The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, May 23, 1890, Image 6

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6 '1 1 1-13E1 1:?.. I El ITN IL. 7...s 0 IsT, 21.1 0 INT .A. Is•T ABOUT CERAMIC COLORS. - -- A FEW POINTS CONCERNING THEIR ORIGIN AND USE. Each shade of Blue Ham Its Own Partic- aloe Application Among the Potters of China --Green Wee That Country's Ini- perlal coma The origin of the ceramic colors, their use and bi311111 . Canott. are subjects of . much interest anti well worthy the study • of potters as well as professional and amateur decorators. In Chinese eerane ' ics the colors are divided into families. and many are co:ion:Ay symbolical. °eine thier origin often to some peculiar or remarkable occurrence of a int.4 age. It is well known IT every one that blue has alweyo been a favorite color with the Chinese potter or dea'rator. but that each hale of blue has it3 own perdeta lar USD and sie,nificauce which give it its name is an tmfamiliar fact. The same is Into, in n loss &give. hue - ever. of tin- greens tuuri tr...1r , e The brilliancy of tae Wires invented during the Tsdzi dynasty, abort 205 A. D., ia remarkable. and is tir, first color Chenoustrating any great ruteete r the cclaslens. Otte of there blues, tidied \bloc of the sky after min.\ be- came very popular. and by the command of the emeesor was adopted for every article of porcelain mei in the palace. The date of its adoption sta the royal color is placed at 954, but it ii not known exactly bow loug t'aira particular alutde THE ROSS AND THI. FERN. - life's oweetest imam wouarsi thott learn, Come thoa s - it!, Rile LO love'. enchanted bower; 11 igh overhead the trellised nave horn, 11,•inkith thy feet behold the feathery fern - A leaf without a dower. What tlesejli the rose leave. fall? They otill are swect, And liar.. been lovely it, their beauteous prime, Wi..1.• tkir,• frond seems ever to repeat, ''For us no loll, 110 taco:Rom_ waken to greet The joyous tiow,eant thee: - Head thou the !soon Life luta leavea to tread And dowers to cherish; summer round them glows; Welt not till autumn's fading rob', an. shed. But while its petals still sire burning red blather life's full blown root -Other Wendell Badmen is Atlantic. Cent of Electric Lights. Irrien tin- list of eitiep in which lights are supplied by private coma:auks we takc the following atutement of the num- ber of Ian:wand =mud caaree per lump, where the lighting coetinues all night and the lamps are of (nominal) 2,000 candle power: Alliance, O a lights at #14-1-: Chattanooga, Tenn.. 110 lights at itel.66: Fall River, 50 lights .at *WO; Portsmouth, N. Fl a 00 lights at 5100: Petersburg. Va.. 89 lights at 896: Bing- haraton, tia lights at 5140: Indianapolis. 100 at #430: Atlanta, Ga.. 100 at $110: Boston. 10:1 at $130: Milwaukee, 1:30 at Heading.. 150 at $140.50: Dayton, 0. $200 at $100; Poughkeepsie, 211 at $123: Harrisburg, 210 at #90: Philadel- phia. Sal at 051; New Oriole's, 11,010 at $1110: New York city, 1,357 at 500. In some of these cities the contract has betel made with two or three different coutinued in exclusive use in the knee: compenies. hot in no such case is there 41 - Combines the juice of the Bine Figs of California, so laxative and nutotete,, with the medicinal virtues of plants known 071 be most !tenet:dal In the bonen. system, formieg the ON I.Y PER- FECT REMEDY to act gently yet pro' hilly on the UDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS -AND To- C!cane the System Effectvaily, •-• SO TIIAT - rum?. 81.000, REFRESHING SLEEP, HEALTH and STRENGTH atrally follow. Every one is ming it or delighted with it. Ask y:itir for SYRUP OF FIGS. 111:.1111. only by the ; f : 02,NIA FIG SYRUP CO., SAN FitANctScO, CAL. 14,v Volta, N rial household. It is assame1, Isowever, stay difference in the charge -in other Tit that it remained in favor throng% seta malls. competition does not give lower e Celebrated French Cure, era) generations of empecors. rates. Let us now give the figures ob- . ww.'\\ted \APHRODITINE - Again in 1516 blue wmi adopted for mined front those cities which own their r the royal porcelains. the shade being of a deeper hne. Previous to this date a certain rich, deep blue bactene very fa- mous. 