The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, April 06, 1900, Image 1

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r VÖL. 20, NO. 14. DILLON, MONT. We carry the Finest and Best Makes of Cutlery that money can buy. POCKET KNIVES From 50c to $ 3 each All sizes of— • RAZORS $1.50 to $2.00 each SHEARS AND SCISSORS « From 25c to $ 2 .00 a pair. Every piece fully warranted. If too soft or hard, we glady exchan if you will only mention it. EYES TESTED FREE Glasses Fitted and Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction. FIDEL HUÌ3ER, Mgr. FARLEY GROCERY GO. . r Order, Please. Youth and pleasure meet when you have partaken of a good meal, the order for which is filled by us. Our Groceries, Vegetables, and Dairy Products are the best that patience, skill, and money can procure, and you will always enjoy them. Your Order, Please, in Time for Easter. F. W. V ooleb , E. H ill , President and Gen. Mgr. Vice Preeidetn Redrock, Salmon & Gibbonsville Stage Co. Carrying U. S. Mail, Passengers, Ex­ press and freight- QUICKEST TIME & LOWEST BATES To the following points: Salmon City, Hhoupe and Gibbonsville, Ida., Leesburg, Blaokbird, Forney, Yellow Jacket, Silver- oreek and the gold fields of Prairie Basin, Cballisand all towns on Upper Salmon River. Shipm e n ts m a r k e d via Red R o c k , M ont., care Stage Co., o r F. W . V o g le r, w ill have p ro m p t a ttention. For farther information address— - F .W . VOGLER, G en. M gr., Red Rock, M o n t DILLON, MONTANA, FRIDAY EV E N Ö ^ . ÄrRiL. 6, 1900. «r>Tnv - p î v e CENTS. OUR NEWS LETTERS. REGULAR REPORTS FROM NEIGHBOR­ ING TOWNS. Nowsjr L e t t e r . F r o m \ T h e T ribune*.” C o rp . o f B u a y W r i t e r . In B e a v e rhead and M adison C o u n ties— T h e D o ings of th e W e e k T e rsely T o ld. BANNACK. Made by DILLON TAILORING GO FINE TAILORING AND OUR NAME STAND TOGETHER The one is never seen without the other. The youug men like the cut and style of our apparel, and the older men ap­ preciate the MADE TO ORDER QUALITY We have goods to suit the quiet tastes of the one or the desire for more pro­ nounced patterns of the other. HORSES FOR SALE 200 Head .oí Broken and Unbroken. Enquire of J. A. Nyhart, DiUon, or J . L. Nyhart, Twin Bridges. . ll-3m* BEARS & TRUAX, General Blacksmiths, H o n e Shoeing, Jobbing, Wagon and Woodwork Done Promptly u d Guar­ anteed. D redge B o ats R e sum e O p e rations - P e r - I I sonal^and General„T»plcs. Special Correspondence of the Tribune. B annack , April ‘4.— The Graeter boat left the docks March 27th under a full head of steam and began the season’s op­ eration of washing those aurifierous laden buckets of gravel. Owing to the early spring she has every prospect of a suc­ cessful and long continued season. ‘The Coast Company has put its dredge in fine shape and began operatioDB the following day. George White, superintendent of the Butte mine, situated near Polaris, came in from that distriot this w eek and gives a very favorable report of the mines of that distriot. In the Butte mine he is running a tunnel to tap the ledge at a depth of 125 feet, which is the depth of the original shaft. . Although he left a large body of. ore in the shaft, whioh was improving as depth was gained, it can be worked to a better advantage through a tunnel. Dr. R. H. liyburn has returned from a ten days’sojourn at lied Lodge, Mont., and we are glad he returned as his med­ ical aid was needed many times during his absence. Tne young ladies of Bannack have or­ ganized a baseball team, under the man­ agement of Kelly, whioh will undoubt­ edly prove the greatest suooess of the season. Miss Artie Gray, as oatcher, will need no baokstop; Miss Sherwood throws both regular and irregular curves, while Miss Bowman’s osoilhating movements bb a first base player showB that Bhe is an athlete; Miss Ellis iB a Hercules at the bat; Miss Grace Gray a sprinter in the field and the manager makes first base with a “Slide, Kelly, slide!” John Dolan has returned to his former position us midshipman on the Nellie Bly transport, plying between the shores of the Grasshopper and the Graeter dredge. The descendants of Rip van Winkle while away many leisure hours wtih rod and guu on the banks of the Grasshop­ per,and among the evening gatherings one fiji-'-s picatorial yarns which are pretty bard to take in without- insinuating that some one iB a liar. Wm, Hughes, who has been employed as motor man on the Eleotrio dredge for several years past, has returned from Tex, Idaho, where he has been working some valuable mining property. The rubber nooks used to oonneot the sluice boxes on the dredges are of large dimensions, but they have not the elas tioity whioh is found in our local, walk­ ing, automatic rubbernecks. ||W e unders and that Fred Gibson has signed an agreement to work a period of seven years for a .rancher on the Grass hopper. Wm. Lytle has returned from Butte and received a hearty welcome from his many friends, especially those who work­ ed with him on the boat, and who always ound him a tfiie companion. Mr. Lytle has resumed bis position bb foreman on the Ooast Co’s dredge. The Gold Dredging Co. have a force of men employed in denning out the water ditch whioh supplies power to run the dynamos. This looks as though we will soon bear the familiar hum of motors on the old dredge. , John Shaffer has returned from Argen- ta to work on the dredge. He is a full- fledged sailor. As my -taxes, that is, syntaxes, bother considerable and sharp tacks run into my heel last night while hunting pargorio I close. T buth ’ s S eobetary , V ebacity . LIMA. PAGEVILLE. E lm e r P a g e aud W ife L o u V a lnable H o u sehold Uoods in a Fire. Correspondence of the Tribane. P a g b v il l e , April 4.—Elmer Page has been moving from the Trostle ranoh for several days past into his own house Last Friday while they were burning off the grass around the house aud back yard some papers caught fire in an out- building where their most expensive goods and olothing were stored tempo­ rarily and (burned them all up. It is quite'a severe loss to Mr. and Mrs. Page. MiBS Hammond also sustained quite a se­ vere loss in olothing. Fred Page’s new store is running full blast. He says he is having a fine trade. Mrs. N. L. Page went to Dillon last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Gilman attended services with the Baptist people in this place last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James. M. - Page went to Waterloo last Tuesday to visit their daughter, Mrs G. W. YanOrsdell. \\Mr: Baird w e n t t o Red Bock and re­ turned last week. -. Weather is fine but news is scarce. „ .N o m ination o t School T rustees and Rood S u p e rvisors — T a m e Base B a ll. Special Correepondence to T bibune : L ima , April 4.— Last Saturday night in response to a pall issued by the school trustees, a meeting was held in the school building for the purpose of placing a can­ didate for school trustee before the elec­ tors of school district No .,12. At eight o’clock the oauous was called to order by W. F. Gardner who announced the pur­ pose ot the meeting. The following names were placed in nomination: A. T. Kellum and Lawrence Sellstrom and they will be voted upon next Saturday after­ noon. Only one is to be elected to fill the two years’ term. Following this meet­ ing, at the same time and place, Joseph Wall and D. D. MoKnight, both pf Dell, were nominated as road supervisors They, also, will be voted upon next Sat­ urday. Sunday afternoon a game o f base ball was played between a Lima nine and a nine consisting of O. S. L. employes. The game was rather tame and resulted in a victory for the O. S. L. by a soore of 37 to 18, with one iuniug to spare. A dance is to be given on Friday night for the benefit of the Lima team. The mem­ bers will put themselv es under training for the coming seasou. Henry Drake is confined to his bed with a severe attack of tonsilitis. The members ot the M. E.