The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, December 23, 1887, Image 1

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M o n t. Hi»t. Society DILLON, BEAVERHEAD COUNTY, M. T., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1887. No. 52. ;)ld S e t t l e r s P a p e r s . T«f: \ OMi:N » 11 .. Tin-: A N x l . \ A I ION M'»| KM I.'. n i i t i M 'q . d í i.AM>. CURRENT SEWS NOTES. MONTANA CON MEN S E I). Tilt* Stlflil*!- sVnnlof liitroilu..- tin- »«-unti-. a (¡(II in >IK> I a \ i : k MSI.\ AV. o:ù Dillon.! I've litis uf the u'Olll'D' who compose ( ' Cjn.c 1 0 Beaverhead Valley when a «ilJernfS* when human habit:»» , |c„ 3„J 01' die rudest kind. C . provision* for the needs »ml r e uf civuocd society. Hut the L lhelontfaml tiresome journey in l ire just described 1 » Mr. Kirk- ,.wJe the comfort ami security w rude houses afforded thorough- jrev iated. 11 I’t'i.iiDM\. to Aninv th-av.-Wi,.;,,! tun! | Mlssmilit Counties to litolio. Oil Itist Monday. k’ullom, :iu- Senator! from llihioi-. ir.trodm ed .1 lu'il in (!„• L'. S. 1 Senate, llte object of w hicii U to cat otl'j the comities of lic.n-eilic.i.i ami Misscuia ! from Montana and annex them to Idaho.' The full text of the hid has ton been re-1 ccivcd, hut its geiicial »cepe is iHitlincd in the foilnwhig dispatches: Washington di.patch «if Monday: a ! I.iil was introduced by .Senator Colimn, of, Illinois, to day, to annex a portion of Moo- ! tana to Idaho Territory. It cuts off the - Win. !.. . ; \V! : V... ili. 1 usar» » \'.J sou» Win. h i . hvv o' l tirisi mas 1 uni - ' ’* mtu .* »h:,ics. !: ■!!. tu in. », n; i tn-rrv t- mil •is l.ritflit »’ it that fair Mr» tin- hi v ni «.lirblm-is 1uni . ’ challenge side. Isolation, also, troni the counties of iicncerheai /s i i HO Mi. them lorin the former Territory ami g to tlic* ¡alter. On Tuesday 'lie Helena, nt published the fnllnwiiig special fiotti Washington: Senator Coilum’s bili to an­ nex lleaverhcad and Missuuln rounties to Idaho provides '.iati they sitali not be ex­ empt from tin? payment of li-cii si,arc of Ten ¡tonal bonded inuel tedncss. Delegate Toole laughed about it. saving: • ( )h, tiutt's simply an Malto bluff io i t ‘.uni for mv bili antiamile lh( tvoiid, toother \ill. so.round- ers, tended to endear each to the ' imall degree. Indeed, neiglt. frtc-rco»rsv was imteh us if all \etc ,, jnJ kiu. instead of being as we luelhe remotest strangers, ptrues in nationality, religion, poii- Cjitii and social »Gliding wire ail Chtof in the cue fact tiiat wo were faunians. Tliescoircuinstanccs made; intelieciual ami rclig- _ (Entirely dcpendeiit on ourselves, j «1 ¡a*' wmoii, hiking Main an bias« band« or professional f‘\' Muntai.a. ’ il0 furnish entertainments and more si! ,1 decade passed before a minister l«.„pel found his way here. Ha! a C| house H-a* built very near the site C building we now occupy, and tiere U.uinal debate or spelling match L. the settler» together from mile« (j. Women at that lime being so few C m - competing this whole community ibc counted on your linger lips)— time wished to attend a public gatli- (the others were obliged to. By some (xierstaiiding, however, at one time a t| lidy found licruelf at spelling school |uoother lady present, and the house lit picked with men. As wa» prop­ el brother being her escort, she re- Til, »ml on being questioned concern- litter wards said—\It was the quietest school site ever attended—not even lip-rat rece«».” The almost total ^of lidies’ society made the presence ol to those than the lian <>r the fair maiden more terrible -.he brave mountaineers ¡e war-ivlioop of the it ii>h of the road agent. Ifltner young lady caused a sensation ■llil '»mg$fjo for n second-hand sill-, «Ire.