The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, December 23, 1887, Image 7

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h (IH u>i * » V -M ¡ (Tribune, Fum i» l'.vr.MNi; I.. r. •>ri‘I !>. . ti, k hi Ir \ I , T H E T B IB U N E P U B L I S H I N G UO. ( Incur uu.'-ina») j ü « « * * * * I t O O A L i S r T r lli:llllT ‘ O.S IN . I.. ('. F> Itrii- ,v < «..,. r 'V Cuai «ni, tri i..- rt, tu« , .„ I, . i ¡V i' \ *rr>' • l i n i III'-', lo ill custom. ,,¡t , ______ ! ‘ f f‘ ■'t.-V-fffoK.s, wlmh il»' •!.( ,r 1 \ *' j ri !,i l-.l litil- .Hill f u PlilC i:1 v\h ' —: i :•! ! HM IV UM'JJVS . I.ittal*. • si N.-rri«. d-.-oti-t. La«; 1.111 ,v .1 : ■ ■ . . ;• i :o! • ' , Dto,,:i G- i ! » % ¿ a . i f . i . k ! . \v î.ink, lite ip’ '< ai t:s‘, i*» tak ♦ i ; ► tvîo * ■ 'e» !bat can ; 1. ■. . 1 1 • ! • : Au.h :!:.. ' f. - ! i;> !>i;• be ivjpular an 1 appicviated. :t • ». t -r : tJu , 1 Í ' ' Ì t t uH.*. n«'At t»> the ! t« \ y . otlU c. ;•< r 1 i>-- ! ! n lúa; », ti» yo to tor a iiu like picture. t« .» i : in » t‘* IH \\ f :'e!c ‘ ■>’*••• •V base not got a sigi! in e co-nmit ih »H, I »'111 Mill ii|ijilr*, ,,r \rv.‘ rV‘ a .^ ì ^ i - - He» C. !.. T iiomskn . I>eiill*lr>- •¿¡SA m u s K S ' tjaro r u t OU'f n ,rc,:,K\!:! * //eût»»'* *un V ii *«. U in town :uut is comi*:» .viirU, «IttuiitioHÜ! Ii.nis . :wul wlm Ute* l.itiii s Hou Uu-yr^n |.,Uir s m r , t., ;.himr.a. |.. i' a u- ki . • *1- i> lì, »»: -..»hi ,Ul| • > hrlr »V ( A..-., uniiuppc-tilr n-ul i„ ; «„„„■ ,,, lltisc .lumi Ito.,!«. , f.„|. ,Mt>, rolle»! tuU or >te. J cut tut me L. H•» * ihrm in tinlU'N> v.irictv. t‘. I*'\!»ric* A* fn . ;n finnrtr an J Japanci* bancy GcoJ». ^ . , 5 ' ’urv. ChilU« are». tça». etc.. ^ “ ‘ S-'niir aml lilah» Mirrtx, tirtl door north _______ S9'4W (¡ 1 VKN A WAV. klurimi «¡'* «w*‘ ,l,ir'-v davfc “ ° ¡nK «NI an cleganl Cabinet l'Iio- ,, Album »¡(b everv dozen Cabinet ¡stO|{r»ph» take« “ uJio' L U lait nt«**ary lor ladies in search of Lt'anii children's »uit«. overcoats, caps I iliirl waists and »Iwes to loo» thrtni|*li {¡ït Immense stock in the««? lines. You |be pleased with the assortment and hiel't are having an unusually tarn« run Ihelr child’« cloak department. Their that they have a well tesale» prove stock, and that their prices are « (it. Llankets and quilts in «real abundance lEHel's- Blanket*, white and colored, I the leading Eastern and California lit. Quilts iron» the cheapest to the ut satin. * Oral« larks. aft liid «r* «* before purchasinç. Uil.t.DN IMI'IT.MI.NT Co. Goetsclihis, sole agent for the Sin [Manetacturing Co., Dillon, M. T. * kcarload of choice California fruit just tived at C. L. Thomsen’s. 2 w LwlÄinch tor sale ehr»|».oij lañadme.^ In- “ ^ llilliin, Mnulsn;!, Oats Wantesl. »t cash prices paid by Dll.l.ON & b K .U N C lI. l i m i ;. .U1“ *■'.* ^ht'le A ('■*. invii..» all ami rsis-rinilv iho*c wh.i nr.- mil n ^ uiMniin-rs 1.1 tlu-ir. in • .01 ¡mil liHik » ' n iliur m i» anj ,-om|)lrt- sim-li ,ui.| k Uivir jiri.r». tii.\ arr s.iti»Ar<l um- iriii will oiuviuiv in evi ri l-.l.... /fcineinhrr I. in t(ii' *r<H'rry cvtrr insumv nr 'ii.wn-v ii-l.imlvii. Ç • t'ylirli* Si C«. 1 1 » i evi'ivthis^ .mo mul itiinnmlce mti»l i.