\ Sunday school have commenced preparations for special Easter exercises which promise to be quite interesting bb well as beneficial A ten cent social was given Wednesday night in the ohurch. Arthur Conger of Dillon visited Lima this week. We notioe posters around town calling attention to the annual ball to be given by Lima Lodge No. 40, I. O. O. F., on the 27th of the present month. This oc­ casion is being looked forward to ivith in terest by all who delight to trip the light fantastic. Everybody attending will sure ly have a good time as the members of that order can give an entertainment seo ond to none. Tuesday afternoon quite a heavy hail aud thunder storm passed over this sec­ tion. It was of short duration but very Bevere. J. F. Bishop and A. L. Anderson, both of Dillon were notioeu as passengers Wednesday. Henry Gleed left Saturday for Balt Lake where he''took his son to plaoe him under medical treatment The boy has been siok for some time, but owing to ex­ isting conditions it whb deemed advisable to take him there. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gleed extend their sympa­ thy and trust their Bon may soon return restored to his usnal good health. J. L. Fishburn of Dillon is doing the painting on the Peate hotel. The dwelling of 0. P. Melton, former­ ly of this place, has been newly refitted'in the interior. The work was done by our fellow townsmen, W. H. and F. Boule. Miss Maud Terry of Dillon is visiting friends here. Mr. and Mrs. White and family of Sil­ ver Bow are visiting in Lima ana are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Lee. G. R. Byther of Crabtree wob in Lima last week on business. W. D. Fenner, agent for the Equitable Life Insurance Co., was in Lima a few days ago looking after the interests of hie oompany. While here he secured quite a few very nice policies. MisB Julia Grant has returned from Pocatello, Idaho, where she has been nursing the family of her brother, Peter, during sidknesB. Mr. Cunningham, principal of our pub­ lic sohool for the present, term, left on last Friday night’s passenger for. his old home in Pennsylvania in response to a telegram received that morning announc­ ing the serions illness of bis mother. We trust on his arrival he will find her con­ dition muoh improved. $ire. J. T. Yoe of Dillon has come to Lima to take charge of the school to fin­ ish the present term. A special engine was run from Idaho Falls Wednesday afternoon which brought Dr. Larne to attend H- Drake who was reported by Dr. L. C. Ford to have tonsilitis. On his arrival Dr. Lsrne examined the patient and pronounced it a severe case of pneumonia. Mr. Drake is in a very low oonnition. Rev. Smith and E. A. Bailey have re- .turned from their trip to the valley. A very sad incident occurred in onr midst this week. Between Tuesday and Wednesday the thread of life was broken and the earthly career of Baby Halverson oeased to be. The baby had been ailing somewhat for about two weeks, but the illness did not seem to be of a serions na­ ture. On retiring (Tuesday night noth­ ing unusnal attracted the attention of the parents, and it was indeed a sad surprise when on awakening in the morning they found the baby dead, resting in its moth­ er’s arms. The' f aneral services were held this afternoon in the meeting house of the Later Day Saints. Elder Willison ofBo- iated «odtbeservioes were largelyattend­ ed. The body was intoned in the Lima cemetery. The parents have the sympa­ thy of the citizens of Lima. - RED ROCK. Ju » t a Few P e r t o n a ll F ro m a Very Q u iet L ittle T o w n . Special Correepondence to The Tribune. R edrock , April6 .—Misses Edith and Flora Craver came down from DiUon where they are attending school and went to their home on Medioine Lodge where they spent Sunday with their parents.- Mrs. J. W. Scott returned Friday night from a shopping trip to Butte and Dillon. Mrs. F. E. Foote of Dillon cane home with Mrs. Scott and made a brief visit, returning Sunday morning. Chester Barrett, son of County Com­ missioner Barrett, returned to his home on Horse Prairie Saturday morning. Ciiester has been attending school in Dil­ lon, but quit on account of being needed at the ranch. Mr. Fenner, the Butte insurance naan, was in lied Rook and vioinity last week. I understand he wrote considerable bus­ iness. F. W. Vogler, the manager of the stage line, returned Friday night from Midway station where he had been for several dayB on BtBge business. A load of our people weut up to Dell lose Saturday to attend the Davidson auction sale. They brought home some good bargains. Joe Shineberger left for Helena Sun­ day. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Butts, on Thursday, April 5th, n flue boy. Martin Barrett of the Prairie was in town. The Ward family have been on the sick list. Elijah Ames and wife arrived from Maine Friday night. They left for their home on the Prairie Saturday. Ike Rife was here the first of the week. He went to Dillon. D R * t RYAN CANYON- Large Herd« of C a ttle Moved to th e V arl- ouH Bumuior Kangea. Correspondence of the Tribune. R yan C anyon , April 2.— Selway Bros, and R. H. Selway moved their large herd of cattle to a summer range on Bloody Dick creek last week. There were nearly 600 head in the band. Messrs Templin and Nelson of Horse Prairie came down as far as Grayling to meet the cattle and help drive them to the range. In about a weekv another herd ot nhout the name size will be driven to the same range. Phil Lovell haB already turned his band of oattle out on the summer range. Bcnj. Taylor and family of Grasshopper have moved to their new ranch on Rattle­ snake Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson have taken pos­ session of the Taylor ranoh on Grasshop­ per. i oreman John MoManemey and men left Sunday to round up several hundred head of, horses purchased recently by John Lovell of Dillon. We understand several legalities were interviewing Mrs. MoManemy in regard to the estate recently left her The MoManemy boys moved their oat­ tle from Mr. Farley’s ranch to Grayling Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin MoManemy en­ tertained several friends at their hospit­ able home at Grayling recently. The evening was spent in various amusements. The reoitations by the pupils were all good, and where all is good it is invidious to make distinctions, but particular men­ tion must be made of the recitation by the teacher, Miss Cashmore who graduate from the Normal. P. D. Parody of Twin Bridges was ex­ amining the copper mining property west of Grayling this week. M. A. Henneberry visited Grayling friends Sunday. T ed . m C R E A M B A K I N S m m Used in Millions of Homes—40 Years the standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other known. Makes delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit, griddle cakes — palatable and wholesome. M I C E BAKING POWDER CHICAGO. CO., N o t e .— Avoid baking powders made front alum. They look like pure powders, and may raise the cakes, but alum is a poison and no one can eat food mixed with it without injury to health. work on his new house. Heury Miller of Red Rock is bossing the job. Frank says be is tired of batching and he is anxious to complete his house so ho can move bis family from Dillon where they spent the winter. Wm. Propper wns n recent caller at Wyno. He has moved his fine band of sheep to Pool oreek. T. B. Craver attended the Davidson sale last Saturday. Everyone seems to be very busy. Bus­ iness is good and things are booming. We visited the mountains yesterday nnd while we were there it rained quite n shower. Quite refreshing was the shower and the sunshine whioh followed. The rainy (I bj b will sadden, jnst for a little while, Bat how one ray of sunshine makes this old world Binilo. T fhsa . . DELL. of MEDICINE LODGE- Sm all Band o f Sheep Lost—New House G o ing lip —Spring W o rk H ashing. ’Special Correepondence to the T bibune . W yno , |Redrock P. O.] April 4.—T. B. Craver bad the misfortune to lose 175 head of sheep last week. I t is to be hoped he will find them. Mr. Driscoll of Butte has purchased 100 tons ot hay from D. E. Metlen. It will be used to feed cattle for the Butte market NelsJNelson wasjon his ranch this week He is having work done on his ditches, preparatory to irrigating his meadows. D. E. Metlen, after spending a pleas­ ant visit with his family in Dillon, has re­ turned to his ranch to look after his bus­ iness. Matt Johnson arrived Satnrday'from California where he spent the winter. He looks very well; his trip certainly agreed with him. He is ensconced in his home on Medicine Lodge. Wm. Propper met him in Bed Rock and accompanied him to his,home. Elijah Ames returned home Saturday with his charming bride.—She is welcom­ ed to this community by all his friends We trust that she will be favorably im­ pressed with this beautiful country and her new home and that she and*her hus­ band .will have-all the happiness this world can”afford- “ ........... Frank Andros has men from Butte, Bannack and Bed Bock pushing the T h e DnvitUnn A uction S a le-Iteiim I’erxonal I n terest. Special Correspondence to the Tribune. D e l l , April 5.