-*, ''heprice seemed quite redured, how- i,«lien it transpired that slu: paid for at young chickens at $5 apiece. ¿«hing young Indian, who understood l spoke English, called at the school Kone day and asked the tonc.her to '(«paper lor him so white man would l.iir, heaps of \fasfkft.\ Site v.-iotu in but style, and rnueh pleased, ho rode 1 . iiut Imagine his iiiorlilic.-nion uml jrin alien one of a group of tnett to jii lie presented his paper road, instead Viquested recommend, the following ‘-Kiss him (or his motiici.\ The i ral lough tiiat followed increased his and that woman was threatened with i&ui vengeance. M \omen aj well as men, 01 me to t.hi» i land for one purpose, viz: --To gain I »('rid,' which will be conceded to lie n etiJcavor, hut rcengni/itig «piritu- Sunday school was «tailed ami ( 5 EKANI.VUS FROM THE ROCKIES. liv vuls Ti-iins|iirhiR in Our SUlcr Stiitrs anil IVrrilorle«. i»-1 lt *vas organized and conducted t-y f'—, mrn termed one large ela«s lor fl ee study. '«■.u.lecti-.itix o! -¡,at Snndav -..'bool J.'I’’sivi et to some of ;l-.--affemi- '.'•'! Heaven was invoked that t ;1 ~ * - \itght he known lor its Gn.Hi-j -r-lit cun !,-■ truthfully «aiii that ^ -'ton virtues ot indir.'ry, »olirietv and | ^•■‘b Vindii--«» were seldom better ex- 1 I- (Ithan'w the first settlers of this Tacoma, \V. T., ita-i (-•,.'15 indnliitant». A coal vein on Hor»o Creek, Wyoming, has been burning for tldilv ye.n». It i« now considered certain that the Hock Island mad will build to Denver. Emma Abbot: has bought the Klche block on 1 .ar.tmie .street, Denver, for.'pyo,- noo. lien. Carter, who shot his victim through 11 window, was on the t.|th, at l.aramic, Wyoming, sentenced It» he hanged Febru­ ary 10th. Many people from *.lie East -and Califor­ nia arc entering land in I’ima and l*ioul counties, A. T., along the lino of the pro posed canal. The Episcopal school l.otist- at (jvorge- town, Colorado, burned on the night of the 14 th. a wooJt-n partition catching tire from the overheated stove ami pipe. Loss, $15,000. Silvan;» Buckley, a pioneer miner, a pi­ oneer importer of line blooded sheep, a slu-cp bi'-eJei and woo! grower of Merced county, died on the* utli, at Buckley » farm, llopeton, California, aged jy years. Shoshone (ldaiiol jo u r th '!: A inrge number of miner» arc coming out of the muimtrms to wrestle with the »and lurs of Snake K:\er tor a - grub stake’’ for next season’s .u...-pectin,g trip. This !ui» been the ( iisto-n for •• ears. A ioiliu;.- mi!i t(r cost near a -.nliiimi .iol* lur» i» to iie ■.•ret;ted at Uiversldc, l.os An* gelc- coun’.v, Cata. The projc.-toi - ¡.live eonti«)! of a -umm'ain of lion w:!!*;:. two mile« of itaeg--:-. fr.-m‘which to -oppiv the material to he worked. U’. 1!. H.-mi-ro- ».i- «top/H.I oe.o Mr- M;:mvil!e, < )r. gun. ---. tin* 1 till, while going and tw o ma«ki d. men ¡'«1 •'in money and his 1 . displaying hi- ai-i!:h. .■.vi d him. \rulv l.fM l.igtil me t’.i, l-.t-jriv in V'iiriilmas Un I:i r., !