The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, December 30, 1887, Image 1

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Mont. Hist. Society T E T i S T F A G - E S . I / ) ) it\ * 1 0 1 . VII- DILLON, BEAVERHEAD COUNTY, M .T., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30,1887. No. 53. rt, soldier, »i IIHKlum ■ Antwerp I trooiis. saw u These 10 MOBelg«‘n ¥( which belong to tin- forts fa this fortified town. The n» afii MUj very careless in their fSffl4il « u u 'ir, «loHchimc fctry TheiUreh in »very -slouching T O T ® . ,,nnear as well ns our Tbfii«ta Thcydo not look like . telieve thatlO.OOQ of iJdtUn.» np against the charge T.«miucd German regiment. wSutfPride themselves very J K b iorUiieatlons about Ant- X I city is entirely inclosed hy 1 »LirtMtions. They are strong if ' ^ “ he right; hut soldiers behind them I «.inkilist it would I n <|imcult for ilSSiamiyof the Rient power» to “eltwen». llut ,l,c *®l»rtaitce of ’ a military out|aiat to protect ¡tr of the Belgian country lias „»„/overrated. 1 have been told S-Vnien that Antwerp is so much Tthi way that the Germans could »nxtwl it through Belgium into .without finding the foriWentIons , l a degree iu their way. The Bel- ^«•outside of their fortillcations iflielpless, I am su ro .-T. C. ,((W| in Sew Vork Work!. \ « mm « «f Impar» MBk. sasoUen of stilt fed uiilk Is of little 1 « ns rompnie«! to milk from so lewder quantity of oilier and more tired, now iu general use, ant! as ,td to the sanitary conditions ami l„t0f the cows, stables and milk, rainier the cows consume— one of xstimportant, elements in dairyiug. sb in« one well in n hundred that spare water.' and glucose grains are shipped Cite country by the millions of bushels Uy, Brewers’ grains are good feed i cows if fed the day they are Glucose grains, with the sul- . ncid treatment necessary in the 7 , sro injurlons to both cow and There grains are sent into the ¿try set and hot, fermenting, sour- |«i 4 spoiling as they go. So the farm- f con, with every shipment, have feed i date «f fermentation, often rotten I fit only for the dunghill. IMitillera' it» fed, have undergone fermeutu- i, while the grains am fed while for* teg-a strong point in furor of slops. . M. W.” in Science. MONTANA L'O.UHiX.SKD. rm m »»lie Terrill,rill! i:\rlm,¡Kl.k. »„g mtRENT NEWS NOTES. Ollier feiiuri*!*«. Itonu- dispatch: The Pope gave audi- I cuce WV.I ik ' mì . iv ;u the Murjjiiis lie Armi* i jo, \li'< pivscnted lli-> Holiness with ¡ubi- ■Mra I lee gift* faoiu ttic Queen of |fpain. ; Ooii.iiin-uilv *tir lu» bien caused in XMT K h M mt Tree. •luchmig'' of the Chinese, or i ghradulifera of botanists, grows [umber» India, and has been rccom- ' i lo the Indiau government, us ¡1 »bra which large quantities of eumil- ean be drawn. In the Soul it A tner- Ifcwthenioutchouc flows from punct- pin toe bark, but from the nmv source Is obtained by breaking the i and drawing it out in flhnnenls.— aw Traveler. IlHalaa (tar Mint to the 1 ‘urilir O ito ii . GLEANINGS FROM T H E ROCKIES. Kvciil* Trsii«|ili-lug In Our SUIrr Stair* and T rrrilnrlr*. Tlia t'liilrtl Stales Leads A ll Other t'mm- trie* Iu TrodiiritiB Ml aeralo. |lht Northern Pacific Railroad, the only »«The transcontinental lines running «iit'’ cars through to the Pacific coast, ounccil a new time schedule taking t Nor. jo, 1 SS 7 . The principal lea- • ofthUnew schedule lime arc: IlitC. Twelve hours quicker time from !-Paul to Helena and Butte, Montana, tsenty-four hours shorter time lo rtliml, Ore., Tacoma, W. T ., and all Pacific coast points, by the limited [¡»hi leaving St. Paul at p. m. daily. ! time of No. 2 , ill,? corresponding Hs«t bound, will be shortened seven- |e. hours. I Second. An addition;', through express |iii!. to which will t-e attached Pull- sleepers, dining r irs and emigrant KP«Sleaving St. Paul at S a. m. dai'y. fl!c!.