The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, October 17, 1890, Image 7

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11 7 r- 06 ed a ip. te 53. ta es r- ce a re I\ Pr r . 20 TB.,I3EIT_TINTE: DII.LON, 1.101\1\1 1 A.N.A.. 7 THE MIME DEPAIITMENT.IthlY or g re \Y' and gives i t a delicate and THE ROCKY MOUNT.UNS delightful perfume.\ • . • FACTS AND THOUGHTS FOR WOMEN Have you noticed the wide -spread ad- , DOINGS OF A WEEK AMONG OUR READERS. vertisemeuts of \Black Beauty,\ published Too,. by the Boston Humane society? It is an autibiography of a horse, and is called and the \Uncle Tom's Cabin\ of a horse. It is hoped that the pathetic story will do as much to free the horse from the ty- tare. A. 8rrsoLna.1 runny of man aslMrs. Stowe'e book did What shall he done to make home at- • to liberate the slave of the 'south. Aside tractive to the young people, so that the ! from the interest of the story, anti the saloon may not prove the stronger meg- moral it conveys, there are many points net to the boy -He that the girl may be • one may learn about the care of horses pleased to entertain at home, instead of that will be of value. Send 12 cents running all over town with doubtful postage and get the book free. Read and company? Well, in the first place, the study it and lend it, and learn to love parents, especially the mother, must and appreciate better the faithful servant put themselves in their children's places s --he in sympathy with them -understand o ' man. i It is common in city schools to have what they want and be willing to give it supplementary readings to vary the mo- to them. Homes may be so bare of means , of entertainment, so carelessly kept, as to , make the young folio\ ashamed to have Literary. stolid .4 1 tttttt DIscus.ed The Told, 'irollet Dolor iii General. y or exercises in reading and to furnish valuable and interesing themes. NEIGHBORS. Conden N e sed ewa. Oath.- Large List of Exchanges and other Reliable Sources. Colorado. Joseph Courtney died in Durango on Monday night from the results of a frightful and horrible scalding received while at work at the smelter bet week. An Italian laborer named Rossi shot ONE EATJOIre3 and killed an unknown man in Dick's Both the method and results when saloon, near Durango, Tuesday night. Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant Boleti is a bully; he tried to pick a tight and refreshing to the taste and act in the saloon, but failing took a rifle and gently yet _promptly on the Kidneys, started off down the road. Presently he Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system tired and the bullet entered the saloon effectually, dispels colds, headaches and struck the victim in the back. Rossi and fevers and cures habitual consti- SAuPorlics company. I have just read a book that would serve was arrested. Again, the parents may be so tows. admirably for the purpose. It is enti- I The Pistols Mining company bawd MI scions as to repel all who come. Or, the kled' \On the Hills,\ by Prof. Frederick order on Monday that all miners working home may be so painfully neat, and the Stan of the American Museum of Nat- in that mine would be required to work : ural History of New York. It is a series ten hours, instead of eight, as formerly, housekeeping so exact as to prevent a ! of Geological Talks under odd and at- beginning this week. Several of the men feeling of hospitality. The homes that keep the boys and traetive titles,lwritten in Leach simple,, quit work at once, but their places were , any child may under- filled and the work went on as usuith A girls are bright and cheerful -neat, but Piaui language not too exquisite, with music, games, stand, and it would make the best prepar- meeting was called for the purpose of dis- ation . for scientific study by arousing a cussing the situation. books and pictures. The parents are al- ways young and sympathetic. There is genii-lir i interest' \The La . hor of a A colony of Mormons have leased the always a welcome for the visiting boys Giant, s an account of effects. Excelsior farm at Alameta, consisting of and girls. We all remember the homes \A Queer Bundle of Sticks,\ serves as a 14,600 acres. and will put 12,000 acres in of our playmates, and do not forget text for a talk on geologic animals. \The crop. Eighty plows are now at work in Toothwhere we felt welcome. Some of Tooth of \me is the mighty force of turning over the ground. Most of this \The Old Earth Trembles,\ is large acreage will be 'own with oats. comrades we envied and some we pitied. water ' Our children are proud to take their all account of earthquakes and slower This season the oat crop in the San mates home and show them a pleasant, movements, etc., for several chapters more. Luis domain is hardly enough for the 1 tastefully dressed mother who \thinks up\ all Korb of entertainment for them. They compare, and at night perhaps they will tell you that \Fred\ or \Nellie\ said you were \the nicest kind of a lady.\ 'Such a compliment, from such a source , ought to gratify you more than any amount of shallow society flattery. By • such means you keep your boys and girls at home. Another way is to interest yourself in the studies and plans of the children, forget your little worries and listen to all they say, HO as to keep the childish con- fidences. Rouse their ambition to the exercise of the highest mental 'Ind morall attaitunents. Lose no opportunity to \point a moral\ without preaching a ser- mon! So many mothers think their duties are done if they attend to the physieial comfort and well-being of their children. If they give them enough to eat and keep their clothes in order and send them to school, it is all they can do and they can't , listen to all their chatter. Well, that is j a great deal and absolutely necessary, but ! make time for the moral training! No 1 school or S. S. can take the place of a mother's mental and moral influence! Some time ago I wrote on,\keeping up with the times.\ That has a great deal to do with keeping the young folks at home. They will not be proud of a mother who knows nothing of what the world is doing -one to whom they cannot, refer questions of dispute. Which sounds best? \Let's ask mother, she will know, or can tell us how to find out,\ or \No use to ask mother; she al- ways says she don't know, or she can't be bothered.\ Our responsibility cannot be measured orweighed; it is larger and heavier than that of the head of the nation, for to us is entrusted the development of human beings, physical, mental and moral, who are to be worthy citizens of our country or drags upon society; who are to inherit a mansion in a glorious eternity, or go down \as a beast of the field. • Last fall my hair came out by handbills and while I was making up my mind • which restorative I should try, I dismayed some borax in water and added strong sage tea. I used this twice 'and my hair stopped falling out and commenced to thicken. I used some to wash baby's head and hair began to grow fast on his little bald pate. Borax is a very desira- ble article to have on hand. It is good to use in all sorts of cleansing operations. ! Borax water applied directly to the face and neck with a eat cloth, will remove 'rt when you think you are clean, and I wonderfully. y Mire, in Inter Ocean, gives rules for massage of the face, which, if followed, are supposed to smooth out wrinkles, and make the face fresh and plump. 1. After washing in very warm water, place the two palms On the forehead. pressing slighly, and brush them outward twenty times. The light, even touch is to be learned by practice. 2. Meet the finger tips at the bridge of the nose and bring them down, pressing the nostrils together, drawing down the bridge of the note if amtaline. or pressing upward if flat. 3. Bring the hands down each side of the not , * along the wrinkle of the cheeks, twenty-five times. 4. Rub the cheeks round twenty times. 