The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, October 17, 1890, Image 4

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1 1'1-1 R. I M3 T_T 1\T E, _Es T_- CD 2•T , 0 /NT A_ 1\T A_ _ THE DILLON TRIBUNE: PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY -----.81 THZ TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPIY. OFFICIAL PAPER OF CITY AND COUNTY. Trans OF SURSCRIPTIoS fly Mail Postage Pre. paid -Payable in advance: One Year . ..... .......... $3.00 Six Months 1.50 Three Months 1.00 Single Copy .10 ADVERTISING. Locke NOTICES 15 0011ES a line INonpareil measure, for first insertion; 12 cents • line for each subsequent insertion. HEADISO NOTICES On local page o Brevier type), 25 cents 81 line for find insertion; a) vents a line each oubenment insertion. DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS, by the month or year, inserted at reasonable rated. Priem fur- nished on application. CHANOES in standing wivertisemento will be made (if desired: once a mouth without extra charge. Where ads. are changed oftener than once a month, the nod of COMpootilt10/1 will be charged. Copy for changes in ads, must he sPIII in hip Wednesday preooding day of issue. BIRTHS, MARRIAOES and DEArns inserted free when the simple announcement in desired; com- ments, obituary poetry, etc., Scents a line. When notion. are not furnished. it is concluded a men- I t ion of the event is not wished and none will be. 111100. CARDS of THANKS. Vt cents a line. NOTICES of Festivals Fairs Sociable* , Parties, ( omens, busmen+, etc., for whichss , is to be charged or where articles are to he I offered for sale lemurs a line. of twenty-eight states and territories. I The returns from the other states are in, and moot of them have been oounb3ii, but one or more districts in each of the states remain to be added. The total ar- rived at by the census offieials is below what was generally expected. It repre- sents an increase of only a little over 26 per cent. for the decade 1880-90, as oom- ' pared with an increase of 30.08 per cent. for the decade 1870-80. The percentage of increase is, in fact, the smallest for any decade since the first Census was taken, with the single exception of 1860-70, which included the period of the civil war. The population total above given is of course subject to revision. The I enumeration made by the police depart- ment in New York seems to demonstrate the fact that the census enumerators in that city did not get the full population on their schedules. A recount under fed- eral authority may be necessary there as well as in Brooklyn should a recount by local police, which is talked about there, show the necessity therefor. ASSISTANT POSTMASTER -GENERAL TV - All buoi eas 1 nen, notices and advertisements NER has issued 8 circular letter to pout. n e . for publication. orders for job printing, remit - trine., should be Addressed to the masters instructing them as to the treat- etc., PUBLISHINO CO. ment of \lottery\ matter under the re - The Sato Francisco Mine.; M. Howes visited the Comet mountain mining district in the interest of the San Francisco mine, of which he is general manager, last week. Mr. Howes was seen by a reporter of the TRIBUNE yesterday. He stated that the mine was looking fine, and that ore had been had for some time. Ore is now being taken from a fourteen foot vein be- tween granite walls. A general assay of , the ore returns $85 per ton. The compa- ny is working eight men and will soon be ready to ship. Haines Bros., have been awarded the contract to freight the ore to this place, from where it will be shipped to Omaha for treatment. Dyspepsia Makes many lives miserable, and often leads bit self-destruction. Distress after eating, sick heads ache, heartburn, sour stomach, mental deprme Eon, etc., are caused by this very common and Increasing disease. Hood's Sarsaparilla tones the stomach, creates an appetite, promotes eb gestion, relieves headache, clears the mind, and cures dyspepsia. In a Terrible Condition. \Iowa my life to Hood's Sarsaparilla. For two yeses I was in a terrl ble condition with dyspepsia. 1 Wald eat nothing but soda crackers, and my weight fell from 17(1 10 138 pounds. Hood's Sar- saparilla helped me at once, and after using 11 betties I was entirely cured. I have gained my usual weight, 170 pounds, and have had excellent health ever since.