-ii 8 , lintte, Missoula, Spokane Palis pl.Mtern Washington points; this train the through time five hours quick- !\tn the former Pacific coa«t express, I'-'S the intended I’acili-: coast settler 1 boors quicker lime ilinn hereto- h fiiree express trains daily front r and Minneapolis to Moorhead, • iireo an;l Jamestown, 1). T ., witli ‘-;h Pullman sleeper, to Grand Pori;., balls. Walipeton anil principal ’a North Dokota. • Nortlu-rn Pacific not onl\ oilers 'o \ J's'lir,g pul,lie the best train service. “J.r,g ¡ 1 ^ (anions dinining cars. Pull- J’! i’ditc drawing room l ,r‘ :'r.|oran ; ^ ‘,bu, fioni (J Delegate l’oole has seeuied tw. clerks for *it- l Helena postmlicc. The Anaconda Him Iter Company are ' Chicago by the tact, which leaked out, laying in an immense supply ot wood,; that the (,'eehy iitewing coUipany ha* In which is being corded up near the ipiarry. jstiucted its brokers to tjiiy, no barley •\ meeting ot ¡irominent citi/.ens 01 grown or shipped from the pales of Iowa Helena decided by resolution to extend fit- or Kansas. ting aid to assist in establishing a Metlm- 1 plliUllulplli;, iftl. An Augu.w, dii»t colletjc there. . . 1 , ^ . . .... ® . I CjeortM«!, coirctpoiujcut oi ine /iwo pic* Mooney, the muu who i*;ni)hmi ort* the» ‘ f k . , , , . H M u | diets that the next cen»u» » ill that tnaney he tvas hoUHnu as at an An* 1.» , . 4 tt . . \ . , ‘ the nvyio |»op\il,iUuH ot that State u rapid* uconua horse race lazuli, was ui\c*hone; , * . ... . ,nt , . # , . H •\* l dkitk‘a**me. the death rate h treble year in tin* penitentiary. !,hat o. the whites. Reports from tin- Blackfoo. range state j Lomlon llUpatch. A dispatch fro.,, Con- tliat the lioi sc disease ts decimating ti;c v- .• w. . , , . , , .. h ! go sa,s: No news ot Manley I,as vet herds there and U k , ' the laic cold weather! , * . „ . . »• . ^ „ . , reached lioma, tmt no uiwatmess is tell did not scum to cheek it. I,. Wl , . there, bieatuers expected from the Ya momis mi January 20 arc almost certain to bring news of the explorer, Home dispatch; The eomjniltce on the Italian exhibition to lie held Vy London in 18 HS, held a meeting mat appointed Signor Honghi president. Much ^ntbusiatm 1* | manifested m er the project and the pro* | peel is that the cxhibitioii will be a grand 1 success. I ! Home dispate!): Advices from Ma**a- wahs'ate that King lohtt of Abycinia U advancing upon that place by.rapid »tag«*, lie has under his com,nandythree hodle* of tioops. Tiie first eol m,m is marching via Antal and .^Igraba; tile second via Adeuaha, while the loutv ofylhe third cn )1 umn. which is composed of SHoonx, ie un , ■*? 'V known. j Reports to the naval department from the New York and Norfolk navy yard*, win re preparations arc making to build the great f,,ooo-ton armored war chip*, are highly satisfactory. At New \ork the keel blocks for the armored cruiser have been placed and the ship I* being laid down. Advertisements for supplying the new plant already been issued and propos­ als will 1 >e opened ot, the 16 th of next mouth. In reply to u communication frrtfli the Buckeye club, of Springfield, Ohio, protest ing against the eonl 1 r,nallni,.r>f -L. Q..C. Li' The National Park is now a sort ol Gretna Green for young people in Master,, Montana, who want to marry hut whose parents object, It i< a free (here. Several horses and catile were killed last week on (lie i’hilipsburg branch from j Drummond. They Mood on the track to get warm ami a train knocked tnem cold. Willi.,in Fly died at Helen, las’, week from the elleet of getting hi* litlie linger slightly injured a low weeks ago. He caught cold in the wound and gangrene i,et Ml. Thu i«suc of the Billing* *,i».r.7/r nt Sat­ urday last is chiefly remarkable for a page almost entirely devoted to the interesting and exciting subject of lots to be suld lor city taxes. The commissioners of Missoula county arc advertising for ten lo sixty acre.