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About Dillon Tribune Examiner (Dillon, Mont.) 1982-1989

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Sept. 28, 1982-Oct. 10, 1989
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  • Dillon, Beaverhead, Montana
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Carson Library, University of Montana Western, Dillon, Montana

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In November 1962, there was a fundamental change to the news ecosystem of Dillon. Two long running papers The Dillon Daily Tribune (founded in 1881) and the Dillon Examiner (founded in 1891) merged to create The Dillon Daily Tribune Examiner. There were three parts to this change. The father and son duo, E.S. and E.P. Townsend, who had been running the Tribune, became the publishers of the combined paper, Otto Sassman, owner/editor of the Examiner since 1935, retired, and the Hawkins brothers, Robert and Gerald, bought the Examiner’s plant to start a commercial printing business. In keeping with the practices of the Tribune, the new paper published five days a week, Monday-Friday. During this period there were two changes in ownership, Sam Burgess in 1965 and William Finefrock in 1968. The paper continued to be a weekday paper, until October 1974 when publication moved to semiweekly (Wednesdays and Fridays). As the paper changed its name from The Dillon Daily Tribune-Examiner to Daily Tribune Examiner to just Tribune-Examiner, the character and content didn’t change. During this period four-page issues covering primarily local news with some state and national news. In October 1974, when the paper started publishing only twice a week, the page count per issue increased to 12-16 though the content focus stayed the same. In 1975, Maj. General John Womack bought the Tribune-Examiner. In 1977 a shopper started publication called “Trade Wind” or “Trade Winds”. Nothing much was said about it July 1979 when the County Commissioners awarded the county printing contract to Trade Winds. At that point the feud was on. The Tribune-Examiner sued with the Montana Newspaper Association and 7 other major Montana newspapers signing on. They claimed that the shopper didn’t meet the requirements and besides Trade Winds wasn’t a newspaper. In August, Trade Winds’ owner and associate acknowledge they didn’t meet the requirements. The story should end there, but instead in October Sage Publishing, out of Wyoming, buys both, and Trade Winds becomes a supplement to the Tribune-Examiner only to be spun off into a separate publication, which they call a newspapers, in November 1982. Meanwhile, on October 31, 1979, the Tribune Examiner becomes a weekly paper again with an increase in page count to around 24 pages an issue. The name change to Dillon Tribune Examiner was part of bunch of other typographical changes to “make the Tribune a better looking and easier to read newspaper” announced by Bruce McCormack in the Sept 28, 1982 editorial. On Oct 10, 1989, the front page declared “Dillon Tribune sold”. This time to Yellowstone Newspapers with John Barrows continuing as publisher. He had been acting as interim publisher since August. This change back to the Dillon Tribune completes the history of name and ownership changes though the editor/publisher position has changed hands a few times since then. In all its incarnations, the Dillon Tribune has served the town and surrounding area with high quality local news.

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