The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1891-1962, February 29, 1956, Image 7

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J ß w e ä t r x d t M c i ï k e i DL Ranch Gets Prize Bull Harry S. Tash, 'Sr., was a Mis-1 soula visitor last week attending j a stock sale and purchasing an I outstanding Hereford herd .bull ¡BUTTE LIVESTOCK MARKET which he delivered at the DL] A ll classes of cattle L O U I S R U P P E R T , 55, i P A S S E S A W A Y A F T E R S H O R T IL L N E S S Dillon Merchants Boost Jayceen Fashion Showing Plans for the spring style show to be presented March 16 in the high school gymnasium are pro- ranch on Grasshopper. Mrs. Tash ¡with last week, gressing and Dillon merchants so ( accompanied him on the trip to] Total cattle receipts fair contacted are cooperating en-;the Bitterroot valley.' 1745. thusiastically with the Jayceens, | 1 , Medium to g00Cj fed steers; $15 Oct. 18, 1900 at Pittsburgh, Penn. I order \and'-Its founder and Lam- it has been aimounced by club Home from VA Hospital j to $15.50; medium to good fed ¡Little was known here concern-Ibert Eliel will be introduced by. President Mrs. 1 Wilma McCart. | Jack Miller received treatment heifers, $13 to $13.50; young i ing the man’s life. He had worked : Bob McLaren to receive the “ Hais The fashion rievue this year w i l l ; in the Veterans hospital at Fort1 heifer type cows, SI 1.75 to $13; on ranches in the region for sev- 0g » award Lou Brundage will De Mo lays and Dads At Dinner Program G r a v e s i d e services of the DeMolay members , and; their. Church of Latter Day Saints were .fathers will enjoy a buffet, din-, held at 2, o’clock last Friday after- ner and program this evening at ¡noon in Mountain View cemetery |the Masonic lodge rooms. The j for Louis Ruppert, who passed j Mother’s Club will prepare and I away at the Barrett hospital on 'serve the dinner. Toastmaster for steady ¡Tuesday, Feb. 21. He had been ill I the. affair will be Dick Roberts. -- ] only a fgw. days when death | Boone Sparrow w ill ask the bless- Monday,;cameV ling. ■ \ Ruppert was 55 years old,_born | ' David Watt w ill tell about the be called “Jayceen Park Parade” Harrison last week, returning ! utility and commercial cows, $10 eral years. and net proceeds will again bq Monday to his.home. He made the !to $11 50 canner and cutter,cows, j - ---------------- : ------------- used to improve the City Park, trip by bus from Dillon and re-;$6 to $9.50: bulls, $11 to $14.50;1 Youth Attends School in Last year the] organization pro-;turn, visiting overnight, Sunday. veai calves, $17 to $21. ¡ Hawaii Friday Enters vided $500 worth of playground with Fred Henne and George Gul-'r j ... , equipment, the city purchased lecksen in their, ranch home. They ] q oocj to choice steers $15 to ; ^ eaver^ ca<^ H igh Tuesday picnic tables and benches and the. met Jack in Dillon Sunday. Parent Teachers group added $16.50; medium to good steers, | Karl H. Schwab, high school four teeter totters to the park ¡Deliver Remely Steers facilities. The equipment was in- i van Remely and Wayne Blom stalled in June by the Jaycees. fquist made ’a trip to Idaho Falls, medium Dillon merchants contacted so1 Tuesday. They delivered two 1 far who will participate in the truck loads of fat steers from Remely’s feed pens. fashion show are D & L Jewelry, i'iels, McCracken Brothers, M & M Dress Shop; The Toggery, M. H. King Co., j. C. Penny Com- /> ny and Vaughn & Ragsdale. President Wilma McCart has 1 announced! that Shirley Hunt nd Joan McDougal are on the atertainment committee. $14.50 to $15.50; common to med- | sophomore, had a typical jet-Sge ium steers, $9 to S12; good to experience when he transferred choice heifers, $12.50 to $13:50;: from a high school on the island to good heifers, $11 to ¡of Oahu to Beaverhead county $12; common to medium heifers, ] high school at the start of the $9 to $10.50;. good to choice steer present semester calves, $18 to $19; common t o j £ a r l , thé son of Mr. and Mrs. to A s t e r Seal (Child Nam e d ~o Start Annual D rive . ' l i n g s (Special) — Alice , Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Tash. Sr. Bill Tash, and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hughes were Sunday visitors in the homes of Earl and Harry S. Tash, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Marches- dairy type calves, $8 to $10. seau and baby drove to Butte last 1 medmfn steer calves, $lb .to $l/_, ¡Herman Schwab, formerly of Dil- good to choice heifer calves, $1 d ¡]on; acCompanied his grandfather, common ¡ Attorney Johh Collins when the a. vps 813 to $14; stock | iatter returned from a several feeder - play piano selections. Rev. John Hay will address the group on the father and son rela­ tionship. DeMolay Advisor Dr. R. J. English w ill present certificates - of membership to Bill Williss, Bill Garrison, John Hollensteiner, Bill Sanborn, Dean Stanchfield, Dal-, las Bostwick and Stuart Bay. He will present a Past Master Coun­ cilor’s pin vo George Saito. ] D I L L O N E X A M I N E R 7 Wednesday, February 29, 1956 heifer calves, $13 cows, to $12; fleshy repae! 