTION JUNEW M , JAA, J* * , 1933-40 ft* W W W (AVERAGE) m M k J a k m b CARRYOVER Ï Í 1943 f f f f f f f f ,9 4 4 £ f f f f f Í 5 Each lymbol «prêtent, 200 million butheli Twin Submarines Named Shark and Bream Top: United States Secretary of State Cordell Hull as he arrived in Moscow to confer with Russia’s for­ eign commissar, Yyachesiav Molo­ tov, bottom, and British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, on matters pertaining to the war. Chicago Has a Subway Mayor Edward J. Kelly of Chi­ cago cuts a ribbon in the central station of his city’s new five-mile subway. A few minutes later trains were roaring through the $40,000,000 tubes which are being operated by the elevated lines. Italian Pin Up Boy An Italian war prisoner hangs out his laundry “somewhere in Amer­ ica.” Prisoners get clothing, good food and are paid for work. Officers are paid according to rank. In American camps prisoners get $3 a month whether they work or not. Jap Split-Toe Shoes Ifce twtn submarines Shari: and Bream were christened a t the Electric Beat company, Groton, Conn., in the first double launching in the history of the company. They were sponsored by Mrs. Albert Thomas, wife of Congressman Thomas of TOzas, and Mrs. W. G. Chappie, wife of Com* Chappie, navy submarine officer. This split-toe type of shoe, pic­ tured on a dead Jap soldier in the Solomons, Is worn by those who, as civilians, were accustomed to open sandals fastened by a' strap between the toes. Fighting Disease, Japs hi Jungles of Burma Americans, Burmese, Chinese, British, and native Naga coolies are battling side by side against disease and the Japanese in the jungles of Burma. Left: Big Hawk, an expert in microscoplo work, instructs Na Shaw, another Burmese nurse, at the'Seagrave hospital unit of the U. S. army. Right: Along a rugged north Burman trail, American-trained Chinese soldiers pull a field gun into position. Upper Inset: Corp. Rolf Krog of St. Joseph, Mo., and a Chinese soldier take time out to rest beside a jungle trail. This picture was taken in the Naga hlUs where the Chinese and American troops fought together\' against the Japanese. Rehabilitating Shocked, Orphaned War Waifs ’{■ I Ï V i ' T Might Get Bit \Mummy didn’t you say that baby had your eyes and daddy’s nose?” “Yes, darling.” \Well you’d better watch him, he’s got grandpa’s teeth'now.” The average high school studen usually classifies his parent: among the simpler things of life Could Do It All Clerk in Bookstore—This bool will do half of your work for you Student—Fine: I’ll take two. Sheer Modesty Magistrate —You certainly committed this burglary in a manner that showi a high degree of ingenuity. In fact, 1 can’t remember a case where more cun ning was used. Accused — Now, your honor, no flat tery, if you please. If there’s anythini I hate, it’s flattery. ASPIRIN^,, WORLD S LARGEST SELLER AT Our Highest Falls Highest waterfall in America h Yosemite falls in California. I plunges 2,600 feet down a granit: cliff in three giant leaps. Spraj from this cascade freezes in Win ter to form a white mountain a ice 500 feet high at the foot of thi falls. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promt cause It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, In­ flamed bronchial mucous mem­ branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un­ derstanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Firing at the Sun A bullet fired from a gun anc keeping its peak muzzle velocitj would require seven years t< reach the sun. Hundreds of English children whose parents have been killed and whose homes have been destroyed dur­ ing the war are being nourished back to health and guided In the ways of normal childhood at the Hanover Lodge Nursery in London. Some were so shocked by the noise and destruction of war that they may never recover. Left: One of England’s “homeless generation” bravely salutes in her crib. Center: In the garden the children pose for the cameraman. Top right: This modest young man covers his face« as ho is photographed while being given a bath. The nursery was formerly the home of a wealthy American girl. Outdoor Doctor’s Office in Alaska Surrounded by primitive totem poles, Lieutenant (jg) R. W. Carr of the U. S. Public Health Service, assigned to the coast guard, conducts an ear examination in a village near Ketchikan, Alaska. Because the coast gnard has no medical corps of its own, Public Health Service men assigned to it can be found a t its many battle posts. Fight 50 Jap Planes Family Adopts Orphaned Fawn When a train, killed a doe near Harriman Heights, N. Y., recently, “Bambi,” a tiny fawn, was orphaned. The family of yomig Elwood Lewis adopted her, fed her with a medicine dropper, but did not confine her. “Bambi,” pictured above, lives in the woods near Elwood’s home, gbe comes out each morning for breakfast and again after school to romp With Elwood. Daring a bombing mission over Hankow, China, these three gunners and their mates fought off 50 Zeros. Left to right: Sergt. Robert Kirk; Sergt. Arthur J. Benko, who downed fonr Jap planes; and Sergt. William J. Novak, who downed eight. 1944 Candidate? BACKACHE M A Y F O R SPEEDY ACTION When KIDNEYS need diuretic ahl When overstrain o r other non-organic^ non-iystemic cause slow down kidney function, the back may ache painfully. Naturally, uriuary flow may be lessened— frequent but scanty—often smarting. \Get» ting up nights\ may ruin sleep. To relieve inch symptoms, you want quick stimulation oj kidney action. To help' •n “is, \ id Medal Capsules. This attai th try Gold Medal Capsules, casy-to-take diuretic has been famous for over 30 years for such prompt action. Take care to use only as directed on pack* age. Only 35* at drug stores. Accept no substitute. Get the genuino Gold Medal Capsulea today. They act fasti Invest in Liberty \ f a Buy War Bonds ^ * T o reflew distress of MONTHLY Female Weakness Lydia E. Plnkham’a Vegetable Com­ pound la made especially for women to help relieve periodic pain with Its weak, tired, nervous, blue feelings —due to functional monthly dis­ turbances. Taken regularly—Plnkham’a Com­ pound helps build up resistance against such symptoms. Hera Is a product that helps nature and that’s the kind to buy! Famous for almost a century. Thousands upon thousands of women have reported benefits. Follow label directions. Worth tryingI LYDIA L PINKHAM’S c f iS S S m Powerfol Mushroom The average - sized mushroom las the power to lift 27 pounds. Help Tots Grow Up m toni! recommem Give good-tasting many doctors Valuable Scott’s Emulsion helps promote proper growth, strong sound teeth 1 Contains natural A and Vitamins—elements all children need. Mother-give Scott’s daSy the -’round. Buy stall Wendell Winkle, GOP presidential nominee in the last election and a current prospect for 1944, is pictured speaking in St. Loots where he sug­ gested stabilised world currency. , £ T v S c o t t ': I S M U î S i O : - » '--'■L-'.'

The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 03 Nov. 1943, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.