* of land for 11 county poor farm. The cost of maintain ing the poor of tin* county last year was $ 5 , 500 . The Ltd ted States land otlice in Helena 1 « very busy at present furi.hing the sev­ eral counties in the Territory will, lists of hum patented in the reepectivc counties, so that Uie same may not eseape taxation. Delegate Toole has recommended to the treasury department the appointment of Gillespie, chief cleerk of the llclenaa assay ollicc, for the position of mcller in tb it otlice, vice M. A. Mycrndorf, present in­ cumbent. John C. Mortal,,alias S. A. Foster was arrested in San Dicgc, Cal;,., on the j#th hist., charged with Mm murder of Join, Nicholson, who was found at Tia-Jmi.i a month or so a go * Hot through the heart. The evidence is said to he strong against Morton. The commission1, of the many notaries public, appointed and continued din ing (lie session of the legislature three years ago are now about expiring, and Secretary Webb is calling their attention to the fact so tlial they can get their commissirr.s re­ newed if desired without loss ot time. Aid-de-camp appointments for the Ter­ ritory of Montana, to serve, on the stall' of CommanderM m chief Rea, Grand Army of the Republic, announced in genera! mder, No. j, issued from national headquarters, | Minneapolis, Minn., December 171 , 1 . art-:- Robert M- 1‘Tsk, Ge<>. \V. Sb.v.v, llc-ena;; ,)iii -llini lin- M id rin-iiijiln.ii.-il. p. lioopc-, l.i) ¡ngsion. ' If you think I get angry easily y,nt are , .. .,. ..... mistaken, hut I ,In sometimes get ittitcry. 1 he Northern 1 ache uidua.i \I’-1\.' j ilIS„ , t | , oro ¡s hVhott. the pub­ is making -urvev- for an iron roadway jj.;),,,... send« me n set. of charming honga, from Tow ti'cnd via Widte Sulphur .Spii.'i;;* ■ jtiit ;; iio/.eii, ten otti. oC which are lval l ,1 Ca.tie, and from I dving-ton t« Cm'.h J mar as associate justice of the supreme court of the Dniicd Slates, Senator Sher­ man, in a letlor says: “You may be sure 1 will do all < can to prevent Ids confirma­ tion. I regret to say, however, that I fear my efforts will be i;n*uecc>sful.\ The question of tin- policy of allowing Americans to colon He lower California continues to he agitated at the City of Mexico, the opposition taking the ground tlint the administration of President Dia/, in its cordiality toward Americans forgets the , csuit of American coloui/ation in Texas. General Pnchaco, minister of pub­ lic work«, replies in a pamphlet, showing that no danger from .American colord/ation exisi>. and in fact that A me ¡cans arc in a large minori!) in tin- Territory of lower t’alitor n!a. Tuscon, Arizona, is having a real estate boom. The California railroad delegation are having a royal lime in Oregon. An editor’s excursion on the American style is to be run from the city of Mexico to Lower California. The Wurdner (Idaltoj Asms maintain* that “Co;ur d'Alene is on the eve of the greatest boom known in modern limes.” Andrew Irwin, convicted of compllclly In the murder of Dr. Powers at Hollister, Cala,. two yea»» ago, was sentenced to State Prison for lite. John II. Gets, a machinist, 52 years old, suicided in Cheyenne, Wyo., on the 21 st Inst., through despondency caused by drink. He fired a load of buckshot into hi* heart, ' The aiteep men of the valley held an animated meeting in Sacramento, Cala., on the loth, Inst, and adopted resolutions pro­ testing against the -duction of the tarllT on wool. The dead body ot O. C. Dibble was foand floating in the Willamette at Port­ land, Oregon, on the list last, lie had probably fallen