Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1973-1982, December 28, 1973, Image 2

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.-■'■■kh Y TRIBUNE-EXAMINER ' h i w m m s m m - »-<, V -.^ p 8VPjty ) lpi.'>,li^,u/y i, ^jjjwnppy Dillon, Montana Friday, December 38,1973 Vital of Southwestern Montana • What's Doing? FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28 Little Skier Forms Due, Dillon Jaycees. Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 p.m., REA Bldg. Dillon Duplicate Bridge, 7:30 p.m., State Bank. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29 Little Skier Ski Fitting, 8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon, Vo-Ag Bldg. BCHS. MONDAY, DECEMBER 31 Kiwanis, Noon, Staircase. • Happy Birthday December 29: Ann Mitchell Brenda Cottom Brent McCandless Midge Dumke Shirley Cooper Christi Hendry Jane Dodd December 30: Nancy Pribble Dallas Bostwick Jim Watkins December 31: Nora Owen Rondel Kenison Hiram Lapham Danny Roberts M U W taiM R i O'Hara's Oasis 4 O J ^ Now Hours: i * * * d ^ M 6:30 8>m- t0 8 p,m- . Mon. thru Frl. 7o.m. to 6 p.m. Sat. Closed Sundays S H E E T 'S Try our fam o u t strawberry pi* Open 24 hours o day Dillon . Y O U R G U I D E T O . G O O D D I N I N G $ • Anniversaries December 29: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kenison December 30: Mr. and Mrs. Danny Shadoan December 31: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Laden Mr. and Mrs. John Conover, Sr. • Hospital Notes BARRETT HOSPITAL Admitted: Joseph Johnson, Great Falls; Dave Rendall, Hans P.. Hansen, Emerson Bear, all of Dillon. Dismissed: Ann Brandvold, Nellie Ibey, Emma Kelley, Dillon; Ivan Pope, Lima. RUBY VALLEY HOSPITAL Sheridan Dec. M to 23 Admitted: John Stevensen, Kathy Walker, Gaila Otero, Dillon; Ethel Vandertuin, Twin Bridges; Charles Handley, Madison County Nursing Home; Frank Kelly, Alder; Christine Chisholm, Mildred Kay, Glen Woodward, Sheridan. Dismissed: Gaila Otero and baby girl, John Stevensen, Kathy Walker, Dillon; Frank Kelly, Alder; Cliff Rogers, Ronald Carey, Tracy Smith, Christine Chisholm, Mildred Kay, Sheridan. • New Arrivals A daughter was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Otero of Dillon, Dec. 21 at the Ruby Valley Hospital in Sheridan. The Daily Tribune - Examiner Th# Volet ol Sovthwoitorn Montana Slnco 1MJ » s. Montana It., Dillon, Montana s tfH (406) M M D I , Managing editor ... ............ ...Brian A. Marti f u a k i t a m a I * t \ * Advertising Manaptr..................ShoMa Wilson i D D C C C • / Publithtd daily oncopt Saturdays, Sundays and I a f | 7 national holidays by Finofrock Publlsbing, Inc*, W ASSOCIATION | 4 •/ W. L. Fintlrock, Prssidtnf. Suiiscnphon r,Hi's Sl? por year, i ? lor sm months, SJ 75 lor three months, si SO lor 0111 * monih Entered .is second class matter June 17, 1887. At the post ollicc in Dillon. Mont ., under the At 1 nl March J. IR/9 Second class postage paid nt Dillon. NATIONAL ADVERTISIN G R E P R E S E N T A T IV E Inland Newspaper Represen Mtivi s. me . Ml) N Michtqan Ave . Chicago. III. 60611 Member Montana Press Assoc mhon ,>*>(! mo Associated Press II m ' T f welcomes loiters to the editor on any subject or topic ol qenerauntcrest All h'tliTs must ho sumetl anti should be limited to not more than 750 