-ii.m m Ì if r .it Sprio« Hill, but the o , h , t i!av the ¡'Mi'ii act «as reiul, ami the in citi /eii» of (lie iiiil proceeded iii kick one ix.itiitiilpii, a house breaker, clean iut of t!i.' Tile eayle at ilirschniaii's i> an attract­ ive liird—a fine, s'tilled specimen of that speeii'i., and i- set up in a coi'.'pieuous po­ sition, »li.ovinu it to good in1 vantage, and is an ornament to the place, «inch lias just been artislicall rc-painted and uewlv titled up inside. St. Nicholas, whose name is spelled in (.‘arriitü« 1‘alaliiiK Hone at States .priée». I rom twelve t.i twrrtv-iivc ilnllar*. Noiv is the time tu hase vmir e.urini*e Itcpinred ami I'jmii-.l, (iso. II. S i u . a , ISriilUli i. C hurles <». NiiiiJe, has nrriveil at limin', am) mav he Inumi at hiM.lhie. «ver Iti intuir,It ,V Cnllulun s. Irum « I. in. lu S p. m., daily, «livre he »ill he «lad to see all Iruw in need ni Iti» servici s. ; ; A ludi'» i!._llt l-SSsl \ |'|1 PM*. iiliig.ilnr It-.ititvr ]mrs«, Vlll i imlside |i - U-1, shuuiii^ niih .1 spear ,. Th • lirnler wili p I imm - li-avi ih,- purse ut tlie MK, Pirl I vleveloping «ork dono on wiui;i' ni al ilm T niiii ' ns .i|ti.-*|. Toys lue liti» llnlhlay». Mis. M. Itmirrel, il hi r fiicss iiMiiint» sture, nevi d'Htr mirili ni IheOpv.a Ili-usi', has just received h filli- siiteli 111 un» Ini Ihe 1 itili.I.ivs, tlf ili kirtlls. (.'.-Il ami vv.iniiiie Die slt-ek heOire Inni\«» else- wht-re, \ IIII.I.SSN IT IC M T I'ltK CO. In llu- Kne ut llntidav ( ì . km I s wc are In thè Unni with 11 min-li liner line ih.tti evt-r hcfiiii-, l’iclures. hi.-ickets,, uphnlstrrv, ruttili», rced ami Vii.ima rncher» ami chairs, in «rw ani' desiruhle palli-rns. I.nts nf tlirm ut /»II.I.D.N* I-' i um t i HK (.11.'- 1 . Olir siiteli is tisi lieavy lui-utrv over thr winlrr, So tl'vnn vv.iut 1 liuruiiin In ahvlhin^ n e hnve, llii-n filini v illi iln- l'ash , fnr (taah i» whnt Illese t*nmls iimsl hrinii. All.l.O.S l'I'HMH Kk Co. Vatinnal l'ai k virivi and smivenir alliums ut tilt* A i . i iin ||' c : i m i i iis l ii.' i. S'l*«r«: l'i|ar> I»oetscliius is lieackpmrlerK l’or impuri l«d Key West and Domestic Cigars. l»ost. olVire building, Diilon. ,;t IX TOWX AM ) OUT. tttsnlly on hand at C. I.. Thomsen a. Overshoe* and rubbers, in all styles and «s, at Eliel’s. No second qualities. Iv the best kept in stock. c the toboggan cap lias come to stay. Ite- instile I act, Leonard ICiici bason display |leg*'it stock, lor large and small. * Hah Metis. I or load of S n w l 't Omit m an tiens,- Klvdsin- Z five dilfi-ruit » ylus and sizes, suitable _ for t;, minine, delivery and pleasure. The Cert »led mude. -Call anil see them or write nets. SumcK, li'asms, A W iiitk C o . Arar Y o r k A p p les. Icarloud al l'. I.. rii<mi«en'». innnotbe surpassed. l'or line ila sor th* J »* gal Blanks of all kinds, and Copp’s klrr’sGuide, ami Mining Code always ktnn band at lids oilier. For a fin. bai miche pliieton top buggy, firing wagon, go to Geo. II. Sav age. $ Rasine** Change. tmtctnplittini; a chance in our business iitiairs, Khcsmnine ni the new year, we request all sics indebted In us locali nfonceand sit Je. All finis unsettled by lau. 1st. iSSS, wilt be placed Pc hinds o! an .ilturncv lor collecliun. L„ Lro*tuii f.I.on, flee. 15 th, 1 SS 7 . ïi-.t» Job printing neatly executed at ihisolliee. Merry Christmas and Happy New War are close at hand. I'selul prisi'ots