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H istorical ’ s o c i e t y ; O F - h /m ..; i % ; r 1 No Action Taken on Re-Routing Of Highway 91 at Special Session of Council Last Night No' definite action resulted at the special meeting of the city council last night regarding the partial re-routing of U. S. High­ way 91 through Dillon. A group representing some 20 Dillon busi­ ness interests, the Beaverhead Museum and the County High School Board met . with members of thq^city council and Mayor Phillip; Lovell and discussed the pros and., cons without reaching any definite agreement, but with a tacit understanding that the matter would be considered fur­ ther. Tom McGovern was spokesman ■ for the business men’s committee which included A. C. Cochrane, Henry Felkner, Dan Carpita, W. H. Mitchell, Lester Kurtz, George' Gleed, and Mrs. Fred Woodside representing the Beaverhead Mu­ seum and Ed Hilger the high school board. Council members then revert to the city for main­ tenance. Until last Thursday, following the council’s action, it appears that the much discussed route change had been understood by most people as a truck route change to allow trucks to by-pass the business section. Actually the proposal, and so. understood and discussed by the council, was to change the official routing of Highway 91 along a six-block segment. A potent factor from the coun­ cil's view-point is the planned construction and widening of Highway 91. as a federal project to become a 4-lane military route, perhaps in the near future. Sur­ veys already made for this change will by-pass Dillon with construc­ tion on a route, west of the main part of town from a point north of ; Square Dance Festival Committees Are Named at Bureau Meet Chairman J. E. Selway yester­ day appointed committees for the Square Dance Festival to be given by the Beaverhead County Farm Bureau at Western Montana col­ lege gym at 7:30 on Saturday eve­ ning, March 10. The Festival will begin with a Grand March led by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Swartz, assisted by Ella Laden and Mrs. Azile Garrison. Music will be furnished, by the Hillbilly’s Orchestra, and a rec­ ord player will be furnished for the dancing groups which have rehearsed to special recordings. In the afternoon, children who take part in. the Festival dances will be entertained with a special movie at the Roberta theatre. Committees appointed at the meeting of the Farm- Bureau group in the County Extension' (Continued on p ag e 8) Published in the Interests o f Beaverhead'County T he -m tu b T reasure S t a t e ------------- - ----- - ¿ t o p o s r e P M o i n n j The DILLON Official County Newspaper Volume LXV— Number 33 Dillon, Montana — Wednesday, February 15,1956 . . men m em oers DiUon t0 connect again with U.S. &r,LS„e Z rJ . Pre^ ^ 191 several miles south. This, the Mugaas, Phil Cottom, T. W. Sar-, councy WOuld automatically V * . S £ J 5 ! ^ S ni i i W1.52S - livert traffic from the »reseat Cross-Country and Jumping Events In Ski Championships Last Week End Mark Successful Tourney Arlo Herman and Cliff Mockel, and City Clerk Don Smith. There were several spectators. As the discussion progressed, it was obvious that the point of mis­ understanding was in the confu­ sion resulting from the loose use of the term “truck route” instead of “highway route” • in reference alternate route through Dillon— especially trucks. With the pro­ posed re-routing of 91 in town, the city stood to gain valuable engineering surveys plus con­ struction of a 24-foot paved (blacktopped) strip through town at no expense, or a full street- width paving with the city’ finan- to the pr^osed change. Thecoun-icing one-fourth of the construc- cil last Wednesday evening had approved a State Highway Com­ mission request to change a por­ tion of the route through DUlon to turn east from Montana for three blocks on Helena to Atlan­ tic and thence south on Atlantic tiori