1 weqks’ visit with, his son-iri-law steers (- way) $13.o0 to $14.50, i and daughter in Hawaii. He at­ tended his final class in the high Thursday visiting in the home of IDAHO FALLS LIVESTOCK Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Roberts. 'Sheep, Feb. 20, Receipts - 750 ------- I Lambs steady, ewes 50c higher. Meeting Postponed Choice fat lambs, $li.50 to $18, Because of illness in families on : medium-good fat lambs, $17 A SANDWICH OR A SUNDAY DINKEY ker, younger, daughter of Mr. (the creek and conflicting dates for S17.50; feeder lambs, $17 to school on Oahu on a Friday after­ noon. The following Tuesday morning he enrolled at' the high school here. And he spent more , travel time ¡coming to Dillon by 10 1 rail from Seattle than it had ta 1 Mrs. Beatrice Parker of others, the meeting scheduled at $17.50; fat ewes, Si _.oO to $8; n Great Falls, has been chosen as Polaris school house Tuesday eve- rum-good ewes, $5 to $¡.06; .can- Easter Seal child for 1956, it ■ ning, Feb. 28, had to be post- ] ner ewes, $3 to $4: bucks, $3 to $4' , . nnounced^here by Fred N. poned. j young breeding ewes up to • ¡ugan of Billings, chairman of the ------- ] per head. l a r i seal sale campaign. | The daughters of Mr. and Mrs,, Hogs, Feb. 21, Receipts - 297 ■ i ] ken in the flight from Hawaii to , med- the U. S. mainland. . ^ This was Attorney Collins’ 5J3' third round trip by air from the j mainland to Hawaii. He ■ reports I his son-in-law and daughter in e x c e l l e n t health. Both were j , A 1 . J ™ ^ - n , ‘ 11 OO1 rtv ^ AC L Cl x 1 C J U l l u l t L x j U l l i W c i w e four-yfear-old youngster , Wayne Blomquist spent last week ¡ Extreme top $13; d u ik - is U t Z- u | reareci jn Dillon and attended >0 n with! a congenital heart ¡in the home of their grandpar-1l b s $ 1 2 . 5 0 to $12 id ; 4ZU--4U, |schoo] here Herman is a statisti- m.lity, attends . the Easter ents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey March- $12.2 d to $12.50; 240-260, $ll./5 to ; __ o _________ _______________________ , _____ * 1 » i «1 9 9S- 9R n .9fin SI 1 9.S trt S 1 1 Sib . Jenter Socialization school ] esseault. each and physical therapy] Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Walde- ’ ¡¿,9 9*. 9an 9«n si i 9s trt si i i cian .-with• the Oahu Sugar Com-' fsn'snh s i i ' l v 1 * 1 1 0 ’ pany, and^his wife, Marguerite is . _ .. , =- -30-300, 10. id to $ii. zd , ;ain instri/ctor and music in ■ ei in thej Electric city. She mar were visitors Saturday in the ; Sows under 300 lbs., $8.50 to .'the schools. Mrs. Schwab is a recommended as the Easter ¡home of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin M a r-: $9.25; 300-330, $8 tO '$8.50; 330- 'gifted pianist and appeared in l child by Henry L. DiRe, di- ]chesseau. ’ 400, $7.50 to S8: over 450 lbs., $7 ¡.many concerts here and in the or of the ¡Center. • — ---- (to $7.50; stags, $5.50' to $6.50; ¡ east'.before the couple moved to Vice will go the honor of Dillon Visitors boars, $3 to $5. the Islands. .j Governor J. Hugo Aron- Dillon visitors during the week Cattle, Feb. 22, Receipts - 1,840 I t --------- pe -------------- ■e ..rst sheet of the colorful ■ included Mrs. Dwight Harrison’ .Light choice steers,-$16 to $17;1 Farm e rs Union Meeting Seals -vyheri the campaign1 and family, Mr. ;ana Mrs. Earl ¡choice grain-fed .steers $15 to $16;'; Held bv Bond Local Unit on March 10. Arrangements ! Tash, Mr. and Mrs.'Erwin Mar- good steers, $14 to $15; choice d sale were made February; chesseau, Lee Robinson, Andy: fed heifers, $13.50 to $15; good ! .Members of Bond Local of the m Alice] was taken to Hel- Hays, Ivan Remely, Fred Mun- fat heifers, $12-to $13;.commercial Farmers Union held a regular meet S.ate officials and re- dinger, “Mrs. John J.udge and cows, $11 to $12.50; utility cows,; meeting last Friday night at the ve a copy oif the United States Clare. . • $10 to $11.50; cutter cows, S8.50 to - Nelson school