for ladies gents and chil­ dren at Kaufman's. * The stock card of the Bliven Live Stock Co. will lie found In the T kiiu 'N' k Do you want a new suit for llie holi­ day»' Ji ho , get one at Kaulman's. '> Dr. Norris, dentist, over Kastman ,V Holden's, Diilon. Good work guaranteed. The great social event of the season will be the Masonic ball next Tuesday evening. The gambling law of Montana is pub- Ifslied in to day's paper tin the benefit of those interested. Dr. Norris, dentist, over Eastman .V Holden's, Dillon. Good work guaranteed. Everybody visiting the city unite in sav­ ing that Dillon merchants have msile elab­ orate preparations for the holiday hade. Frost bites and chilblains are qiiiektv cured by 11 few applications of Montana Chief Liniment. See the advertisement. Tiif'dav «a- just cool enough to make the llies keep quiet. The thermometer reg- istered 1» degrees belmv zero on llmt dav Mit! ('revk i’loiir. F* hr choice Mill (>,rh Ilnur It ts the lu-M. 45 ^tnon. |i»t received a large shipment of goods lirti sere ordered long ago, but delayed |the road. Our stock is now larger than f rbefore, and we have a line assortment R*'l kinds ot wearing apparel. In fart |are overstocked, and to close out as Fh J' possible ^ htducrd our prie r .'°ii to tra i,.- with Kaufman on: Christmas ne •is greatly. It will Stove for Hule. . ' ‘feeding parlnr coal slovc ala barg lin. 1 “ ,c 41 T hiucst . . r.itc. of job printing at tld.» ofrice. \ W O O D ! •lU-ON wood yard . SEA 8 0 NE 0 RED FIR, The condition of h ade in Dii l.m i» cer­ tainly ei,coniughi);. A meng our business men the fi’cib.g is one of completo »ilUtac. timi. \Am erican .lui'li,'' l.mwned 00 both sides and the end., is heaved up for break fast at the first ria.-» hash factories in the city. The new time curd ot tile l.'tali and Northern, in another column, 'lmrtrns up the time of 'he n i l between Og.len. Dil­ lon and Untie about lite ho.11». Ice-ski.ting i*. tn!c-ahiy ...rod on -.'nie of the pond* atnl sloughs m tin' outskirts of the citv. Lovers of ¡in-, in aitlife! amuse­ ment tnioy the fun and p'.-asure i' allords I The Dtlion p'l’-lic -chooN c!r. c.i y e»:cr- j liny. Timr»dav. h.-i lit- Imiiday vacaiior. | The si-l oi '(ili 01, Monday, I Janiu'.rv e-i i in vaeati'-i- -aid adni.i :iie{ scholars ample time to er-ioi lii-'ir iioiida) , fe-siivitie«. ¡ Tin- preparation-' lor the masquerade hail I at Itannack on next Monday evening are . complete- There udii be a large crowd in — I attendance, and a way up time, with heaps of fun and pleasure, is assured to-ocry- hodv who may attend. The Dillon brass band ¡.- getting along finelv undo ’in- teaching of l’rof Mili.«. The band as ut present organized is the best baiaticeli that we have had in Dillnn, l high Dutch “ Santa Clan«,\ will commence Yuletide exercise* to-morrow, Christman Eve. iu*l aft-r dark. The little children will not be frightened at Santa Clan* If told iii advance the kind of a good old Santa he is to children just at Christmas. Major Peek, superintendent of the Mon Una Tin Mining Company, has made a re­ port of die working operations of that company for the past year. The report shows that there lias beer, considerable tiie properties I owned by the company during the year. In the columns of to-day's T hiiii 'SK the .