\ T. I. WiLcox, 20-20 1st South Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Headache -Hot Flashes. Suite Filed. \I had headache, hot flashes, soreness and The following new suits have been filed swelling asp,' my body, pain in my right aide, sed in the office of the clerk of the court dur- p w a it ri h ila fre w q i u t e h ut th v o om be it a i t n r g esu l a lt U I H am B brtte a ; tag the past week, health than for four years. Hood's Sarsaparilla F. L. Graves vs. Dolphus Paris; debt. Is safe, reliable, and sure.\ J. C. WILLsos, Au- burn, ('al. W. H. Dudley vs. Dixon Mining Co,; debt. Hood's Sarsaparilla Mary L. Yarham VS R. B. Yarham; th gold by druggist,. It; six for *5. Prepared only vorce. by C.111001)4. CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Maas. In Guadalajara. It rather staggers the North American traveler in Peru to see the prettily uni- formed young women collecting fares on Letters containing news correspondence, mann- cently passed anti-lettery act According script., destined for the editorial department, the street railways, but when he visits should be addressed to EDITOR TRIBUNE. to this circular the act applies to any the second city in Mexico, Guadalajara, Entered DO the Dillon pootoffice fortransmit- . letters, ordinary or registered, which con- and witnesses the refined courtesies prac- stun through the mails as emond-clam matter. ' cern any lottery or gift enterprise, and to ticed by the male conductors on the lottery tickets and cheeks, money or street cars there he is completely pane money orders for the purchase thereof, lyzed. The manners of the Guathilajaran : ,are in keeping with the cheerfulness and and to lists of drawings, and forbids the friendliness of this city. Imagine your - carriage of them through the mails. I self entering a street . car in New York., I Sealed letters must not be disturbed for i New York quotations for the past week: or any city n the United States, and be - DATE. saves. COPPER. LEAD. I the purpose of ascertaining whether the fore taking your seat bowing, hat in Oct. 10 $1.10 $17 00 13-70 ' transmissions of their contents are for- hand, to your fellow passengers, none of 17(3) 5.70 \ 13... - 1.10 17.00 8.00 bidden by the act but unsealed matter whom you have ever seen before. \ 14 1 Otei 16.75 5 5 ° ' may be examined for that purpose. The Then suppose yourself arrived at your \ 15 1.104s 16.75 6t(3 , • 16.75y destination; you rise, smile a friendly 6 00 i mailing of letters by citizens to lottery farewell to the car in general, shake • ' companies Is a violation of the law. Ie Eagle Rock is to become \Idaho , Newspapers, pamphlets, etc., containing hands with the conductor, and with a DILLON, MONTANA, Ocr. 17, 1890. SILVER, COPPER AND LEAD. Falls,\ why doesn't our friend, The Reg- 1 advertisements of lotteries or lists of later, perform the act of adoption? ' prizes, etc., are denied carriage in the mails. The same rules apply to foreign NoTwrreenesteme reports to the con- as to domestic letters, newspapers, etc. trary. the labor candidate, Hon. Wm. T. Postmasters are instructed to decline to Fields, says he is in the race to stay and receive forbidden matter, and to with- will not betray his friends, draw it and send it to the postmaster- lc co auctor, who corrects your pronuncin- general if diticovered in transit The tion and completes a quotation of IT is not altogether improbable that I term lottery as used in the act, is held to Browning when a passenger's memory sonic lover of his country has already embrace all kinds of schemes, general or is at fault. -New York Tribune. waked or, to the fact that he did not reg _. ktell, for the distribution of prizes by niter and now he cannot vote. THE worst storm of the season visited I the great lakes Tuesday. When the great air ships are in motion, transporta- tion can be made less dangerous by sail- ing above the storm. PRESIDENT HARBISON, after spendiag a few weeks in western states, has returned to Washington. It is more tiresome for him to travel than not. At one reception he shook bands until completely ex- haustecL Tax correspondence from Centennial valley usually bears an old date. This is not our fault, neither that of our little scribe up there. It seems strange that a letter dated October 6th should not reach us before the 15th inst. Such is true nevertheless. \A PROPHET is not without honor save in his own country.