costs. However, opinions expressed by various members of the commit­ tee held that business losses to the community resulting from re­ routing would outweigh any ben- Vigilante Co-op Annual Meeting Here on March 31 Manager Howard Babcock and members of the board of directors of the Vigilante Electric Cooper­ ative, Inc., are formulating plans for the annual meeting which will be held here on Saturday, March 31. Annual reports on operations will be made at that time and directors will be elected from five districts within the 9-county area. Following the election the di­ rectors will hold.a board-meeting at which a vice president and sec­ retary-treasurer, whose terms as directors expire this year, will be chosen. The districts which will ; elect directors and the present incum­ bents are as follows: Deli-Lima- | two longest combined standing A good turnout of spectators watched exciting performances in ski jumping and cross country championship contests held,under the auspices of the Northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association and sponsored by the Dillon -Ski Club last Saturday and Sunday at Tash Hill, near Elkhorri. Seven­ teen racers competed in the cross­ country on Saturday and 21 jumpers took part in the compe­ tition on Sunday. In jumping, Jim Livers, White- fish, was unopposed in the open division and won the event, scor­ ing 206.5 points. ' Reider Peterson, Bozeman, rep­ resenting. Gallatin County high school, won the Class J3 compe­ tition with 206.2; second went to Warren Ranta, Butte, 203.’4; and Gene Stone of Dillon and Jim Neely of Butte tied for third with 185.9. ‘ \ Bill Haley-1 of Gallatin County high school walked away with C Warren Rahta of Butte won! the trophy with two jumps of 114 and 13L feet, but was hard pressed by . an amazing little sixth grader from Whitefish in the j person of Douglas Street who jumped 122 and 114 feet. Bill Haley of Galla- y tin thrilled the crowd when he soared out\ with a 158 foot-jump,1 a record for the hill, however’a fall on the landing disqualified him for the trophy.- Young Haley, a high school 'sophomore, has re­ cently returned, from an Olympic Training’. Camp at ¿Steamboat Springs, .Colorado where future Olympic. ~ prospects were given jumping instruction. - Dillon boys who competed and their place were, B .class: Micky McKenna, 5th; C class: Dallas • Bostwick, 6th; Bud Riebhoff, 10th; ‘ Steve Foster, 11th; Craig Cornell, 14th; and David Bostwick, 15th. Gordon Williamson Of Gallatin county high • school won the junior cross country, running the 2% mile course im 16 minuees,-11 class'honors with 221.7, followed nunuees. rj. b v a m ate. Kan K e v e c with seconds. iollowed by- Dale Even- son .of Whitefish with 16 minutes, by a team mate, Ken Keyes, with 206.7 and Ed Gilliland of White- fish with 203.7. In conjunction with the N.R.M. S.A. Championships, the Butte Ski club offers a trophy for the culture building at the comer of (Continued on p ag e 8) Monida, George H. Briggs; Silver Star-Water loo, E d w a r d Nolte (vice president); Dillon South, Hedb W h e a t (secretary-treas- urer>; Dillon North, Holger Carl­ son; Townsend, Frank Shearer. jumps after competition. Any jumper regardless of classification may participate. This event gave the spectators the greatest thrill of the day as the top jumpers put extra effort into distance. Montana Collegiate Conference Winners to Glendale to continue on the' efits received. Hilger, represent present Atlantic street route. The the high school board, pointed abandoned six-blocks route would two ^ear® ------------------------------------------------- the board had formally expressed ! opposition to a route that would Bov Scout Proeram pass on two sides of.the high . ' \ . . . ° . . |school, as the proposed change III A r 0 3 O u t l i n e d ¡would do. He also said that the « « _ _ ■ ■ ■ u ■ hazard has been increased by the A t m e e t i n g s n e r e use of the new Vocational