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- - , — r . r > » | < W I tk m '..I m J.'IST •l , » > i > - / I 'M ™ _ _ ' r,’ _ _ * 1 *j ’■ • I m o W a n V I ^ t o i n c a l l i b 7 ’' . ' ■ ■ H E L E N A , M O N T . £ < ) 6 0 l C O U P ------ '1 - 1 7 - 7 . . library MONTANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY Helena, Montana 59601 The Homestead House Thank You For a Good Year Have a Happy Holiday More For Your Money We will be closed Monday December 31 Weather Jable City H la h L o w B i l l i n g * ................ 11 B t l g r a d * ............. 11 Brosdu s ............... IS B u t t # ................... 17 Cut B a n k ............. 11 D illo n ................... 12 G l a s g o w ............... 10 G r a a t F a l l * .......... ........ 15 IS H s v r # ............. H e lana.................. 13 K a l lip a ll ......... 21 Le w lstow n ............ 17 L iv in g s t o n ............ 16 M i l s * C i t y ............. 15 M i s s o u l a . . . . ......... 24 W a it Yellowstona .. 19 ( A s raportad by F A A lacllltlas) Vol. 89, No. 247 Friday, December 28, 1973 Forecast Widely scattered snow (lurries late Friday through Saturday. Lows from 10 to 20 end highs In the 20s both days. Western Montana College weather station recorded a low of 15 this morning, with Wednesday showing a temperature range from 18 to 39. One-year ago, Dec. 28, the high \ltas 38 after a low of 28. Sunset this evening at 4:47 and will rise Saturday at 8:12, setting et 4:48. Sunday sunrise at 8:12 and sunset at 4:49. Insurance plan reviewed by Madison County Attorney FROSTY THE SNOW M A N -has attracted a great deal o f attention at 408 North Washington where he carries his cane, has his neck wrapped up warmly and smiles for all who pass by. The large snowman though is not all he seems to be, since he was formed o f cardboard, rather than snow, and unless a warm rain should invade his yard, will be remaining tall and cheerful for many days to come. (Sue Terrill Photo) By H ELEN FENTON VIR G IN IA CITY—The new Montana Comprehensive In­ surance Plan makes it man­ datory that every political subdivision in the state must carry one million dollars in­ surance, Chet Jones, Madison county attorney states. I f carried to its logical conclusion, he said, the results would be absolutely absurd. The M CIP was passed by the last legislature because the sovereign immunity to lawsuits was left ouf of the new con­ stitution that went into effect July 1, 1973. Jones said the law is so ambiguous it is meaningless in his interpretation of it. The mechanics have been so awk­ wardly worked out that it is almost impossible to administer it, he said. To point up his statement that it is ridiculous i f carried out to full com p liance he cited Virginia City with a population of only 144 people for about nine months of the year. The city no longer operates a school but sends all of the students to Ennis by bus. However, they still own property, so the Virginia City school district will be compelled to carry one million dollars in insurance. In past years the school district has paid 0 7 ? a year for coverage, hi addition they have a cemetery district and a fire district. To fully comply with the law they would have to carry three million in insurance besides their regular insurance, Ruth Adams, city clerk, said they have not even figured the cost in additional taxes. m e r e are between 25 and 30 political subdivisions in Madison county, Jones said, m H By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comet captures astronauts eyes SPACE CENTER, Houston (A P ) — The sight of a comet streaking near the sun has captured the attention o f Skylab 3’s astronauts at the midpoint in their marathon space voyage. The comet Kohoutek makes its closest approach to the sun today and begins the long climb back to the far reaches of the solar system. Astronauts Gerald P . Carr, William R. Pogue and Edward G. Gibson also were to discuss the comet with its discoverer, Czech-born astronomer Lubos Kohoutek, who was to be in mission control in the late afternoon. Carr, Pogue and Gibson reach the halfway point in their 84-day mission today. Ecomomic advisor predicts growth WASHINGTON (A P ) — The top economic adviser to Presi­ dent Nixon predicts continued growth in the economy next year. Herbert Stein, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Thursday predicted r e d economic growth o f between 1 and 2 per cent in 1974. However, he said that i f the energy crisis and other factors imperil growth the administration will propose measures to support the economy. Soviet Union may contribute to peace WASHINGTON ( A P ) — Secretary o f State Henry A. Kissinger says that the Soviet Union m ay have come around to the view that it cannot control the Middle East and should, instead, contribute to peace and stabilization. Solving problems in the area, Kissinger said, will offer a test of Soviet sincerity in seeking relaxation of world tensions. Oil embargo .effects tankers Fewer tankers have been plying the seas since the Arab oil embargo began in October, and