The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, June 20, 1890, Image 8

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a 1 1 '1 1 1-1 1E3 'TRIP TT E: ID I Lila° l'sT, /NI - TANA__ district court. 0. B. Barber, who owns one of the prettiest ranches in the Ruby valley, and who takes delight in raising handsome ! trotters. was in Dillon Monday. ' J. 0. Mills, of Hampton, Va., arrived ! last Monday. and is visiting hill son W. E. Mills, of this city, this week. Mr. Mills is quite favorably impressed with Montana. George NV. Irvin, ex -United States Butte,marshal, of was in ' He Was returning from Argenta, where he had been on leisiness connected with the Tuscarora company. Judge William Hunt and Warren I Toole arrived from Virginia City Monday ) evening, where they have been attending district court. They took Tuesday morn- ing's passenger for Helena. SCARLET FEMER. Rome Rules. as Published by the Board of Health in Regard to It. There are a few eases of omelet fever in town. We reprint the following eug- gestions prepared by the board of health: Care should be taken that colds may be avoided. In most cases where fever exists, the rash will appear within eighteen hours, and is firet visible in reddish, indistinct patchtni about the ears, neck and shoal - dent. The patient should be placed in a separate room, and no person except the physician, nurse or mother, allowed to enter the room, or to touch the bedding or clothing used in the sick room, until they have been thoroughly disinfected All clothing, bedding or other articles not absolutely necessary for the use of patient, should be removed from the sick room. Articles used about the patient, such as sheets, pillow -cases, blankets, or clothes, must not be removed from the sick room until they have been disinfect- ed, by placing them in a tub with the fol- lowing disinfecting fluid: Eight ounces of sulphate of zinc, one ounce of carbol- ic acid, three gallons of water. They should be soaked in this fluid for at least one hour, and then placed in boiling water for washing. A piece of muslin, one foot square, should be dipped in the Rune solution, and suspended in the sick room constan- ly. and the same should be done in the hallway adjoining the sick room. All straw beds should be burned. It is advised not to use handkerchiefs about the patient, but rather soft rags for cleansing the nostrils and month, which should be immediately thereafter burned. The ceilings and side walls of the sick room after removal of the patient should be thoroughly cleaned and lime -washed, and the wood work and floor thoroughly scrubbed with soap and water. By such measures of prevention there can be no doubt that the number of cases of scarlet fever would be greatly reduced. Milkmen and dairymen should not ap- proach nearer than twenty. feet of houses bearing signs of scarlet fever. Parties quarantined desiring groceries should write an order for the same and place it in a suitable box at the outside of the yard, where it will be found by the I marshal and delivered to the parties to whom it is addressed. Washings or ironings must not be sent out from houses where the disease is I known to exist. No public funerals should be held, but in cases of death word should be sent at once to some member of the hoard. , who Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Poindexter re- turned from their bridal trip yesterday. While away they visited various coast points of interest. Their many friends are glad to welcome them back again. Postmaster David Lamont left for an extended eastern trip Wednesday even- ing. Before returning lie will visit New York City, Washington. Chicago and Rockford, Ill., the latter place being his old home. He will be absent about a l'EliSON11, MENTION. SHORT PARAGRAPHS ABOUT VARIOUS PEOPLE. Interesting Notes coorernitirr the Move- ments of l'itisenoo of City and County. C. Y. Reeder was in Butte Monday. John J. Fallon, of Helena, is in the city. George Bailey was down from Lima this week. Jake Miller came down from Anaconda I last Sunday. James Parfet of Argenta was in the city Monday. R. C. Haliday returned from a trip coastward early this week. Ed. Rang returned from a trip to the, Big Hole basin Sunday. W. H. Smead left for Missoula Tues- day, on a brief business errand. Mrs D B Mason was in from the ranch, on Grasshopper, this week. Court Stenographer C. M. Parr came over from Virginia City yesterday. The genial and only PhiL Shenon, of Bannack, was in the city Wednesday. B. F. White returned Monday from a trip to Portland and other coast cities. Mrs. B. F. White has returned from Lima, where she has been visiting friends. Dr. L. C. Ford. railroad surgeon with headquarters at Lima, was in Dillon Sat- urday. Sheriff J. E. Lloyd, of Silver Bow county, was down from Butte this week. on business. Fred Ellinghouse was over from Ruby valley this week with a load of flour for Dillon merchants. Thomas M. Pengilly and Joseph P. Wenrich Stuidayed in the greatest min- ing camp on earth. Postmaster Lamont went up to Butte Sunday night to see if everything was running smoothly. Mrs. Hannah Lapish, of American Forks, Utah, is visiting her son, James Lapish, of this city. • Adolph Eliel departed on Wednesday evening for an extended eastern trip. He will be absent ,everal weeks. Rev. Wm. Prichard returned from Helena. whither he has been attending the Baptist conference, Monday. Tom B. Miller, of the Pacific Mutual. leaves to -night for a two weeks' visit in Chicago.