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DAILY TRIBUNE-EXAMINER PageB Tribune-Examiner WMC squad announced for Saturday tourney A Itn a im IIK o m II h ntl^L ««n n 1. miu n . n i ^ Dillon, Montana Friday, December 7,1978 NOTICE Bernie Lee would like to announce to her former patrons that she is now employed at Edna's Beauty Shop. Anyone wishing an appointment may call 683-2106 A lineup liberally dotted with both vets and newcomers has been listed by Coach Dennis fisher for Saturday’s second annual Western Montana College invitational wrestling tournament. The seven-team meet opens at 10:30 a.m., resumes at 2 p.m. and concludes with consolation and championship finals at 7. Fisher has named the following Bulldog entries: 118—Sophomores Dale Sumner ;or Dennis Johnson. 126—Freshman Delon Pfaff. 134—Freshman Mickey Corr. 142—Soph Mike Davis or fresh­ man Mike Brubaker. 150—Soph Dennis Decker. 158—Soph Tim Ballweber. 167—Senior Dave Hartman. 177—Freshman John Donovan. 190—Freshman Larry Cham­ bers. Heavyw eight—Junior Ron Banks. Competing in addition to the host WMC club are Rocky Mountain, Northern Montana, University of Montana, Montana State, Ridu College, and Northwest Com­ munity College of Powell, Wyo. SPACE HEATERS 90,000 and 150,000 ON HAND BTU UPPER 'SHELL A I R I N T A K E F I L T E R CIRCUIT BREAKER RESET BUTTON TRANSFORMER GROUNDE u plug John Deere A 90 Portable Space Heater ROLANDSON EQUIPMENT CO. North of Dflfon Phone 683-428! JUNIPERPERPER The Elf Who Couldn’t Do Anything Right CHAPTER 7 By Bob Boyle .Juniperperper was awake long before Mrs. Santa came into the elves' dormitory' bang-i mg her wooden spoon on the dishpan. \I'm awake,” he whispered to her Some of the elves popped right out of bed while others snuggled tightly against their pillows to get a few more min utes of sleep. Juniperperper was the first elf at the breakfast table. “ I hope you’re this quick every morning,” Mrs. Santa said. Santa came to the table and said. \Hi there, Juniperperper. Ready for your first day?” \You bet I am,” he replied. \And Santa, I’ll do a good job lor you.” “I’m sure you will, Juniper­ perper,” he replied. After a breakfast of snookers (pancakes with strawberry curl rings), sausage and eggs and hot chocolate, the elves left for work. Santa said to Juniperperper, i ’ll walk over to the bicycle shop with you and introduce you to the foreelf. He’ll show you your job.” Once inside the bicycle fac­ tory, Santa called over the foreelf, Jupiter, and said, \Jup this is Juniperperper. I'm sure you’ve met him. He’ll work in the bicycle factory.” ‘Hi, Juniperperper,” Ju­ piter said. “Welcome aboard. Do you have any experience with bicycles?” “ Oh, no,” Juniperperper said. Santa suid, “Well, fellows. I’ll leave you two now. Juniper­ perper you do a good job, okay.?” “Bye, Santa,” Juniperperper said, \and don’t worry.” After Santa left, Jupiter took Juniperperper to the assem­ bling room and said, “ Well, Juniperperper here is where we assemble the bicycles. I'm sure you know how they work, so today you can easily assemble them.. Jupiter gave Juniperperper some pliers, a hammer, a screwdriver and a gammer. \Use this gammer carefully,” he said. “ What’s a gammer, Ju­ piter?” Juniperperper asked. “I never heard of that.” “Thai’s what we use to put \S l / W * f f V t — ~ \Jumping frogs,\ He yelled. \What Is that?\ the spokes in the wheels,” Ju­ piter explained. “I’ll leave you alone now be­ cause I must check the rest of the factory. When I return, I’ll check your work. Lots of luck, Juniperperper.” “Gee,” he thought. “I never put a bicycle together but it seems simple. He attached the chain. He placed the handlebars. He applied the pedals. He put on the wheels, He attached the seat. Just then, Jupiter came back into the room. “Jumping Frogs,” he yelled. \What is that?” “That’s my bicycle,” Juni­ perperper said. \See I’ve fin­ ished it.” “My, oh my, oh my,” Jupiter said. “ I’ve never seen such a mess in my life. This is terri­ ble, terrible, terrible. I must call Santa.” I “ Santa,” he said, after he had placed a call on the red emergency phone, “ We’re in big trouble over here in the bi­ cycle factory. You’d better get over here.” Santa ran all the way to the bicycle factory and when he en­ tered, he called, \What hap­ pened? Was anyone hurt? What happened?” Jupiter said, \No Santa. No one was hurt, but look at this.\ Santa was stunned. The handlebars weTe where the wheels should be. The seat was on the bottom. The chain was wrapped around the wheels. The wheels were on top. \That is the most mixed-up bicycle I’ve ever seen,” Santa said. “My, oh, my. Well, Juni­ perperper, it looks as if you need a little more experience before you can work in the bi­ cycle shop.” Juniperperper began to fill up with tears. “Now, don’t cry, little elf,” Santa said. “I’m sure we’ll find a great place for you to work. I know that not everyone can put bicycles together.” \I’m sorry, Santa,” Juniper­ perper said. \I tried so hard.