those with cargoes have been slowing down to save fuel, shipping authorities say. Business was booming before the embargo, but industry sources and a survey of a half-dozen major oil ports in the United States point to a slowdown since October. B y what extent the embargo has been offset by imports from non-Arab countries is difficult to assess. But the level of tanker traffic may indicate how suc­ cessful the United States has been in making up the difference. Tankers are the nation’s chief means of bringing in foreign oil. An Associated Press survey showed tanker traffic was off 1972 levels in some areas, most noticeably New York and Philadelphia, between the start o f the embargo Oct. 17 and Dec. 26. continued on page 2 Virginia City Christmas A large crowd attended the anual Virginia City Com­ munity Christmas Tree held Dec. 23 at the Eagles Hall, sponsored by the Virginia City PTA. Guests were welcomed by Judy Ferree and the Rhythm Band of pre-schoolers and kindergarten children played a Christmas song. Those in the band w e r e Diana Sinerius, Randy Tichenor, Julie Kinney, Johnny Maijerson, Pat Crane, Paul Yenny, Frankie Sinerius, Keeth Kneeland, Shani Fortner and Robby McKay. This was followed by a skit, “ He’s Too Fat for the Chim­ ney,” by Jason Ferree, Monte Tichenor, Howard Crane, Tony Noble, Aaron Kneeland and Robby Fox accompanied by Judy Ferree. “ Is My Nose on S traigh t?” was recited by Jennifer Ferree and Sherry Brooke played a piano solo, “ Oh Holy Night.” A skit, “ Good King Wencealas” was presented by Jaalah Ferree, Tami Tichenor, Jennie Fox and Vonnie Noble. V a lerie Garrison, Jennifer Ferree and Sherry Brooke sang, “ Do You Hear What I Hear?” The N a t ivity Scene was presented by all with Judy Twin alumni banquet Saturday The Twin Bridges School Alumni Annual banquet and meeting will be held at the Blue Anchor Cafe.Satorday. The buffet style dinner will be served at 8:30. Classes o f 1920, '30, ’40, 'SO, ’00 and *70 w ill be honored and Mrs. Oubri Oberg of Twin Bridges will be Ute honored guest. Ferree reading the story and with Barb Abbe, Barb Westfall, Sherry Brooke, V a lerie Garrison and Linda Brooke singi” \ ’ ' carols accompanied by Lucille M. Dixon. While all the small guests sanb Jingle Bells Santa came with a bag of Christmas stockings filled with candy, nuts, oranges and apples and a gift which he presented to each child. Coffee and cookies were served to the parents and guests by members of the PTA. Howie Lemm honored Howie Lemm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lemm of Twin Bridges was recently selected for Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. He is currently a senior at Montana College of Mineral Science nnd Technology, Butte, m a joring in Petrolc urn Engineering. Veterans sponsor Now Year party The Twin Bridges Veterans will sponsor an old-fashioned New Y e a r ’s Eve, Party to be held at the pavilion at the Madison County Fairgrounds. The party will feature all you can eat and drink and will begin at 8 p.m. There will be nolsemakers, hats, live music by Ken Cathy and balloons with prizes in them. Coffee and light breakfast “ for the road” will be served. The ladies o f the Auxiliary will provide salads, and anyone else wishing to bring salad, may. that would come under this new law. The board o f directors of the Ruby Reservoir were notified by the state water board in September to increase their insurance from $300,000 to one million. There is an irrigation district on the East Bench, South Boulder Water District and Harrison Reservoir that would come under this new law. Also three Soil Conservation D istricts; two hospital districts; fiv e cem e tery districts; six rural fire districts and several light districts for unincorporated towns in Madison county. There are only 5,014 people in Madison county and the total taxable valuation is $11,430,097 but the rural fire districts, cemetery districts and school districts alone would have to carry double that amount of insurance. Shirley Hancock, mayor of Sheridan, said it has doubled the town’s insurance premium to $1,800. Sheridan’s taxable valuation is $490,984. } Jones said a cemetery district with only 100 taxpayers would have to carry one m illion dollars insurance. He said that is absurd. It is a bonanza for the in­ surance companies as it is costing Madison county alone thousands of dollars in in­ creased premiums. Taken on a state basis it boggles the mind. The next legislature should clarify and simplify it, Jones said in conclusion. Twin Bridges school damaged C O N N IE TR O W B R ID G E — daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Trowbridge of Dillon, has £een named by the Beaverhead County Chapter of t£ie Daughters of the American Revolution to represent Beaverhead County High School as Good Citizenship Girl. Miss Trowbridge was chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, service and citizenship to represent the area for state competition and valuable scholarships. Tammi Todd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Richard Todd was named to represent