—Inter-Monntaia, 18th. Metiers. M. Howes and P. J. Kelly vis- ited Sheridan Monday. in the interest of COUNCIL MEETING. ration of the New City Officers - Other ItosIne.. The adjourned meeting of the City Council convened at Dart's hall on June 11, 1890. Present: Parke, Huber, Carter and Rife, aldermen, L. C. Fyhrie, mayor, and Phil. Steltzer, city clerk. The meeting was called to order by the mayor. The minutes of last meeting read and approved. On motion the reports of city clerk and city treasurer were accepted and or- dered printed. On motion the following bills were allowed: F. M. Cunnard, city treasurer.... $10907 , Moore & Wall, constructing b'dge I on Orr street 200 00 Con Bray, night watch 80 00 A. L. Stone, drawing city ordi- nance and 3 copies 15 00 Jay J. Rena, judge of election 2 00 M. VanDoren, judge of election 200 On motion the bonds of T. J. Mulany, I. Cashmore, Phil. D. MeGougb, W. T. Eastman and Edwin Norris were accept- ed and placed on file. A vote of thanks was tendered to the old officers for courtesies rendered dur- ing the past year. The members of the new council, hav- ing taken the oath and being duly sworn, were called to order by the mayor. Moved and seconded that it was deemed best to dispense with the services of night watchman for the present; carried. On motion the council adjourned. Attest: Pam STFZLZER, City Clerk. P'OTTRITI-1 eD CDT\ TITT_I - Y - ATTRACTIONS! ATTRACTIONS! CELEBRATION SUITS. We have just received our third shipment of Clothing and these are Beauties. Among them are Suits Worth $20.00; Many of Them are Worth $18.00; and a few from $14.00 to $16.00. WE OFFER YOU THE CHOICE OF ONE HUNDRED SUITS FOR $ 1 0.00. Every one are Genuine All -Wool Suitings in Scotch Cheviots and Tweeds, Both Sacks and Frocks of the Very Best Manufacture. If you can duplicate these Prices and qualities in Montana we will throw you in a CAYUSE to satisfy you that we mean business. • Here are genuine FOURTH OF JULY BARGAINS, and it enables you to dress in fashionable attire AT A VERY SMALL COST. HEADQUARTERS FOR GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS AND VALISES. I-1_AZ/11\11M1R, az MOOR, LEADERS OF POPULAR PRICES, Bannack St. Opp. R. C. Halliday's, Dillon, Montana. GIVE us A CALL. - Aki o DILLON IMPLEMENT COMPANY. New Prices. New G-ood.s_ Our stock of Wagons the Argenta Cedd a and Silver Mining - Absolutely Pure. . c orn - will See that the person is properly in pany. term& 1 ,,,, rh . i .74 , ,an ner ,a . ,,.in .r o i n ,... .A n li tt , r , ve , l , of n pury ‘ L and Carriages is the Charles Richardson left for Missoula ! Parties should be careful not to circa- e tta . n .. th tt i . t. or n i w intr i , y ti tin m ot s s it r t ntl i ca t n i not Ce =in as they only tend to incite alarm, and e WeliAlt al ' um or phosphate ts ` :w “ oie \ rs. ° Zeril;f:l h 7 t n I Most Complete in this late reports of \new cages,\ and \deaths Tuesday. where he will open the general • office of the Dillon Lumber and Grain company. thus make the person more liable to die. ease, while in a state of mental excite- A. B. Birchard, a brother of C. W. m nt. eersanat. Birchard. arrived from Meadeville, Pa., Call and See Them. Nurses and all persons having charge To John Henry: Tuesday and will spend the summer in of patients, should be very careful to oh- No ! can't come and see you; can't spare Montana. serve the directions of the attending the time. Am very busy filling orders, — e now have on hand Judge E. J. Conger an d w, S. Barbour physician, and not assume that they but if you will call I will show you the W , returned from Virginia City Monday know better. finest and largest stock of goods in my I evening, where they have been attending ) The Board of Health stands ready and line ever shown in the Great State of willing to do all in its power to assist afflicted families and will give all com- munications prompt attention. POWDER WIN. ROYAL DARINO POWDER CO., 108 41111 Kt. N. Y. part of the State. Resolutions of ReSpect. The following resolutions of respect were crowded out of last week's issue: HALL OF DILLON Loeffiz, No. 30, A. F. & A. M., June 9, 1899. I The following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted by thislodge: Whereas; It has pleased the Great Architect of the universe to remove from our midst our late brother, Christian Mead. and