-. gr. ■ \ n „ nieft llii‘*( .uv I . s w t c l , Hnr.i.n- u-u.ig amt guileless are tlir.r. And l.rnw ; not vet wrinkled svilii vaie Win. ¡i;.» iju- kev (.t'ClirisUua- tan ! ' Dear leikv tu nt- in s'liristtiia* l in t. \v> to be ntar, Anùjain in vuurrlieci Win n tin- tier With Us stranie* fmit ' m ,.! Amt sou wail for .stia! Santa »nuts Who lu- tin-ties ol t’l.ri-lnias lami: I. *ve In- tile kes ..!' Christina» lami; ( Mi, eotnr. elierul. love, Willi wing- Jit.e die ilovr. »(»reati over hv.n l» tliv liglit el pean , Sow lor u liar voi full nt increase Open tlu- gules 01 Ct.rislnas lami. v’pen b,L gatesnf Cliristoias hand, flicir tv nuiett to ,lo, And lilt- (lavs are tew. Hid all tarn - rt chains Ircc, f-y di v r . .uv h-l o» - ri diere I'C Non oft hat's |iiK»r in Christinas lam!. — 1 ‘hiluJ.ltiih 1 Tilt: MONTANA I.AtV ON MAN III.I NO. Til* Two I. 1 - 111 II 11 K .'svvtlou* ol (tu- Nvss I .as« Megulutiiij: (iiiinhltiiK lnth*T*>il- lury. As there appear» to be ¡1 iui«uiuiri>tiuul- ing in 1 elation to the provisions ol the new law regulating gambling in Moni.-ina, the i'lillt x'K publlsties titer two sections that are tite most binding, in order that panic» interested may know the penalties amt govern themselves in accordance with the la*s-, which read»: S uction i . licieafttr it »ball be unlaw­ ful lor any person or person* Ip carry on any game of chance where money ot any­ thing of value bet, ventured or hnxnrdcd in any room or apartment without having on llte outside of the building wherein tin- same is situated, in a place where the Mime may be plainly seen, sign with the words in letters of at least live inches in length (Licensed (¡ninbiing Ko .rn) painted there­ on. Am- neglect or failure to tbserve live provisions c,f this act shall in? deemed a misdemeanor, and eaclt and every day’s failure or neglect theu-of shall be deemed a separate and di»tlnrt offeii-e, and any per­ son convicted therefor shall he punished by a line ofnot less than twenty-live dollars nor more than one hundrv-d. or by impiis- ontr.i.iil in the comity jail not exceeding three mouth.-, or by such (hie and impris­ onment. Srviioxc. Il shall lie unlawful to car­ ry on or permit to he carried oil, any gnmr of chance v here money or any tiling 01 value is bet, ventured or hazarded in any room, apartment c-r building, with locked, hatred or fastened door, ami into and from xvhis- 11 free and unmolested entrance «ml egress may not be had while such game of chance is in progress. Any person vio­ lating the provisions of llii' »eelions shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof 'hall ire tilled in»’ Ic■-» Ilian tweiitv dollars u\( more t-t’o bundled, ¿’r he i n n o p . - d -in Mir count: iau not less Ulan - u- nionti, not John L. Nuliivau lias issued . to Smith or Kilrain for $«,000 a Tin- visible supply of grain in the ’.nit- I vd Slide« on December 17 , was a« follow«: Wheat .’ 51.000 bushel»; corn, «; , oat». I'.iKjl ,100 ; rye, .‘7i),(x»o; barici, 5,- Ink A special troni Albuquerque, N. M., •ay» - The Mexican bandit, Brinai, report­ ed to have been raptured in tlicOld Town, ! is »till at lai ge, iln- n port having proved : to be uutruu. The man who was nirested ; gave hi« lume a» Bernal but’ was tecog- ; ni/cd as » cowbiy who has wniked on ^ several rauche« in live territory, ; Senator Reagan lias come carlv before I Congress with piupovilions for the amend- j ment of Mu- lnh-r*uic Commerce law. I One of tin- amendments biings express l ear», I’niinan ears, »Ireping ear*, am) all ¡ollitr cats owned by private eituens or ! corporations, within tin- operations of the j ad, nt if they were leehnieallv -‘common j carriers.” 