house. The com-. itution from Chief Justice; ------- $9.50; caners, $6 to S9; bulls, $12imittee that arranged entertain- Forrest Mrs. Ben Holland Home (to $14. jment and refreshments included Mrs. Ben Holland returned: Veal calves, $18 to $2,1 ; good j Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Tash, Mrs. home Saturday-from Dillon, ac- feeder steers, $14.50 to $16; med- ; Lillis- Albers, and Mrs. Addie companied by her daughters, ium feeder steers, $13 to $14; Hoi- 'Morrison. Speaker of the evening Margie and Sonja. Sonja was a ¡stein steers, $10 to $11.50; stock] was County Agent Ed Atkins, patient-at the Barrett hospital, heifers, $12 to $14; feeding cows. -e Supreme Court, r o n . The Best in Examiner Printing Co. FOR Job Work at the Prepared for.,Your Enjoym n at the* BLUE ANCHO.i BAR and GRILL At Twin BricH^ W e specialize in G O O D FOOH. carefully prepared and - . thoughtfully served . W e treat all of our friends alike—: and we jnst don’t know any ' strangers' i - SALE r-.vo-Year-OId Registered Hereford Bulls (Ja Ca Seidensticker Twin Bridges, Montana 'and has been released and is now $8 to $10; stock steer calves, $16 recovering illness. from several weeks’ to $19; stock heifer calves, $14 to $16; dairy type calves, $6 to=-$12: LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK' • Los Angeles Union Stock Yards ]— .Demand for most classes of I | Fred Voss was a visitor at Po- - laris' Monday. i Barry and Barbara Remely . were skiing at the slide over the’cattle slackened this , week. Offer- ; week end with the Dillon skiers, i ihgs increased around 1000 head j I ---------- , ------- :-------- over the previous week.' Trading I ' ¡was slow on steers and, heifers' BOY , SCOUT NOTES j which were in liberal sjipply. Pri- Troop 64 met in the basement of ces were off fram 25c to 50c. Cows1 the Andrus Hotel Feb. 28. We closed steady to 25c lower. Other: practiced tying bandages and dif- ; classes sold about steady with a ; ferent kinds of knots. We also week' ago. Prices on butcher hogs ; Pick o f ; the Nation’s Bloodlines EE l D I SWIFT’S SKY-HI’S worked on advancement. Marvin Sprinkle, Scribe Last Home Game WMCE Bulldogs | vs. , - Lake County All-Stars Friday, March 2 \ — P R E L I M I N A R Y — { ] WMCE Gymnasium .! Main game — 8:00 Preliminary — 6:45 Admission — Adults, $1.00 Students, 25c | H I G H S C H O O L B A N D Jaycees are sponsoring this game and will have advance sale - of tickets ¡for the benefit of the College Scholarship Fund i remained at the same level. Lamb ] receipts were nominal. ?- .One load of average to high oice fed steers weighing 922 s. brought the top price, for. the week of $18.75. One load of choice 1021 lb. weights brought $18.50 with a few loads.weighing to 1084 lbs., selling at $18.25. The bulk of good and choice fed steers sold at $17 to $18. Many commercial and good steers brought $15 to- $16.75: Utility and low commercial kinds went at $13 to $14.75. The bulk of good and choice fed heifers sold at $15 to $16.50. Com­ mercial and good heifers brought $13.50 to $14.75. A few loads of commercial type cows sold at $13.75 to $14.25, a (few head of young cows sold at ] $14.50. The bulk of utility and low commercials sold at $11 to $13,50; i canners and cutters sold at $8.50 j to $10.50. I Utility and commercial bulls ] sold at $14.50 to $16.50. Odd head ! of heavy utilities brought $18 with a few selling to $18.50. Cut­ ters sold down to $13.50. Good and choice vealers sold at $19.50 to $22.50. Commercial and good calves brought $16.50 to $18. A few lots soTd to $20. Cull and utility calves brought $12 to $16. Good stocker and feeder steers sold at $16 to $16.60.' The bulk of 190 to 250 lb. butcher hogs sold at $13.50 to $14.50. A few lots brought $13.25. j Medium kinds sold at ,$12 to $13. Sows weighing under 400 lbs. sold at $10 to $11. Sows weighing over 500 lbs. $9. Choice feede'r pigs averaging 96 lbs. sold at $16. — . Subscribe - to the Examiner — SKY-HI 312 SKY-HI 314 These layers are backed by the highest producing strains in the nation. They have been picked' for you by professionals. Tw o types to choose from. All are high production layers with top feed-to-egg conversion, worlds of hybrid vigor. W e ’ll help you choose the right Sky-Hi Layer for your flock— just ask us. You can look forward to new egg production records. WILLIAMS FEEB & MACHINERY 235 N o r th Idaho , Telephone 23

The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 29 Feb. 1956, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.