'Tile first porcelains brought into Europe wens blue anal white, the blue being in various shades. The blues of that time are nearly all of Cidneee ori- gin, many of which have never been ex- celled and :rarely approached by Duo - peen chemists. The Chinese blues are also in greater variety than the blues of any other nation: one of them is re- markable for its rarity, appearing quite green when contrasted with other blues, but an unmistakable blue when cot - trusted with green. The greens produced by the Chinese about the year 600 were particularly noted, but it is not recorded which one was the special favorite of any dynasty. • It is known, however, that green was the exclusive imperial color for over 200 years, and that it Was not confined to porcelains. but obtained in everything connected with the court. Some beauti- ful specimens of porcelains of this period, decorated in the finest greens, - are still in existence, and their value is almost beyond price. The porcelains of each family or indi- liana' bore the signs of rank to which it belonged. and colors or shades of color selected by them were kept exclusively for their use. Some of these colors bear names that seem ludicrous, but are nev- ertheless appropriate. One is red, called the \color of precious stone\ (probably the ruby): another red. \color of Japan pear blossom:\ a violet, \color of egg plant.\ \color of mule's liver,\ \color of horse's lung,\ etc. Owing to the unreliability of gold col- ors in firing they have been a subject of continual study and experiment with both the chemist and decorator, but after all these centuries of research the color remains as unreliable its ever, meanwhile remaining the most charming and fasci- nating of all the mineral colors. (The colors designated as the rose family come under the head of gold colors, and in. chide all the rich rose, crimson and vio- let shades.) The date of the discovery of these colors is not blown. Amnion's of the present day are disappointed with failures in the geld cobra: they are either dull and lusterless, or quite purple after firing, and, indeed, they never seem to be twice alike. This is probably why carmine is con- sidered a test color. and the amateur who can anceessfully use it is said to have conquered the mysteries of minoral colors. The popularity of the gold col- ors is not cenilued to the Oriental; they have always been prime favorites with all nations. Our rise Pompadour and rose Du Barry prove the estimation in which they were le hI s:t Sevres in the time of these two minion, from which they derive their nalnea, and evidence of their popularity in all the world L. ns old as the history of the decoration of ce- ramics. Probably the difficulty of procuring satisfactory results with colors of the rose family accounts for the value of old specimens decorated with these colors. The royal cider of China at one time was a brilliant yellow known tat egg yel- low. which still continues to be the ad- miration of troanoisseurs end the special ambition of amateum. It is not certain that this color WaS at any time devoted to the eat:Int.:fee use of the imperial household. built is assumed that it was. The competition of many of the enamel colors, by which is understood all over- glaze colers except the matt colors, is a secret carefully guarded and transmitted as an inheritance from father to son, but In a work by M. Julian, an Isabela authority on eastern ceramics, many vol. italic receipts for Cs° manufacture of mineral colors are given, which are of the greatest interest in the light of education. Undoubtedly the Chinese, in the matter of mineral rotors and the decoration of porcelaitta, stand high skive any other nation. and there is good reasoa for it. The manufacture of pottery has been one of the most important industriss of that ceentry for upward of :2,000 yearw. mid e very ruler during that time him given special encouragement to the deco- ration of pottery. to great that in certain periods such a thing its an uncolored or undecorated piece of pottery Was the greatest rarity. The progroont and suc- cess of Cainese decoration la doubtless the result of royal favor, without which It could never have reached the degree of pellet' in to which it has attained. Whether any other nation will ever equal China in this regard is doubtful. -Phila- delphia Record. own electric lighting plants. Hunting- don has 50 lights, .4.18.64: Decatur, Ill., r 52 at $GO: Dunkirk, N. Y., 55 at $36.50; Madison, Ind- 85 at aa48; Lewiston. Me., r 96 at .442; Hannibal. lift,.. 