The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, December 23, 1887, Image 4

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G Ijt D illon (£i ih tuie. in Iti!. OFF TO SIUKIMA. SUFFEUINOb OF THE CZAi'.'U SUB* JECT\ DOOMED TO EXIU.. • U i U r l i » i f S u n n iim o - A U o e .o d tIn* V.Vallhv l.vil « — ‘ > 1 III*' I’ ikii C o n v i i ! — f i l l S :l»*'l i : ~ - l l * ' i i ' l<'>Mii M of 1 |H— A T i t I ini; sri'i'i Kxil'.' in i'i!' .\n has i.'i nM il in have tunny lif 111*' I;...-:-*;.- i! \In I' 1» ■ i--i *1. far Uio reason ii.;ii. in*' iaiuily ¡¡in! I r * * ■; h I i y* l a s jo Itus'i.i nii' iif*t what they ¡no in most eo'iu ith -. ;;;t<l tin- people who ■ -<>uiinit, onV'iiM\. ¡n.mi!.'t iIn? tro u ji n.'o morn ik'sii'.'r.'ii ' ¡inti iliToi'uiinoi! limn l!ic.v used to tie. S;ill 1 1 n •re ntv many patvii.l- with f/llllili, - who jrli'l' 1' *¡1*1! !l I\ lit’. '■ v i e in Silierin. 1.1- in mi'ii.v in-lanee;; i f a m i l y Will no! I- .inj»'ltl> 1 in'o'.ill-: ml since It Silicrimi 1 .il*- N legally ilood inn! Iiis wlio is instaniI,, i llmvoil in roiuiii’rx. tin'hit in a very liai'l nn«'. Sliieu i i n - ¡ • i i i i . n v i ¡tin-, a I a v'er ex­ panse nl i o iu iu y ; li\ ■ Tiiu d ¡slate:;, anil .Siberia ;s in i t . - i e r a extrem ity, tlm trln *'1 the exile i • a tedious one. Th\ tjmu reiiuireil is from six to twelve weeks, K.viles may ehoose their own mode ol emi­ gration If they have money with wlilc'.i to meet tiielr expenses, mid lietae somie ar­ rive a t lhull* destination mneli Sonin r tlian Other*. Kriuii tin*moment i f M'liteia e the Hubjecl Is nndei' the c a - e e f o liiiers. Lxilco are mobilized at Mosci.w, nnd l.ave a lew •lays in wldeli to close np tlieir i.i.ali... say their farew e ll. mu! prepare for tl.e journey. The exile who cun ntT< ril to do t o -and there m e many persons of wealth mid in­ fluence V» In* Mills iii*. i - * imperial — equips his own private (ar.aia n, lain liveried or i p.-t ¡..1 ;;i:iiiii*. pas.-i ii.rtny;li the viUnties on the v/,/.; Miinptu- Otisly, for he has a certain lime in which to report tohls o i l p . r m i d niahes of a usu­ ally wui Journey one not n liogiiher devote, of jileasnre. The pour man or woman, however, is elinliicd to the stria;; of eon* victs, loaded into rickety vch iik s at th o , end of tho rail or w ater trip, and lumber» along like a fr i e n d proeesidon, going around setUenieiits. mid seldom hcht;; a l ­ lowed a Mop. Their fare i.i salt meal or ilsli, lilavk bread and ten. I'atriots, eon- spi rotors, thieves, murderers mul persons eopvlcteil o f every ertmo are linked to­ gether, travel on the sumo level, fare alike, Mug the name songs If they do not have tho sumo thoughts, mid occupy the sam e country for life. I t Is generally Iwllovcd oiitsldaof Ifus- *ta that all Siberian exiles arc requlm l to w o ik in tlie mines. This is not true. O n ly a portion are sentenced to the mine* — those who are condemned to Imnl lalsir. Exile la fSiU'i la means, ns a general rule, only enforced life in a certain expanse of enuntry. The governm ent allow s a pen- i sion to the exiled sulliclcnt to scantily clot lie and feed them. The allowance in about Mix roiildcs a month, or less than » 3 , T ills w ill procure tt jihice to sleep am i course food. Once