\ The American Press association stands in a good rela- tion with the newspaper world to know a good thing when seen. They have our ' thanks for their unsolicited compiimen- tary notice. See another column. Read also our school subscription offer. THE campaign ammunition has begun to explode and the big guns are now firing at close range. Hon. Those H. Carter will pass through this city to- morrow and will open his series of speeches at Butte to -morrow night, un- less delayed in traveling. Hon. W. W. Dixon is already in the field. We have not been informed as to the modem op, - atoll of the labor and temperance leaders but suppose they will not be wanting in vigorous activity. We are in receipt of many very flatter- , ing eempliments unsolicited in behalf of the TRIBUNE. It has cost considerable money to make the paper what it is and if our admirers will only lend us their aid by sending in a new subscriber occasion- ally, it will be fully appreciated When your neighbor who does not take the TRIBUNE calls to borrow yours just re- mind him that such work does' not tend to help keep good papers before the peo- ple and wet him to temscribe. Tun scope covered by the lottery law licence to reached further than was at first supposed it would. The Mexican 'mien+ having a circulation in the United State. , have been seized as fast as they arrived. So with other foreigb papers. In California, last week, a Meal paper published the result of to church fair raffle and as teem as the fact became known, the entire issue was seized by the mall authorities, on the ground thet ratting was a lottery and the paper pub- lishing flit' result Was Aiding the Mosi- nee , . TWO questions must he answered as a result. let. Are church rattles, where artieles are disposed of by chance, lotteries? 2nd. Can any Christian church conseiensciouly engage in the lottery business? brought by plaintiff to siamPoll a con- eceee eej , ei, Dealer M alltkintle;of veyanee to him by the defendant of the see'''teo te ere wsl re, shall ben ...wiry. UNDERTAKER'S GOODS, lot or chance, such as gift exhibitions, en- terprises, concerts, raffles, or the drawing of prizes in money or property at fairs. Bradstreet s. THE LAST ACT. Two prominent national lights ceased to burn at Washington on Monday. One was that of Associate Justice Miller of the supreme bench, and the other, Gener- al William Belknap.' Justice Miller was born in Richmond, Kentucky. April 5, 1816. His father emi- grated from Reading in 1816. Hie moth- er was the daughter of parents who re- moved to Kentucky from North Carolina before her birth. His early years were spent upon a farm, but later employment in a drug store gave him an opportunity of reading medicine. He graduated in the medical department of the Transyl- vania university when T2 years of age, and entered uj on the practice of medi- cine in Knox county, Kentucky. He had been married in the mean time and began to study law. He was admitted to the bar in 1847. In 1862 President Lincoln appointed Mr. Miller associate justice of the supreme court, and he was to -day the Hole remaining appointee of Lincoln on the bench except Justice Field. General Belknap was for many years in public life. He was bora in Hudson City, N. Y., in 1831. In 1848, he graduat- ed from Princeton college and settled in Keokuk, Iowa, to engage in the practice of law. He was elected to the state legis- lature in 1849. At the outbreak of the Re- bellion he entered the Union army as major of volunteers and rose to the rank of major general. President Grant ap- pointed hint secretary of war in 1869, which position he held till 1876 when a charge of corruption was made against him but was not sustained. He has been connected with national affairs to some extent ever since. Music Among the Chine... Written music probably first began, in China. The principles of acoustics also were first in existence in the celestial empire. The full scale of chromatic semitones was evolved by one of their emperors 4,000 years ago, yet the Chi- nese. actuated by that strange obliquity which is characteristic of the nation, re- eeived only five of the twelve tones into their scale, holding theother seven to be \female tones\ and therefore useless. ; The principle of the monochord was probably known to them, and in some of their instruments one can see the or - gun foreshadowed. Of harmony, or part writing, however. the Chinese knew nothing, and it is a good inferential proof of the non-existence of part music among the ancient nations that the Chi- nese, in their ancient music books, speak only of melody and seem to have dis- ' dained tone combinations, such as would suggest the simplest chords -Boston Musical Herald. 