5. Meet the hands under the chin, holding it in the palms and nib upward to remove the wrinkle which- bridles it, twenty to forty times. This movemement gives fintinem to the lower part of the fare, and prevents drooping of the nous- Masaage is much muted by use of the toilet cerate at the same time, as it sup - pile' the skin mind ...Dens the old theme so that the new, constantly forming be- low it can push away the 01.1 particles withease. It also protects the skin from wind and told, without making it all inaugurated a big canal scheme. They propoote hm take a large canal from Snake river near Crater Butte, about ten miles above Market Lake. anti running ahmg that side crosses the river above Market Lake station and covering the entire country on that side of the river to to the highest pOnatti just west imf lawn. The coed is estimated at $300,00o, and work will be commenced on it very soon. tut it is to be completed next year. Eagle Rock Register. A Word to Ladles. Ladies who desire a beautiful clear skin, free from pimples, both\ blotches and otlwr eruptions, shonld commence at ',nee to nete I Ir. (Dinn'm Improved Liver Pills. They will also remove that heavy look abed your eyes mai make them bright, and will cure headman' from whatever cause it arises. Remember, you are only required to take one small pill at bed time, which is mated with pure sugar, and will wit gripe or pro- duce any unpleasant mensation. Sold at 25 cents by N. A. Styles. pillion. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial, in its effects, its many excellent qualities commend it to all. It is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. aisttuFACTOREO ONLY By THE CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SRN FRANCISCO, CAL. 401.118VILLE, Kr. NEW Yon, N. Y. MAILS - ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE. North 11.01 p nt South.- ..... ..10111 . p. Mails close ono -half hour hefore mail tram ar , rival. Evening mail closes at /4 it. m, t/ffire open tin hominy front tt 10 14 a nt.. anti 12:15 to 130 p. in, I)%vru LAMoNT, 1'. M. home demand, as the farmers put their tin BCH Diumeione. laud almost entirely in wheat. The Ex- 3 eelsior farm is tinder the Empire canal j firSit;i:n\tlit . ; . iti S 'e r v‘x .i r e tTu t ei t t i r, 14 I t t . ot i,t . \ 1 : n . tt!ri. J. and this is the first year any crop has ! been grown there; n good yield of wheat ewrjrime r 'er r k m'''. an t ilt0 Ht.\ .7 4e1 7. '.1 . ' 1 D. hooker. ittiosiunary in chail g e. P. s m o n 4, 1 ,.., t ,d,,,,,/ was had from nearly 6,000 acres. al 3 is In. While working in a mine at Leadville st r l it a eti317 ,,, ,: e n r ; .- a trt ds 's y wheel on Sunday, Hugh Campbell met with a • methmtim _ servieee a, the „awe IC . serious accident. He W loading buckets' ( Zttl ) t'ylry tn't 4 ting al it tt. t • and s: 0 0 P. WIIn. from the bottom of the shaft, and had one e. r n e •1 1 1141.4 , ..; . tr ; p ! , .......41 ,, r r. -h i zt at 10 loaded and was standing with his right , Baptist. Nervier.; in the 1: 2 int oi5 t !:/h .i n a re. ye h r hand resting on the chime when the crap- Il Ut7P. . 1 1 1..v. W.ii. eral ' arti :. I ty bucket descended and caught his 'unit St It. m\\'\'dAY* hand, crushing it severely. He was taken home and medical aid smiummed On examination the doctors found that the member was so severely injured that amputation was necessary, and three fingers were taken off. TROPESNIONAL CARDS. TOIIS. M. It, PHYSICIAN AND tilnuieole, (Mee on Montana Street. in Union Block, over Patiley's Mint Market. Resident.° in R. B. 1 Smith's honse, washitorton St rest, Promci wytonitSt. attention given to profetwitral calls front all parts of the country, - - 1 tilts,, Mon!. Cheyenne if bothered by too large 11 number of burglars and footpads. The Wyoming grand lodge of I. 0. 0. F. meets in Rawlins next week. The Burlington and Missouri opened a station at Custer last Saturday. Over 10,000 head of Southern cattle have been brought into Wyoming during tle, Portlend or Berne point on the ocean, ' equipage, seventeen mu l es and fmteteen -ATTOItNee-AT-AAW. but the road will surely branch as far as ' men. The pack train is under charge of Portland. Chief Packer Delany, and hits orders to San Francisco Report: A subscriber be absent thirty days. coke, \Why are the Tnsearora stocks go- ing down?