Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1971-1973, December 13, 1971, Image 5

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. Logal NoticM IN THE DISTRICT COURT , OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA, In and For the County of Beaverhead In the Matter of the Estate of IVA BEULAH GRANSBERY, Deceased. No. 3187 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL Pursuant to an order of said Court made on the 2nd day of December, 1971 notice is hereby given, that Tuesday, the 21st day of December, 1971 at 10:00 o’clock A.M. of said day, at the court room of said Court, at the Court House in the County of Beaverhead, has been appointed as the time and place for proving the Will of said Iva Beulah Gransbery, deceased, and for hearing the application of Edward Harold Gransbery for the issuance to him of Letters Testamentary, when and where any person interested may appear and contest the same. Dated December 2, 1971. H.E.CONTWAY, Clerk Dec. 3, 8, 13 ' IN THE DISTRICT COURT ' OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA, In and For the County of Beaverhead ^ In the Matter of the Estate of EUGENE BENJAMIN SHARP, Deceased. No. 3181 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of EUGENE BENJAMIN SHARP, Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administratrix of the estate of EUGENE BENJAMIN SHARP, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with necessary vouchers within 4 months, after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administratrix at the Law Offices of W. G. Gilbert III, 15 South Idaho, Dillon, Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate, in the County of Beaverhead, State of Montana. AVIS HOERNING Administratrix of the Estate of EUGENE BENJAMIN SHARP, Deceased. Dated at Dillon, Montana, this 24 day of November, 1971. W. G. Gilbert III Attorney at Law 15 South Idaho Street Dillon, Montana 59725 Nov. 29, Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 20 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA, In and For the County of Beaverhead In the Matter of,the Estate), pf, MYRL ERWIN, Deceased. No. 3185 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administratrix of the estate of Myrl Erwin, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with necessary vouchers within four months, after the first publication of this notice, to the said Ad­ ministratrix at the law offices of W. G. Gilbert, Jr., 15 South Idaho Street, Dillon, Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate, in the County of Beaverhead, State of Montana. Josephine Erwin Administratrix of the Estate of Myrl Erwin, Deceased. Dated at Dillon, Montana, this 9th day of December 1971. Dec. 13, 20, 27, Jan. 3 City To Hire Qualified Women MILWAUKEE (AP) - The city’s Bureau of Sanitation has agreed to abandon its prohibition against employing women to shovel snow. S u p e r in ten d e n t H o w ard Thompson, who had rejected job applications from four girls a year ago, said Wednesday he will hire women shovelers if they are “18 or older, at least taller than the shovel, have a Social Security number, and— very important— come dressed for the weather.” TME SHOPPING UST¿ Ireland Senator Murdered BELFAST,! Northern Ireland (AP) — Thp assassination of a jvlortItem Ireland senator has raised fears that the Irish Re­ publican Army has launched a new phase in its war to reunite Ireland. “Hiis is obviously the start of a new phase of terrorism,” said John Hulme, deputy chairman of the antigovernment Democratic and Labor party. Some officials ex­ pressed belief that higher ranking politicians would be next. A gunman rang the farmhouse doorbell Sunday night of 63-year- old Sen. John Barnhill, a Protestant member of the ruling Unionist party and a militant. When he answered, the gunman killed him with two shots. Mrs. Barnhill found the gunman kneeling over her husband’s body. Then a second man helped drag the body into the living room, put a 50- pound gelignite bomb beside the body and warned the woman to get out quickly. Shortly after she escaped, the bomb went off, wrecking the house. Barnhill’s body was pulled from the rubble early today. Prime Minister Brian Faulkner said the assassins were from a special IRA terror gang based in the neighboring Irish Republic. He accused the Dublin government of failing to stop them. Barnhill was the first member of the provincial parliament to die in the two years of violence that has now taken 1% lives. In a sermon delivered Sunday, William Cardinal Conway, the Roman Catholic primate: of .all Ireland, denounced the IRA bombers and gunmen as monsters. Referring to such outrages as the bombing of a crowded department store Saturday, in which two shoppers and two babies were killed, and the murder last week of a militiaman in front of his children, the primate said: “The entire