1 Loans and discounts ...... $205,588.56 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.- 27,611.48 U. S. Bonds to secure cirenlat ion 12,500.00 Stocks, securitim, Plik1111 . 11tn, ..1 . 111, etc 29,821.18 CHILD'S DIRECTORY COATS Due from approved reserve tutents.... 70407.70 Due from State H11111Cs MO. bankers-. 4,72885 Select at Once, before the assortment is Due from other National Banks ...... 61,47.54 Other real estate and mortgages owned 3,200.00 Current and expen sesother and taxes paid.. .. 3,739.06 broken. Checks cash items 2.364.80 Bills of other banks . . .. 4,550.00 Fractional paper currency, tackles, and cents.. 2. li, Legal -tender notee........ ........... 8,000.00 , HOODS Specie ... .................... ....... . 11.033.00 Redemption fend with U. S. Treaonr- I 9 er (5 per cent. circulation) 562.50 Total $535,713 \7 Liabilities. Natioruil Bank notes outstanding $ 5$10 7 \ Iiii :®11 :1 11,250.00 Capital stuck paid in Surplus fund Undivided profits 1ST. . 1 ew Hoisery for Ladies 9 Misses and Child- .. . . Individual deposito subject to check 188,139.00 Demand certiticatm of delimit.. .. . 175,719.29 ren in all Styles and Qualities. Due to State Flanks and bankers 32,520.63 Total • $515,748.27 ' STATE OF MONTANA, County of Beaverhead. os: 'Ladies Underwear in Immense Assortment. I I I, R. F. WHITE. cashier of the above norms. bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement ' -as is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I B. F. WHITE. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of Oct., 1891.1. H. J. Bunumais, Notary Public. Correct-Attest: Ono KLEMM, ) LAMBERT ELIEL, D1TSCIOTS. HOWARD SEBREE, ) Where Peanuts Oro., In this country the good peanut states I are Virginia, North Carolina and Ten- nessee. The crop in a good year amounts to about 3,000,000 bushels or 70,000,000 pounds. having grown to these propor- I tions from an output of less than 500,000 , bushels in 1873. Arkansas and Katues are also peanut growing states. Califor- nia produces a good crop, but the soil to so rich that the peanut grows large and rank with a shell so thick that it seriously Affects the roasting process. The state first named may therefore be considered the 1 od re of peanuts for the market. So important line the peanut become that in some sections of the three states it is the principal crop and chief reliance of the farmer. -St. Louis Post.: Dispatch. In a Different Set. \Now pray for Susie Bates,\ said Mrs. Simeral to 6 -year -old Flossie, who was saying her prayers. \Susie is quite sick.\ \Why mamma, - said Flossie, \I can't pray for her. She doesn't belong to our crowd.\ -Epoch. ) The Universit • of Berlin, with it, 6,000 PARTNERSHIP IN MINES. students and scores of famous professors, has a capital of but $750,000. Its largest \Grub Make,\ Motile lent to Create that inteeeet. endowment, that of the Countess Dose, The close of Charles Joeekel vs. Wil- is nn1;t1:150,000. Nevertheless it is the seat o he highest German learning. and , Ham Rogers, which was tried in the die- claims to have the ablest corps of in- trict court one day last week, involved a structors of all the world's schools. I question of some interemt to miners. It was 11 case arising out of a prospecting partnerithip. and involviel the question whether a prospector provided with an outfit and supplice by a partner can de- prive his partner of him share in a dis- covery by taking in other parties and allowing them a share in the property. ' The facts brought out in this ease are, that the plaintiff and defendant entered into a partnendip of this kind in 188e. the plaintiff furnimhing the supplies for a half interest in nil discoveries made dur- ing the ceason. On Augnst 5th of that the defendant, while liming the sup- pliee furniehed him 'under this agreement. diceovered a lead some three miles above A rImIntat mato& Notice. In the district court. Fifth intbrial district, lif the elate of Montana. in and for the county i•f Beaverhead. 1,, the matter of the estate of Jatnes Herby, deceased. Order to show came why order of mle of real eStete shoold not lo• inade. Fielding L. Graves and William the MI- mi nistrntorn of the estate of James Herby, de- ceased, Miring tiled their swtit ion 11STOill, praying for an on ler of sale •if t how piereS or parcel., a land belenging to the said estate SS follows, to - W11: Lot awl oiled on the north aide of Main street in Bannock. feet front; dwelling holm. and stable On north side Main street in Bann/wk. Si feet fn•nt; soloon, dwelling home apt brew- ery. on well, side of Main street in Bannock. 