— The Davidson sale was a financial success. Many articles sold at very near their first cost. With very few exceptions everything brought its full value. ’ Harry Rash of Blacktail wns over to attend the sale and bought some heavy maohinery. J. B. Fenner, agent for the Equitable Life Insurance company, was here this week insuring our lives. T. B. Graver and J. W. 8oott were prominent bidders at the sale. Charles Truax of Lima also made some good pur­ chases. Percy Flynn has accepted the fore- mansbip of Joseph Hains’ cattle and took the lost of them to the range this week. The spring is said to be about 30 days earlier than usual here. Many of the ranchers are about through seeding and the range is quite green. The selling of the Davidson property was made easy owing to the care taken in the buying. Mr. Davidson kept no shod­ dy stuff about him, but has alwavs been earefnl to buy the best. H. L. BLAINE. P e rsonal Pointern Pertaining to People on the B o rder of th e County, pedal Correspondence to the Tribune. B laine , April 4.—Cass Sheridan, J. P. Darnitizer and Miss Eva M. Morris were the guests of J. H. Mailey while he wes sick; the last day of his illness quite an enjoyable time was had playing barbards and crokinole. John D. M.' Morton of Dillon reoently spent a few days with Mr.-and Mrs. O.W. Maurer. \TM m, P. A. McCoy andfamily o f Ennis spent a week with bereister, Mrs. Mailey. Obis. Morris, who is mining on Stone creek, visited his undo on Stone toreek last week. F. 0. Swartz went to Butte last week. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanstrum were re­ cent at the River Bend ranch. V all a. POINTED PARAGRAPHS. Good advice very oi’teu turns out to be Impracticable. A miser is one of the things that wljl keep in any climate. By taking up a collection the min­ ister gets the cents of the meeting. The printer Is a generous, whole- souled fellow—he Is always setting ’em up. Verdict of a rural Jury: “We find the man who stole the horse not guilty.” A man wouldn't be able to recognize himself If lie were what a woman thinks lie Is. The laborer is all right In his place, but the loafer Is too lazy to look for a place. When you have occasion to question a man's veracity it Is usually advisa­ ble to use a telephone. If some people would tell what they know Instead of what they believe they wouldn't have so much to say. Charity should begin at home, but judging by the way relatives talk about each other It very seldom does. Racks and thumb screws were used to torture people in ancient times, but in this age of enlightenment nothing remains but the camel-hair undergar­ ment.—Chicago Dally News. Mean Man'« M ean Trick. It was a mean trick, of course, and some day she will doubtless get even With him. She saw him take a piece of paper from his packet, carefully fold it up, put it In an envelope and then place the envelope in one of the far corners of the drawer of the li­ brary table. “Wbat’s that?\ she asked. “Oh, nothing of any importance,” he replied. Now, If he had simply thrown it carelessly into the drawer she would have thought nothing of It. but the care he took to put it clear over in the far corner and the fact that he seemed ill at. case after he found that his action bad been observed aroused her curiosity. She wondered what it wns. and she reasoned with herself that he had said it was “nothing of Importance.” so he would have nobody but himself to blame If she took a look at it. . She was justified in in­ ferring from his words that there was no reason why she should not. And this Is what she read on the paper: “I’ll bet you a new hat your curios­ ity will not permit yon to let this alone?” It was a terrible predicament in which to place a woman.. How could she claim the new hat without giving herself away? Cleveland authorities expect to com- plete,dnringtheTror,-'atuuflBlTir!ii^' fag water to the city from a point live miles out i* Lake Brie. „-■

The Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 06 April 1900, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.