country, Protestant and Catholic alike, is sickened and horrified by the events of the past two weeks.” Uncertainty As To Which Side Bombed DACCA, East Pakistan (AP) — Doubt remains as to the re­ sponsibility for the aerial bombing of an orphanage last week. It was taken for granted at first that the bombs came from an Indian plane, since India had been bombing constantly in the area where the orphanage was situated. Then India denied the orphanage bombing, and some Bengalis claimed to have proof that the Pakistan army had made the assault in an effort to embarrass India. Support for this was doubtful, and other’ sources suggested that guerrilla forces may have been responsible. The bombing plane apparently was of the propeller type, not one of the jets normally used in combat. Hie death toll still is uncertain, but there are fears that as many as 300 boys were killed in the incident. Market Reports D E N V E R (A P ) — M o n d a y livestock quotations: Cattle 300; slaughter cows average and steady, other classes not well established; slaughter steers, few choice, 1,000-1,250 lbs., $34.00-34.50; few good near 1,400 holstein, 29.75- 30.30; slaughter heifers, few choice, 1,050- 1,200, 32.50 34.00; slaughter cows, higheutter and utility, 21.60,22.70; individual high dressing utility, 23.10; cutter, 20.9921.80; feeder cattle, few choice, 980 1.020 steers, 33.50- 34.75; few good, 700-820 heifers, 24.80- 27.60; utility and commercial feeder cows, 20.80-21.20; few good and choice stock cows, 21.50- 22.40. Sheep 100; slaughter and feeder lambs steady; slaughter lambs, few choice, 99-106, 26.10 26.50; feeder lambs, few choice, 65 81, 24.50- 25.00. Hogs 750; barrows and gilts 50 to 75 cents higher; U.S. 1-2, 200-230, 21.00-21.50; 1-3, 200- 240, 20.25-21.00; 2-4, 240-250, 20.00-20.75; same grade, 250-270, 19.00-20.00; sows 75 cents higher, 1-3 280-600, 14.75-16.10. SIO U X CITY, lows (AP) — U S D A — Hogs, 9,000; trade very active; barrows and gilts50-75higher; U.S. 1-3200-230lb 21.25-21.50; sows 50 higher; U.S. 1-3 300-350 lb 16.50-17.50. Cattle 7,500; calves 200; slaughter steers and heifers slows; steers 25-50 lower, heifers off 25; choice 1,000-1.250 lb steers 33.00-33.75; choice and prime 34.50; choice 850-1.050 lb 32.50-33 25; choice and prime 34.00. Sheep 600. W E S T FARGO, N.D. (AP) — U S D A ) — Cattle and calves 1,700: slaughter steers and heifers fully steady; cows and bulls steady; bulk of receipts feeders for auction; early sales feeder steers steady, heifers uneven, weak to .50 lower. Slaughter heifers: choice 900-1075 lbs yield grade 2-4 32.00-32.75; Cows: utility and commercial 19.00-21.00; canner and cutter 16.50-20.00. Bulls: commercial and good 23.50-25.50, few 26.00. Feeder cattle (auction sales a s of 10:30 a.m.) few choice 450-510 lb steers 40.00-41.50; lot 356 lbs 45.30; few fleshy choice 903-912 lbs 32.IQ- 33. 30; few mostly choice 345-480 lbs heifers 36.00 38.00; and choice 335-500 lbs 32.00-35.25. Hogs 1,800: barrows and gilts tally .25 higher; U.S 1-2 200-240 lbs 20.50; 60 head near 220 lbs 20.75; U.S. 1-3 200-250 lb s20.2S-20.50; few U.S 13 140-170 lbs 15.50; few U.S. 2-3 255-260 lbs 20.00. Sows: steady; U.S. 1-3 300-400 lbs 15.50-16.00; U.S. 2-3 400-550 lbs 14.50-16.60. Boars: 12.00 Sheep: 1,900; all represented classes steady. Wooled slaughter lambs choice 100-105 lbs 24.50. Shorn slaughter lambs lot choice No.l pelfs near 100 lbs 27.00. ; -Feeder lambs choice 70-80 fbtr24-.50-25.50/ 80- 95 lbs 23.50-24.50. SPO K A N E , Wash. (AP) — Cattle and calves marketable Monday 450. Prices not estab­ lished at 10:15 a.m. Hogs marketable 750. Barrows and gilts 51.00 to $1.50 higher. Demand keen. Snow storm has sharply reduced receipts. Barrows and gilts: U.S. 1-2, 195 to 230 lbs., $21.40 fo$22.30; U.S. 1-3,200 to 240 lbs., $21,30 to $21.80; 175 to 185 lbs., $18.00 to $19.60; U.S. 2-3 200 to 240 lbs., $19.60 to $21.00. Sows: No. 1, 285 to 350 lbs., $15.50 to $17.50; no. 1-3, 350 to 550 lbs., $13,75 to $15.00; No. 3,450 to 685 lbs., $12.00 to $14.00. PO R T L A N D , Ore. (AP) — Monday close, Portland Grain Exchange: Wheat (bid) to a rrive market, No. 1 bulk, 20- day shipment delivered coast; White 1.53; Dark Hard Winter: 1.61. Barley (bid) arrive market, 20 day shipment delivered coast: No. 2, 45 fb Western 49.25. No. 2. 