90 at 501: Chi- ta:go. 292 at 505. Taking . an average, of Coe whole of the two tables. from which we have only quoted a portion, we find that the average price paid to private companies is 5105.13, and that the Same article furnished by the city itself coets a52.12 1-2 per light per year. -Engineer - lag and Building Record. Praise of the French Ponsant. The common notion of the French peasant as a narrow minded, penurious ied not too moral person receives no nipport front Mr. Frederic . Harrison, 'chose personal study of French rural life has nevertheless been very consider - :able. The indomitable endurance of the Freuch race him he reminds us. enabled France to surmount crushing disasters, tisaes and disappointments under which another nice would have sunk. She eaars with ease a national debt, the an- nual charge of which is more than don- ele that of wealthy England, and a taxa- ItOil double that of England. with . hunt the same 'pa' • tion-a permanent aiaation that exceeds 100 francs per red. and is greater than has ever before 'an borne by any other people. She • st over one wdr a turn not much short .f the whole national debt of England, Intl she has written off without a ma , nor a loam of Satedsseeto. throne] into Paiiiima canal. If France it Outs areng. the backbite of Jim strength is, :71 Mr. Ha:Tit:offs opinion, found in the •.tareslous industry and thrift of her peaaantry.-Londou News. He WM. Heady to lie Baptised. \When I first arrived in New Zen- Mod. - said an Anglican bishop, \a Maori •Iliej came to me mil said that be wish- -1 to be baptized. I knew that he had its wives, so I told him that he must arst perenade one of them to return to ic hanily. fie said he feared that would at• alildenit: but that he- would sec -what seald 110110 emne back to me in months. When lic• returned he ex- . lattawd: 'Nov.'. inieionary, you may re:adze in,. for I have only one will-.' 'W hat have you done '.vita our dear siNter. yntly Cr1 1CifeY ne replied, snewhing hit liner . 1 have eaten her.' \- sae premise° Arai maat. A Merciful Man. Mrs. Simkins has just heard that her husband has been drawn to serve on it jury. \John Simkins on the criminal jury!\ exclaimed Mrs. Simkins. \Well. all I can say is that I congratulate the crimi- nals.\ \Why. Mrs. Simkins? is your husband a very merciful man?\ - Merciful? Why. John Simkins wouldn't hang a pictue. much less a door, unlete lie was jest made tor -Mon- treal Star. The Sliding nail way of Paris. The essence of the invention of the - 'sliding railway.\ which was the sensa- tion of the Paris exposition is the sub- stitution of a thin film of water, over which the vehicle slides. for rolling wheels, the film being maintained by hydrostatic pressure. and propulsion by successive jets of water under pressure, acting against a rib of buckets extentling under the whole train. thus dispensing aaith all locomotive power.--Cartatum at Work. Ottn. Sherman recently set the measure of salt that te to be allowed to war re- cital when the hero is himself holding forth. He says: \I have tact 200.000 men in the last three years on whom turned the fate of the war. When yon listen to old soldier: , it is well to make good allowance. Toll per cent. its not too little. I do flint except myself from that calendar.\ A rusty nail is a prized relic ie the 111111,311111 of 110111loll Mn'.) tleadelny. it is one of the nails icaal in building the sea wall at Loniabina. is nearly 150 yearn old, and cornea from the center of the struggle which 4 termined whether France or England should coetrol North America. Is Sohn ON A POSITIVE ' GUARANTEE Li, cure any lot tool nervous disease, or anY .lisorder of the generative Or- gan% of eithet sex Whether tir. BEE) g Nett' .f non the AFTER eXiA•E•iie °se of still:inn:Ito, '101111aato *a' 111.illal or through 1 yohtliftil indiscretion. oVer 111.111!4' 4.1,„ allea all 1.0s, oh 11111i11.1.011'111% Hess. Bearing down Poing In the Bart:. Se, mat Weakliest, liyoterla, Servo's. Prostration Yoctor, at Emissions, Lelicorrluen. Dhaitiesii, Weak 31cl:t- ory, Inns of Power and Impotency. w hiell if ne.