1 In the estimate« for appropriations for llie diplomatic and contuiar service sub­ mitted to Congress by Mie Stale Dopati- meni Ibi« vein ti.-ro are a number oi items iiflucrca*c. Tt.e reasons tor these me ex­ plained by Secretary Bayard in a long communication, in which lie advocate» better pay incut for the representatives of the United -States .dnoad upon a variety «if grounds. Tile grots icccipts of tiie (iovernuient fur last week show a small incieast- over lluise foe the preceding week. According to the special statement furnished l.y the Ssscrclary of the Treasury lo the Washing ton con «'spomicili of /iruiff/rret's, the gross ' receipt« for the week ending Sat indivi amounted to $ 7 / 183 ,yyji.jS, 11 s against $. 7 - 518,803137 for the preceding week, an in­ crease of iK-nily $ 170 , 000 . I,(union dispatch : Advices frinii Zan/i bar, umlcr date of ¡'.c.-mhei to, stale lluil a int-ssenger lui* arrived from Central Africa who brings no direct news from Henry M. Stanley, but «ay s it is iiminrcd in the country on the eastern side «if Lake Xy-an/u, Unit .Stanley, alici many pi iva lions, reached Wiuteliii, in liic early part of September. The pi inelpai ¡«art of the* dirti cully lie cneount.-ri-d was between flic Ma!> adì «•«: 1 (•) -. .md Wtulebii. frani «tue Territorial Itxclrmt,, Ottici- Sinirei's. unit Sharon. > , S’-- • ' arrest tin. aiicutieu where i« lumisHed in I, die am'd man \ b- A e.»«e 1 ■ti i 1 will ; -iirgi-uns eicry .«le.- v,.nwe. a uii-.i- ililiily a!n,n-t pia- nominai. Tluc- v-.eeks «in, e, Sin,ve, ve Iute tri ::.g lo Mibiiue a:; (>uiagv<i stnlliou, vvils knoeked doni., trainpcd upuii and had Ili« sklill fi ighlt'uiiv ei uslitd ’1 he -tir gemi) bere lu-ld enu-uilalirii ami ili cided tini! de.itli mi 11 -t iiu-v i'iitdy lesullin a l’-.-w iinuis. Against tlivir ailvlc im opcialion and a iva« pi mirine«! ’m ne.' l i '» u i g r o n «e- 'erii *>l «k-ili n-aily ioni ini he« ¡meg ami im-hrs wi.le wa» ■ 11 :<»vc.L Stowc i.iluVi! .11 01 . 11 : and in-da» was mil on the - n set» II» :i»s(i'» In- lirici inínatii ai In 1 . re ii'n- w - 1 i Itii» -k. borne in -il» -«iggy rolib.-d ¡.ini i-l ■' !x->n:-. I le inni be l>t.- inugbs fui: Clilì' ! li ran an 1 i-.e 'bau .uree montos 1 . . . j .'(fir or tmpt l-niiuiriil. -1 Iiv 1 vot 1 ! ‘crlou-ìi i. - : r « ’o nrd;vr. I »!* . 1 » DtbM:. by ;.n < s : . 1 ot l ,: ii -. The v ! .. ¡ en.u ged --is. hid » «-la- «lid i: • -.-»ipioiie, ami they jtoiügd. --at apparen:!«- »:«•' * 1 U lion tiK-> «• Ü.I'- ' «iriii p Mir;?’i? r-i w cre­ oli lili- p -1 w dee. ol w b.’eii to i-o.sTvi.tsit;t:.x Wlial tin- I**«»! master» )«r-* IE «-«| « 11 *-•■« I with t iiclntmivl l.i-t n-r» j Omitnni» (Vfirni I. - ! Y’-i-.i 11 nictnbi-r. do i-.n mil, iioiv nil of I tile indie- ', l-.-«--! lo.-idinir«- y o kfentiiprsi j Every iMU'I'-.'e «-ontaitied n imm Ii of^honi; : every p it i-.r wn.s m :■ ■ i-i«.- 11 «-r 1 >v tlie-ir ! irorm-otix tints. They -.vere e ven u.-cd now -! and then to :: boriici- ton frf ,-.e, ami tlie-y ! were fa-t'-m-il - n p.-iintril on i |i!aijli'-. pinned • -:i «nitain . anil «ili» ' lirniile'.i d *-n « hair.--. 