into the water while in­ toxicated. Ex-Governor Win. M. Bunn, of Idaho, was recently sued for libel by Miss Jennie M. Savage, in Philadelphia, and mulcted in fjjooo damage*. The libel was pub­ lished In Governor Bunn’s paper, He S hh ikty T r m u c n p t. Mrs. Margaret Stoppel, a passenger on the West bonnd train last Saturday, died when the train was near Wadsworth She was an Invalid en route for Smitliern California for Iter health. Site was buried In Reno, Nevada. A dispatch from Carson, Ncvyla, of the solh Inst., says; Mr*. Langtry telegraphed to the Carson Land Office to-day for more Nevada tend. She wanted It divided Into 40 -acre tracts, to be utilised at Christmas presents to friends in New Yofk. A brutal butchery took place nt Willard 'Station, Sonorii, iasi-V* ek/ -T! - »efftteh for 111 an and a wood chopper, Iwlh Mcxl cans quarrelled and llic foreman struck the chopper with a wrench, then tiie copper split the foreman's head open with his ax. The ore producers of Woi'd River, Ida­ ho, have called a meeting to consider their iaterests in view of the President's recoin* mcndationK for the placing ot raw mate­ rials on the free list. Lead and lead ore* will he the concern of tiie proposed meet- ing. Owyhee iIdaho) Avohnuhr: From all parts of tiie country, we hear that stock ot nil kinds are doing splendidly, and never better. It was not until recently that they were driven from the summer lange, and having eonie to tiie valley iu good condi­ tion, will go through the winter all O. K. A buz/saw broke while running at a high rate of speed in Corvallis Gr., the other day, and a piece striking \\ illinm Buchanan in I lie arm ju-d !,elfiw the shoulder C ;t it oil' so quickly and easily Ol'K MINKH-tl- I’HOIUICT. The United States Geographical Survey, Major J. W. Pow ell director, has Issued stalisticU of the productions of minerals during 1 SM. 1 The report give* primarily the production and value of every promi­ nent mineral substance mined In the Unit­ ed States, with a compact statement. ot prices, sources of supply and technical matters which proved important during the year, The total value of mineral pro­ ducts, taken as nearly as possible at point« of production, was more than $ 465000 , ^ 00 , the largest mineral production yet record­ ed in any country. In 1 SS 5 , the value was about $ 4 : 9 ^ 100000 , . Many substances •bare In this increase, but particularly Iran and steel which alone «bowed an increase of ( 30000 , , 000 . In 18 K 5 , bituminous coal was the most valuable mineral product but In 1886 , it was passed by pig iron which had a higher total value than silver and gold combined. Wonderful progress Is shown in the use of natural -gas, the m - sumption being more than durable that of 1 SS 5 and twenty times that of 1883 . It U estimated that the value of coal dlsplacad by natural gas In 1886 was more than (*),- fioo,ooo. ThU is slightly less than half the value of the production. TtIK WOOL riMOWKNM. A n A| i | mu I to r UnttMl A c tk w A g r i ns* * *wtwttenet Tartar. ! gi'iuv. And by whom do you think lltey ] arc comi used? By a poor wmiiim who and !t N reprudul : m ! the .'lamtol-.i in;.-, jJiirc.jv .ntt-ivc-s Ut make both «.ini.-; meet Fai!- lo N.-ihai !. Whin linin,..; a ri'ii!- iro'i; t them-.- I<> v'a.-t!;- Spring-. Ai-pai <-ri'' I which '.vili .-! tiivi i ,-i.inis nr.- identi.-al Sulj-tim* -tiu!l a - to vf.-pet- .un Allea--■ > ; !î Portland, On.-., .-x and sleeping -plendid day nd all Kastern 1 lohn 11 Min g di -d in ! le v :V» :t 27 th. after : 1 iilUicrii)'.; dine'.- . li -vu : . ni:ck-. T h*, '‘u* .-.•a.sed iu - the :• ' ni > < '{•cr.f 1 . iu ''mi'* ei w Ili- .: nt rhi- ti:no it u;i . iiuiit. was ti.(: liu'.-st Cs tali'.t«hm:LMV \ i\ ili e ile; tliw. -1 ! ! - V..I- en ul'!i-timc 1 <*idee.’ - of ■ it-. i * * - ’ « vci ' WLW A m iv io, . attii: irnsim *'■ • - it hecairÌL* c. p ■ pu' ;nn.-fcr :«• :u •••<’ T'c r . it-'i * De r i - :!.• '.ir.'hi Kit’ U ’ ‘ -1 M t j.î.i . 1 . hiifcly ( .'ntrives — hy tlìi Ilaroia-s.-; W. do Boibst-ltild. 2 fow, tii'.tv i.s ;i quc.vtion for tlu* tmc-m- ployed. Mero i • a. huiy '-''ho Ims every- tliino 1 init iiirtli, wi-iiltli and itosi:hm enti givo. Whyinns! >h-.- linvo (-u n t H<- rari- gift i.f orinili,--. 1 , di-ii.m/ui lirdnr 1 i>op::lni- eotiqió - ì C ìiii :'— r.niid.m World. Ttio« Queen Victoria ini- Vi-lal. , ! r, fai CoMJNMii, Ohio, Dec. 25 th.— 'The fol­ lowing lurs been received : Van non , Ohio, Dec. 26 th, 1887 .' - To the Wool Growers of the United Stntcs: The sentiment favoring free trade In this country has been augmented to the eatenk of the President’s influence. In announc­ ing Ills.sympathy with those who do p d i encourage American Industrie* and do- mcstic labor, the Executive has signified his contempt for your industry by ing the repeal of all duties on wools. You number about onemlllloii. of voters, and give employment to about one million more. Every Stale and near-.: ly every countv in each Suite of thc-Unton generally are small, your wealth limited and your locations so scattered ns to ren­ tier 01 gnni/.atioii and united action difficult. Once the producers of three hundred mil­ lions of pounds of wool annually, valued at about $t 00000000 , , , you have seen the un­ friendly legislation of it>Sq check your growtli and actually reduce your flocks in number and your annual clip in qunntity to the extent of fifteen per cent. These re­ sults followed a small reduction of tiie pro­ tective duties. Now tiie President pro­ poses their abolition so that South Ameri- ea and Australia wit It other foreign nations can supply the consumption of tin- United States spindle» and looms. Tiie officers ofyiutr national society desire to organize n roistnnee to this erne! attempt in order lo secure its defeat by active consolidated re­ sistance. I advi-e that yon petition Con- grens freely fioni all parts of (lie country, semi iettei- to Congressmen from every ilistrief. Fan e ea. ii association of wool- , , j-rower-, State, .•■ nini), township or town iul lu-didn't know (ha; lie was hurt until | * . , iu p.|., and ¡orward appropriate resolutions, esaw 'oi- arm lying at in*', tcet. O ut . lie . . . . *- • ^ , 1 iiu no I-1.: granger-\r a-socuitioi:-. tl ii cla-ped tiie bleeding neighboring hou-e Deiner /«’i/«/>//■ ■' 'Die petroleum at Newcastle a mil ! 1:1 to a of litis Lundn.i'n !■> unit.' 1h.i1 voice- with your;. - *.o promote the welfare emery j of agriculture like riifiranciii-cd licerne» mall low;i 1 in timing l 'o;i;_ incoi cry ol j '* 1 ready to obtain justice and as aid oppression short disimi«'«: below ( -let) wood Spi mg*, n ■ jJV making th«)se in authoiitv mider.-tnnil not »urpti-ing. Tin- iene.: ol petiole- vv;m;.. Ifyouhavei-otlarcenreoii- oii.iated w calti), -. >>u h:ue vole-. làxei •h ;i-»l I In- jubilee medal, of which ..bout J,UOO have iiccn given away. !s to t ank above all war intdals, litui is to l e aiw.-iy.-. worn on full dre-s oeeiision-. 1 In quiek time is route, while to . it i- til«- Butte and bv : I?**» other Mnnt.. it ¡. th«- slioi'ti.-'t iin i..liU,\'rc^ an'* -evenly-six a-id three ; J sixty six mile, i.-spectively, \ lb? 'V l'ie traveler to Butte -i\ , .'indio Helena, eighteen iimu-. a-! e-‘,*t»ny Other Mao. Kteat reduction in lime wii' b..- of'j L f \ lnF’r c t o r.ll classes of ti.n el. j I Bendy Yellowstone Park ami Pacific! Is^, <:r>‘oniMs contemplating a ret urn | : ^ , e 'r r a ' l line—the “Mt. Shasta\ I *\eca San Francisco and Port- a *n\l’ along the Golumbia river lti*v f-'mous Cascade mountain« via •Northern Pacific. t9,-w I)i unl-. (ou «-.