the Sheridan High School. Students at Twin Bridges will get a longer Christmas vacation than expected due to a m alfunction o f the boiler system in the grade school. R o y P a r k e r , a school custodian, found the Twin Bridges grade school filled with steam when he tried to enter the building at 8:55 a.m. Wed­ nesday. Christmas decorations which added gaiety and cheer to the school rooms just last week w e re found drooping and hanging from the walls. Rooms on the south side of the building were the hardest hit. Ceiling and floor tiles were peeling along with the walls. Black­ boards were ruined from the water which still dripped from the ceilings of some of the rooms Wednesday evening. Rooms on the north side o f the building received mostly ceiling dam a ge. Elsew h e re in the school, damage was to doors, students’ desks, pianos, teaching machines and office equipment. A representative from Walsh Engineering in Butte estimated the dam a ge at $12-12,500. Thomas E v e r e tt, superin­ tendent, said the school will follow recommendations of the company to insure this doesn’t happen again. Since the boiler also heats the new addition to the high school, the entire school will be closed until Jan. 7. Meeting on wild horses set A meeting to discuss new regulations governing wild horses and burros on National Resource i ands has been set for the Dillon District Office of the Bureau of Land Management Friday, Jan. 4 at 9 a.m., ac­ cording to James H. O’Connor, acting district manager. The future o f wild horses and burros on National Resource Lands (public lands) has at­ tracted a great deal o f attention throughout the west, and the BLM has called the meeting for anyone interested in wild horses. Legislature forecasts long session H ELENA (A P ) — A survey o f state legislators indicates that many o f them believe the 1974 session will last 80 days or longer. H ie poll, conducted by the Lee Newspapers state bureau, found only eight lawmakers who believe the session will be concluded before the 80-day limit. Of 44 legislators responding to the question, 18 forecast an overtune session, 19 indicated it would last 80 days and two ex­ pressed uncertainty. The session opens Jan. 7 and should end March 16, assuming legislators adhere to a six-day work-week and abide by the constitutional limit of 60 days. Included in the discussions will be, wild horse claims, capture plans, gathering schedules, grazing fee and trespass charges associated with claimed horses and the future of wild horses on the Dillon District. There are several herds of wild horses under the control of the Dillon BLM District in­ cluding 50 to 80 in the Rocky Hills (the area between the Jackson and Horse P r a irie highways), about 35 head in the Barton Gulch area in Madison County and two small herds, 13 and eight in the Sweet Water- Gardlner Creek area. This meeting is a part of the Dillon District's work in putting into effect legislation enacted in 1973 concerning protection of wild horses. Margaret Picton commissioned Lt. Margaret Picton of Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas, is spending the holidays in Dillon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Picton. Lt. Picton recently received her commission after com­ pletion of the Air Force Officer Training Program at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. She is a graduate of BCHS, 1969, and Montana State University, 1973. \M a k e s a Deal\ S H E R ID A N — The son and daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs, Ken Mumme of Sheridan received a nice Christmas present recently when they won $2,300 in cash and prizes on the “ Let’s Make a Deal” TV show. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mumme live in Fillmore, Calif. Many Sheridan people shared in the excitement as friends called other friends to turn on their TVs to watch the at­ tractive young couple during the contest. Don’t miss out Ever-lncrtasinB cost* have lorced u« to Increase our subscription rate* Jan 1, but wt'll •til! accept renewels ot the old rata Steve Davis reaches 107 MISSOULA, Mont. (A P ) - “ Hard work and not worrying” is the formula SteveDa vis gives for a long life. He celebrated his 107th birthday Thursday. Davis, born in a village in Russia, came to this country at 17 and has worked as a laborer, fanner, cattleman and brick­ layer. He moved to Montana, near Dillon, in the early part of the century. Davis said he worked as a bricklayer on construction of the “ Mg chimney” at the Ana­ conda Co. smelter in Anaconda. I I I In our office? Hates are only $12 per yeor by mail or by carrier, | Tribune-Examiner O. Box 9 1 1 ...............................Dillon I until lhan. Why nol drop ua a check or «top ■ I k a ... Rataa a Ml nnlv $12 OOf venrbv a I I More day to renew your sub to the STATE BANK a n d t r u s t c o m p a n y BOX 1237 • DILLON, MONTANA 39723 We Will Not Be Open Tuesday, January 1st We Wish You A Happy Holiday . .. - ... .•'-r

Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 28 Dec. 1973, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.