The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1891-1962, June 20, 1956, Image 4

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i T he D illon E xaminer Entered as Second Class Matter, September 20, 1902, at the Post Office at Dillon, Montana, Under the Act oi Congress of March 3, 1879. Issued Wednesday ol Every Week All letters pertaining to the Editorial Department or the Business Management of the Examiner should be addressed to The Dillon Examiner. 124 So. Montana SL, Dillon, Montana. N A T I O N A L E D I T O R Ì A L / subscription rates : I A sTb cf|AT bQlN 0116 Year—In Couhty__ ---------- 43.00 ^ U nznnacmna Va: STATE PRESS 7 ((W iiittU it I Out of County- Six Months—In County... Out of County _ ________ _ 340 _ 240 _ 240 Outside Continental V. S., yr __ 5.00 M-L SUBSCRIPTIONS STRICTLY IN ADVANCE NO SUBSCRIPTIONS -EOR LESS THAN SIX MONTHS No.'51 — Wed., June 20, 1956 I Volume 65 ! POLARIS NEWS Special to the Dillon Examiner Forest Service men are busy this week cutting cattle trails in Elkhorn. . Home from Denver Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Remely are home from a trip to Denver. They were gone a week. Mr. Remely purchased Angus heifers in Colo­ rado for the Circle S ranch. Attend Bozeman Meeting Mrs. Dewey Marchesseault and Mrs. Waiter Melcher returned home Saturday from, Bozeman where they attended a meeting of Home Demonstration officers and members from the many clubs active in various counties in Montana. \Interesting and instruc­ tive meetings were reported. The women stayed at Montana State College from Wednesday until they left on Saturday. Mrs. Eu- daily accompanied them from Dil- loruto Bozeman and return. Jules Marthesseault was chauffeur. , The Home Démonstration club met Monday evening in the Rem­ ely home getting some more quilting dope. Picnic Party Mr.' and Mrs. W. G. Squires of Butte, ■ Miss Genevieve Squires and Mr. Adair of Helena, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Sqtiires and family of Dillon were picnicking' •and fishing on Grasshopper Sun­ day. boys left on a lion hunt ■ in the vicinity of Taylor creek, having received reports of a prowler on the loose. Bobby Morrison spent a few days with his cousin, Jimmy Given at the cabin this week. | Mr. and Mrs. Coulter Given and daughters were visitors at Polaris' Tuesday. They were ac­ companied by Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Hayes. WRANGLERS 4-H CLUB MET AT DONOVAN RANCH O The Horse Prairie Wranglers met at the\ Donovan ranch Juiie 2 where we weighed our calves] John Richter moved that we donate $5 to the 4-H building for paint, also that we dohate $7 to the Beaverhead Laboratory. Both motions passed. j Dale Metlen told us about Rural Life Sunday held at Parke Scottfs grove on June 3. He also discussed, our 4-H calf raising projects arid we found that some of us had had problems, / j There was no further business so Gary Fournier adjourned tlie meeting. | Mrs. Boam served refreshments. The next meeting will be held at the Rickter ranch July 7 at 2:30 p.m. .| Sandra Huntsman, Reporter REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S CLUBS MEET JUNE 30 Mrs. Bertha Weiloff, president of the Montana Federation of Wo Effect of Pest Control Spray On Fish Studied Archie O’Claire, director of the Montana State Fish and Game Department, announced today the completion of plans for stream studies to be conducted within and adjacent to areas soon to he sprayed with DDT to control the spruce budworm epidemic. The studies will be confined to streams located on the Helena, Lewis and Clark, Bitterroot, and Beaverhead National Forests. “The U. S.. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U. S. Forest Ser­ vice are cooperating with the State Fish and Game Depart­ ment,” Mr. O’Claire said, “and will participate in , the studies which are designed to determine the effects of DDT on fish and wildlife resources.” Sampling methods will be used to determ­ ine fish and ■ insect populations before and after spraying and fish in live traps will be observed for possible effects. . On the Lewis and Clark Na­ tional Forest, the study will be expanded t oinclude observations of the possible effect of DDT on birds and small animals as well as their normal food supply. “One of the objectives of this cooperative study program is to determine methods to minimize the effect of spruce budworm con­ trol work on fish and wildlife,” Mr. O’Claire stated. “Our forests provide the necessary habitat re­ quirements for both fish and wild­ life. The possible chance of loss of desirable species of forest wild­ life and insects, as well as trees, can be greatly minimized by ef­ fecting spruce budworm control programs early, before infesta­ tions cover large areas of forest; land. Control programs covering ’ millions of acres multiply harm­ ful effects in the same propor­ tion,” Mr. O’Claire said. '¥lEGA£'kOTICES] SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION In the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District of the State of Montana, Irr and For the County of Beaverhead GEORGE HEIKKILA and RUTH HEIKKILA Plaintiffs, CHARLES L. THOMSEN, also known as C. L. THOMSEN and as CHARLES L. THOMPSON, if liv­ ing; the unknown heirs and un­ known devisees of said CHARLES L. THOMSEN, deceased, if he be dead; JANE DOE THOMSEN, wife of CHARLES L. THOMSEN, if such a person there be; J. L. Price* if such a person there be, if living; the unknown heirs and un­ known devisees of said J. L. PRICE, deceased, if he be dead; LILY PETERSEN, JOHN PETER­ SEN, K A T I E F R A N K L I N PETERSEN, RUDOLPH PETER­ SEN and DOROTHY PETERSEN, husband and wife; MARGUERITE PETERSEN WALLING, DORO­ THY PETERSEN LYNCH; MONA PETERSEN TRUJEB; HENRI­ ETTA PETERSEN DALY; PHYL­ LIS P E T E R S E N DOE; AMY P E T E R S E N ' TAGAS; LORNA1 H. Granshery and Agnes E. Gransbery, as buyers,. and said ■ buyers agreed to buy said prem­ ises from sellers, upon the terms and conditions in said agreement set ou]t; and 2. The possession of said prem­ ises by said buyers under tHfe terms] and conditions of said agreement. WITNESS my hand and seal of this Court this 6th day of June, 1956. I ( COURT SEAL) ¡ , E. Contway lerk of the District Court : the Fifth Judicial Dis- ict of the State of Mon- na, in and for the County Beaverhead. Gilbert, Jr., Attorney for s, Dillon, Montana. 49-4t CALL FOR BIDS The City Council of the City of Dillonl Montana, will receive sealecf bids up to and including • the 3rd day of July, 1956, at 5:00 o’clock P. M., in the office of the City Clerk for the following: Two1 Thousand (2000) feet of 12 inch cast iron water pipe (12 inch inside diameter); class 150 Bolite M e c h a n i c a l Joint tar coated; per Fed. specifications WWP-421; Weight .per foot 69 to 70 lbs ready random lengths 16’ to 20’; to install and complete B U R C H E T T E ; FRANCES S. \follower elands rubber gas- P R I C E ; B E S S I E V. PRICE; | ^ ¿ j ¿ ’t o l t e Quote R I C H A R D R. PRICE; EDITH gf}s *£e n e r f o o t A h o T h r e e °3) PRICE; M. MARY PRICE; LAW- ^ 220-12 inch I ova ( orsimi- s f s K f JOTCE1'P R I C E ^ Ä 3; V > _ sleeves; Tw o . (2) PEARL ROBSON KELSO; No. 5q-12.1 - 3/4” Iowa (or simi- .. ., lar) air release valves; Three (3) HEGARTY, if living, i f : ^2 i n c h mechanical x 12 inch J. D. Harrison and Sons are get­ ting their bands of sheep sheared this week at their ranch holdings on Dias creek, , Mr. and Mrs. Herb Carmichael of Butte, and Mr. and Mrs. Todd and baby son, Clayton, of Boze­ man, spent the week end at Elk- horn Springs. Mrs, C. _W- Haight, Jr., went to Butte \ Tuesday to meet her mother, Mrs. Edith Shinn, who returns each summer to Elkhorn Springs. Mrs. Shinn spent the winter months in Niles; Mich. Dolan Shaw was out from Dil­ lon visiting a couple of days at the cabin of Leon Boese. Jimmy Given and Fred Kamps ...who have been vacationing at the cabin of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pyle left early Tuesday morning. The 4 DILLON EXAMINER Wednesday, June 20, 