•»•tln l i'tcor Mal'!'- I’«*»*** A.lminl-t'-rbit: I»'. IS.iin« ‘ •ill'll t sjirefll«1. I,Cll)«-.t I«,V • It n wHii'Ui'. '.Ii ing 1 : • i- « f'.vt a pel er ' iu }>. O.ive ■' ' *•' wi;ilOld ••• F'-vc t'n,'. .¡-:' will. 1 T M . V 1 once imri cgn.i*.. come- an i.’B'-- ■ appetite to e .id. Gouii.N Sin a it cinnati, Ol-.ia leu I I ar-M-t ■ uni v.ii; . i.l e, •' 1 \ d; .1 \ J. ' .11 .1 tlMVc . Wi- u ■ ! : lilfn r •! 11 a i i i c ■1 MC.I-. \Ilo iit'-moi'■' \I an n;n,. : trai;'-. . h M i> _ Y . • ■ I-C.lis-« ;t. , tini • •.live;, i\ r ..-1 ..•..t h . 1 1 tail«. • I many years • n-i.i.i he '.M-ti-Fm .-ity • I iiib'd lo I-.\iI nl mil in Unit Dart of flu- State iias t.eeii - us paeted lor a long time. In the valley ol cj,k. XV1 tin: Grand, thousands of pounds may he j „¡V(,s_ ,,„-„„ 1 ,.,, ,)( i found of a stone which i- -1 impregnated witli oil timi it limns readily in a tire. lu burning it give' forili an odor which strong!) r.wembl.'s that \ 1 peb.d-uni. This stone is foun.! not only h:o-c ontiie hink-ofil.e tiler, bid. :i!-o ledge- in the Cliffs the power w liicii tlii* privilege ¡{•public ! placed i' in the hands of ¡1 ■ p\i.p!e lo «'ijr- ! re.” the . iro' s of 'fci-c win) 1111 : !..: or oil- i ndci-cr ou. tiw- wdiioc: i.’. ''O: i - - o I • n Wuilli Is now In-. t' I: .0 ill cl t he \ 1.0(0. c. - ' I\ ,'.l • i : :i de.« Hi»'. •t;t.c.'il Id cr-mi\». :i*r, j Mr. w II. Mnrgan, ¡m. -ii'iinl 1 t *!. V. FI 1 .. , u a* taken HÎih a Vi Orti tnnn- ! attemied w i- !i r!i- 1 rc 1 unum.. Ulti) ) 'on*.un*,;Ui'vr: ■■ *ili* s - stage*. 1 le tl ici till,:i v • « >-i’ il'L* ii» : cough rei!redi-..- and 1 . ! i i \ }.»* cn- 1 Wa -. 1 u. ed; in f:-•'It. 1 ' ( t • ; 1 re,.Illing and. wa* imab! . Tin* jly hie.! 1 Dr K i; ï 1 ;’ ^ N ,.«,- ' 1 Coii'im'd’' t ton nr..! tor cium;, I ..ike; -evere fold, L’oogli an-l \ a. 11 ■c.* e The |'\,c I ' i' ! 1 1 ■. i ■ : tie *-';Uioil f.noa ¡a..posed ifd: i Signed - 1‘,''d ■' ICC!) . mimi -.n.! I. m w i l l ‘ f ’ ii . I tils Î • r :. i • ii’.D.i' r i>. t. \v*. i rf 0 . 11 . i Tliu V» nl(( t rntinfmnu«* FAIL w \ ;;it. l * Î’C' p m;'? lov * ■ * Hsjuor For i * N j,af'it'tikir2, G>v. ji;r î^tr.: si , Cin- I In '-o.vclists' I c I- finis. ‘‘ . A (iev«r xvuinan .iioliired Hint ! tucTO wive luit four 11 I 0 !« in tl:c world anil that all 1 Ò 0 novel-' w. .-■• but- endless and inori' or le-a ingenious ■.. r «::t t<-:i - • upon the quii-tc -1 m' 1 îicî fain.m- Mid world old fairv laici — “CinderdiitF' \Flceping Beauty,'' \.Tack the Kilim--’ and \Bain's it; tl;(''\V..od.\—Neve y.'D; World. \V. D. .Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., tes- tilie;: “I can rceriinmcnd Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle koid 1m-. given r«.lief in every cjsc . Out man look six bottles, and \v.r; cured of Rheumatism of ;o years’ standing.'’ Abia Hare, druggist, Bc1lcvilIe,Ohio,r.f- and atti r u'-u-.g ai>.n:'. o. oa.: ! v . a .> >:iic- j . ..q-j,.. Ucct rolling medicine 1 have im.iid iiim-vif well and has a 1 : •> r'etuin j tvcr bundled in my ~ o years’ experience, of the .¡i-\.ise. No other remedy can show . jcjcctric Bitters.\ Thousands of others «0 grand. ;. record o; 'arcs Dr. King | ftavc added their testimony, so that the •ailed u ■grc\. ■ 1 .lidie vp- Di-cov. 111 '. • ino..a j Iti in : ■. loi ! 1 .-lief, ' New Di-co) erv tor Gorisumation. Guarnn tce.l to )!o :ust i 'J'rial bo\H.' free at N Drug Store- claimed [or if.— M. Win i ; '* L’itv verdict is unanimous tiiat Electric Bitter.« do cure all diseases of the I.ivcr, Kidneys ar blood. Only a half dollar a bott.V nt N. M. White’s, City Drug Store. «Ï -'*‘■ -1 ÏH Èf-f v m . \ u ' Pi ■ r :1 ki ! ------ -L} 4 e,-site À m k

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 30 Dec. 1887, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.