• elected often lend to premature 01.11111e /11a I ty. Pelee 31.00 a box. 6 boxes for 45.00 acid 1, mall en receipt of prier. A WRITTEN 411 , AnANTEle. tor every 00 order. do reflood the looney II a pc lll I l cure is not effected. Thousands of t e sti from old and young, of both Ee‘eS. pertitalit.:01A cured by A rlikeDITINE. eireohlr free. Same,. THE API -IRO MEDICINE CO. %INTERN ea 014-11. BOX 27 • PORTLAND. OR Sold by N. M. White, druggist, sole agent, DillonOtIontana. frr , r'r _ Most Economical 2 ;...TA•11.1. 2110/Plarnh Felt. . C . i.f . Ity , thur it ,rf put, .. - reenz Tortur and heut Scd C anarca len is or s• k .•••. tr. utiu.; . er awl Mende!. & to, 3.1Lculac.tvigh 5,1' ,Cal. - . BROKEN OUT How often do we see this on the faces of children and, alas, of people who other- wise ale healthy? What causes it'? Bad Blood. The thought is terrible : the trouble is worse. No ordinary help can remove it. It requires aonelliing un- usual. Do not taats cheap santitpui'illd- cr blaxal Tatra:era. I on must haw some 1 : 11,1 :7 I. • • sa its power in lat:' is 'it it i•. • - (benefit; Whet& I malon. says \ fd• . to 's'tiglirli army. ea We 1 . .• Ell Vinci'? me that nothi., tatrilles the blood. or add rigfg and life. as Di - -s E 141,,04 Elixir,\ grand Elixir is sold try dregais, • ia all parts of America. It pure, honest medicine. Try it to -day. Sold by N. M. White, Thlion, Mont. Terms of Court. The judge of the Fifth Judicial Dis- trict, compotted of the eouutite of Beaver- head. Jefferson and Madison, of the state of Montana. has fixed terms in the Die - trite court for the year 1800, in each of the said counties as follows, to wit: deffervon county, commencing on the first Monday of January and the first Monday of April. Beaverhead °minty, commencing on the first Monday of February and on the find Monday of May. Madieen county, commencing on the first Moncley of March and on the find Monaley of June. Eech Of said terms to open at 10 a. rn of taid Menday. By other of said judge. 4U -If B. .Z. Timms, Clerk, BRICK! BRICK! BRICK! NOTICE, To Builders and Contnictors: waving received u he of new toola front the ettat I for mannfacturhes all hinds of briek, we here state that front now on we' will have I in stock et all times, the hest, hard, well . r burnt, red brick, equal to any states' I brick mannfectured. 'Will also keep on I hand a No. 1 stock of brick for fronts. 1We will aka) manufacture a hand-mmle pressed brick. Parties wishing pressed brick will please inform us in regard h sonic'. SHEEP FOR SALE I have in band of 1.150 good grade Ale cp which I oiler for sale. Parties wishing to purehase sheep will find my kind it definable one. For particulars eall at my ranch on Horse Prairie, or ad- ess, (ILO. L. BATCHELDER, 1:3 -S -4454f Bannock, Mont. We have now on hand over 250,000 well burnt, hard. red brick. Alining A ppileation No 2353. As soon as the weal her will permit We f. a ,„1 (AR Helena, H„ witl manufactme 18,190 brick per day. to i n iai t 4: a sk , ...z .. . , ,f,t , E;Ltlal , tit r a , - W q .1: HEIMAN St Mr ET 1 , .N. Iti'luxt sO, Edgeeton, whose pa•tollice address in Proprtotor's or st. ltriel: Yard. 1 - ,, I ,; : . 1 ;;7,,,, t ' ' ', /• :,T 1 t .;', r \„ 7 ,,,'.\ v ,,';„11! ; ',,j te ,,,, r `d . \`„ I ' f : 4 \ a i t 'il ic46 \\ lo-po nun, 1.f Iluer urn,. nil. (Waling ger;,% ' - i , usee in I issose,,. a mining oi•ariet. it, /Millet. I 1101 al,. .411111411a. 111111 cies:411,yd in the olli.1,11 sEED, , :,. Si tiejj.';:a mit. 1...cs ts ft.. thence H. deg. a° '4126 0. theme S. ns deg. E. 3560ft., theta,- Alfalfa or Lucerne Seed, and deg. 42 min. 1.0-i: ft, thi•uce H. 54 deg. vu mitt. W. 1St. thence a,. tit dog. W. ass ft., tance ri.,:u deg. W. CAo It. them, N. lu deg. W. 1160 ft.. thence S. '4.1.w. 30 MID. W.V.:3ft., thence • N. 1 deg. .5 min. E. :title ft. thence Esparsette Seed for DRY LANDS, thenc.• ti deg. 0 min. W. tie0 D.: thence N. 14 deg. E. 226 ft. to place of beginning. containing 1.41 40.101)neres and funning a pottier. of tlwe alitaar- vexed ton nship , A south of range 11 W., Monism , Also Fresh Garden Seeds in tacrillian. '1 he! ovation of this mine is reLorded in tlie recorder I.. office of Ih•av.•rhead coenty. Adjoining .laimants a, the Bon Aceonl ylacer, CAR LOTS or Less, at BAILEY & SONS lhonsto Laney et id. claimants, on the nort tweet, and the Cope placer. E. 1). Edgertou et al, claim- ants. en the /..01 , t1,14.t. All pertains liohiing adverse claims thereto are Mgt tired to pr,ent the nano, liefore ibis. °thee . 