-tatement of the First National Hank of Dillon appeals. The report is well worth more Ilian u reference notice. It shows that the volume of business trans­ acted aggregates $ The bank en­ joys the confidence of the people, and Ihc fact that it carries about $jSo,ono in depos­ its is tuflicieul proof. The Tiillirsi: will be pleased to publish the names of the ladles of Dillon who in- tend to keep open house and observe Ihe time honored custom of receiving calls on New- Vcar’* Day. Ladies intending to keep open house on New Year will please »end In their name», with the names of the ladies who will assist in leceiving, by next Thursday, in time for publication. Fred Jones, charged with grand larceny in stealing a horse, had a preliminary ex­ amination before fusticc Moore on Wednes­ day. The evidence was against die defend ant and lie wa* held in $500 bond« to await the action <>f the Giand Jury. Mr. Jones, not being able to procure hail, will eat his holiday dinners and warm his »bins at the expense of Beaverhead Comity. The grand ball lo he given by the Mason- ic brethren of Dillon on the evening of S'. John's day, next Tuesday evening, is tin- look for social event. The preparations have liven perfected in every respect, and there will undoubtedly lieu large company ol the best people ol Dillon and clsewlieie in the county in attendance. One of the best orchestra bund* in Montana i» lo fur­ nish the music -Sherilf Jones yesterday had a lively chase on the railroad tie* alter a suspected horse thief. The man came over from Ida­ ho and sold two good horses at McCone's livery stable for $40. Thai created suspi- cion, and as the man, a stranger, look to the railroad track just alter selling the two horses, Sheriff Jones followed him and brought hi in back. Hi: is held in custody until the matter is investigated. Captain Moure, of Company E, yester­ day received a check on the Terrilori. l Treasurer for $500. This is Company K’s portion of the amney appropi ia'ed by Congtess toward equipping and maintain­ ing the militia of Montana. Compare K, with is new Armorv Hull finished, and thoroughly fitted with every nreded ap pointmenl, is now in excellent condition. With Mich a hall, and a winter's drilling, Company K will give thenik'.'n'o’npauics in the Territory a (dose call 1 jr 'the po-.iiii n of the crack company in the Ftr»t Urgi- ment. I H liM 'lnx ill IIIM M , M \ r 1 I l{s. j | The Tu»r 1: ui'.i I'rep.irim; luSi.n l Its I'ur- 1 I mice «¡III steam I'««-- s,.i,. ,,( 1 the .--I .lot- »line anil the ltouiliiig «1 llie tli-Mcr. The New I>i-|i-»r(u»'\ .»line .1 (hunt stria»!- ill III« ('« p p e r (lut-rit »tine- T ill­ ing l.eail »line in »I ik II soii . The shutting down of Ihe furnace of the Tuscarora Company at Argcitla a short time ago imi caused by the water ditch Ireezing up ami slopping the motive pow­ er. To remedy this the company conclud­ ed to put in a steam engine of suflieient capacity to run the machinery of the smel­ ter. Tile boiler lias been bedded and the engine is on its way. The motive niacliin erv will soon be in position and the fur nacc in operation. The company's pro­ ducing property is looking well. On Wednesday tlic deed for the St. Joe mine, located in the Argenla district, was