Agri Three important meetings have been held in Dillon this week to organize the year’s program in the Pioneer District of the Vigilante Boy Scout Council. Monday evening a charter re­ view board meeting was held in the Vigilante Electric building; j last evening there were two meet- ! ings, that of the district commit- j tee at a 6 o’clock dinner in the j Andrus Hotel and an' 8 o’clock monthly Round Table meeting at the Vigilante building. The review board meeting Mon­ day evening was for the purpose of re-registering unit charters that expire in March, including Twin Bridges troop 25 and the: Cub Pack at Lima. Review board > members are C. Gosta Miller, Paul Bramsrhan and Lester T. Jones. Chairman A1 Muchmore presi- | ded at the meeting , of district t committeemen last night at the I Andrus Hotel when the program, for the area was reviewed and explained. ] U n i t l e a d e r s - attended the Round Table meeting at 8 p.m., traUiinggilcoimseWwasl ¿inducted . Above are members of Western’s 1955-56 Bulldog Basketball squad who won top honors in the Mon- . — _. _ _ _ . . v « . . w, a II aaa /I am ^ ahamaa tnaalr # a T aaa T v m a a onnfhoii rti Prninb Hill GfunlierTtV nn(c4on>1ino 4 aaimp a 4 25 seconds arid Paul Renne' (Continued o n p ag e 8) . of by Kirby Crowley, Butte, Vigi­ lante Council training éhairman. The meeting was under the direc­ tion of Rex. Clark and members of commissioner’s staff. Also in at­ tendance and helpers in the train­ ing program were two other Vigi­ lante staff members, Merton K. Mathewson, council executive, and E. C. Wright, field executive, of Butte. PER’S WILL CONDUCT ELKS INITIATION ON OLD TIMER NIGHT With Past Exalted RUlers in the chairs, DiUon Lodge 1554, B.P.O.E. wiU observe Old Timers Night next Wednesday,, Feb. 22. Pins for 25-year memberships will be pre­ sented to S. E. Whitworth, Frank O’Keefe, Malcolm Stone, G. A. Pomeroy and John Neighbor. tana College Conference this week to become another of Coach BUI Straugh’s outstanding teams at the local institution. • BULLDOG SQUAD — Left to right ■— front row — Donovan, Hilger, Barber, McLeod, Keltz, Anderson, Paro. Back row —, Puccinelli, Pitman, Bork, Kenney, Cooper, Scott, Graham. Western JAfins MCC Championship by Two Wins at Billings; Fans Plan Triumphant Welcome for Team Thurs. & - The Western Bulldogs are un­ disputed 1956 basketball cham­ pions of the Montana CoUegiate Conference. Bill Straugh’s fighting team wrapped up the conference title by defeating their rivals East­ ern and Rocky Mountain in Bil-, lings, last Monday and Tuesday. Although the Dillon team still has one conference game left, their Donov’n 4 2 10 Haugan 3 1 7 Pitman 3 1 7 Kaiser 0 1 1 Keltz 4 17 25 Marlow 0 2 2 DeMar’s 1 0 2 Gr’mst’d 4 3 11 Winters 0 1 1 Brenner 3 5 11 ROBERTA WRIGHT WINS BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER AWARD Following the initiation to he: present record of eight wins and conducted by the PER S, a lunch - one joss ^sures them of the title., wUl be served by present officers., Eastern and Carroll have both i Past Exalted Rulers will occupy . j03t three with only one left, the foUowing t e Exalted j Qn Monday night the.Bulldogs Ruler, Walter Delaney, Le_ dmg | gQ<. revenge for their one loss of -i? a r r Z j J L \ \ i the season by running rough shod Dave Wi^ams, L T over the Eastern Yellowjackets, mg ^ g ^ . ^ o l d M u ^ y , E s - |86_70> and then on Tuesday they quire, Ed Hilger, t r e a s u r e r , i wrapped up the title by edging Byron Sanborn; Chaplain John thg ^ h Bears i / k > m Rocky .Walters;-Inner Guard, Phil L o v - | 7 3 _ 7 0 T ell. Secretary Frank Lasich wiU „„„„L . make the 25-year pins presenta­ tion. ■ 1 Rush Jordan, President of Western College, will make the And’rs n 7 address of welcome to the new Scott' 2 members. I McLeod 0 The box scores: Western 86 Eastern 70 Cooper 3 5 11 Wirtila 5 6 20 S’ymour 1 5 9 Dennie 4 2 2 Çolsfky 1 Western 73 Cooper 4 3 And’rs’n 2 Scott 