here, it is next to Impossible to escape. The exile ill the first place is landed in the heart of a w ild country, surrounded by wild anim als, little or no civilization, ami it In out of the «picsthui to think of escape, even though the exile is provided with food nnd raiment for the long journey. Once in Siberia tin* exile is the same an 4 n Jail, with I lie exception Ihul lie lias the open air mid plenty of room in wldeli to move. Inasmuch as no firearms, itccepl- tug those In ilie possession of (lie otUcern, are allowed in the coim iry, mid the eolo- ■ ides are kept Miitdl, il Is not now pos.- ihla for a successful uprising. If the exilea were permitted to commingle freely, get together, mid had mi opportunity to or­ ganize, even without nuns, (hey would 'make frcqueiil Inuihlr. for they tire gener­ a lly in a desperate frame of tiiVul. In the Hrsl phice, the bulk of exiles m e persons who have olTemlctl the throne, mid they are moved to the o(Tense through a desir** 4 o check the wrongs against the fieople. They lire frenzied hy despotism. I’eople of lids ehnraetei' have no regiinl for life at:d no fear of dcaih. The Nihilist who destroyed Alexander II a few years ago was willing to lie ties'royed at the miiiic time. A ll who have moved a gain.-, I u royal life in Uussta have live» w illing to die for tlieir nets. Quito a i many arm y mid other ofTleers are stationed in Siberia to guard therxiles an are I ii the m ilitary and naval services • f tho United Stales. So extrem e huvo been the punishments of tho ex les. mid so unjust, mtd so many innocent pets*ms have I iocii exiled that many of tin* govern- «tent's ollicern are becoming disgusted. Should iill.ssia become engaged in a war which would lessen the Siberian forces •itlllcirntly to warrant an In.-unvctinn ft wottid surely come, ami the system of ex­ ile would isi no more. It is maintained it Is ¡i tlreadfttl iiunie of ptmisli' m e a t and enables the government todrng net many of its subjects mid nippr*',» ail ■ •pell dissatisfaction at u compatntivi ly •m a ll expense. it would require nit 'enormous oullay to provide primus for (lie exiles. A s it is. they are dumped into a country they emmot leave, where they aro safe, mid given a to exist upon. Their inode of existence must lie provided by themselves. Some very alTeei in*; M-encs are witnessed at (lie departure, o f a colony o f exiles from Moscow. From there they start upon their journey every Sunday afternoon. Those not found gu ilty of the must hein­ ous oll'cuses ,ire )>criiiitted to go about in preparation without the prc.-eni'c of mi ofilcer. There is no danger of escape, for it Is alm ost im|Hissihlc to elude the 'hi­ rers. anti an attempt to cseape menu* death. The prisons arc on Sparrow ldiU. where Xapohsui’s arm y hivouaeked. The families mul friends of the exiles are pres­ ent. There Is w a iling nnd moaning ami floods o f agonizing tears. Mothers, v. iu-s, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends mid kin­ dred remote assemble nnd bid the -nmo farew ell a crim inal receives when ho marches to the «eaiTold. There are fre­ quent bant isms mul blessings from tho priests. Am o n g tin'm o st numerous rla s s iu Si- !