1 -ut I- ■x. * -- i wln-n- | ami lui» gone 'o Caiiloruia for a i.-ctuiing A waeon l-ri-ige is to lie Intilt across the Little B'.aiktoot near its mouth. The »'ago iine l.etween Livingston and (lastle lui» l-(en discontinued tor tin: win» ter. The bridge across the Missouri river at Great Fall« will In- completed early in Jan­ uary. Then: are S jii tax payers in Forgo* county, of whom nineteen are non-resi­ dents. The Webli Guards were mustered in at Billings last Tuesday evening by Col. Sul­ livan. We notisc that Henry Idling, t anker of Virginia City, is the largest tax payer in Madison county. The- faro banks in Deer Lodge .are dt-ing a big business, and are reported to he win­ ning handsomely. it is expected that there will be a big rti«h of immigrants to the fertile Flathead valley next spring. A freight run was recently made over the Montana Central fimn St. I'nitl to Helena in four «lays. Tlte- construction of the Western Union telegraph line is keeping pace* with tlic liitter Hoot railroad. Ten mining companies of Montana paid dividends during the first eleven month» of 1 SS 7 , aggregating a total of $?, 83 ft, 1378 . Wolves and coyotes are numerous and troublesome on the sheep ranges in Fergus county, »ml arc said to be doing great damage to llocks. George Kalstnn, the switchman wha wa« injured in the Northern I’at-ifu: yards at Helena, died from tlic_ effects of having his leg amputated. Track-laying on the new grade of the Montana Union through Silver Dow can­ yon is completed, but Hit- old »oa«1 bed will lie used until next spring. J. A. Burton, who was injured in a recent row at Cirtei-sville, lias died, and I’alina- tier, the man who indicted the injuries, inis been .tailed at Helena. Gallatin county lias 35 school district* ami M /15 children of school age. The school fund amounts to $ t 3,.Mo..55i or tin average of $ 6.80 per capita. The ili*clplcs ofC'luist. commonly called Christians, are taking preliminary steps toward the erection of a neat ami «ubsl.-iii- tin! church cdilice ill Bo/cman. Tiie Bo/emnn Cluvnuh wants the busi­ ness men of that elt.v 1 » organize a local tire insurance company, in orilfr to keep tin- money paid annually at home. The railroad sialion at BouMci- is com­ pleted. The building i« a large one and is, ptnvided with a pint for m 300 leet long cr­ one siile ami »’«xi feet long on the other Thomas Nasi, tiie great cartoonist, will appear at M il - Gram! opera house in Butte . on Monday, December _-n, am) will illiic.- tialc the great men of tiie day by black - 1 board diagram». 1 An tuiktunvm li .i.i ol aiui.u :,t years 01 ! age «„iciiled in a lodging house at lli-len:-- j In»l Fii!;.\ b\ taking :> 1 -lphine. it ‘m ¡»tat-.-l :m-.l la was urt-nlly employed at j tiie |av G-mid mine a« .1 i-laekstnilii. I l I . |. 11 ’• !.man. tiie •emperanei' lee- , liner, -'otupit--ted bi» Clig:i;;--in- nix in tin- ¡Teriii.iry Miles City mb Ixcogli, -•■1 we Li. .- ¡--il..; 1 iioin tin; win 5 i’s’ seb mi limisi: into futurity - tlirivuig town -villi P» «(.¡j i Ii ii JcJt to make I’hu-uix • Ar:/■■>!’» 1 - patcii :mi iniiies am! mi.ia-r- Liei- no»',. agah, ioun.ì > f-.|- »hivuiru; ti?- :: wa- : ('••.!.t\ * MitcMVft Ven .1 •»ci'.ifi iti 'ii v* ■ -a--he».V.ti w-i-.ibi -,ve have timugiit. I * ■' •* nn: strung.- Mm v..;-v 1 'ft! by :tn.s,» Aosen in- t> ■M-.xn «iti. y oiiutiful a-id s-o-tly Chri»'m “* •’■zte fruit { ; all - '-:'i.i;i'm, should I'.are- rai’ro.Kl c .