filed for record in the Recorder’s office. The mine was sold by Hugh McDonnell to a St. Louis syndicate for $,y>,ooo. Mr McDonnell reserve* an interest in the propeitv and will manage it. It is Ihe in- t-'iition ot this company to pu«h develop, ment work on the St. Joe as fast as possi­ ble. The mines of the Argenla district cm», tinuo to attract the attention of mining nit-n. Hugh McDonnell lias Iwm'ed the Dexter a-ul Snow Drill mine«, in (lint dis­ trict, fi<mi K It. Wallace, of Butte, and 'V. A. Dn-Hev, of Argenla. The consid­ eration named in the I huh I, which ha* a stated time in i mi. i* $jo,oon. The mine* are cnnsjdciv.l good properties. Judge Lawrence .V III own was in Hel­ ena ¡c'eiiilv, and the /niirfit-Hiliu/ had the following to sav about the Judge's Inman- zi: ‘-Judge Brown, of Ilea eel head Cmm tv, a member of the last Legislature, was in town yesierday. Among other good things of which the Judge is possessed is the New Departure mine, located in Ihc Blue Wing district. The mine L worked by a tunnel three hundred left from the surface, but three men being employed. Every week a car load of ore is shipped to Omaha, which nets $i,5(x>. From till* allowing the Judge, as lie is the sole owner of the properly, is doing the l)e»t single handed mining in Montana.\ A good strike has been made lately in the Copper Queen mine, which is located on the new stage load from Horse IVairie to Salmon City,just over the line in Idaho. The strike is in ihe main tunnel, wlicretiie ore carries considerable gold. The average of the ore is from liiteen to twenty per cent in copper. Four hundred tons of this kind of ore is on the dillerent dumps of the mine. The Copper Queen is owned by M essrs. Chamberlain, Piekmaii and Sharkey. Work of development i\ pro. pressing favorably on the iniiie. The A/,11(1-1-1111111 mention« a mine in on. of the districis near Shciidat) that has stop­ ped cotisidei able ore to the Diilon depot as follow«: Messrs. Deyarmon iY Redfcrn continue to develop the Bedford mine, which already shows up as the largest galena mine in the Territory. A ledge of lead ore tilty-fivo feet in width, carrying sixty per cent of lead, with forty ounces ot silver and several dollars in gold to Ihe ton, ought of it-ell to be a suflieient inducement 'o some of Die railroad companies 10 Imild a line into the Kilby Valley, to say nothing of the scores of oilier mines in a lesser «lute ol development, but with almost as good prospect-.. FAMI AM ) I t . t n M l ASSOCIATION The Snititi-illiui liiil*irsi-il liy the l.eurlliig .Mock I'lii-er »r Moiilumt. Positively Rç«., Woood in the Market. Lta- v* orders at Beaverhead Stables. A|i|iiirtl«niiieiit «r Ilo- '-elioni Fumi. County School Nupninlendciit, Mr». ! *. E. Taylor, ha« apporliom 1 the sclicoi fund to the different distrirl- in Heavei head Cfiin-tv, lor the \r.Milru; »ehnnl trai, a» fnliiiiv» • District No. 1 — Bannar'i ................... ¡«tosi ; j • : — Bishop ...................... 2.',.? 2.' \ 3 — ¡’onulex'-1 . . .. -pys ,«y 4 — A r g e n t a .................. ,b»s 7 U •• » —..Glendale ............ 1 (<t \ («—D e w e y -» F l a t . . . . .J-’o (.-> •• 7— Horse I’l.uiie. .. .’y ‘ y; \ \ 8— l Icela ........................... * h 1\ • tj — Birch l ‘ - - « ■ . 