The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1891-1962, November 07, 1945, Image 3

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............................. .............. — ------------ T H E D I L L O N E X A M I N E R Supreme Court Visits President DeGaulle Stays In f Pictured when the Supreme court justices paid annual visit to the President. Front row, I. to r.: Chief Justice Stone, President Truman, Justice Black, Justice Frankfurter. Second row: Justice Reed, Jus­ tice Burton, Justice Rutledge, Justice Murphy. Top row: Justice Doug­ las, C. E. Cropiey, court clerk; J. H. McGrath, E. Waggaman and Tom C. Clark. MacArthur Reforms Japan’s Cabinet ( In more ways than one General MacArthur has reformed the Japa­ nese cabinet. He removed most of the personnel and those he let stay, he reformed. They are shown as they were formally inducted into office on the grounds of the prime minister’s residence in Tokyo. General Mac­ Arthur says they shall stay in office only so long as they co-operate. Promises Defense Against the Atom , The Crosby Research foundation has announced that they have a so­ lution for the atomic bomb. They need not know where the bomb is coming from. Their defense will prevent its arrival. Shown in the picture is one of the Crosby brothers and helper examining model jet automobile, one of the new products of the Crosby Research foundation, which aided atomic experiments. From Small Orphans to Their Father This is an orphan’s grace, and judging from the expressions it should be a matter of top priority. These children are some of the 50 war- destitute orphans in Dr. Barnard’s home in' Kelvedon, England. Grace before a meal is an important part of the children’s training. Many or the orphans are being aided by help sent from the United States. Gen. Charles de Gaulle is shown just before he was retained head of the French government, at the first election of the Fourth Republic. His party did not fare as well as the general. Navy’s Izaak Walton “ Skip” Farker, one of the experts at the navy’s Seagate hospital, near New York’s Coney Island, lends a helping hand—and teeth—to “ Crip” Groves in preparing his tackle. “ Crip” is an expert caster, even though he has to do it from crutches. Canine V et Uses Head “ Lucky” demonstrates why he was successful in helping his mas­ ter, Roy Newman, of Chicago, in­ struct other canines in the art of war. “ Lucky” understands more than 100 different commands and can and does carry all of them out when given. President Escapes President Isias Medinaw Angarita of Venezuela, who fled from his Miraflores residence before it was taken over by rebels In a military revolt against the government. Hollywood Adds ‘Atomic’ Touch to Nation’s Strikes As all productions from Hollywood must no longer be considered colossal but “ atomic,” the strikers at the motion picture plants have led the way in proving to the world that they can put on an “ atomic” strike. Shown above were sit-down strikers who blocked the main entrance to Warner Bros., Burbank, during the height of their strike. Deputy sheriffs who did not approve of the blockade are shown removing some of the strikers from the entrance. Honolulu Now Has Largest Airport in the World One of the first photos of the John Rogers airport in Honolulu to be released since before the war. The largest in Uie world, the airport is truly the crossroads of the Pacific, and it is here that Hawaiians will greet many of the delegates to the United Nations organization if their proposal to the Preparations committee, meeting in London, to make Hawaii permanent UNO headquarters is accepted. They’re Here Today . . . Gone Tomorrow If you are mentally agile, perhaps you can keep up with the Argen­ tine situation. Here is Vice Adm. Hector Mcrnengo Lima, who became minister of the navy in the coup which ousted Vice Pres. Juan Peron for a short time. When Peron returned to offide the admiral was arrested. Women’s U. S. Softball Champions The Jax maids of New Orleans, who drove to the U. S. softball cham­ pionship to make it the third year in the last four that they have won. They won in 1942 and 1943. The bevy of beauties hammered out a win over the Toronto club, also winning the title of world’s champions. Nine Korgan of the Jax allowed but two hits by the Toronto lassies. Led Kachin Rangers Capt. Charles Coussoule, who was a leader of the famed Kachin Rang­ ers who snaked through swampy Burma jungles to beat the Japs ai their own game. He has returned to his home at Indiana, Fa. From Beat to Opera Ian Cosman, Manhattan patrol­ man, who made his operatic debut as Turiddu in “ CavaUeria Rusti- cana,” with the New York City Op­ era company. He has been on the force seven years. Advertisements Mean A Saving to You Read the Ads Supplies V itam in N e e d s O n e-fourth o f a c a n t a l o u p e which measures fiv e inches in d i­ am e ter w ill g iv e m o re than a third o f the d a ily vitam in C needs. S e r v e Vegetables Q u ickly' S e r v e vegetables im m e d iately after cooking. T h e y shouldn’t stand and waste their sweetness on the kitchen air. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly bo- tuse it goes right to the seat o f the loosen and expel cause trouble to help germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in* flamed bronchial m u cous m e m ­ branes. T e ll your druggist to sell you a bottle o f Creomulsion with the un­ derstanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you am to hove your money back. CREOM U LSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Over 300 patents dealing with rub­ ber chemistry are among the 43,000 United States patents seized from aliens land .nationals of occupied countries which are now available for licensing to American citizens. Iven at peak production rates, it may ta|ce eight yean for manufacturers to meet the de­ mand for new autotnobiles. In five years the number of synthetic rubber passenger-car tires in this country has risen from'a few thou­ sand tires to about 33,000,000. To, combat the shock from contact with icy waters, B. F. Goodrich has produced a new synthetic rubber aqtl-erfpos- are suit for fliers. R F G o o d r i c h USE 6 6 6 C O L D PREPARATIONS LIQUID, TABLETS, 5ALVE, NOSE MOPS USE ONLY AS DIRECTED THE READER’S DIGEST OFFERS an op­ portunity to add materially to yo^r income b y accepting subscriptions frp your friends and neighbors during ; spare timo. Bccomo our Commu Representative. E n joy liberal prod cam money for Christmas this pic dignified way. RED U C ED H O L ID / RATES-rmd special HALF-PRICE offer to both service men and ex-service men—‘ assure immediato orders. N o experience ■ needed to make many welcome dollars before Christmas. M ail penny postcard now for full details and freo package o f selling aids, to A L L A N S C O T T , Dept. WNU-SThe Reader’s Digest, Pleasant- ville, N . Y . When Your \Innards” are Crying the Blues WHEN CONSTIPATION nukes yon f e d punk as the dickens, brings on stomach upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort take Dr. Caldwell’s famous m edian* to quickly pull the trigger on lazy ‘ i n ­ nards” , and help you fe d bright and chipper again. DR. CALDWELL'S is the wonderful sen­ na laxative contained in good old Syrup pepsin to make i t so easy to take. MANY DOCTORS use pepsin prepara­ tions in prescriptions to make the medi­ cine more palatable and agreeable to take. So be sure your laxative is con­ tained in Syrup Pepsin. 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The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 07 Nov. 1945, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.