1 wit hin silty days f tom the tient tkll IlleIlt IOU hereof, SALT LAKE CITY. of the statute. or ti ley will he i arc -u1 by virt..e of:t ' a. ono - Lions c.e.t. S. W. 1./aNailinthE, P.egistyr. A. H. NFL:4,w, Attorne'y for claimant. Date of first pcbliention May It:. Pla. 20 101 Ihhill Jewelry ahd Gun Store, DIRS. L. KUPFER, Prop'r, /1)1.1.1c>23.. - - Itcaler in /toward Anil Elgin ira . iche., 57 o lilt M.. Lowest Prl,•es flint 1,111 a111/4111wil. Itatolle all rend... of .1111.11.14.11 Wathilys. Y*1114,1311 y Ito. is Coral Mosetoei.t. • AlSo c...rry hire, well•selveleil prod, ol 1ictIG.e4=a1C% J017174,12\77 of all ,lepre:ntinns. Fine .in.1 ennipl,c,k1r.1 w.ttch work soliei1e,1 it oi the connire. Ali work ivarriinte,1 for one yehr. Also eon's stoek of urns, kes xl Slott 011110. flth.111. NOON NMI A inninitittoo•mr Reda and Tackle, thinni5sg/ 4 mb' s;.ortipg roods of n11 kinds a whal e . d c :ind It -1 1:, CHAS. H. PABLEV, I'mprietor of UNION MEAT MARKET Keeps constantly on hand at wholesale and lb -tail, Beef, Pork, Mutton and Veal; Smoked Hams and Bacon; Corned Beef, Fresh Lard, Etc. Poultry and fish in season. LW' Special Attention paid to Waiting on Children. Cash Patti for Hides and Pelts. Shop Opposite Depot. Drs. STARKEY &PALEN'S TREATMENT fill TN!! IT WON, TWA DC MARV RVGJATClittl1is E 4 41, LlatIAL 311/TICItti. _ for 1 . ;;Isilmet luso Inini (11liee. Helena. 11....t., May;. soul 1.. hereby Cl'.' ,, that the treti...i ng - 'lamed co4ticr has t 1.11 1.1011141 of los intention, In make mail proof In pummel of his claim, mkt that said proof will tw made before the pulls , or in Ids absent\ the clerk of 11 I iletriet ...met of 1111111.01111011411•11. any. Moat.. aiD Ilan, %flat.. 1.11 ••••• illS, 15110. visa flour,.. %V. 1. , avoitier, on heinieNtenti applicaticn No. 2nd,. for 11... TIE 1-1 tiec. 31. T. 4.5_i. 11. • W. and lob. J tad 3 Sow. 6, To-, S. it. W. Ifs nam,s. the f.•11.,.. ins 1, kw... to entre his oinon Knot et:hived...a Illf. nul• ul land. 'is: I lint,,,. stemma:1. Atulrew Bar- tow, of„,:ca.', Nathaniel Are, of Dillon, Mont. J1) td S. W. I. Itegisder. Notice for Politic:Ito., L.tan 1)rvit'i: tit 11c1 :11.,14.. Mn; 7, lett , . ital,anta, leagion 515.• llos -nagnivl vieEtrui Intent notice Of lii,. tat, titieu to turd proof in sopixtri it his ...lino. MIA I: Mt. .1 , 161 proof will 1111%114* tin -fore the lidigit or in hi. RI. sem, the cl , r1: of the district omit of lb -spar - tint ionnas, Mont., at Dillon, Mont.. on doneii. 12 5 0+1). via, .lanwe S. Erv•tec. n 1, au tend apolionl lent No. 24th'. for the Si • 1-4 t = ‘ , . 1 , , mm /-1 HAN' 14 eft,. N' t NW 1-t j\ 1•,w nt witneesee to ono, hi. continnoLs retitteaco qua curl cultivation of. sal.1 inml, viz: linos. 11.•Knight, Icart•P•on L. l'11:g,',1*.11.:',1.1.1'17;sol:111,t,.i.litIrt.en saul \\\'m \ W. LAst.tronSf, Itegioter. soli,-,. rote -tie tee. 'fa Willie's A. Lis 11,•irs or a -thus -a Tom two.hy nothall tent I have expended ins labor aini 11,4, 1374 CODISV:NAI LED', t2, a, a sato ittitatig teayerheact 11111111- y , „ , atAt o ula. for 11.0 101.111 t.1%, yearn AY. 1111111 1 / 1 11 „ ' fr 4:r11 . 21\trIrt •a 4 ill t 'i;iti t i l i'mr \. claim tam it Dss-i'siibs-i- it, tll,tt, antI. If withie itinnty days after the that poblicution of PI rogue, you Mil to contribute lour portion ,•osts of this notice, as co. wnc Ir, )1, one intemot in said (kintwoot lode will ' 1;corne Iii,' prttporty of the oubscriber under said re:lion • 2,324. (17-1kPt Joagra STRUM. 111.11 ow A poi leaflet. No. 2564, U. S. Land Office, Stilt -nit, Stunt., May 14, 1 , 1-P. Notice i , hereby give:1114kt Eras tn. D. Edgerton, Char' , s h. Colo aud lie.rge E. Cofe, by Least IL Edge. tou, whose pontoon. mit:tens us Helens, Montana. la, tokdo Los' a patent lei' cm- Imistred, fifty -tame and LIZ-AU :tyre. of plarei ,ro benibt_i grad. sit ate Its Luorganiz nt minim.; district. Beaveriasel nty. Montana. and .1 owribed in tile ollicial alai 11, 14 notes on hh• in UM. 11, tumtloW,m Nur, E t 41; beginning at win-, No. I, whenve die IS, soction • ornor between tections :Locust borndary of 'it,. 5. 5. h. Is in , ,beNT , mm.Si due. 19 min. W. loom thence N. dog. ti•ence S 7; deg. E. I:3 0 ft.. thence p.22 deg , to min. ii, bk.1 ft., thenee N. es deg. min. E. 15cr f • .. thence t...52 deg. E. 1175 ft., Palace _i's.