Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1973-1982, September 14, 1982, Image 1

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n u » e n i* P MO H T M'A H l S ’ UjP A«V c 9 t) 0 \ L □ I \ if l| ' i S | l j [ ^ ïbm3iü ù L \ ù \ d ü Q Q ] J/|| />>cV (Í?) J u u i U Us!soirs feüJiiY win i y g o n e s ' Senring Southwestern Montana Since 1881 - - / V d . 98, No. 88 Tuesday, S eptem b er 14, 1982 Dillon, M ontana 25c aril See page A-5,6 s i i i f i î Surprise storm dumps on area September storm Photo b y Cal Jacobson Young S abrina Bostwick found M onday’s snow to b e a p le a sant change and Nelda Bostwick, house, a t 307 S. Nevada Street. Snow fell m o st of of pace from summer. She b u ilt a «mall snowman n ear h er p a rents’, D allas ’Monday and continued into Tuesday. By BRUCE McCORMACK E d itor An unexpectedly early snow storm dumped as much as six inches of snow on parts of Beaverhead County Monday and Tuesday. Following a brief hail storm in p a rts of the Dillon area Sunday afternoon, snow began to fall early Monday morning, Defore tapering oft: in the evening. B u t late Monday night and Tuesday morning the snow began to fall again leaving Dillon w ith the appearance of mid-January. All roads remained open, al­ though Monida P ass south of Lima was reported to be changing from slushy to packed snow. The storm h it Beaverhead Coun­ ty harder than it did M adison County, where Virginia C ity and Twin Bridges were repenting only a half-inch to one inch o f snow on the ground Tuesday morning. The m ound was clear in S h e ridan. Tuesday. County road foreman J im Nettick said the storm caught him off guard, b u t th a t he had his snow­ plows deployed as quickly as p o ss­ ible. He said the weather seemed to be a b it lighter p a s t Badger Pass. He added th a t there was about six inches of snow Monday near the end of the Blacktail Road. “The g round is n o t frozen y et, so the snow is n o t going to stick litre i t otherwise would,” he said. “ I was still w anting to do maintenance work on the roads when this h it,” he added. “This is way early for u s. We u sually don’t plow much until late October and early November.” JACK CHAMPINE O F C&C Farm and Ranch Supply and A it Jenkins a t JH Equipm ent said many of the farmers and ranchers they h ad talked to were o ptim istic th a t the storm would not be too hard on their crops. “ There is a lot o f g ra in down and hay in trouble, b u t if the snow m elts off soon enough and the Weather warms up, m o st people should be able to recoup m ost of their loss,” Chamnine said. For n a y down in the field, h e said, this storm is not yet much worse than several d ays o f heavy rain. Pick-up g u ards on a combine can lift grain back up and the hay should pick-up as well, he added. Jenkins said unless the grain stalk breaks, farmers should be a b le to get m o st of their crop back up and c u t. Alfalfa and h ay in windrows is in more serious trouble, b u t it too should be all right as long as the cold, snowy weather passes soon enough,” he said. “ M ost of the fellows I ’v e v isited with are p retty o ptim istic th a t good weather will salvage things for them ,” Jenkins added A NUMBER OF short power outages occured in Dillon Monday. Leonard Johnson of M ontana Power said some of the problems were caused b y a high v o ltage line splitter th a t went b ad allowing the lines to arch. Tree lind^e hanging down on lines also contributed to the problem. [Cont. on page A-7] UBC opinions vary By J U L IE SIMON S ta ff W riter [L a st in a tw o -p art aeries] Several of Dillon construction contractors are planning to ap­ proach the City Council n e x t week with suggestions a b o u t the Uniform Building Code which some o f them see a s a n unnecessary burden. The controversy steins from the fact th a t new C ity A d m inistrator B e rt Reimer w ants the code to be enforced consistently to insure public safety a n d save D illon from possible lawsuits. Adopted b y the council two y ears ago b u t never enforced, the code consists of a set of construction guidelines which are the legal standard for the s ta te and much of the n ation. Reimer, c ity adm inistrator since June, Bays the rules provide minimum standards to safeguard health and safety