-un.inv to r ’ Ü 1 t. \* 1 .1 ot a-s;it'!‘ e-lre.s :• - live - Ili- Ir »!,'. in-ii Mus. •k'u- -i\ 1 .!iug. it- t ..... ( \-i-.)'.jili I : : M w us i .;.'U but .va» , inn . f 11 - ! Bur. .11 ; of Mu i a « i r - - ; si ju ri.itt-iideni (1! : . at Washington, w : i’o- Imuste; ■< jce.''' a! it 11 «-t, w hicb H Ml l)c. , - in- iiu» -IT“ pn»:iii.--:vi » dii ccting 11 u- »• .\im: ■ ■/> i t (!:■- postai !.: 1 lion- i bis »eelinti inaki - you will, y-i-l v. ill :■ ■«■ ti-i j 11 :i-' Tliey ¡-.IT* ii.-:--.i-!u- i fr-'in l-all Why!- I V| UU-I- i! in- - ! • --n - they b: hio ¡ :wl 'll, coul'InT ■ t -ml ■ i ' o . Tin- iu\.v- spr.- -•! lady, sitting «low ;- t > e 1 i ning of 1 \ -• I•.-«': e I will'll - lie ll-m-.-i;' 1 ;- I- I , ‘ 1 ’I'll«• i-ulie- 01 : I;-- n;t-« t '::e .1 ml i.'-'-.'i'd' lions pin ll •’. fe iMu-IV ml liov.-ir. 1 <!-.-( ried that. r.vcn f.isliinti T! --v limi to i - 1 . d - -ill ii]i Irnl'ii t ' L- ton!: ; -me D •A i» . 1 - 1 . -, -Ltv s. beginning at ding l, 1 tin- Hei-n. 1 ft. -. o :-.v ■■ ioni nal» in Mi, '-.-.'(-( ,i|i 1 ; A’ ■d t< 1 It:, ni ■ So llii-y all 1. 1 1 c- I lie ): 11 i i 1 - ; 1 ml every !--• Iiegili- ¡ il ! i’epu1- :V'i!he|-.(. .lent, | Im!..I I-. 1,1 a ; ¡1 , ( < « 1 - (,:{«'. , 'e m. All I i then .a h omit v'la I, 1 : I) am! -i ..II -ara!». rei ..'m uto. 'd tlicie ana, giv- 3»í to u re arc, Irdvpen- ! In: 1 V-r aio g i-i- nt •••Mdl -I '• it!) I !. :. i- -a I - ■t. ! lipomi li'MfM.ìaffTì» tf> :rj\ * - ' ;ii .1 V s i «-.'.ampie. Tin- - M-¡ v,-:n- i c-:i:- ! - t iii- iilí'i--. -' . ... ■ piij'Ci f’i‘ p'M •« fiitim; ' ‘'r if‘* -■i non .!■ . i ; t ¡mi and r- ! : 1 -*y ia a 1 - ,-t-e win -i- . >t , t*»l !clti i ' i í ¿*I m > r ;« j »* i 1 : • ...• * * i i ; u ’ , . i ; tin- i-\i(ui-;\-- tea 1 ;1 * i -1111 t> i l w r n * l i * i n w!,-. n .i i ki-;a. .--at i « - * ■uilii. : and pt -J* lüinil 1 * *’*' f* i*t »lit*. ! : >:¡ *1 un*’ ‘'en 1 i :u - i- i,f : !,i- '.- iít , ; , e i ii ! 11 •» i . p, liti 1 ; 1 H ' : , 11 a , osi 1 . I . 1 -I • ■ lla-ini s Ititomliu i, D 1 ha» tills h.- 1 : itiii'ot -,v.i a.' 1 ri.’.le- pnbìi» i t . i.i wiil I- hone. ■'d-ll-'lV L, a! imm-. vo early dav -, e;: in till- paper o'1'»:; did -n-.|.¡ h,- ¡i noti;.--, •i* W\? • v csvinj ■s - tree ¡ ' (JlliCI : not 'D Low I r:i ! iH’d j : *i.k 1 IV V Jt#\ Di. Kinn’' N lion. UN M i’ vt-i’v \.lUs.'s!:!-- . 0 •■’,.1 'dli*s I '111 1. ' ,u U. M. W iiit:* *■ i.: ’• • iti-» ... i:-.•. ;*(■-* ti i:i'. >* - «>rj ;v |>:»v . ■ i-y : ‘ -Sti.;* ! • •» - anply etterm . hi tin ■ • i-ticic from th- G.\ ill ,t it 1 in IC;- ; 1 t ! ( : . -’lit j' .X‘. tU'iiv c: . ; lu. ! h l u l l » !. * Í Ml'- 1*1 • * ' (•e;: 4 *!•.(» u ' !i \ t*p. il U • t t.i 1 . Ti.U ..i V . I ■ i\t i. t ’.’.U'v • tM'li mp - ■ m tdU ■ •1 1 ‘ l .0:- 00i'<:r> ineiuber of I’arii.iincnl, of 14 *>ten ?c,’*cnc»’J to tv.o months À*ir tjij*'r'i 1°'\ i,ubli«hiag reports in his ' • [ > ) . ! J r l of meetings of • -‘«d branches nf the league. - va v » cur; - an j ue .-ei -* . : -.i[i|>,;i:it-. Cotigii*.. k'oid» , A«'hil­ pi.! -I- . OUVip, and .di tliro.-d ar..! In :ig dise.’.si - , uickly cured. A\on e;an !rd ! t I'cforo a ,.vi:ig ¡'y getting a trial bn Rie f: :»>. large • i/e Si. 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The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 23 Dec. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.