\) dog. I,, min. E. ahli ft.,. thence N. Li deg. E. WU ft., S. 61 deg. tau h., thence N. 6i deg. 1., min. Li, 1070 ft.. then, N. 1 0 4t it.. ' phence S. 77 deg. 10 mit.. 1.. tell ft., thence deg. IA' E. 69i ft., Soul, S. St dog. 15 min. E. law In.. thence S. lie ft.. this -n,,, N. It deg. Min. W 17'50 ft. ' .thence N. 12 dog. it min. W. 51i1 fort. them 0 1.11 il,greee nicet las feet, thence 8.00 d•w. 45 min. W. ;Kit t. thence '• deg. al lain. W.351 ft.. theme S. As 'do.g. W. thence s. d 12 min. W. 212i If.. Uglier- & 711 deg. W. 1700 It., thence N. 13 deg. 31./ min. W. 25' It., them, ti. tide's. thin. W. t 4.31 ft., theme N. 6 1 deg. W.1211 ft., theme b. PO deg. 3 W. 425 ft.. thence S. it deg. 1:i min. W.110.: ft -hen, e N. LP deg. 20 min. W. 18:1$ ft- thence IA. iS ;log LP min. W. In+ , ft., the tiro N.\ deg. 10 min. It. ate fl. • to place of to ginuirtg. containing 153 43400 acres and forming a portion of the wailer of section otoarom,d . a S. of It. III W.. 11.uttatia merid- ian, lime loettion f tax nth.. is re-orded in lb.: ns•order'm office of benver:lintl sot, nty . .A11.11i11- : me claimants an.' It. 1J. Edgerton et al., for • Pim er On the All persons holding adverse cloima hereto tire , rospiired to preoent the some login, Ono aloe within sixt., lays I rom the mot da of tr.bli , ailMn cel,\. or de y still be harlot by virtoe of the provisions ef UP) ntatete. S. W. LAN(illoNNY. flegirter. ; A. 11. Nabs , IN. Attorney tor l'isianant. Date of tint publication :day '.31. 0. 21 101. LUG AL SOTICILS. :Vallee for Pnbileation. LA:411 Oriltit at lielona. Mont., May 2. one. N1garr beret*. IriVeri the following' oittlor sad laiit Ire of intention to musk.. hind proof in support of Lim, and that rvid proof will Ia. mado before tle. el , rk of the ilistrit-t court of Ikhirerlivral ahninty, Mont., re Dillon. Mont., on J une 30. 1890. le; 31artin Hutch. inn Pre-ernittien . ol. P. No. 1 1 1.1 , , for the /41V1. '411....5. 1ft. \ s. it. it IV. HP 111111.1.. 11.0 fall01.1111K W111/1•111,11111 ftraTt* lulo /*th,,th reoid..noe mom air! ct•!..ktion of. atili land. six: Engel a. ust . , .; oho hink and Merlon! J. •n., all of it . bout, 1O -td, S. W. I..tro.a, ,:iN a', • ___ • Nutlet. for Publicaticti. LANp tlyticx Hama, Hunt., May I. INC. Noman la•reby emir that the f Ilueringt - Hotbed wider has bled notice of Id , inteniien to make Moat cononnancel b‘m:esteati pt.s,f sop - court of ebint, and !Igo ,aid proof will be Limit beton. the tk of the obtriet rood of ikuyerhead cot lily, Mont., tit 11i11. -11, Mont., on .1 um, is: liti..rso Slantiaher. On bona:W.1mi upi , lit,qtat No. for the WI t ; NW ,.. S.r.' • ; ', sh. 3; , to. 5, .. Be names the f.,11m witnes-o. to. prove his LEV 1,4.n nod C•••Iiivation said 1 aid, viz; Ill•l:/..101 t* , 11/111/11, lie,•11timl John • Bishop and J11,111i 'iihrllon, all of Dill in, Mont. . t moo. iliNE, liegieter. W. S. Ittnnocs, Attorney. _ _ . • _ liekert Lunt'. Fitt a I Pr...if -Not ItoR for P uldirat 11111. UNITED STATit1.1 LAND ()FE ICE • Helens, Mont.. May 2, 18Ikk No:,icr• itereer given that latitatael J. ts„re r- nI tnm ; •:14 '''' .O.Ii \ . ' in .. 11:t%r:ret t -Is i g• I t ie\ '4 in\' 'for thelS 1-4 1-4, see. 31, H 1-2 14. Nto. 172, tp, 1, 15 lA unit 1 3 r t+se. 3, to -t. S. It. 13 W \ ., L' hrfo ud n : I thu . ( 7 1 , 41[4.}il tstriet omit lienvorheml enmity, at Dillon, : . on ItItanday, the tilltit day of June, 1800. • • wring witnesses to 111•0111% the coati:re irrigation and rem larnation midland: liono t O. Foi nier, Frank Carrier, Martin lintel, and John 1. orney. all of Wit.dom, Mont. 2.04.11. 0. W. LANG-11011Ni , Regioter. r Nolte., for imblicittlou. Land Office at ID 1 -as. Mont., May 19, isise. Notice in lierel given that the following -Earned settler has tiled notice of his intention to make final print in oupport of his claim, and that laid proof will be made b••fore the clerk of the dis- trict court of Beaverhead county, Mont.; at Dil- lon. Mont, 011 June Va. 181)0, vix, Freon Dexenhart, on pre.empti,,n D. S. No. ttliti, for the NWN, 8Ma; liWla See. Ill and NESS Sinus tier. Pi, Tp ra it. 15 W. ile names the following witnesses In prove his continuous ree.ielence upon and cultivation ;of laid land, viz: Walter P. Fox, Albert 11', Orem- held, Martin Botch and George I'. itomain, all Wigdom, Mont. 2114 S. W. LAnOttoRNE , Register - Corrected Tax Sale. County treasurer's office. Beaverhead county, State of Montana. To all persons. companies. or cop rorationo who have or claim any eotate. right, title Of interest , in or claim tonic lien .1 :on any of the slowest puree or parcels of Ijunul in the list henna at- • belied, take notice that I will, according to law, lie OMm the following witnentos, to prove the offer at pti bile tale at the Othee of the treatatrer of complete irrigation and reclamation of midland: . the county of Beaverhead, and the state of Mon- Patrick Deemond. Thom.. Pierre, lama% Mem.