6 McLeod 0 Donov’n, 1 Pitman 8 Keltz 9 Rocky 70 11 P’t’rs’n 3 7 13 4 Vinella 7 6 20 18 Sherm’n 2 1 ' 5 0 Alberta T O 2 2r Zur’vich 3 0 6 17 Gehis 5 0 10 21 Kramer 6 2 14 College and town fans are plan­ ning to give the team a warm and noisy welcome when the BuUdogs return from the basketball wars tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. A town-cqllege committee headed jointly by • Ted Hazelbaker and Jim Fitzpatrick are organizing a caravan complete with bright red fire truck, a band, and a long car­ avan of cars—plus a police and sheriff escort, to meet their bus and lead the triumphal proces­ sion about town, with festivities to follow. Dillon’s ; Betty Crocker Home­ maker of Tomorrow has been named. ' ’ Roberta L. Wright has ' earned through competitive examination- the honor of representing Beaver­ head county high school in state­ wide judging for $1,500- and $500 scholarships, it was announced by General Mills, sponsor of this home appreciation program. A quarter million young women’ in the nation participated. Miss Wright will also be elig­ ible to compete for a $5,000 na­ tional scholarship award to be made to the All-American Home­ maker of Tomorrow. She demonstrated her home making knowledge and attitude by receiving the highest score for her school in a written examina­ tion which was given graduating Ag Day Program to Start at 10:30 Tuesday Morning ' I Tuesday, February 21, the sec- . | ond annual Agricultural Day will i be presented by the supervisors of '■ the Beaverhead Soil Conservation District. ., The program will be held at the Elk's, Hall . starting at 10:30. • While attending the Agricultural Day visitors will also be able to view the display of the Market-’ eering Caravan. ' The Agricultural Day. program is an. educational and entertain- , ing program arranged by District^ Soil Conservation Supervisors in \ the interest of better agricultural ’j methods) ‘ The program starts out with a film, “Return to Eden,” a film. which has been very well re­ ceived where ever it has \been shown. A lunch will, be served at noon by the following businesses:- P. J. Lovell Co., Mockel’s Farm Equipment, J. W. Walters Garage; College ■ Motor Co, Cochrane Motor Co, Basin Mercantile and Helming Bros, of Wisdom. - ■ Riverside Farm Bureau iV Meeting Friday Evening Riverside Farm Bureau will : meet at the district school house ; next Friday evening, Feb. 17, at 8 o’clock. . — Dale Metlen and Elmer Selway ■ will give a report on the National - Cattlemen’s Association meeting which they attended at New Or- ' leans? . ‘ County Assessor Sylvester P. Meade will discuss the land re­ classification law passed By the 1955 legislature. . ^ „ ; Following the business, meeting . there will be square dancing folT lowed by a pot luck lunch’. —Mrs. Norman Downing, reporter THE W EEK’S WEATHER A period of rising temperatures for part of the past week ending yesterday \yas going into a, decline, again at the week’s end. Today at 2 p.m. the Union Pacific .station ; thermometer registered one below zero. A severe cold-wave has-been forecast. ■ , Highs and lows; for the week Y were reported from the College seniorgirls \in\ fo,222 of“STe“ ‘'na- weather-station today as follows: tion’s public, private and paroch­ ial high schools. Her test paper, will be entered in competition, with 92 school wiriners in this state. The girl selected state Home­ maker of Tomorrow will receive a $1,50,0 scholarship and a trip in April with her school advisor to (Continued on page 8) Hate Day , .H Feb. 8 Wednesday ..'..„26 Feb. 9 Thursday . ...... 35 Feb. 10 Friday ... _ :......36 Feb. 11 Saturday ....... 38 Feb. 12 Sunday ___ .....42 Feb. 13 Monday . .......... 34 Feb. 14 Tuesday ......... 28 Average for w eek ..... 34 Total Precipitation . L -4 — 5 — 19-. — .' 23 — 27 T • 21 T 6 T 14 — T r

The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 15 Feb. 1956, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.