2y 1 52 •• to — Dillon...................... « v i 1 -'7 •• 1 1 - - E s tes ........................ .'72 oy •- • 12 — Spring Iiiil . . . t.37'.i Sy •• 13 —G len ......................... 213 78 “ •• 14—Red Rock ............. 2S1 7y - -• iy—Wisdom ................ .V*¡ - f> - iG—Upper U'i-lmn. . 33\ 3V \ 20— ............................... 116 61 and for the amount of practicing the band j .*¡»’,1 to inform the people of Dillon and render» excellent :nu«ie. The open-air vicinity that in order to reduce iny iin- conrert given to' the I'.u: i -)•» Saturday tncn»e stock many line« have been reduc- nigb.t was evidence of the ; r- fre-cnci Die C(| to exactly cost prices I will warrant hand is jittiining ! the lowest pWcc* on everything. Ito Noni«, denti»!. -''1* Eastman A: j Respectfully, Holden'«. Dillon. Good »vork guaranteed, j L. K m i ' man The need ol Davi..g .1 fair and racing a« «ociutnm in .southern Montana is apparent. 1 He Tu nil ni ' : 1 e-entiv mem ion -',1 the mut­ iler and urged the organization of sudi an assoi i.itimi. In aliuding to the snliject the l.f.T Sin k y,mi nil/ of Helena, a paper ol large an-! Intloimti.i'. circulation, sui s: \The Dill-m Tnint s r iiioes lit-.- people of Ilea- u t I k .' ii I (.'minty in org'iuize a t.ur amt ra«-- ino a»»oi ¡atnui. It» teasons I'm sudi ae- ti'-ii are soiled, .mil 'lie suggi‘«tion ¡1 in.ik* » in referc:iito the matter should retell-' to.-carne-.! 1 nii»i-leralinn nf lire enter |iit« iilg pi...pie of co nili. li. over head li.K a ¡urge ii-i'iinci ol wealthy stockmen i:n! Dillon li:'» -lie grounds. M Uh tue-- i lui ven e«sent!al eleu.ent« !u begin iiilii, Ih-re i« noilnng in the way to the loiin.i 11«- associai ion lint die ilici i fit-r enei o! tiene tu whom it would he a dceiil. il treni lit. It. a. 11 hi'..d, w ilh in r inagmitoent iL'riCiiltui ah mineral, and «toi k glow ¡tig resource».«houli! rouse up and en-n- tothc front uitli a health 1 fair and raring a»»«»- i.iation.\ (iistinn Till luring. Gentieme’i in «cardi ol line elisioni• inaile suits ivouid do »veli lo e-\ «idi me. and ex.imine my tic\ fall ami ' tasti ion piate ami «ampie«. I am ugect for line- large Ka«tern tailoring 1 s'al>li«ti ili-m!«, and cali «ni' tlu. mo't exaetitig a» regarti» «tvle, tit ai.d jiriee. l.Kt il lllll El.IKt.. il ni!M v r « A S < ut ili II «’II1MKS. The Chri<*tiu:iv Ti ami i«*«** lu IU ll« ìil *\ 111«4 ('Iturt'lir* in IliMoii. Itik 1 » t'i .\^t » Ji J i ),»r mi , I.«*t me Ji .J» t’: n »t I :n th»»•. On Ctiri.stuias Smul.iy the service* at St. James'Church will he morning prayer and sermon, followed hv a cehbratiou a f the I lol.v Commiiiiion at 11 a. m.,andeeeu- ing prayer and sermon at 7 p. m. Tlie Cliurcii ha* been handsomely trim­ med for Christmas and prescilts a bcaulifal ap|iearance. A new dosel lias been hong at Ihe hack of the altar, which add* great­ ly to tin- look* of the chancel, and relieves the former monotony of the blank wall. On Monday, St. Stephen'* day, there will be service at 7 o'clock , p. tn. Tuesday being St. John'* day, there will be service al 7 o'clock, p. m. Wednesday being the Holy Innocent'* day, ihe children of ihe Sunday School will have their Christina» tree in Ihe Church al (1:3o p. in. IIAI'VIST. The Cliriktina* service* altlie First Bap­ tist Church on Sunday will begin at 11:30 o'clock, a. m. The morning service will cnn*i«t of a concert entitled —'“ The T r u e J J g lit .