words I ht'-i'diior reserves the riqht to edit all letters lor space, good taste and tor the pur pose nl (iHrtmq any personal attacks on individuals or groups • Police Beat Dillon officers made only one arrest Wednesday, that for public intoxication. They were kept busy patrolling the streets and answering several calls from homeowners concerning vandalism and abandoned property. • Police Court Dec. 27, Justice of the Peace Walter Delaney presiding: William Shehorn, Larry D. Shehorn and Manuel E. Shehorn, public intoxication, four days in jail, then remanded to Frontier Halfway House; J. W. Longley, 58, drunk in public, six days in jail then to Frontier Halfway House; Gerry Jacobs, 43, drunk in public, five days in jail then to Frontier Halfway House. • Ambulance Calls The Beaverhead ambulance was called at 4:38 p.m. to the scoie of a motorcycle accident to take the victim to Barrett Hospital. After examination the patient was then transferred to St. James Community Hospital in Butte with Swede TVoedsson and Jim Wilson serving as the attendants. The Daily TV Schedule I nctudM Cable Channel* 2,4, s * 4 Also Non-cablt Missoula II Friday December 28 5:00 PM 2, 4, 5. 6 & 13— News 5:10 PM 2 , 4. 5. 6 & 13— News 6:00 PM 2— News 4— Hee Haw 5— Peach Bowl 6— Truth or Consequences 13— NBC Follies 6:10 PM 2— Girl with Something Extra 6— To Tell the Truth 7:00 PM 2— Sanford and Son 4— CBS Reports 6' & 13— Brady Bunch 7:30 PM 2— Brian Keith 6— Movie {Foreign Exchange) Odd Couple 1:10 PM 13— Lassie's Rescue Rangers 1:10 PM 6— Snows ports 13— Goober 2:00 PM 2— East-West Shrine Game 4 & 6— Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl (Tulane vs. Houston) 5— Wrestling 13— Brady Kids 2:10 PM 5— NFL Game of the Week 13- TBA 1:00 PM 13— Lee Trevino's Golf for Swingers 1:10 PM 5— Garner Ted Armstrong 13- Ski West 4:00 PM 5— Lassie 13— Snowsports 4:10PM 5 - CBS News 13— This Week in Pro Football Me«t tho Ford Tsam ELLIOTT ’A y FORD SALES Phone 683-2347 Seiien\ Bellon 683- 4515 \Fair Deal\ Fred: 683 5545 Happy\ Han* 683-457» • :00 PM 2— Movie (Follow the Boys) 13— Room 222 • :30 P M 13— Adam's Rib »:00 P M 4— Rookies 5— Sonny and Cher 6— Love, American Style *:3 0 P M 13— Girl with Something Extra 10:00 P M 2, 4. 5 & 13— News 6— Mod Squad - 10:30 P M 2 8. 13— Johnny Carson 4— Movie (Battle Beneath the Earth) 10:40 P M 5— Movie (The Birds) 11:00 P M 6— News 11:30 P M 4— Movie (She-Wolf ot London) Midnight 2 a. 13— Midnight Special 1:30 A M 2— Yesterday 3:00 A M 2 — Movie (A Girl Named Tamlko) Saturday December 29 5:30 AM S— Sunrise Semester • :00 AM 2— Lldsvllle 5— Fllntstones 4— Bugs Bunny • :30 AM 2— Inch High Private Eye 5— Bailey's Comets 0— Yogi's Gang 7:00 AM 2 8. 13— Addams Family 4 8 . 5 - Movie (The Phantom o* the Country Music Hall) 0— Super Friends 7:30 AM 2 8. 13— Emergency Plue 4 1:00 AM 2 a. 13— Butch Cassidy 4 8. 5— My Favorite Martians 6— Lassie's Rescue Rangers 1:30 AM 2 8. 13— Star Trek 4 a. 5— Jeannle 6— Goober f:00AM 2 8. 13— Sigmund and the Sea Monsters 4 a. 5— Spaed Buggy 6— Brady Kids • :30 AM 2 a. 13— Pink Panthtr 4 a. 5— Josle and the Pussycats a— Mission: Magic I 10:00 AM 2 8. 