\ In the absence of unfavora- Nevada. ble news from the mines, it is probably The board of equalization of Lander, because there are so few onlent to buy county reduced- the taxes on the C. P. them. Those who control the mine' , roadbed to 812,000, per mile, tied on nu - not appear to be manipulating the fattened lands assessed against the corn - market. I PanY, to 10 cents per acre in place of '25 The Interior Land mind Canal corn- • cents. In the alseesement of the Nevada pany are contemplating, or rather have Central, the board reducedtheamsesament , o m it onr wr i m ai ii i t e i . road-les1 from $27 0 0 to 32, - Reno Journal toys: Since the com- mencement of the State University term last Thnrsday the 'student roll has in - crewed from 75' to 110 the largest num- ber ever in attendance at the institution. There ere other additions expected, and the prolialoility iti that before the close of the present month the list will reach 125 and perhepe 130. Pioche Record: There is more businesm doing in this town just now than for many years past. There are more peo- ple here and more money. This is, G. a great extent, owing hi the building and mining development's now in progrems, and somewhat to the railroad building. The latter milieu inspirer. hope ef the future development of the county: and if a cer- tain direction is taken by the mad frian Pioehe onward, the whole state will be greatly benefited. City Oaleetor George Ferter nt Tuc- son, Ariz., is missing and a shortage in his accounts is reported. JAMES M. PAGE, e 5. MINERAL DEPUTY SURVEYOR. _ I tri.and business made It specialty. Twin Bridges. _ ENIII( IL MELTON. M MAIM, -ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.-- Midos. • • MI 0. I • . 111 for %al.., I It1110 11.1.01 741 1010. of bat. On 110. farm of Leopold 11amp.jagger tit.oeasetl. about In mile° north of Dillon. for sale. Also a pasturage of &nacres to rent. Perth. desiring Pi110, of the Alamo at If apply to Ai.ttalut. Administrator. al It. Dillon, Mont Burklen's Arnie. Salve. The Beet Halve in the world ter Cute, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Totter. Chappel Hands, Chil- blains, Come, and till Skin Eruptione and positively cures Piles. or tom pay re- quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 rents per box. For male by N. M. White, City Drug Store. The book is illustrated and bound nraely ! as are all the publications of D. Lothrop • te Co., of Boston. The same firm publishes a very inter- esting book, \Stories of Famous Precious ! Stones.\ Aside from the interest of the • fascinating subject, there is a great deal ; of history brought in. The first is \The ' Regent,\ a famous diamond long in the French capital. \The Orloff\ is a Rus- sian crown jewel. The history of the discovery and fate ' of these jewels is of intense interest. • Our boys have just returned from a tramp to the hills and report \finds\ of : magnetic iron and \something that looks , like gold.\ Happy boys! Fort McDowell, Ariz, has been set1 aside for Indian school purposes. A fire in the casting -room of the Union - Iron Works, Portland, Saturdey, de- stroyed property valued 'at about $47,- 000. • Seattle has increased the license to theaters containing bars to$1,000 annual- ly and circuses from $200 to $1,000 per day. • Nogales, on the border line of Mexico and Arizona, is filled with desperate characters, and the people talk of a gen- eral round -up. E . 1'. DENtiAN, Meal/ENT III, I . SURGICAL AND MEC/IANICAL DENTIhT. I am using all the latest improventents and will guaranies satisfaction. (Mice next door to the Telephone Exchange. - Mont. v. POIEMAN, AL P. T. M. VIM M. D. the Rummer. IIICKMAN PITT', Laramie Republican, 7th: There wax PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. no wreck reported on the Union l'aeifie to -day, a fact worthy of note. °thee otter the nee Hive. The advance in the prices of silver and , The investigation of the Roy Baker lead has had the effect of causing a great murder ease in Cheyenne threatens to revival in the mining industries of New end in the finding of it verdict implicat- Mexico ond Arizona. ing Corporal Parkinmon. Jacob II. Meier, a sub -building eon- Newcastle Journal: It is expected that tractor at Seattle has got away with be- 400 cars of cattle will be shipped over the tween $5,000 and $10,000 which was put Burlington and Misientri from this viein- in