by controlling design, construction, u se and occu­ pancy, location and m aintenance of buildings and installed equipment. He contends the c ity has both a legal and a moral obligation to follow the code a s long a s i t is law. And h e p o in ts o u t if the d t y revokes the code, the state will enforce i t from Helena. All d t y contractors, however, aren’t all happy with s tricter code enforcement. Clayton H ildreth, who is helping organize the group which will approach the council Tuesday,* contends the regulations p u t an unnecessary b u rden on contractors. “We want' to tell the council o u r ideas cm the code and to o ffer them posable suggestions and solutions to w h a t we see as a problem ,” H ildreth said. He declined to list d e ta ils o f those alternatives saying the g roup w ants to approach counalm en directly. H ildreth said so far four con­ tractors are p a r t o f the group, and he expects more of the d t y ’s 30 builders to join the organization before Tuesday. CONTRACTOR FRANK Terrill malms to secret th a t he’s steam ing about the code. “To coin a phrase I once heard used b y a school official involved in a wmjlar situation—I get so sick o f people trying to protect me from myBelf,” Terrill s a id Terrill said he understands the city “ really had no choice” but to adopt the code. B u t h e contends contractors h ad no problems u n til Reimer arrived. He argues the building code is designed for places like New York City b u t th a t i t doesn’t apply well to Dillon. He contends Reimer is taking a bureaucratic and inflex­ ible stance in enforcing rules not necessary in small towns like this one. M ost of the contractors in the area have been in b u siness for many years and “ know w h at they’re doing”, Terrill says, contending Reimer doesn’t give the builders credit for being competent. He said the building code and a business license system recently suggested by Reimer have jnany local people so angry they m ay try to recall M ayor Connie Nicholas. Terrill said not only are many code regulations unnecessary, he contends they’ll also add 30 to 50 percent to building costs which will nave to b e p aid b y the consumer. He said building code enforce­ m ent will prove to be unworkable unless the c ity takes steps to allow contractors “ reasonable excep­ tions.” “ I F I ’D HAVE TO SAY whether or n o t I ’m for o r a g a in s t the code, I ’d probably say f m against i t,” commented another builder, Kenny Grose. Grose said he understands the % need for regulations b u t p o in ted out ' i t is h a rd for b u ilders to adjust to obeying a code w hen they have been lCont. on p age A-6] Friday àffërnoon game Barbeque, parade, football set for BCHS homecoming A p arade, a football game a g a in st potentially tough Ronan and the annual crowning of the homecoming queen will highligh t Beaverhead County High School's homecom­ ing F riday. Senior girls competing for the aueen title are Brenda Munday, rtmighter of Mr. and M rs. Russel Munday; Debbie Buckley, daugh­ ter of Mr. and M rs. Charles Buckley; Heidi W illiams, d aughter Queen candidates a re Sheryl Johnson, Brenda M unday, Debbie Buckley and Heidi Williams. of Mr. and Mrs. G ary W illiams; and Sheryl Johnson, daughter of Mr. and M rs. Darrell Johnson. M iss M unday is the senior class candidate; M iss Buckley, junior class; M iss Williams, sophomore; and Miss Johnson, B-Club. The winner will be selected by a vote o f the student body. Homecoming week a c tivities be­ gan Monday with a W estern dress up d a y themed around “ R ound ’em up Beavers”. Today students are wearing clown costumes; Wednes day, togas; Thursday, punk rode outfits and Friday, blue and gold. Homecoming events begin w ith a 10:15 a.m. assembly which will b e followed by a parade about 11 a.m. through downtown Dillon. The Key Club will have its annual fund-raising barbecue a t 11:30 in Vigilante Park. The game against Roñan will begin a t 1:30 p.m. in Vigilante Field. Crowning of home­ coming queen will b e a t h alf time. A dance for BCHS students and alumni will be 9-12 in the school gym. Dillon Inn moves heaven and earth The receptionist a t Dillon's luxurious new 50-room motel answers the phone: “ Good m o rning—may I help you?” The q uestion h a s alm ost, b u