13— Jetsons 4 a. 5— Everything’s Archie 4— Movie (Datty Duck and Porky Pig) 10:30 AM 2 a. 13— Go 4,1 5 - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids 11:00 AM 2 — Children’s special 4 a. 5— Sun Bowl Preview a & 11— American Bandatand 111 IS AM 4 8, 5— Sun Bowl (Auburn vs. Missouri) ItilO AM 2— Lat’a Travol Noon 2 — Movie (Tha Fighting Saabaaa) a— Movie (carry on Spying) 11— Super Frlandi 5:00 PM 2— NBC News 4— Barnaby Jones 5— Hee Haw a— Odd Couple 5:10 PM 2— Diana a— Lawrence Walk 11— Emergency! e:00 PM 2— Magic Circus 4— Lawrence Walk 5— Caluccl's Dept. 4:10 PM 5— Roll Outl 4Si 11— Gator Bowl (Texas Tech vs. Tennessee) 7:00 PM 2— Movie (Sweet Charily) 4 1 5 - Mary Tyler Moore 7:10 PM 4 1 5 - Bob Nawhart 1:00 PM 4 1 5 - Carol Burnett • :00 PM 4 1 5 - Kolak • :30 PM a 8. 13— Partridge Family 7 PAINT PALETTE STUDIO Everything . i , tor tha artist' r Professlonel Permanent pigments aia So. Atlantic 403-2*57 : lliHPM 2, 4 & 5— Newt 4— Blackwell'* People 11— Nathvlllo Music 10:10 PM 2 & 11— NBC Newt Presents: Speclel Edition 4— Hawkins 4— News 10:40 PM 5— Medical Canter 10:41 PM 4— ABC Newt 11:00 PM 4— Don Klrthner't Rock Concert 11(10 PM 2— Movie (Tha Flim-Flam Man) 11— Don Klrshntr'e Rock Concert 11140 PM 5— Movl# (Tho Amorou* Ad- ventures ot Moll Flinders) Midnight 4— Let's Talk To llOOAM 11— ABC Nowa 1:11AM 2— Movie. (Clrcuo of Fear) Sunday December 30 i 7:10 AM 3— Science in Agriculture 4— Hair Boar Bunch 5— God Root Ye Marry a— Faith for Today 7iMAM 4— Amailng Chan a - Bullwlnkle •:00 AM 2 — Thl» I* tho Atwwor 4 - Spring Street, USA 5 8. 11— Rax Humbert 4— Kid Power •IMAM 1 - Sacred Heart 4— Day ot Dlteovery • 4— Otmondt H4IAM 2— From tho cathotfrot • :00AM 2— Herald of Truth 4— l Believe In Mlraclee 5— Day ot Discovery »— H. R. Put ns tut 13— Meet a Friend • :30 AM 2— Safari to Adventure 4— Face the Nation 5— Mormon Tabernacle Choir 4 & 11— Make a Wish 10:00 AM 4— Consultation 5— Face to Face 4— Oral Roberts 13— Treehouse Club 10:10 AM 2 A 13— Meet the Press 4— This Is the Life 5— TBA 4— Blackwell's People 11:00 AM 2, 4, 5 & 13— AFC, NFC Cham- pionshlps 6— News 4 Notebook 11:90AM 6— issues and Answers Noon 4— Movie (Good Neighbor Sam) 2:00 PM 2, 4, 5 a 11— AFC. NFC Cham­ pionships 1:00 PM 4— Movie (Ride Beyond Vengeance) 5:00 PM 2— National Geographic 4— Lassie 5— Dusty's Trail 4— Thrlltseekers 11— Untamed World 5:10 PM 4— Perry Mason 5— Oiile's Girls 4— Room 222 13— Lite Around Us 4:00 PM 2 a 13— Wild Kingdom 5— Perry Mason 4— Bill Daily's Hocus Pocus 4:10 PM 2— Sea World 4— All In the Family 13— Brian Keith 7:00 PM 2 a 11- World ot Disney 4 a 4 - FBI 5— Sonny and Cher • :00 PM 2 a 11— Hec Ramsay 4 a 4— Movie (Earth 11) 5— All In tha Family • :10 PM 5— MASH • :00 PM 5— Children of Zero f:M P M 2— Evil Touch 11— Bobby Goldsboro 10:00 PM 2, 5 a 4— News 4— Dick Van Dyke 11— Movie (The Far Out Wast) 10:15 PM 6— ABC News 10:10 PM 2— Taka 2 4— Bobby Van and Elalna Joyce a— Movla (Tom Jonea) 11:4# PM 5— BYU Basketball Hlghllghtt It iM PM 2— Movla (Tha Lova-lnt) 11:11PM 5— CBS Nawe 11:15 PM 5— Movie (Deadlier than tha Mala) 11:10 PM 4— CBS News Midnight 13— ABC News Monday December 31 . # , 3:M AM 5— Sunrise Semester . „ „ „ 4:00AM S— CBS News ' * * * * ' * * 1:53 AM ' ................... 