The Dillon Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1962-1971, January 07, 1963, Image 3

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MONDAY, JANUARY 7, 1963 RO V IN G REPORTER • Mrs. Tony Schuetz SAND FLEA EGGS With Christmas all over I have been doing a dab of house clean­ ing. A lot of things connected with the same job cause me great an­ guish, so I thought if I had to go to bed from house cleaning I’d rather do it after Christmas. Wash­ ing windows is one of ’em. And if anyone thinks two window panes in front are still dirty, don’t wor­ ry, they are. They are of such an­ tiquity that they are full of air bubbles, and tiny little knots that stick out, which might be sand fleas eggs just waiting to hatch out as allergic as I am to fleas I hate to disturb the little devils if they really are in there and as antique glass is fragile and breaks very easily I didn’t expend too much elbow grease on those two. But what I can’t figure is, as old as they are they should be a beau­ tiful purple shade instead of plain old tattle-tale grey. Floydena McClennan Writes from Venezuela I’m sending in a copy of a let­ ter from Floydena McClennan which I’m sure will be interesting to her many friends in Beaverhead County. And I quote: ‘Tt sounds as though you were getting lots of winter weather up there, at least you’ll have a nice white Christmas. I work with the M.A.C. Exten­ sion Agricola service in Venezu­ ela and there are about 7 other people in our office. The Veterin­ arian, Forester, Demonstrators and Extension Agent all work through M.A.C. work solely with 5-V Clubs—comparable to our 4-H clubs—and with the Demonstra­ tors. Most of our days are spent in the country working with girls on their projects, giving demon­ strations, getting to know the Campecinoes or trying to get across how 5-V is supposed to op­ erate. When I first arrived1 in Biscucuy and started going out and meeting the people I was greeted with mostly shyness and a little skep­ ticism but the more I get to know the people and the better I get to speak the Spanish language the warmer and friendlier they be­ come. They are very anxious to talk about the U. S., what I’m do­ ing here, although I still don’t think they are too sure even after I tell them. Do I like Venezuela and so on. People are continually asking me why Americans hate the ne­ groes and I even had one girl who is a negro say, “I can’t go to thj$' U. S., can I, as the people will hate me and want to kill me.” One of my best friends in our group is a negro girl and it really helped a lot to break some of the ice when she came to see me and we went walking together and vis­ iting here in Biscucuy. Thank the Lord for Paulina. Since the average height here is about four inches shorter than I am they get a kick out of asking me how I grew so tall, they make a joke of my broken Spanish and they often sneak up behind me to stroke my hair to see if it really grows out of my head as there aren’t many blondes here. One thing however, when they make those jokes they’re not being sar­ castic, they are just showing their good humor and friendliness. It’s refreshing to be with people who aren’t afraid to show their feel­ ings about anything. for DRAPES and VENETIAN BUNDS . (Horizontal and Vortical) The DILMART . D illo n 's Hom o M a r t THE DILLON, MONTANA, DAILY TRIBUNE-EXAMINER PAGE THREE Now that the holidays are com­ ing everyone is all excited and they go all out for Christmas. At first it didn’t seem like Christmas to me as the weather is warm, ranges between 70 and 100 all the time, but as the 25th gets nearer so does the spirit of Christmas. Since just about everyone here is Catholic, the church is the base of all the fiestas. The Venezuelan’s have a version of Christmas Carolers,- too, and every night starting 9 days before Christmas a group of boys go around strumming guitars, beating drums and singing carols in Span­ ish. There are quite a lot of our own carols I can sing along in Eng­ lish, such as “Jingle Bells.\ Even though they don’t have pine trees here, they don’t let that stop them. They go to the river and find a dead limb with lots of branches on it, paint it white and put cotton all over it, after the cotton come the lights and decorations. They turn out pretty sharp. You should see their Nativity scenes, the one in nay house for example takes up a whole room and is very painstak­ ingly put together and very beau­ tiful. December is also the month for weddings and baptisms. When they throw a wedding party it lasts a day and a night and often part of the. next day. Starting nine days before Christ­ mas, also, each morning at 3 a.m., the firecrackers start going off and everyone rises to go to 4:30 mass. After the mass we all either walk around or drive around vis­ iting, drinking coffee, listening to music and watching the kids with their fireworks till dawn. Since this is the week before Christmas the working schedule has been changed a little and we work from 7 a.m. till 2 p.m. then go home and either rest or get ready for a fies­ ta. At night the kids all put on their roller skates and go down to the Plaza to skate. I guess this has been the tradition for years. ' Christmas Eve is called the “Noche Bueno” or “Good Night,\ no one goes to bed. It is a night for dancing, drinking and eating their customary Christmas dish, “Hallacas” which are something like a tamale, and stew mixed. They are really delicious. Although I miss the snow and all very much and am naturally lonesome for my family and friends, Tm having a wonderful experience and thoroughly enjoy­ ing my stay and my work.