t n o t quite, become routine a t the Dillon Inn which opened Aug. 25 a fter a series of problems which delayed the facility’s completion for more than three months. “We learned a lo t—more than we wanted to know, really—about the hassles o f g e tting a new business off the ground,” explained Peggy Begin who with her husband Joe manages the motel off the Inter­ state 15 e x it ramp north of the d ty . Henry Taylor Jr. and John Stumey of Ketchum, contracted with F-R Construction of Miles Grey last year to build the new motel on property originally owned by Rod Sinclair. Their target? A June 1 opening. “Needless to say we didn’t make, it,” Joe said. Completion of the w a te r and sewer hookups into the d t y ’s system s caused the b ig g e st delays. W orking for Sinclair, the Dillon contractors h ired to do the job ran into one problem a fter another, the .Begins said. The w ater table in the area was so high, th a t workers had to pump out their trenches every morning before the they could continue laying pipe. System s h ad to be routed under the in te rs ta te a n d a creek. “Nothing was easy,\ Joe ex­ plained, adding that he and Peggy could not even move into their own accommodations at the motel as quisldy as they expected. And when they did finally sot up housekeep­ ing the couple had to do without water for awhile. “In the meantime we had hired employees. But they were wonder­ ful about just hanging with us in spite of the fact that we had to keep putting off the opening.” Mrs. Begin pointed out that she and h e r h u sband h ad been careful to hire “ o nly the v ery b e s t” people. “ So we worried th a t we would lose them before we ever g o t open. They were am azingly patient, though,\ she said. All the while the phones kept ringing and the Begins h ad to turn away p ro spective clients. “ T here’s no d o u b t the inn lost a certain am ount of money as the weeks p assed,\ Begin said, explain­ ing m o st m otels do their best business d u ring the summers when the occupancy rate is high and utility costs are relatively low, T h a t s why the Begins were so pleased when they scheduled a grand opening a t the end o f July. But after a giant get-acquaint­ ed party hosted by the inn for area residents, the inn’s opening had to be delayed, again because of water and sewer problems. On Aug. G the Begins began booldng their rooms but their hope that smooth sailing was ahead didn’t last long. On Aug. 17 the s ta te Departm ent of H ealth and Environmental Sciences informed the motel th a t GIN the inn’s w ater didn’t m eet its standards. “ D ie c ity was really nice a b o u t i t —they gave us the option of staying open and providing drink- a w ater for our guests, but th a t 1 ’t work o u t because o f the s ta te . So wo h ad to s h u t down (on Aug. 19) locate o u r g u e sts and find them other accommodations in town. Fortunately, both the people and the other motels were more than gracious in helping us handle the situation,” Mrs. Begin said. The city re-chlormated the inn’s water lines and on Aug. 25 the motel re-opened. “And we’re open for good now,” Peggy smiled, explaining business lui3 been quick to build. Word of mouth is the most important land of advertising in the the motel business, and Dillon residents seem to be spreading that word. “ It kelps, too, that other molds ore referring guests to us • v - r tf T n * ' » r explaining he doesn’t think the presence of a new b usiness will h u rt the existing motels. On the contrary, the addition of another motel in town will I ns an extra incentive to travelers to b reak th e ir trips in Dillon, h e said. Peggy, noted the inn also hopes to tap a new source of clients. The presence of the inn in Dillon means there are now enough motel rooms in the d ty. to a ttra c t conventions, she said. « Naturally, the Begins think the inn, which is equipped with an indoor pool, will attract its share of regular customers too. And as are introductory special, the inn is offering rooms ¿26-834 compared to the 828-840 the accommodations would normally cost. WiV 3 are -.1 they “ It’s a nice place and m people find out about it, r they’ll want to stay I:-:.' :tu.o.

Tribune-Examiner (Dillon, Mont.), 14 Sept. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.