>cnn are the w rilers. The authors of Iwml.'s, netrsp.'iiicr a rticles, and teachers of seditious sentiment, u« well as those who i. -•* r M\. ■ - ■ ••• ■ m g hie ti.'-r*'. \ i 1 i. .......... row the -o .l . •> ('■ ■ ■ • t!i*‘ au t h 'i i. . I ■ ..I - tiu-v wouM i i ' ! ; ■ * , f ; h - ! ' t • V . t i e I ■; .■ ' !.. ¡ i■ ■ ■ i : . ’ ■ r u.’ M. ■ r. ,-i • : , *•' u.i.i . ■■■ i i' l l ......... ; • ;■ ' • I ; ■, 4 '. •„ ..* : ■ './.lu III o ' 0.1 V. lie Niliili.-t.-. -C o r . Neo- Vori:.'\/'.. How Tin y ltrmi'iid)i r Tiii'ii' I' io iuoi '-. 1 have often wondered how gentlemen ¡•cinoiiilHTod billies to whom limy had just been iirtrodii*'i'd at bails when bunting them up to dance. 1 picked up a pro­ gramme from the floor m the charity bull which gave some light. The gentleman , had put Ix'slde the name of each stranger ’ a word suggesting something distinguish- • lug in her toilette. Hut better was the | prt<ermtnne*of a gentleman who is visit- ; In;;.-''.. J’mil, wldeli I saw. lie sketches readily and had drawn tin* prolllcof one . Italy, a diamond Mar which blazed at the neck of ultulher, eye glasses for a third ■ and mi on. A stroke or two as In- moved ! aw a y and the fair lady was Mumped upon i his meniory— rather *lds progratiitue.—* , Pioneer Press. ! The Isliiuil o f l/ iloii. tirenter progress litis liccti made in | ngrjculttire, spice and fruit raising it* the Island of Ceylon during the past few . years titan in any period since it Ittis been j under the control of the KnglNh. it is s.'ii'l to l>e the cheapest jdare in the world ; to live in. I’ nlinlled rice sells in *-*.ine \ districts ibr ten cents a bushel, and tr tit i i-onitimiid'i on lya nuinin d jiritc.— OTdc;tgo ) Times. i W i l y lle t j m m r W i n D i l ' o n ' i l . I To what exti'id. [sinshivisni makes hohl fo beard tho of nil t 'te liiisshis Is shown by a upon ••TTin Diplomate^ of Hte-sla tluriug the Nineleenlli Cen­ tu r y / ' written by the former secretary of legation, Tatislitslief. The mitiior under­ takes to prove, tlimigli only between the lilies, that tint imperial house of Holstein- Got!orp, which Is the reigning botino of llussin, is, to this day, clinging to its obso­ lete tii'i'iimii traditions, ami umilile to identify Itself with the grand historic goal of tlm ¡shivii-Uusshin empire. And tho then minister of education, Ih-ljunof. recommended the lumi; lo tl;c* libraries of upper and middle schools as most eom- mond.tblc re;uUng for tlm heller cduentctl youtli of Hie laud. X o wonder, indeed. Iliat IK'lj.mof was forceil to go.— Chicago X ew s. _______ Tho diielorK ot Pari« now prescribe oys t e r j u ’ce ns ilie m o st fortifying aliment Hint weak constit'itions, disgusted with every other kind of food, can take. A N'l'i. Ilalry .'Itiietiliic. A new dairy machine, invented hy M. »'Mignotte, of Paris, lias been described by Professor .Inmea Iznig. Jt extracts tin- moisture from butter, or the whey from Boil cheese, hy means of suction. The vase of the iiim T i I iio consists o f a reservoir which Inis India rubber sides, and at Ilio bottoni a picei* of perforated m etal of line quality. Tills communicates with an as­ pirating pump mid ti reservoir for the ii:|uid. wldeli is d rawn out by tin' Mienuiii viratisi by working the machine. FJtru- tlon is rapiti, mid in a fuw moments the* curd la solid mid ready to lie plaeed into molds wldeli form the skim m ilk cheese. K l.l.lM i ,V in -.l'M A Y Mr r... ' \ir.