\ Un­ quote. Mr. and Mrs. Don Elser and fam­ ily left for Sheridan last Saturday and after a visit there were going on home to Elko, Nev. .Alvin Spehar of Butte was down Sunday to visit at the Ted Walker home and do some fishing. Jack Parr of California visited at the Roy Peterson home last week. AGREES WITH DUKE I was pleased to read the letter from Duke Davis on fluoridation, and agree most heartily with him. I wish I could dig into the archives of the Tribune and copy off the article I wrote on it back in ’52, perhaps one of these days I can find the time, and from all the new names that pop up constantly I’m sure a lot of you haven’t read it It still holds true, for my money. TV SERVICE All Makes Record Players & Radios HARVEY Appliance and Furniture Phone 683-5611 WARM WORMSI Nick De Leon made a rush trip to Butte for maggots Friday and could get only one can. His wife says “Now there is a money mak­ ing proposition you could get in­ to, Ruth.\ Told her, nope, I’d starve to death on it. She said, “Oh, no there is goojL money in it. “I sez, “Yeh, but with my del­ icate stummick I’d spend so much time up-chucking my last meal that I’d not be able to work up an appetite for the next one. There used to be an old fellow in Dillon who was quite a fisherman. He al­ ways had a big lump on his jaw which could have been a chew of tobacco. He used to catch and sell fish for a living before Tt went out of style. One day I asked Dad how he kept his worms from freezing during the winter. He said, “Oh, he says he keeps them in his jaw where they stay nice and warm.” Gaugh. Mr. and Mrs. Les Trueman and Michele visited in Melrose New Years Day. Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCleery and Mr. and Mrs. Don Goody shopped in Butte Saturday. We are sorry to hear that at last reports George Kambich is in very citical condition in a Seattle hospital. SQUARE I DANCING j BCHS REC CENTER | • Every : Monday Evening | At 8:00 | High School and adult | dancers invited. • Come out and enjoy • this popular pasttime. ; Instructions Avallablo | From Qualifisd Toachor t M O N TANA MAN FITS HEARING DEVICE INSIDE EAR Advertisement A Billings, Montana hearing technician has successfully fitted a radi­ cally new hearing device Inside the ear—to give deaf persons good hear­ ing which cannot be seen In normal everyday wear. The new device Is manufactured Individually to perfectly fit the ear of the wearer, and to correct his Individual hearing loss. It Is NOT mass- produced as other hearing aids are, but Is custom-built for the person who Is to wear It and for him (or her) alone. People with nerve deafness and conduction losses of hearing, both report excellent results with the Uny new device. Prior to this Invention, hearing aid companies had made \ln-the- ear ’ aids, but they always stuck out of the ear and were very eonspld- ous. By contrast, this new way to hear better fits entirely WITHIN the ear and does not stick out It has absolutely no outside parts. Everything Including the battery Is contained Inside the device—which fits com­ pletely within the ear. It’s low-cost operation makes It an economical and practical hearing amplifier for anyone who can hear but can't under- stand. For further Information Just drop a card to Art Crosby, 2820 First Ave., N., Billings, Montana, or phone 252-7982. Montana Livestock product ion Credit Association The Tfand o f Tr/encfship FINANCIAL STATEMENT DECEMBER 31, 1962 ASSETS Loans to M e m b e rs _ _ _____________ .$.9,528,067.32 Interest & Accounts Receivable __________ 243,109.26 Less Provision for Losses ___ _ ____________ 370,345.02 Net Loans and Interest___________________ 9,400,831.56 U. S. Government Bonds Plus Accrued Interest 1,159,588.75 C a s h ______ _______ 170,784.08 Building Less Reserves _____ _ _________ — . 1 121,925.14 Furniture and Fixtures Less Reserves _______ 3,087.29 , , , Miscellaneous Other Assets------------------------ . 300.00 , Accounts Receivable____________________ 99.39 Class B Capital Stock F I C B _______________ 254,405.00 TOTAL ASSETS ................................$11,111,021.21 \Serving Montana's LIABILITIES Money Borrowed from F I C B ______________$.8,801,727.40 Interest Payable to F I C B ________________ 149,986.58 Income Jax Payable ____________________ 64,639.73 Accounts Payable --------- 3,409.46 Funds Held in Trust _________________ 108,091.35 TOTAL LIA B IL IT IE S ................ 9,127,854.52 A S S O C IA T IO N ’S NET W O R T H ’’A ” Stock Owned by 90 M e m b e rs ....... ...$ 101,950.00 \B ” Stock Owned by 140 Mem b e rs.............. 776,260.00 A C C U M U L A T E D EA R N IN G S . ........— - 1,104,956.69 TO T A L NET W O R T H 1,983,166.69 TOTAL LIABILITIES A N D NET W O R T H $ l 1,111,02121 Livestock Industry For Over 29 Years\

The Dillon Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 07 Jan. 1963, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.