- lalla. on the Zink clay of May, 11410, arld. aUCCAPth 110111 and Patrick Kelley, all of Banna4, ins dayo itirnday excepted r, commencing at the Mont. Isom of II o'clo.k a. m. of nail day, the follow. '5,1.1 th W. LAnOgORNE, ftertiater. ing deecribed reel eetate, situated in said county, .- oo which the taxe, for the yearlash and invent- Nailer. for Pubileation. ppi p.m, baring not been paid, will by Pohl to pay said taxa; see., to-witt Lunn OPTIcx AT littLottS, MONT., I Desert 1 and, Flora Proof -Nirtlee for Pub- lication. UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE, lena. Alont. April 11, law/. Notice is heriliy given that It. of A mesyille. ',tong.. has tiled notice of intent ien t.. mak- hcoof on Id , thscri-land t•la int N... for the M I t Rod NW1-1, hoe. 1.0 0. 11. in., before it. elr.,'1; tie di,drici of Beaverhead count y, at Dillon. Montana, on sat orday. the 2411i day of Slay, 1000. Ile lannos the following witne...Nou 10 tin's,' the CO1111400 11 rigation and reclonntiont of raja land: V111110y P. Briers, James M. linight. William G. Illair, and William al. Snow, all of Amesville. Alontana, 111 -td S. W. LANUHORNIL Register. • Ileher1 Eniiil, Final Proof-NotIce for Pub- UNIT'En STATE:4 LAND OFFICE, ilelenaa, Mont.. April 14, 1690. Notice is bend. , given that William AL Snow. of Amenyille, Mont., hag tiled noth•t, of intention to make proof on his desert -land claim No. lthd, for the Po NW 1 4: NEt. and Nht.. SW!. Sec. • Itt, To. in, S. It, It W., before the clerk lot the din- ' [met court of Beaverhead county, at Dillon. Mon - tans. on satorday, the 2411, day of May. 11490. He 1111.111. &Mewing aitrie, , ,es to prove the ronwl,te irrionn ion and mamma ion of t.nia land: olney If. Briggs, Jame.. McKnight. William hi. Blair, and 11. Shen.% all of Arnenville. Montanss, 1.1,1 S. W. LANDIIOLNE, Register. Demei•t I snub blind Proof-Nritiee for rub- Ilention UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE, 11.'11.11(1. MOD, A pill 3. 1st*. Notice in 'Ando. giv.•n that (kith reernan. i MORISON that ft1.41111.01aa to mak,. pro.: tin her eill1111, No. 1;u1, for the Et, i •••F, 1-4 NE I-1 o••.• 22. 0 !,• NW 1-t and •••11 . 1-1 NW .-I sec. 23, S. ii. as. It, s in , before the clerk 14 the district ...ant of Beaveritesd atayaft, at 1/1110a, 510111, on It ley. the 11111i tiny .11.3..• 1390 Shr names the following wiitivi-ro, tit prove t he complete irrigation and Yeaft111111110a of nnirl btu& ,tepheti 1 'INN,. Or I i Poindex- ter. tr, JAI on. Fronk D. Roe, Mobutu' Hen- ry 0. smullhorn, of Lima. 15-111 5. W. L.1.11011,,1114:, Register. Notice far Publication. LAND OFFICE AT HELENA. MONT., / May 12. 14:111, Nistire I, hereby given - that the following. named setter has hlist nod, of I, s intention to make hind proof in support of his claim. /lad that said proof v• ill Ix. mode before the I 1••rk of the Dst tact ( Beni, Ilona ( wall). Mon- tansi. at Dillon, Montana. on June lat, 1800. vitt Duntoin 31. Wedelns. on pre-emption D. S. No. 100`0, for the lob, 1 and 2 sail SE 1-1 NW 1-1, SW 1-4 NE 1-1 sec. hIt. fp. lo. S. H. 11 W. lic names tho following witn,ces to provc lila nit'? 14,011 alai 14 , add land. ▪ sit: Horatio It, 131,14, I heoplt. 1, fl. 1 laver, Deniel H. Noblo, JOIIII Kissiek, all of tied hock, Montana. 20-ot S. W. LiN011011:1E, NOIR, for ion Lisa OFYIEZ AT 11YLENA, NONT., May 12. 'Sisk . Notice is liceeby given that the following- /mm.51 settler has t ms fee of his intent ion i., snake hnal pr,s,f iu sopport of his Ithli111.111141 that said proof will to 3 innflo before the I jerk of the Dietrtet Court of Beaverhead County, Mon- tana. at Dillon. Montana, on June 251h. 1890, viz: lir.irgr S. Thomp- nu.n. nini Preemption D. S. No. 0.117, for the NE 14 WC. up. i,s. it. 13 W. He Patties the following to prove his Ninth], ut.s width nee upon and cultivation of said land, viz: David LIM, 1 rank Wks, Joseph Buxton, William Moon., all of Wisdom. Mall - tam, 20 -hi S. W. I. AN0110IINE, Register. Upper -1 1.111111. Proof -Noll., for Pub- lication. UNITED STATES LAND OFFICIL 11,•Iena, Mont., May 14, 1.00. Nothe is hereby given that Hobert Martin, of Bannock. Montana, has filed notice et intention to make proof on his desert -lend claim No. 2157, for the SW and W SE's of Sec. so. Tp. 0. N. B. 13 in, unourveyed before Z. 