Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1971-1973, April 14, 1971, Image 4

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4T- - * ' '* ’* J$a® «DAILY TRIBUNE-EXAMINER ■ P e g e i , DUlon, Montana Wednesday» April 14,1971 South Korea Gets U.S. Farm Products Con-Con Reorgättizättön Frfdtìy SEOUL (AP) - U.S. Am ­ bassador William J. Porter signed two agreements today to provide South Korea with $54.9 million worth of farm products in 1971. Yorty May Enter Democratic Primary LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mayor Sam Yorty says he plans to make two trips shortly to New Hamp­ shire where he may enter the Democratic presidential primary in 1972. Yorty said Thursday he will address a seminar in Manchester on April 26 as a guest of the state’s Democratic Committee, and will return May 15 ' The U.S. government will provide or sell 502,000 tons of wheat valued at $31.2 million, 150,000 bales of raw cotton worth $19.2 million and . 67,500 tons of corn worth $4.5 million. Of the total, $25 million worth will be given as a grant and the remainder on a 40 year credit. Open Heart Surgery B ir m i n g h a m , Ala. ( a p > - Milburn Stone, the actor who plays Doc Adams on the “ Gunsmoke” television series, is report«! im­ proving m ore rapidly as he recovers from open heart surgery. Stone, 66, underwent the surgery March 15 at University Hospital HELENA (AP) — Montana’s 16- member Constitutional Convention Commission will organize Friday at a meeting to feature election of a temporary chairman and ap­ pointment o f four subcommittees. The organization session was set up by Dale A. Harris, who was administrative assistant to the predecessor Constitution Revision Commission. He contacted all 16 members of the new commission last Friday, shortly after the Supreme Court named its four appointees to complete the roster of members. Harris is expected to be con­ tinued as executive officer by the new comm ission, which was authorized by the 1971 legislative assembly tQ?plan on a $296,000 budget. : r ■ Of this; amount, $149,540 is available now from the state’s general fund,' The remainder is expected from still-to-be-approved federal grants, for which ap­ plication has been made. Scheduled to welcom e the com m issioners to their first meeting is Sen. John K. McDonald, D-Belt, who, headed the 1969-71 interim commission which went out of existence April 1. The meeting in the Capitol will begin at 9 a.m. Harris said one of the sub­ committees tp be set up will deal with such administrative matters as staff, budget and rules. ’ The other three will deal with what probably will be the com ­ mission’s main areas of study— ' research, public information and convention arrangements. The Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con as it is popularly known, will organize at a three-day meeting starting Nov. 29, 1971. At that session, officers will be- elected, rules adopted and interim committees and staff appointed. The main meeting of the con­ vention will begin Jan. 17, 1972, It may recess from time to time but may remain in session as long as necessary, so far as the law is concerned. However, the appropriation,' in effect, limits the convention to 60- 80 working days. The Con-Con delegates will re­ ceive the same pay as legislators— $45 a day. ■ - Unless the federal court should change thè reapportionment plan adopted by the 1971 assembly,' there will be 104 delegates. Montanans wanting to be (tel­ egates must be at least 24 years old and have resided in the district for one year. Persons planning to run on a partisan basis must file nomin­ ating petitions with the secretary of state by Aug. 5. Those planning to run as in­ dependents must file one day earlier, on Aug. 4, They must have signatures equal tp 5 per cent o f the -total vote cast for state representative in their district in 1970. Party primaries will be Sept. 14 and the special general election for convention delegates will be Nov. 2,1971. Independent candidates will avoid the primary but will compete in the general election against the partisan candidates nominated in September from their districts. Airpow a r in A s ia WASHINGTON (AP) - Pen­ tagon sources say U.S. airpower in Southeast Asia probably will be concentrated mainly in Thailand by the summer of 1972. WITH A D I F F E R E N C E Can Chili Nalley’i § - 6 5 < Crackers Busy Baker Saltinei § “ 2 9 < Lunch Meat Majesty 1 2 «• OQ/ XUáí|C size can Orange Juice Bol-air f t r.7 . 3 2 « Can Peaches Carde nside Fre elione f t ”..r 2 9 « Gold Medal Family Flour | | | | $J05 Cake Mixes Pillibury Anortad ^ r 3 3 « Fruit Sherbet Lucerne Assorted ft.;J L 5 9 « Hershey's Chocolate Chipi § 5 3 < Hershey's Instant Chocolate § 7 2 * Panty Hose Lady Bervoni Petite* f t 5 9 « Formica Floor Shine f t 22 oi- lixe bott!« L y s o l Deodorant Cleaner « 7 7 . Sun Country . 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Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 14 April 1971, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053036/1971-04-14/ed-1/seq-4/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.