his hands to pay the wages of the em- ity during the next ten days. ployees. I Evanston Register: It looks very much Mrs. L. Thompson of Seattle, who was like a plain business profanation that the going to Portland to visit her daughter had • construction of the Evanston and Salt her pocket picked in the Seattle depot of, Lake road would be of more benefit to $300 in gold coin and a cheek for $2,- us than anybody else. It would give us WO. outlet f 11* f to f I Three young men, fi Thi l si xt e en t e that will lie uncovered so long flti We eighteen years of age, the ringleaders of , have but one road, anti that mad unwill- an organized ban& of youthful thieves, ! mg to haul any fuel product but its own who have been operating on an extensive to market. scale at Spokane Falls, were arrested and General Brooke, eernmander of the de - $500 worth of geode recovered. partment of the Platte, with several President J. J. Hill of the Great • fr i end „ , f s (.1 W... Hair. 011. .•0111 Cheyenne , (OUNTT MTOREET o• BFAVCEHKAD COUNTY. Northern railroad says the northern ter - Dillon. Montana. next week on a big hunt in the Bear, Elk minus of the road will be New Westmin- and Snake river country of Northern 'F.,-Iteeme awl 2. Knitter Mock. ister. It is not yet decided whether the Colorado. Their pack train will consist southern terminus will be Tacoma, Seat- o f army wagons, loaded with tents and NORRIS, 1)r. Pitt make., InIIP.10%) of Women and Chil- dren at:Wet/it/11Y. - All Call, in the City anti County Proniptly Answerdd. --- Office Telephone, hay or Nignt No. Li, Resi- dence No. c:/. WILLIAM H. BECK. - -ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. - 1424 New York avenue, - - Washington Obtains Land and Mineral Patents. and attend, to all business Itefore the General Loud Office anti 1/4`01141.11000p Ite0fiinff procured for all entitled w w PI under the mond law. Refent to Gov. 13. P. White and Phil Metiough. Also Mr. Philip Slienon. OP., S.A.DM I At Reduced Prices, Imported and High Grade 4.00011111163--- -- Percheron-Norman, Clydesdale and French Coach STALLIONS. Also Draft Horses of Superior Quality, at the Stables of POINDEXTER & ORR, Dillon, Montana. P. C. Wholowailo 1. - :) aloi - WINES, LIQUORS AND CMARS, MANUFACTURER OF Ginger Ale, Birch Beer, Champion Cider, Soda, Sarsapa- rilla and other Carbonated Beverages. AGENT FOR VAL BLATZ' MILWAUKEE BEER. 1:)ealer in. Bar Gla.sewame- 312.=•, D Zarrcsam.teaxist. THOMPSON & REYNOLDS, OFFICE NEXT DOOR TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK, DILLON, MONTANA, wholsale una Deillerw iti La TT 1%/1 13 JE FL, LATH, SHINGLES, WINDOWS, DOORS, BLINDS, 3E3racicets And ..11 kinds of BUILDING MATERIAL. Black Walnut, Oak, Maple and other Im- ported Stock constantly on hand. DAN. T. CHAPMAN, Bain Wagons, Whitely and Champion Harvesting Machines. Buggies, Buck -Boards, Carts Road Wagons, Phaetons, Spring Wagons, Barb Wire, Blacksmith's Coal, Tents, Grain and Wool Bags, and Rakes. 1-1.A.Ril\TMSS .A.1\1 - 3D SAJD7D1_,=S Bridles, Bits, Spurs, Whips, Agricultural Implements of Every Description. NEW GOOSIIPP'resh From the Factories, in Car -Load Lots, at Prices to Meet the Current Hard Times. Call and See Me, II .1. HURLEIGH, • --ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.-- 33.A.1•T C1-1.A.PM.A.INT C. W. DART HARDWARE CO (Successor tfil'ilE0. W. DART) MONTANA ST., DILLON, MONT., DEALER IN Dillow Montana. lardware,Stoves,Crockery, Omni WITS. R. B. MIME. LAMPS, CLASSWARE, ETC. A Full Line of Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, {Etc., Con- stantly on hand. • • All kinds of Tin, Copper and Sheet -iron Work, Roofing, Heating, Plumbing, Etc. done. Orders by mail, or otherwise,!filled promptly. THE DILLON BREWERY, Jos. Trimborn, Proprietor. THE ONLY FIRST-CLASS BREWERY In Southern Montana. BOTTLED BEER A SPECIALTY. Delivered in any quantity to all parts of the city ORDERS from neighboring towns solicited and promptly filled. r . LEAVE YOUR ORDERS It Dillon Breit ery Depot, Montana St., next door to R. C. Halliday's. 3S-4

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1890, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.