'I homak clerk of the district court of th•sverhead county, at Dil- lon, Alontans, nntm sat order, the a Int tiny of Jut,\ 1890, thc District Court of lictive•rhesel Cut.nty, Moll* 11630 Arch street. klait.a.O. 7 . 41 Pa. i• . rrnaorat.. '• -No siasasti * la 20 tart, at Dillon, Montana. Armlets., ) • • ..... • • • .• • • • • .. 0 77 002e j on \ 71 ' 4 . 5m 2 ,Tt i :n, i l m A k Ty ' ,11: . .a 1 7:, h ii711 \ 9, 1 f 1 5:r 1 1 . 17. line 10 10 SI: 1-1 NE 1-1 we, sW 1-1 NW 1-t oec. Ii.neutnpfion. Asthma. llroueltilie, Opepemla, , laiclo On. A. 31 In (Starch. /lap Fryer. ffeathichr, Debthly, Klirohe Day. Fred 2.5 II'.'- 1.4 it tot'.'. <dim. Neuralgia . awl pit Clonal.: and Nertvote Duncan. Levi ll i)t ra. \ 8 1 t ' a r :leo . y Paten's offica no•ortlo show over I fa),111.0 ranee In which their original tend only Reunion) (Unto...m.1 C)xygen tttuitment ha , 1/01'n May 12, islet ZEAL. muned settler hr. pled notice of hie intention to 1 , Dillon Town Dot Co., DWon,lote nand 13. 4 I.71 Notice ta hereby given that the following- M bi bi r„ \ tit . . m. (41\ndale. (\ f i \tr' sj7 . 4 , t,: k rt al im i;4: 1 1 4 used by phyolvians in their pmetice. and hy inctependently. (Over 1,111a1 physicians and more than lease involbla lint. sta. key A l'iden have the liberty to refer t,, the following named well known persons who have tried their treatment. Hott. WWI. D. mendpr of cottons. Phila, itEv. virron t•oxli o, ElitIth 1 theerver, lir). Ca CC W. '11111INII, 1*. IL, Rochester. N. Y. !toy. We. I'vs NIX , i:s. 1,0 •r-ticenn, IV. It. 1ViiIITIONfiTON. ed. New Komi., New York. juts.; If. P.% RooplArt. (4 , ..11eT110. ham MRS. pitY icamiliw. Helmer . , Maio. . stony, l'hilatielphia. J. Alooc . UV% 1/1 , 11(1% ilandforo, Dort.etahlte. Atm . JAcon inns,,. ilowral, New Stouth And thoomndn of othom in every [girt of the United litotes. \Comisanul Oxygen- Ita Mode of Aetion and Results. ' will be nailed free to an 3 outdrew on apy.licat ion. Please nwntion this parr when you order 1 ftfi111111 Oxygen. ' 1 0 tt i na rt r... r ; , i • i l n i m e 0 1 h y . . .. :1 5 0 2 1 4 854 5 28r2 : 2 1 t i) A i li k t i \ ilit ' n o . 1. 1 .. M lin thri, h il. M T 1 1 1 : 1 91 1 7 3 1 t ' is ' t Y 1 X ( 1 1 7er tu a rlice \ . S t ilton 1 711 ‘ P. 74 1..tro . * n, N m S eloon. .1 t l'erk I won. ll. Si Sr 'A Soria. Jow , p1, 41 , le wil t Smith, A. 51 I in Sterner. H. I, i : 10,,,Irille, I). M . . 11 874 2 a 76 1 1 vi , collected in the sheriff oo Soft'. All ,ersonal taxes Oat are not paid by one 1 will Anise n1111 Weston further delay. 1 Pal. Joe. 1'. MerLts. 4%16, _ lie num,'z followiqg witneowen prove so r cam nnon and el Itivation ;of raid land. viz: David V. Wampler, John H. FreY- aching. Alva J. Nities, William A. Armitage, all of Witolom. Montana 20 -td H. W. Loomonms. Register. Notice far Publicatton. Lson Orrut tom 11111.E5k, MOST,, / May 12, 151111. 1 Notice In hereby given that the hdlowinto nanesl settle h r as hled n • oti.••• of his intention to make tined proof in support of his, claim. atul that said proof will lo• mule ham° the I lerk the District I Orli of Illvererhead County. Mon- tana. at Dillon. Montana, on June 23,1, 1500. 1stDavid P. Wompler. on Preemption No. 4937, for the NE 1-1 to, ito Mtnn-s the folliorinit witness, -ti to prove his contintitnin residence Upon and cultivation of said land. viz: Stephen 11 Vatter. Alva .1. N111./.. John H. Freyaehlaa, William A. Armitage, allot Wisdom. Montana. In -td 8. W. Isktt0110111tE, ktrIffsfet, A letter of Lamb's. in which he said, I ana recovering. liod be praised for it. a healthiness of mind souiething like calnanese. but I want more religion,\ brought 05 at a sale in London. Call at the TRIREME job room for plain or ornamental printing on letter heads, , note heads, bill heads, cards, posters etc. Subscribe for the TRITICX11 and take advantage of our premium offer. Tan Tann= its a progressive paper.

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 23 May 1890, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.