\ Mu- sic, responsive readings and recitations by the Sunday School. The scholars of Ihe Sunday School will tcccive cards from their teacher«, ami each one a package of CiinfsTlioiiery. Christmas evening—l*rrachictg by Rev- F. K. Ilostwick. Song service at 7 o'clock. The Church will lie ornamented with flower* and evergreen*. All are invited and will be cordially welcomed. MKTIIOIIIST. At Grace Church the Christina* tree presents will be given to the Salilrath School children on Christmas Eve, conimeiichig at 6:30 p. in, Music hv tlte choir, with literary and musical exercises by lire children of Grace Sabbath School. The '.'(lurch ha* been appropriately decora!., and orna­ mented. On Christina* Sabbath there will be service* at Grace Church, conducted by Rev. W. Ingersoll, pastor. Morning ser­ vices at. 11 o'clock. Evening service* al 7 o'clock. The Inmr for Sabbath School i* to o'clock in the morning. All will Ire welcome at the Christinas service* at Grace Church. I'KHSOMAU Thus. Lancey.of It.iiiuack, wx* ill town for n day, Henry llray has gone to Auburn, N. A ., to visit his lather. Win. R. Wright and Win. I'almish were down from llannack. County Attorney Barbour is at Spring Hill attending to a criminal case. Late Scott i* down from Argent«,giving private lecture« 1111 railroad robbery. Fay Harrington and Mrs. Harrington, of Virginia City, visited friend* in Dillon. I’hil Shi-uon wa* down from llannack, where lie 1« again at work opening mines. Win. Bernstein came down from Spring Hill to kei p up Iii* ui'quainlimtc in Dillon. Mrs. Geo. French, of Argeuta, Is visit- ing tier sister, Mis. Shoemaker, at Butte. ). I| llrctiuci'and Mrs. Brenner, of up- tic 1 Horse l'rairif, arc visiting friends it* Dillon. Dr. Norris, dentist, of lli'lena, ha* hi* otliee lor a «hurt time over Eastman »Y I Inhieii’s. (>. T. Paul is handing around a neat cal- • iiilar of the Home Mutual Insurance Go. Ini 1S8S. Dr. Leason iia« opened hi* nflirr ill the trout room« over Ihe Postoflice in the new tirii'k lihirk. W. Tate Tailor, of Spring Miiuntaiu. Idaho, will get III» Cbri«tnni« gift in Dil Ion till« t line. W .O (¡¡toon,i-arpi-nler anil wood «harp, Iia» gnn** to llr-HikI vn, N. ^ to hunt up a N-'iv Year'-, gift. Dr Cha«. G. Nohle ha« '(-lunietl Inm- lii« M.uli-oii Ouin'v Dip and inn > be h'il!i'l al hi» ill-ut il olii' e in I'nlon lib,eh. |oluinv Neal go! lin k I'nitii llie orang- groi i-s of Siiuibern California in lime t* eateh the thermomeler way down below I'rt-zo. W. C. Snviler look Tnr.ilay's train lot Guernsey eountv, O'tin. ulieie he will dig up leenllectioii» of boyhood's day« for a month nr so. farm'* P. Murray departed on Wednes­ day'* train for Ashland, Ohio, where lie will participate ill a family holiday re-un­ ion at his old home. Miss Mamie Gannon went to Anaconda Tui'Mlav to take par! in the broom brigade drill on Thursday and Friday evenings. The drill 1 * tor the benefit of the Presby­ terian Cluire!i of Aiu-eomia. Suturi the for the TKtiii'vr., only $2.50. <■> , II J. , ! I: • I! t j

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 23 Dec. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.