100 feet front: MP vacant lot on Main street Ban- nock. SO feet front: trne lot. Iola .table am! Immo., Bannock, 50 het front; tin,. wagon shed' smith side of Mai', st net: on.‘ cabin, known as the \Light Hoowe:\ one eaten ton Gramhomier road; One 11011Se Will lot In Argenta. kneel, IP Herby mloom one-third interest in the Bannock j•liwer chiim patented, &bent 41i aerm; ,gle-third intenat in the Ctimberlan,1 hole. It is therefore the lilne-Eyed Nellie. Instead of keep- order the f ul l :. if said c4,,irt that all per- ing (entree,. lo. 111{11 two other partiem polite inclination of the head take leave of the driver. The number of times I have witnessed such exhibitions of polite- ness convince me, that it is one of the customs of the country. How much more winning is the urbanity of these delightful Guadalajarans than the su- perficial intellectuality of the Boston I MODS ter. Mod n I 4. M18111 deeei t tred ay of Notnimbr. A. 1) I t fai. It 10 o'clock in the mar before tli•• said district court On is 1211, locate the lead with him, lenving the noon pe, illey, it ' t I ',in room t• no*,1 plinntiff out altogethie. This Was 1,11ri It,11 f 011e 111 HiHoll. Fo1111- Mid A.11111nist Worm Ict sell MO 111111.11 Of tits real ROB 'T T. WING, Pres t. 100 Doses One Dollar REPoitT OF TI1E CON DITIoN -OP THE - FIRST NATIONAL HANK AT DILLON, In the State of Montana, at the chow Of business, Oct. 20. 1510. Resources. Dillon, - - - - Montana. H. CUSHING, AT HIS BOOT AND SHOE SHOP In the Defriez Has a smell but complete assortment of Gents' and Ladies' Fine Shoes which he sells tit reason- able prices. On the completion of his new store, he will carry the finest line of boots and shoes ever seen in this city. Repairing of all kinds done neatly. 0. E. MORSE FIRST NATIONAL BANK DILLON, MONTANA. Capital and Surplus 8100.000. A general banking business tmnsocted, and upon the most liberal terms consistent with prudent and conservative management. Buy f ald e rtl . rxch ed r i r i t a ge on shi the principal cities Dublin. Edinburg, Gla•gow. Belfast.. . Members, Berlin, end other leading cities of I Europe Cold Weather Calls for Warmer Wraps. We Have Them. QUANTITY, QUALITY, STYLE. at Manufacturers Prices. READ: --A well-known Eastern Manu- facturer of Fine Wraps has sent us a large consignment of these goods, to be sold out by December 1st, even if below cost. PLUSH SACQUES, PLUSH JACKETS, PLUSH NEWMARKETS, PLUSH WALKING COATS, INFANTS' MEDICI COATS MISSES' NEWMARKETS CHILDREN'S NEWMARKETS TOBOGGANS, FASCINATORS. WE CARRY THE LARGEST STOCK. ELIEL BROS. L. C. FYIIRIE & CO., HOLESALE S. STEAMSHIP TICKETS Sold to or from any point in Europe. Aceonnta of Merchant . s .. Farmers,.Stockmen, • Rale Corporations r1 Individa is respect- ful] solicited. Associate Bonk t Stockgrowers and Traders' Bank, Caldwell, Idaho. B. F. WHITE, Cashier. FRUIT ' STORE U CALIFORNIA TROPICAL and DOMESTIC All CALIFORNIA and UTAH FRUIT and VEGETABLES in their season. The Only Exclusively g. ' Grocery House In Southern Montana, Cates,Nuts,Tobaccos,Cikars,Etc, 0_ =_ 1VIORS=, STAPLEA.gFi LINE OF FURNITURE GROCERIES. PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES Bedroom All Mail Orders Promptly Attended to L. E. STRINGHAM, Prop'r. Suits, Bedsteads, Chairs, BANNACK STREET, Tables, Stands, and Rockers. CALL AND GET PRICES. I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. Staple and Fancy Groceries, and Provisions, Flour Etc, DILLON'. FURNITURE'. CO. .A. CaMl•TEIZA.T-J 1-iii\TE FURNITURE, COFFINS, FURNITURE SUNDRIES. G. T. PAUL, Manager. CALCULATIONS made by the censns bureau Re to the population of the Unit- ed bites indicate a total id G3,211,428. !rho *pent has been completed in the case I i r third reserved by the defendant at the al= court. h a\0\4 1I f i t i ,r * :c4t andS \ of lb \ in time of location. The court decided the e. • , , It 1411, :ay •f Ogober.Isnu. r num! mooci e t,oisins, Velvet Crepe, plaintiff wam entitled to it and entered ano, j it year last above writ- Broadcloth, Etc. I ill seal t•J Peel here - decree accordingly. N ew N or th.W es t, I WI' 12 -rat R. Z. Trion to, Clerk. Metalic Caskets, from Sit, to $150. 1 1717,, Milf Ia X.a , • STATIONER, CONFECTIONER AND NEWS DEALER, Sherries Building. Dillon, Montana.

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1890, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.