4— There's a Doctor in the House 9:00 AM 2 a 13— Dinah Shore 4— Gambit 5— Romper Room 6— Andy Griffith •:10 AM 2 a 11— Hollywood Squares 4 a a— Brady Bunch 5— Love of Life •:S5 AM 5 - CBS New* 10:10AM 2— Jeopardy 4 a 5— Young and tha Restless 4 a 11— Password 10:10 AM 2— Who, What or Where 4 a 5— Search For Tomorrow a a 13— Split Second 11:55 AM 2 - NBC News 11:00 AM 2 a 13— Battle 4 a 4— All My Children 5— Midday 11:10 AM 2 a 13— Three on a Match 4 a 5— As tha World Turns 4— Let's Make a Deal Naan 2— Days ot Our Lives 4 a 4— Nawlywed Gama 5— Guiding Light 11— Ot Cabbagea and Kings 12:10 PM 2 a 13— Doctors 4 a 5— Edge ot Night 4— Girl In Mv Ufa SALE On InStock Carpeting THE HOMESTEAD HOUSE Phone 483-5411 Prescriptions Gifts - Cosmetics Russell Stover Candy Mite hall Drug -i/li 2 a 4 a 5— 4 a 4:10 AM lewar'a'pigaot' Making «il»AM Farm Report 4:41AM News Hotel Belderdash 7:00 AM 11— Today 5— captain Kangaroo 7iM AM Match Gama lit* AM Today In Montana Jokar’a Wild IlMAM 5 - *10,000 pyramid 1:11 AM News •:41AM entertainment with Rick Dlnkal IlM A M Joba Today 1:00 PM 2— Another World 4 a 5— Price li Right 4 a 13— General Hosoltal 1:MPM 2— Return to Peyton Place 4— Match Game 5— Secret Storm 4 a 13— One Life to Live 2:00 PM 2 a 13— Somerset 4— Secret storm 5— Movla (Batman) 4— Love, American Style 2:MPM 2— Wliard of Odda 4 a 4— Mika Douglas 13— Another World 1:MPM 2 — Morv Griffin 13— Return to Payton Place 1:10 PM 11— Dayi ot Our Llvaa 3:55 PM 5— Spotlight Flvo ' 4:00 PM 2— I Dream of Jeannle 4— Joker’s wild 5— Bonania 4— Beverly Hillbillies 11— Jeopardy 4:10 PM 2— Hogan's Heroes 4— Let's Make a Deal 4 - Andy Griffith 11— Wliard of Odds SiOOPM 2, 4, 4 a 11— News 5— Dragnet 5:10 PM 2. i. 4 a 13— News 4:00 PM 2 a 5— News 4 a 4— Sugar Bowl (Notre Dama vs. Alabama) 11— Streets ot San Francisco 4:10 PM 2— King Orange Jamboree Parade 5— Let'* Make a Deal 7:00 PM 2 a 11— Movla (Koaka ... and Hit Family) J— Hare's Lucy 7:10 PM 5 - Dick Van Dyka liM P M 2 a 11— Movla (If 1 Had a Million) 5— Madlcal Center •:MPM 2— Bold Ones 4— Rooklaa 5— Ounimoka 4— Movla (tome Lika It Hot) 1»— King Drang# Jamboraa Parade •tMPM 13— Diana lliM PM 2, 4, ] a i l - Nawa lliM PM 2 a 11- New Yaar'a Rockin' Evo '74 4— cannon' 10:40 PM 5 - TBA lliM P M S— Billy Graham 4 - Newt lliM PM 4 a 4— Lawrenco Wolk 5 - Now Year**’ Evo with Guy Lombardo 2— Tomorrow ItiMAM *— American Battdotand ‘1 20th Anniversary • Accidents The stor^i blowing into Beaverhead County Wednesday added to already slick roads and created traffic hazards which contributed to several accidents, in Dillon and on county roads, resulting in property damage and one in­ jury. A truck-animal accident on the Jackson highway, about 20 miles west of Dillon where the highway crosses Grasshopper Creek, killed six roping steers and injured several others Wednesday afternoon, ac­ cording to Montana Highway Patrolman Lorn Anderson who investigated the accident. The steers, belonging to the Holland Ranch Co., were being moved along the highway when a Maurice Nice logging truck driven by Ronald Neilsen of Dillon came over the steep hill, on icy roads, hitting some of the cattle and going into the barrow-ditch. No injuries were reported to humans in the mishap, and there was little damage to the truck, which was traveling empty toward Jackson for logs. Icy streets were given as the reason for a very minor ac­ cident early Wednesday morning on Helena Street, according to the investigating City Police officers, Bruce Knox and Paul