2-row west or 2-row 49.00. Coarse grain wholesale, prompt delivery, bulk ton, fob track Portland: Corn, No. 2, yellow, eastern 57.00-57.50, Oats, No. 2, 38 lbs western 52.50-53.00, Barley, No. 2,45 lb western 50.00-50.50, Grain sorghum, free market 52.50. Car receipts: Wheat 120; Flour 13; Corn 1; Feed 13. S E A T T L E (AP) — Cash Wheat: Soft White 1.52, White Club 1.53, Hard Winter 1.55n. Yellow Corn, Bulk No. 2 56.00 bid, 56.50 asked; Corn E.W. 53.00 bid, 53.50 asked; Barley, bulk No. 2 46.5$ bid, 49.50 asked. Puget Sound car receipts: Wheat 283. CHICAG O (AP) — Wheat No 2 hard red 1.71»4n; No 2 soft red 1.74V.m. Corn No 2 yellow I. 203/4n. Oats No 2 extra heavy white 79'/jn. Soybeans No 1 yellow a.OS'/an. Soybean oil II. 51n. N E W Y O R K (AP) — S pot nonferrous metal prices Monday: copper 50V2-50V j cents a pound, Connecticut Valley; lead 14.14V* $ pound. New York; zinc 17 cents a pound, delivered, tin $l.763/4 a pound, New York; gold $44.00 per troy ounce, New York; silver $1.409 per troy ounce. New York; quicksilver $250.000 nominal per flask, New York. For Sale, Miscellaneous JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS The New Look in Sound just arrived at Robo. A brand new family of high performance machines —■ Competition 8-track stereo tape players for your car. Golden Lifetime Service Guarantee from $59.95. Also a large shipment 8-track Stereo Christmas tapes. Big Name Artists on R.C.A. and Columbia labels. ROBO NEW & USED SNOWMOBILES FOR SALE 1 1969 IS” Scorpion with 293 Sachs Engine, very clean. $347.00 1 1970 Ski-Roule 15\ track, electric start, 293 Sachs, only $495.00 1 1970 MS-18 Moto-Ski with 500 cc Hirth, 18” track $695.00 1 1971 Ski-Roule, demo. 15” track, 20 h.p. 293 Sachs. New guaran- I ee, Sale price $659.00 Just arrived, a shipment of New RTX440 Skiroules, 40 H.P. 15” track, front and rear shock absorbers, tach and speedometer, under $1,300.00. Halse Motors Sheridan, Montana Phone 842-5451 i -.!■•■. MAN SHEPHERD Puppies i'.r C irisinuis. Wide range of <;u:iiny and price. Sell or irade no' guns Phone 683-5864 evenings. LEATHER MAKES A REAL CHRISTMAS GIFT. Per­ sonalized belts, chaps, saddle bags. Custom Made. Phone 683- 4077 for appointment. FOR SALE: Like new electric guitar and amplifier, $55. New Bear 50-pound bow and quiver cost $85, sell for $45. Phone 683- 2634. Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market prices climbed as investors were heartened today by some encouraging monetary and fiscal developments. Trading was active. The noon Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks was up 3.50 at 860.25. Advances led declines by 2 to 1 on the New York Stock Exchange. Analysts said the market was strengthened by the cut in the Federal Reserve discount rate from 4% per cent to 4Mz per cent Friday. They added this move was reinforced by Morgan Guaranty’s cut in its prime rate to 5‘A per cent from 5Mi per cent today. They also said investors were encouraged by the new massive tax-cut law which President Nixon signed Friday. Other brokers noted that in­ vestors also were anticipating some settlement soon on the in­ ternational monetary front as the Group of Ten continues its meeting later this week in Washington. Rails, chemicals, motors, mail- retail, and utilities were mixed. All other stock categories were higher. DAILY TRIBUNE-EXAMINER Monday, December 13,1971 Dillon, 'Ä,* ?*■*« Classified Advertising Rates T r a n il t n t and B u iin a u Directory Consecutive Insertions — Minim u m Ad 3 Lines Lines Lines Lines Lines Lines U % .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2K $1.65 ■>.20 2.50 3.00 3.50 3x $2.40 3.00 3.75 4.50 5.25 Sx $3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 Monthly $13.20 17.60 22.00 26.40 30.60 5 per cent discount for ctsh or If paid within todays atter billing. Blind Bo* Ads require 75 cents extra handling charge,and mailing Deadline Is NOON day before ad is run. ■’v Cancellation deadline Is 9:00 a.m. the day ad is running. 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TEXAS OIL COMPANY has opening in Dillon area. No ex­ perience necessary. Age not important. Good character a must. We train. Air mail A. D. Dickerson, Pres., Southwestern Petroleum Corp., Ft. Worth, Tex. FOR SALE: 50 head permit on Snowline Grazing Assn. Also alfalfa hay, $30 per ton and barley $2.00 per hundred. Phone 287-3369. ATTENTION — Farm ers and Ranchers: Before buying pouron sprays, vaccines and vet sup­ plies, check at Wall’s Northwest- Livestock Supply behind the swinging doors at Benny’s Westernaire, Dillon, Montana. Call collect 683-2225. GAS WAR Prices are now in effect ai the Co-op in Dillon. Regular .33.9, Ethyl .37.9. WATER WELL DRILLING Pumps - fii!.‘J-2631—Repairs Carl F. Hollensteiner WHY PAY more for gas? Top quality Regular at 33.9c, Ethyl at 36.9c. Robo Car Wash, Highway 41, Dillon. Aviation Stamm Jewelers B ill & Helen Koeneke \If you want a Christmas hint, Henry, I would Sure lika a late modal you-know-what from you-know- whoro. 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Name Street City .. .State. Zip. Name Street City .. .State. Zip. Name Street City .. .State. .Zip. Name Street City ................. * . - - 4,, — c a r ^ r ' r T ’i r v

Daily Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 13 Dec. 1971, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053036/1971-12-13/ed-1/seq-5/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.