“'\< , j ^ lirai,il ■ aiti\ *•! !'\ . /¿X? i ! ,• ; r ,¡* 1 \ i.nd In J*. , iisas. 'iM d - s id i^ 'o f’ y.*g. , I'vUI* .1* I fl. «*•* ' \ . '\ - ‘¡ÎÎ i:,MT.-. Ilor-■— ••‘I-'I V - ■ • bruml'sl lb\ -Mi.c i V f ' ^ W * I—ft .-¡¡I!\ ¡ „ '•;> .-.-.o. ¡ b . v . M ü b -.-'u :, ' !.;• l''i.»l \ • • 'IM 1 •’ Ilut! *• ! ki I i . -i»!’ it. * *»• ' Vi • ’ •\ '• * \ :• • * '••‘ii*« of k II jip , »'• ii'iiiv *‘1 .aii)im:iU •»£' ..1 .H f l • i < t i ! » •• ■ ■*'- i 1' L» ± t S A L E ! U i ! ' ! M !• v‘ 'TÄvV i’i *: ¡ a - « '• ^},a ji I .. . 1 •.»' I Tim Alaskan Indian Is pre-eniineiitly Ì the ilude of hi ■ race. He Is alw a y s chid in handsome f :/. * r blankets, and carries * w a lking Mick which is ( fien a lru u t ln il ;■ 'iuion of eialjoratn carving.—.Chicago News. Origli! o f mi Alici« ut Priiverli. ! Tilt* dietim i tim i ‘ '(ileaniiness is nrxt (o godlini'ss” Ima lieen nscnla'il lo dolili W csley. luti. it. is said io bave originaird from tue foliow ing senleiico l»y Ucorgo I Iteri .ci;; •'!/.; (a clergyinmi's) appare! is ! plaut, bili vevefeiul nini rim i), without spots or ilit'l, thu puWty of hi.-- mimi break b ig ohi and dllalim ; itseìf, eveii to t hia body, c l o t l u s .'imi liubllaiion.” — C h i­ cago Jler.'dd. Kngltdi lToiiiinrlnlInn 100 Yrnrs Ago- It is curious to note that acroriling to ! Thomas Hihvortiiy’s \(iiiide to tins Ung- j lisli Tongue,'' which was accepted as a standard in pronunciaiioa hy Fug- j lisli society of a century ago. the vowel J sound ; n f.Ie are foil, bile and bn.'l were , pronounced alike, as also were those in tour anti tower, are and air, dew anil do. j — Chicago ilcruld. Tenderness makes a woman grateful; a U\!'Ie manhood rumori.> e il lier deep tn- *-tiiu'i- of love. Mrs a . i). T. W h itney. Sawing l.iimlii-r w ill. tli<- C in iu. A few years ago there was little if any ; lum b er sawed qunrtercd, or w ith the ; grain. Now not only oak but many other I woods are being sawed more mul more in i that manner. A n y consumer of lmulier w ill tell you that It is far the better w ay to niamif.-iciure. W e now linve oak. poplar, gum and sycam ore in large quan­ tities thus sawed. It costs more to saw quartered stock than plain, but it is much : .nore valuable. The waste Is consider­ able.— Northwestern Lumberman. It.'irti In the Murt.'rt. lie (at a Chicago evening entertain­ ment)— P o you know that very brilliant looking w.' u m at the piano. Miss 1 ’.rec.ty? Miss i,r,o::y— Oil! yes, intim a tely. I w ill lie glad to present yon. Mr. W aldo. lb — Thanks. Is she an unmarried Italy? Miss lircozy— Y e s ; she lias l>cen un­ married tw ice.— N e w Y o r k Sun. T¥l ^ r‘l M - > \ .l }.\ t • *. H I . ’ ' - M ' mi.i i ' • tii i.dt ». j m w O T i f è s Ï N hi ñ i l i l k m û N o r m a n -P e r c h e r o n k f . . i r ¿¿sä , ■ti j r f r f l » J W M m - ! ’ '' fl flip I» .' .... !*» :» if .tt;.» U i .ons, w ä g . »i v (*uu. »)il!<til, IU.iv* i . M. !* ! r.»UI* , V.Mt I. , I.t.l >«gs »n riuht l“1'* * rft-T** v •ft »husiUiv«. effigi ó Mark« — Cuttle, two slit% m , iyhtwtiSliAiw « » 4 one in U-ft n> Counter í»ntn«l—A '«ii '.nw- M;unrc.