Smith. Merlin ReRoy Phelps, 32, of Salt Lake City, driving a 1970 Ken worth truck, slid into the back of a parked vehicle near the phone booth at the Safeway lot, shoving the car forward into the bumper of the next car. No damage was done to any of the vehicles and no citations were written. Brian W. Lynnes, 21, of Dillon, was hospitalized Wednesday evening following a motorbike accident on Helena Street, investigated by Dillon City police officer Dennis South. Lynnes was traveling east on Heloia and was changing lanes when he hit ice and lost control of his 1973 Triumph motorcycle. He was taken to Barrett Hospital for treatment, where it was found he had a compound fracture of the lower leg. He was then transferred to St. James Community Hospital in Butte by the Beaverhead am­ bulance for further treatment. • Memorials In memory of my beloved husband, Melvin T. Westad who passed away Dec. 28, 1972. Sadly missed by his wife Lillian and his children, Elroy and Donnie Westad and Mrs. Wm. Tash. a w m m m • W Q w w continued, from page 1 Kohoutek close to sun CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (A P )—Comet Kohoutek makes its clos­ est approach to the sun Friday as it begins a swing which will take it back out of the solar system. Kohoutek is to reach perihelion, or thelowpoint in its orbit, at 5:24 a.m., EST. At that time, it will be only 13.24 million miles from the sun and traveling at 251,400 miles per hour. Library and historical groups suffer WASHINGTON (AP) — The library of Congress and many state libraries and historical groups have suffered because of a law change that removed tax deductions for donations of official and personal papers by prominent Americans. Officials said such contributions have virtually dried up since the change took place in 1969. Crime rate increases WASHINGTON (AP)—The national crime rate increased one per cent in the first nine months of the year, the Justice Department says. This compares with a two per cent decline in the first nine months of last year. The largest crime rise was in the South which reported a four per cent hike. There was a two per cent rise in the North Central States while crime remained at last year’s level in the Northeast and declined two per cent in the West. Armed force recruiting jumps WASHINGTON (AP) — Recruiting by the armed services has jumped in recent months and Poitagon officials are seeking to learn why. Officials are checking with new volunteers to learn if they joined up because of fears of economic recession. Pentagon spokesmen said they want to know if the upturn heralds long­ term gains or will only last as long as youths are unsure about civilian jobs. White House won't release papers WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House will not release summaries and transcripts of presidential conversations it had been preparing to disclose, sources report. According to the sources the decision is a reaction to the Senate Watergate committee's wide-ranging subpoena for documents. Aides to President Nixon reportedly fear that disclosure of the docu­ ments in preparation could hurt Nixon’B fight against the com­ mittee subpooia. Monday, Dec. 3 No flights this date. Tuesday, Dec. 4 Carl Hart wig flew the 182 to Butte for some minor repairs. Mike Johnson