Whereas; It is but just that n fitting recognition of his many virtues should be had. he having been an active Mason for over fifty years; one of the pioneer Ma. - unit of Montana; first Master of Renwick, and also of Dillon lodge, A. F. & A. M., and Over Seventy Differ- ent Styles, From a Heavy Quartz Wagon to a Light Speeding Cart. Immense Stock, and are about Montana, and can name you prices that Receiving Two More Cars of Fine Carriages and Buggies. will astonish you. Especially don't fail to see the New and Iniprored Whitely CARTS FROM $18.00 TO $60.00 Solid Steel Mower. DANT. CHAPMAN. Strayed. Strayed from SaviSaving,,Saving,,ranch. on the Jefferson, about May 12. nineteen head if mares and colts, brandedI It on left shoulder. colts branded I It on left 1 7 shoulder. I will give *20 reward for information that will lead to their reeovery. .19tysem ittaim,. Fish Creek Jefferson Co.. Mont., Jam' 11,110. ROAD WAGONS FROM $30.00 TO $80.00, BUCKBOARDS FROM $30.00 TO $80.00, TOP BUGGIES FROM $65.00 TO $300.00. or ectin Two Seated Four Spring Mountain Wagons Lower Than Ever Contract to Let Sm1.41 bids f eyg our . new, twtorY brick block in this city, plans and speculations to he seen at the Dillon National hank. Dillon. Mont.. will be receiveol at the bank prior to 41, Befo work o a m. Saturday.Jouep, PAID. Also for the wood We reserve the ri l t to reject any and all bids. DILLON NATIONAL RANK. Jose II, MB. 23 'V in which capacity he Was ever willing and Dillon National .. Bank I active in the discharge of his duties and in disseminating Masonic light to the en- tire craft; therefore be it Resolved: By Dillon Lodge, No. 30, of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, that while we bow with humble firibmiregon to the will of the Most High we do not the less mourn for our brother who has been taken from us. Resolved; That in the death of Chris - re. Mitchell and Rushford Farm Wagons with National Tubular Axles, the Lightest Running and Most Desirable Wagon Made. Everyone Warranted. DILLON, MONTANA. $000 McCORMICK MACHINES TENTS AND COVERS, SURPLUS sod PROFITS. ..... . 25.000.00 Transacts a General Ranking Humbles/6 HOLLINCSWORTH RAKES, HARNESS AND SADDLES, Special A ttetitlen te Collections. AND BARBED WIRE. CRAIN PRODUCE CRASS SEEDS. month. tian Mead, this Lodgi laments the law of Accounts Merehants, Farmers and loth- • brother who was ever ready to proffer vidonlo Solicited. William Kitto returned from the east the hand of aid and the voice of eym GE°. pa - President. lard Sunday, whither he went with the thy to the needy and distr 1 of the 138° \' hope that it would prove beneficial to his fraternity; an active member of this so- JOHN F. Biseoe, Vice President. health, and if appearneee go for anything ciety whose utmost endeavors were exert- ! he is much better. Mr. Kitto proceeded adfor its welfare anti prosixtrity; a friend at once to the Elkhorn mining district and companion who was dear to us all; I where he will resume his duties as super - a citizen whose upright and noble life intendant of the Magnate mine, was a standard of emulation to his fellows. Resolved; That the heartfelt sympathy Many a Poor Woman Suffers Untold Tor- ! of the; lodge be extended to his family in tare from Bark -Ache, their ! eir affliction. If she only knew how easily she could ) Resolved; That these resolutions be get relief by using Ballard',, Snow Lini I spread upon the records of this lodge and mend she would bleep the day she read I a copy thereof be transmitted to the family theme few linen. It is a grand re . inoly of our deceased brother and to the Dillon for Headache end all Neuralgic Tui ever for publication. No pain can withstand its magic intio- S. D. Hooky', ence. It rOnlores the fire from a Burn or D. 1.1. m owl', Committee. Scald in 'me minute. It will cure In- 0. T. PArb, tiammatory Rheninntism and Sciatica: , applied to the Thrust and Chest in Croup A settler recently came into Miles City it will give immediate relief end make and states that there 12.5 bucks whoelaim breathing much easier. No family can that they still IIIHT the Indian who he without it if once they know its value. killed Ferguson and that if the whites , Try it. Priori rAl cents. want him they must come prepared to Sold by N. M. White. I Call Early and Secure Bargains. J. E. MORSE, MANAGER. J. B. CROW, Cashier. R. J. Moon's, Ain Cashier. '— JOHN WEIGHTMAN. MAGNOLIA A. L. ANDERSON. WEIGHTMAN & ANDERSON'S LODGING HOUSE LIVERY & FEED STABLE. MRS. M. BRAY, Proprietress. THE FINEST RIGS IN THE CITY. Cor. Washinkloo 311d Balloack St's. Good Outfits For Commercial Men and Tourists a Specialty. Daily Passenger, and Express Line Between Dillon, Argenta and Bannock. i) 6. !fight - Finely Furnished Rooms at Reasonable Rates. REAR CORINNE HOTEL. DILLON MONTANA.

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 20 June 1890, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.