«ml coinpsu -tif «i'ttiAi. J>ovr t. rucW S’a*lt*y. ,i tWvU - UWIV. Ijiipittlv’!» S ilt AlltcriCtltt Mai» . l •»* J...I! . », ; 200 a-sr-iD io r o -s . Tlie »lock can he -ten at our ranch on lllnekla!! I>cer C n e k , iii. ini,.; ^ I'ostoiVicciid.ii*.-. II 1 I.I. 0 N, M O N T A N A . P O I N D E X T E R & OR; m JOK. A. BHOWNK, 'iravcrhcud Co., MuaUwk I Irani»-- C*Hlt, J O oa laft <unp. Atvo, X in tunc plate. •»r'-\'. X on li lt thigh. Mail»—Caltlc, left ______ * if tul a* «hown, —w, ■■ Hie Hole liter from IJiuh Preek «•>' ■.*■«.• MrlrokC. (plow lt«'WHIVl will !•«• l*<i , * . l l i a l ^ -!i ill ti .-oil io < i.t)'. it line <tut- *.r m«ri- .a killioe. sl*\tliog\r oar t;mrr aoiil\*.. ol altavv I'r.'iul ., SIM. ksTfcS. inilon, lira verheail County, Montafai. HramS—tin»«'», S K no lef ilioutdcr. Cattle, (/oa left hi; mil marked with uiulerbil frou left niff, Mange—Beaverhead Valiev I*. A.\LAfUiEY Hun*City, Vtorit'Uia Hraii'J—Cmlc and llaract, 'll on left ahouldef. Ramie—Caap Creek and ItocheMW, Al.KX Ml.'l/.KI.. I'uil'T Maili-oii f o - . / f ‘¿1 MiiritiK- Molitiimi. Á ('»lile and*' lir.uul, \ /^ V ircle A mi loft simuli!.T. 1 ( \ ) Tlioroaglilirisl enill. mi*! A , Jf Anierifini hue**». hnimleii.) \\ -, on left ja'V. v. ii! sam«. Iirand '.If !■ ■ mi left tliluli. ' ¡.ill*' iiiiirl:r*r*ï\ •»-. ilown-eiit (loivlap in Ini“k,'t Itimi;«', UpiMT Ihiby Valle.»', from l\T l*i un- | mt call)on, ineliiilinu all tnl>nta;i.'>. Tlioriiiis'liliU'il «nil liiKli-Kriiili'sliort-liorn Imil- for w«|c. « o t o r u t : ¿ i t H U V M I j C A M B I ,R j IF Y O U A V A N T I S JOK SHl.NKilERGER, Red Hock p,o. Ilcivi rh’.l Co. M. T Brand—if I, on It-ft ride. AS ■ fjwnv the f'ïümvint.' brands; dÄ on right hip and OC on Idi VV hip. Call!*'n'.arkcd with ».a. / an r*a*u It iok. Mora'» *f, on right ahouidf and fl||j on ri|(li* (houlder. Kau*c—Wed Rack an*: laiieirirk. II. RAYMOND, Virirliiii City oi Puller Spr-ni;», M. 1. Brand—Small tiran .m teO jaw >f horte«, Hang«— Rei roani l 'u t , Uvr.-Ii. \ 1rs «nuli of Vireioi.i rii», tto.i ! 'iii.lins’. ,i«ni I ii.hi» !.. . s e r JOHN TEMPLE, Shrridaa ¡Montana. Brand—Catllr, J T on left bip. •I brami, 96 «'n trU lì^f. ^ T *’fl »hoiilder mi thiiih. Kóifi •• » • —< I . * v rr lliihy Vólllev. 6100 REWARD »ptirrli^fsUm amt mflrntt • '.»»«« »«y jft rsot» .«r t'PT«t\u< *r fnrif M'dbU* or r.iíti4* I», . . .. r . • » f* %»* ti f O. W ILM S , Wllllo, Moat. Brand - Caule, 111 on rlaht hip, roñad É l hot« in rif ht «*f t llorft»- 2 m% riflit hutv! Ire i »txo Ute Smith Si l*i»too braitd S*H ua «ieht *h»»Mr and »otn« na Itff »hiniMer. Alwi»mtir hrxndcd L on IcH xh<»ul der. from Uocb er»eh to Hattfc m <kc. T f K U HPHlNKliK, DiUon, Mi*nt. ■ ■ i Rtuml C n u U '.lX I* I on li»ft rib^.^iunrocrop 1 X I« ! ot! om h » i.r nml »m»* / »liilap un lirir«kot. Ilf»r- . *\Yj\ mm . Mum* tirnitd on lofi .“lioiiMo« y » , - d * Ham»4 -lll.'tcVtr.Unml f a i i a u ,V \ ,r,“nil*! ''«Ih-»'. O S C A R W F .I.C U K R , Sher ulxn, ^!.^lîirnn M o n t. Hrand—C a t­ tle, d 7 > n left «idc. Horre», _ Ton Irftthi»;) X. ,».».»■ m.iiK» \ nderhit in vi.r’.it ear. Kangr— flochesrrr amt Ih ^ tide Creek, LJW) i r Mont. M f*M « V ih t is 1 nexx now before the pttMic. You I can make money faster at work for u** F B I E » I lhnn it amthinc cUc. Capital not ■ nredetl, We will start m u Sun day end np^eiird* madc.i» honiebjrthetnclu«trtouu M n, wnim'n, hnve and irir!.