\ “I know,” Santa said. “Now this afternoon we’ll start you working in the toy fire engine factory. I’m sure you’ll do bet­ ter there.” “ You bet I will, Santa,” Juniperperper said. \Oh hear that,” Santa said. “There’s the lunch whistle bird, so let’s go into lunch and afterward I’ll take you to the toy fire engine shop.\ “Thank you Santa,” Juni­ perperper replied as they left. Jupiter stayed behind look­ ing at the bicycle Juniper­ perper had made. “ What a mess, what a a!” he Baid. AP N ewsfeatures—— Montana rolls over Augustana, 89-65 MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) - The Montana Grizzliea scored 24 straight points midway through the first half to mount an over­ whelming lead and roll over the Augustana College Vikings 89-65 Thursday night. The Grizzlies, getting balanced scoring, broke from a 12-11 count with 13 minutes to play in the first half to lead 36-11 with five minutes before intermission. It was Montana’s first victory of the season after three straight losses on a West Coast road trip. The loss tipped the Vikings off center at 1-2 on the season. Eleven Grizzlies got into the scoring column — with four reaching double figures. Center Ken McKenzie paced the team with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Guards Robin Selvig and Ben DeMers added 12 points apiece, and Larry Smedley added 10. Davore Rukavina was the game’s leading scorer with 19 points for Augustana. Stan Krebs and John Ritterbusch combined for 26 points for the Vikings. Montana hosts Southern Colo­ rado Friday nights, and Augustana travels to Bozeman for a game against Montana State. Doctors for Dillon Door to Door Campaign If you wish to help leave your porch light on Monday evening from: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. continued from page 1 Lawyers discussed milk suit WASHINGTON (AP) — Two forma' attorneys general discussed an antitrust 'suit against a dairy co-operative that gave more than $200,000 to the Nixon campaign with lawyers connected with the campaign. The lawyers said they contacted Attys. Gen. John M. Mitchell and Richard G. Kleindienst. The lawyers, Murray M. Choti- ner and Marion E. Harrison, denied that any special treatment was asked or given. Sirica expects tape report WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica says he expects to have a report next week from technical experts who have examined a Watergate tape. Sirica has recessed the hearings into what caused an 18-minute hum to blot out conversation. Skylab aids fishermen SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — Ocean scientists are excited by the discovery in Skylab photos of ocean whirlpools which could alter weather forecasting methods and help locate new fishing grounds. The whirlpools,.which also could alter hurricane tracking methods, appear in the photos as swirling eddies of cold water in the warm current flowing off'Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. They were located two weeks ago by a Naval researcher who was studying photos taken during the Skylab 2 mission. The Skylab 3 astronauts were told to take some more pictures. South Korea frees students SEOUL (AP) — President Chung Hee Park freed 17 students today in another move to quiet student opposition to his dictatorship. The students had been arrested during demonstrations against Park’s authoritarian rule that began in early October. The {resident also or­ dered Education Minister Min Kwang Shik to reinstate 41 students who were expelled after participating in demonstrations in Seoul and other cities. But the president gave no indication that he might meet the students’ other demands for the restoration of democratic gov­ ernment, abolition of the Central Intelligence Agency, economic reforms, freedom of the press and an end to government spying on campus and academic activities. E V E B M E The look of tomorrow in Solid State Portable TV IT SWIVELS for easy viewing MODEL B370EWH Polo White P H I L C O ® TRENDSETTER 9 P O R T A B L E T V 100% solid state chassis • Channel-Set UHF se­ lector for easy UHF selection • 82-channel tuning §y§t§m ; Q§l3Gb8k!e reflection shield to reduce annoying reflections from room lighting • Also available in Tangerine (B370ETG), Yellow (B370EYL) 0 N L Y $ J Q £ 9 5 One Year Parts & Labor Guarantee Philco-Ford guarantees original U.S. purchaser to exchange (1) the picture tube for one (1) year after delivery, if found defective. At no extra charge, Phllco-Ford guarantees original U.S. pur­ chaser for one (1) year after de­ livery to provide labor, parts replacement or product repair, provided the purchaser delivers and picks up product. THROCKMORTON'S MOUNTAIN BELL OFFICES MOVE BACK HOME To 25 N. Idaho Street effective Monday, December 10th after an extensive remodeling program. We would like to take this means of thanking all our customers for being so patient with us during the remodeling [program. We will be open for business on Monday morning December 10, 1973 with New Hours From 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Mountain Bell W.L. ALBERTSON DILLON MANAGER MOUNTAIN BELL mesa!

Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 07 Dec. 1973, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.