in with C—182 taking Orville Grossart to Graingeville, Ida. &ijck .Nicholas {lew put East bound with the Cessna 310. Don Peterson in from Helena with the Commanche. Wednesday, Dec. 5 John Patten and wife Judy in from Heloia with a Cessna 150, returning after short business meeting. Dan & Sybil Ibey out with the 182 to Helena. Bill Stewart, Andy Morris, and Carl Hart wig flew the 117 to Bozeman, to a Chemical Meeting, Bill flying both ways under the hood, simulated in- strument flights. Thursday, Dec. • Commanche in from Black- ROBERTA' Bpdgg 373 fUt«d R Sunday ft Monday ® .... »TMT « npfc' catui*ipiS***frti)w4i Alio: Tha Haadlatt Horttman Wednesday ft Thurtday 7, JO p.m. Friday ft Saturday 7 p.m. ft 9 p.m. Watch for winner* each Mon. “ G e t r i c h q u i c k e r w i t h I n s t a n t , , I n t e r e s t Instant Interest compounds daily instead of quarterly, and it pays interest right up to the day of withdrawal. You can even earn interest for a single day. You just can’t lose with Instant Interest; Open your account today at the helping hand bank and tomorrow you’ll wake up a little richer. Of D H Io n An Affiliate of Northwest BancorporatkxV ; , -A»‘ ^ foot, Ida., with four on board to attend the Cattle sale at the stockyards. Cessna 172 in from Bozeman leaving off one passenger for the sale, returning Bozeman late P.M. Ibey’s returned from Helena late P.M. Friday, Dec. 7 Carl Hartwig flew Gibbs Rehm on a cattle recon flight, finding the location of several. Chuck Nicholas returned from Nebraska with the 310. Beech - 99 in with a ball club from Spokane area to play Western plane piloted by Jim Dunn. Saturday, Dec. 8 Bill Stewart flew the 172 on an IFR practice flight. Chuck and Connie Nicholas out for Las Vegas with the 310. The Beech 99 out for Billings with the ball team. Cliff Lengstorf flew a solo flight in the 172. Warren Huxtable flew a dual flight with Andy Morris, Larry Huxtable, along as a passenger, then Warren and Larry flew a short flight. Ron Johnson flew a dual flight in the 182 to Butte, with Carl H. then a local flight. Sunday, Dec. 9 Ron flew a dual flight with Carl, then a solo flight in the local area. Monday, Dec. 10 Andy MorriB flew to Helena and back in the 182. Chuck and Connie Nicholas in with the 310 from Las Vegas. Royce Satterlee in from Kalispell and returned with his Bonanza. One passenger with him. Fred Kistler to Butte with the Debby, back in the evening. Tuesday] Dec. 11 Fred Kistler to Butte again this day. Andy with tne Assn, mi A Cessn North. rris to Great Falls Aviation Trades ilng- 180 in from the Wednesday,\Dec. 12 Art Anderson, of Twin Bridges, starting a check out in the 172. ' Les Cooper and son in from Wichita with their 210. Thursday, Dec. 13 Cooper piloted the 210 out for the East again after business on cattle purchase. Bill Stewart a dual flight with Carl and Andy. FHday, Bee. 14 Art Anderson flew again this day d ual with Andy Morris. The Thueson’S In from Rexburg with h is Cherokee. G aasdi o ut with the Cub. Ray Skovgaard ' in with a Cessna n o from Billings with a charter, returning to Billings, later coming b ack with Chuck Nicholas, taking the Nicholas 910 to Bluings.

Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 28 Dec. 1973, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.