« wanted CYcri whcre to work N»w \% the time. V**u can work in spare time r*nlv or ijiv«* voor whole time to the buxines«. You c.m I * v nl ti»mr and dr the work. No other will piv »«tt nearir as wt il. No one can fail to make enormous p.iv he rhffacinp nl once. Costle outfit and ittin« free. Money made last, msilv, and honorable* Address T«ta A Co., Augusta, Maine* ¿45-*]' GOOD ACCOMMODATIONS, A N D A j GOOD TABLE. Good Cigars and Cigarettes A L W A Y S O N H A N D . Giro MS A CALL. WM. b. W ILLIAM SON, l ’ropriitcr. BRICK, BRICK, BRICK ! \ V l o l a l l o t s i IIOHOLIA, LEMHI CO CUTI, g Mrs. Mftrj McRca, Proprin?« Good »fcoiiimod.nionr »ad (he b«M lb •Bords va Ilio tabic. lì»ffyr f ;irifs. c:. -¿y. xi. H u y u iii- ctinj;.-» M i » . l'usj, \n A . I»., are hel»} «in : f ».k Tubisi« .il tlu* IN ist I M . o.... Ci/llt*':i*Us in ^*'(».1 n I. ui 1 n'.;i . b» .rt» mi. O l M u KI.LM M , !«• • l\ M , ( > \'iiN s » u t, A tlju i. »it. A NC'IAM OHHKII Of O A WUttKMfcV \ y u u k m i : n . D iu ^N Uuixti , No. 7, A.O.f mccU tlu- lit »t an«: ilimlTx«**** of each at s ii’clotk, ta A O' HaJJ on .Montana ctu et. Soj-mrmni gcod «Unding, are cordial«' :nwtt«ltt» *uni VV. !*. I.A» \ - L* E. l'TRtNC.UAM, U«c r<iiT. KNIGHTX Ol LAHOR. M. J. MvCUNK, Proprietor nml Conn.txa.ctox l'O K a m . u t . v i i s o r M a s o n W o r k . ESTIMATES CIVEN For m aking anil laying brick, Ih/ough- out the county. irytt* T 1 ILLON ASSEMBLY, NO. j;>i, K-i Meat* al Dari'» Hail ilu- M*1 Tow day vt *«,rv aiomh. at ;:.y, p » X. o . o . p . D . i N x a n i 1.0 m ir. >• inetta rvi'iv '»V- ___ .it ita Hull in • »*• bi » : • *\!• Brethren, in »rood atiindiiiL'. ' attend. %\ , y. 1‘ MiW-'1 H. i’, Nnyrs, St ri« ». r\, » . o r r . ^ * Q C C I I I R N T ialliliK , meet» in conviii'.iti«ffi i**r -■ vetting in the C:i>t r Q*9*' H tuo.ii’k and M*»n:»r.» AH visitili«' Kb.»:1\- T i r. i '- tnii to iittemT ! ,\. s. ’ l>av. !.. 1 C i v n », K. ot It ;*:»■ ' ‘ * Tiro. UcsosxBnc, CONTRACTOR AND BOEDER Plans. Estimates anil S|n>rlHc:ilions WI vpii im Aiqiliratinn. Shiv,-.: Lower Montana S t iT«'t. IHUon. TIUDL'NK s t k . vsi .io n o i f i c i :. The facilities for turning out job printing at the TuiiifN T : Job Department are equal to those o f the best printing nstablishmcnts I In Montana. O u r presses are run by s'eam anil with the late-t s*y les o f types anil m a­ terial we are prepareil lo turn out all kind4 f \ f »«'Of 1 : X . O * O . F . I'm .].« ) uiiuiF. >9 A m»:UF »-kcrj 'I «ti H u ll cn *,.t- f \ f »<* • H : no »« k *U' « >• ** r 'O íflOüd A-uiidinjr, a-» v»«i.i. . * : • r * Mi- ■ \ li. J. I *tH t.l ICH. U« . . v Ì. '» «». I. ( V» i»h'in ii iv1« i«.« •» ■> ^ •Kid *»i S:i|.ir.l..\ ni^h •• • *■ II;;)}, «n «iV. .! .!•. \. t'ooj M.,rulin',* -if*' in’ !• Ni U ¡ YV. T. tnw-H. S»** «'■ • Com fort.' MAIL, PASSENGER AS 1 EXPRESS LINE. -j«* : ■ i » *' D I L L O N , A R O K N T A i:AS>>' l o f ^ P R I K T I I G ^ A T T H I S O F F I C K . i j T.r:i\ . - Du t \V I 1 .I. 1 VC.' i»AV.\ -.1 K . j l'or Vr*'««»hi r-T T t»'< .-a 1: u. »>• ; • : Pl . ,.;,V^ At'trt. i‘ - \f. Pr*- j I». Gr.tVl S, P.ici^i«' f- - tv-r^f» J O H N W l i l l i l l l MAN. O'*

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 23 Dec. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.