1956 DELL NEWS Correspondent MRS. LeMÖNT ROBERTSON Swimming Lessons The Briggs children are going in to Dillon Orr’KTnrtdays. and Wed­ nesdays to take swimming lessons. BRIGGS RANCH NOTES Miss Arline Briggs from Man­ illa,:. Utah and Clair Christensen men’s R e p u b l i c a n clubs, has j are visiting at the Harold Briggs issued a call for the 18th annual! home. ; convention to -be held in the Plà- I Jimmy Lamb and his new bride cer hotel in Helena on June 30. j i have returned to the Briggs ranch The convention will be called tjo |rom f Manilla, Utah. They will order at a 7 a.m. no-host break- | make their home here, fast at which time the Republican ; Mr. and Mrs. Andy Anderson of candidates will be welcomed. | I Texas visited with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Briggs Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Christensen have moved’ back to Manilla, joints water valves Two ( tana. The right t DAT] 19th d Featured speaker will be Mrs. Eva BoWring, forfner United States senator from Merriman, Cherry county, Nebraska. An executive board meeting will be held June 29 at 5, p.m. in the Placer hotel, Helena. The meetings are open to all Republicans, women and men, who will be attending the' Repub­ lican state convention. | Carolyn Sargent of Dillon was chosen chairman of the 1957 Wo­ man’s ¡Day ceremony at award ceremonies that marked 1956 Wo­ man’s Day on June 3 at Mon­ tana State College, Bozeman, j Carol Lee Mockel of Dillon got the Pi Omega Pi award. | Your Doctor’s Prescriptions Promptly and Accurately Filled George Me Gosman DRUGGIST Dillon Montana Utah. They have been employed at the Briggs-Rife ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Don Briggs of Dillon spent Sunday at the Har­ old Briggs home. dead the unknown heirs and un­ known devisees of MARY HEG ARTY, Deceased; JOHN HEGARTY, if living, if j Valve dead the unknown heirs and un- ] Iowa known devisees of JOHN HEG­ ARTY, Deceased; MARGARET HEGARTY, if liv­ ing. if dead the unknown heirs and unknown devisees of MAR­ GARET HEGARTY. Deceased; ALL UNKNOWN HEIRS .AND ALL UNKNOWN DEVISEES OF EACH ’AND ALL OF THE FOL­ LOWING NAMED DECEASED P E R S O N S , to-wit: S U S I E PETERSEN (also known as So­ phia Petersen); ADOLPH PETER­ SEN (also known as Rudolph N e i l s Petersen); W I L L I A M GEORGE P E T E R S E N (also known as W. George Petersen, as George William Petersen, and as W. G. Petersen); RUDOLPH W. PETERSEN (also^dcnown as Ru­ dolph P e t e r s q n ) ; LEWIS J. PRICE (also known as L. J. Price); LIZZIE PRICE; FREDER­ ICK F. PRICE; OARL C. PRICE; JOHN H. ROBSON (also kndVn as John Robsofi); JOSEPHINE ROBSON; DENIS-HEGARTY; AND ALL unknown owners of the real property described in the plaintiffs’ complaint; and all other persons unknown, claiming or who might claim any right, title, estate or interest in or lien or encumbrance upon the Teal prop­ erty described in the complaint or any part thereof, adverse to the plaintiffs’ ownership or any cloud mechanical x six inch mechanical — C. I. tees, for class 150 pipe; Two (2) No. F5230 Boxes, 5 ft. extreme height, or similar) for 6 inch Gate cover marked “water” ; 2) 12 inch offsets L56, C. I. Mechanical joints, for Class 150 water (pipe. Delivery date for all of foregoing to be not less than 8 weeks] from date of acceptance, with bids to quote delivery date; all bids to be f . o. b. Dillon, Mon- 51-2t City Council reserves the 3 reject any and all bids. - ED at Dillon, Montana, this ay of June, A. D. 1956. V DON J. SMITH City Attorney and Ex-Officio City Clerk'. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE In the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District of the State of Montana, In and For the County of Beaverhead IN THE MATTER OF . THE ES­ TATE OF d i n z l e G. NIX, j Deceased. Under authority of an order of sale, granted by thé above-en­ titled Court, dated June 9, 1956, the undersigned administratrix will sell at private sale the fol- lowing From Green River Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hallett Sf= ° re*? “ r * \ ing any claim or possible claim of iting at the LeMont Robertsdn A. „ „ „ „ „ j in and Lots upon plaintiffs’ title thereto, whe- | SW l ) , ther such claim or possible claim | Section be present or contingent, includ-; N%NE ranch, Mrs. HalletUs a niece o f jdower’ inchoate or Mrs. Robertson. | THE STATE OF MONTANA TO THE At Belton Hatch Ranch Guests at the Belton Hatch ranch last week were their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kay Jenkins of Salt Lake! City. Chris Peterson Visits Chris Peterson is visiting at the Harold Peterson ranch. Harold is in Butte with his mother, who is still confined to the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rogers had dinner in Dillon Saturday night. Visit in Salt Lake City Mr. and Mrs. Jay DeGraff spent Wednesday until Sunday of last week in Salt Lake City. Lynn Robertson stayed with their chil­ dren while they were away. About 13,000 WAVES were in the navy’s hospital corps in World War II. State Bank & Trust Company OF DILLON Compiete Banking Facilities Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation described real estate: An iindivided one-half interest to: 5 and 6, of Section 2; SW14 EViSWli arid St 2 SEy4 of 3; Sl^SEli of Section 4: V: of Section 10; and Lot 1 of Seciion¡ 11; all in Township 14 South, and ek Range 8 West, M.P.M., save cept the following part or ABOVE NAMED DE­ FENDANTS, AND TO ALL OTHER PERSONS UNKNOWN, GREETING: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this ac- tiori which- is filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to file your answer and serve a copy thereof upon the plaintiffs’ attorney within twenty (20) days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief de­ manded in the complaint. This action is brought for the purpose of quieting title to those certain pieces or parcels of land situated in the City of Dillon, County of Beaverhead, State of Montana, described as follows, to-wit: Commencing at point 66 feet due- South . and across Thomsen Avenue from Southwest comer of Lot 10 of Block 1 of Thomsen’s Addition to Dillon, and which said point is located on South side line of Thomsen Avenue in Dillon, Beaverhead County, Mon­ tana; thence from said point, South, distance of 200 feet; thence West 66 feet; thence North 200 feet; thence East along South side line of Thomsen Avenue, distance Of 66 feet to place of beginning; SUBJECT only to the follow­ ing; 1. The terms of that certain agreement dated March 1st, 1956, whereby said plaintiffs as sellers, ¡agreed to sell said premises to E. portion thereof: Beginning at the Northdast corner of said SWV-i SW1) |of Section 3, Township 14 South, Range 8 West, M.P.M., thence West • 330 feet; thence South 990 feet; thence East 330 feet, ttyence North 990 feet to the place of beginning. An undivided one-fifth interest in and to: East Half of the Southeast Quarter and the Southeast Quar­ ter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 9; South Half, South Half of the (North Half and Northeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter of Section 10; all in Township 14 South, Range 8 West, M.P.M. That all of said real property is situatejd in Beaverhead County, Montana. The sale will b e . made on or after , une 30, 1956, and written bids will be received by the un­ dersigned administratrix at the law offices of Schulz & Davis, White Building, Dillon, Montana. Terms of sale, cash; ten per cent of the bid payable at the time of sale, balance upon confirmation by the Court. Dated June 9, 1956. MURIEL L. NIX . Administratrix of the Es­ tate of Dinzle G. Nix, de­ ceased. 50-2t 12 Atiend Camporee at Georgetown Labe from Dillon | Scout Troop 60 Twelve Boy Scouts of Troop 60, with S c o u t m a s t e r Monte Walker, attended the three-day Council Camporee at Georgetown lake recently.

The Dillon Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 20 June 1956, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.